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    Coltelleria Collini - Italy

    Coltelleria Collini, founded in 1968 in Busto Arsizio - Italy, is specialised for over 50 years in cutlery and household articles and offers its clients a wide range of high-quality products and the best brands.

    Thanks to an inner workshop and the skill and experience of its owners in sharpening blades of all types (scissors, all kind of knives, clippers, etc.), Coltelleria Collini is a reference for privates and professionals who want to purchase efficient and extremely sharp tools.

    Our store is located in the city of Busto Arsizio, near Milan and Malpensa International Airport. Coltelleria Collini offers a variety of products for camping, hunting, running and other outdoor activities where you can use knives, tools, flashlights etc.

    We are Italian importers and distributor of flashlights Nitecore, and we also have a lot of kitchen tool and products to make beautiful cakes and cookies.

    We are especially proud of our knives selection, consisting of more than 4000 sports knives and more than 900 professional and kitchen knives.

    Being present on the internet, the Coltelleria Collini aims to meet a wider range of clients, serving them in the best way possible, seriously and professionally.

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