Renkei: A Meeting of Excellence Between Italy and Japan in Cutlery

 Renkei: A Meeting of Excellence Between Italy and Japan in Cutlery

Renkei: A Symbol of Collaboration and Innovation


due cigni"Renkei" embodies collaboration and synergy, two fundamental concepts in the project that brings together Coltelleria Collini of Busto Arsizio, Due Cigni Cutlery of Maniago, and the Japanese steel supplier, Takefu Steel. This partnership has led to the creation of a set of knives that represent the perfect fusion of Italian and Japanese cutlery traditions.


Takefu SteelJapanese VG10 Steel: A Heritage of Quality and Tradition

The choice of Japanese VG10 steel for our Renkei set is rooted in the rich history of Japanese cutlery. Developed by Takefu Steel, this steel is known for its exceptional qualities of resistance and durability. Its origin is linked to the ancient Japanese tradition of forging blades, a practice that has evolved over the centuries to offer today's superior quality steels for the finest knives.


sanmai takefu steel

67-Layer Lamination Technique: Art and Science in Cutlery

The 67-layer lamination of VG10 steel is a process that combines ancient Japanese techniques with modern metallurgical technology. This technique not only ensures superior strength and flexibility but also creates a unique design on the blade surface, with wave patterns that are the result of this meticulous manufacturing process. This feature is not only a distinctive aesthetic element but also attests to the high quality and precision in the creation of each knife.


Design and Functionality: The Full Tang Blade and Blue Micarta Handle of Renkei Knives


In addition to the features already mentioned about the steel used, each knife in the Renkei series is distinguished by its full tang blade, which ensures superior balance and strength.

The full tang structure, where the blade extends the full length of the handle, provides exceptional control and stability during cutting. The handle, made of blue micarta, not only gives the knives an elegant and modern look but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

The three rivets enhance the structural solidity of the knife and add a refined aesthetic touch, completing the elegant and functional appearance that characterizes the entire Renkei series.

A Complete Range for All Culinary Needs


Three Types of Knives for Every Chef

The Renkei series includes three essential types of knives:


santoku renkei

The Santoku: Versatility and Precision

The Santoku knife, with its wide and balanced blade, is extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of kitchen preparations. Its shape is ideal for chopping, slicing, and dicing, making it an indispensable tool for the preparation of vegetables, meat, and fish.

The design of the blade allows for fluid and precise movements, facilitating uniform cuts and minimizing effort.




Renkei Carne

The Roast and Raw Meat Knife: Clean and Precise Cutting

This knife is specifically designed to handle all types of meat, both cooked and raw. Its sharp and thin blade allows for clean and precise cuts, essential for maintaining the quality and texture of the meat.

It is ideal for deboning, slicing, or dicing, and for separating meat from bones with extreme ease, ensuring professional results.



Coltello Pane Renkei

The Utility/Bread Knife: Effortless Slicing

The utility/bread knife in the Renkei series is designed to handle not only bread but also other foods with hard surfaces or crusts.

The serrated blade allows for cutting without crushing, preserving the texture of the food. It is perfect not only for bread but also for foods like tomatoes, melons, and foods with hard outer surfaces.



Each piece in the series is thus designed to meet specific needs in the kitchen, ensuring performance and reliability.

The blades are hand-sharpened.


Packaging and Details: Elegance Meets Functionality

Each Renkei knife is accompanied by an elegant black box that tells the story and art behind the project, and each package also includes a practical blade cover.

This packaging not only protects the knife but also highlights its quality and attention to detail.


Where to Buy the Renkei Series

Renkei Progetto

The Renkei series is much more than a set of kitchen tools; it represents a journey through centuries of cutlery tradition, uniting Italian craftsmanship with Japanese innovation.

Collini Cutlery is extremely proud to present the Renkei project, a series of knives that represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation in the field of cutlery.

We invite you to visit our store to discover firsthand the quality and beauty of these extraordinary knives.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, the Renkei series is also available on our website, where you can explore and purchase these exclusive products.


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