Global Kitchen Knives: From Birth to Success Among Professional Chefs

Global Kitchen Knives: From Birth to Success Among Professional Chefs

Global Kitchen Knives are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, and innovative design. These knives have become a benchmark for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts around the world, thanks to their superior performance and attractive aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the history of Global kitchen knives, their success in the global market, the different models available, the materials they are made of, and what professional chefs think about them.

History of Global Knives

Global knives were created in 1985 by the Japanese company Yoshikin. The goal was to create a lightweight, manageable, and high-quality knife that could meet the needs of professional chefs around the world. The uniqueness of Global knives lies in their Cromova 18 stainless steel blade, a patented material by Yoshikin, which ensures greater resistance and durability compared to other types of steel. Moreover, the blade is specially tempered to achieve an extremely sharp and precise cut.

The design of Global knives was crafted by designer Komin Yamada, who thought of a smooth and rounded stainless steel handle to ensure a firm and comfortable grip during use. The handle is characterized by small circular incisions, which are not through holes but small indentations, designed to improve the grip of the knife, even with wet hands.

Global knives were an immediate success and have been adopted by many professional chefs around the world. Today, they are available in a wide range of models to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to professionals.

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Global Kitchen Knife Models

In total, the Global product range includes more than 100 different models, each characterized by specific technical specifications and functionalities that meet the needs of every professional chef or cooking enthusiast. Here are some of the most popular models:

In particular, the most popular model is the G-2 kitchen knife, featuring a 20 cm stainless steel blade, an ergonomic shape, and excellent balance, allowing for precise and easy cutting of ingredients.

Other best-selling models include the G-9 bread knife, the G-3 meat knife, and the G-48 santoku knife, all characterized by the same attention to material quality and blade precision.

What Professional Chefs Think of Global Knives

Global knives are loved by professional chefs worldwide for their lightness, manageability, and perfect balance. Additionally, the stainless steel blade maintains its sharpness longer than other knives. Many professional chefs recommend Global knives for their quality and reliability and regularly use them in the kitchen. Moreover, their elegant and modern aesthetic makes them a chic and functional addition to their kitchen equipment.

There are several famous chefs known for using Global knives in their daily kitchen activities. For example, Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa has been repeatedly photographed using Global knives in his kitchen and is known to be a great enthusiast of these knives. Also, the renowned British chef Jamie Oliver has mentioned Global knives in several interviews, praising them for their quality and precision.

Furthermore, there are various reviews and articles online confirming the use of Global knives by numerous professional chefs worldwide.

Anecdotes About Global Knives

There are many fun and interesting stories about professional chefs' experiences with Global knives. For instance, many Japanese chefs call them "ninja knives" for their sharp shape and futuristic appearance. Massimo Bottura, a world-famous Italian chef known for his Osteria Francescana restaurant, has stated in several interviews that he uses Global knives in his kitchen. Bottura has expressed great appreciation for the quality and precision of Global knives, which allow him to work easily and achieve high-quality results. In particular, Bottura has emphasized the lightness of Global knives, making them ideal for prolonged use without tiring the arm.

Additionally, many chefs like to personalize their Global knives with unique engravings or designs to make them even more special and personal.

Materials of Global Knives

The blade of Global knives is made of 18% Chromium, 3% Carbon, and 1% Molybdenum/Vanadium stainless steel, giving the blades great hardness and good corrosion resistance. This type of steel is produced in Japan and is known as "CROMOVA 18." The hardness of the steel varies depending on the knife model but usually ranges around 56-58 degrees on the Rockwell scale.

The handle is made of stainless steel and features small circular incisions that give the handle its characteristic dotted texture. These incisions do not go completely through the handle but create an irregular surface that offers greater grip and hold during the use of the knife. Additionally, this dotted texture contributes to the lightness of the knife, making it even more manageable and precise.

Furthermore, Global knives are produced following rigorous quality standards and production process control to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Where to Buy Them

Coltelleria Collini in Busto Arsizio is an official retailer of the Global brand, both online and in-store. Coltelleria Collini is a company with a long tradition in the field of professional cutlery and offers a wide selection of Global knives, including the most popular models and the latest brand innovations. Moreover, Coltelleria Collini is known for its great expertise in the field and offers a consulting service to customers to help them choose the most suitable Global knife for their needs.

Thanks to their experience and wide range of products, Collini is one of the best references for cooking enthusiasts and industry professionals looking for high-quality Global knives.

Laser Personalization Service

Coltelleria Collini also offers a laser personalization service for Global knives. Thanks to this service, it is possible to engrave your name or a personalized message on the blades of the knives, making them unique and customized. This service is particularly appreciated by professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts who wish to have an exclusive and personalized Global knife, reflecting their personality and cooking style. Coltelleria Collini uses advanced technologies to perform the engravings, ensuring a precise and lasting result over time.

In conclusion, Global knives are a must-have for all chefs, from beginners to professionals. Their lightness, manageability, and perfect balance make them easy to use and ensure superior quality compared to other knives on the market. Moreover, their elegant and modern aesthetic makes them a chic and functional addition to your kitchen equipment.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and reliable knife, Global knives are the right choice for you.


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