1. Blade Show 2023 - Scopriamo tutti i coltelli vincitori di questa edizione


    Il Blade Show di Atlanta è uno degli eventi più importanti al mondo dedicati agli appassionati di coltelli e lame. Si svolge annualmente presso il Georgia World Congress Center nella città di Atlanta, Georgia, negli Stati Uniti ed è un punto di incontro per esperti, produttori, collezionisti e appassionati di coltelli di ogni tipo. L'evento offre l'opportunità di vedere e acquistare una vasta gamma di coltelli, lame, attrezzature, accessori e forniture correlate.

    Molti dei più rinomati produttori di coltelli e bladesmiths (fabbricanti di lame) partecipano al Blade Show, mostrando le loro creazioni e interagendo direttamente con il pubblico. Gli espositori presentano coltelli artigianali, coltelli da cucina, coltelli tattici, coltelli da caccia e molti altri tipi di lame. Oltre alle esposizioni, il

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  2. MKM Hero, for everyday heroes

    With this Hero, MKM has created a knife that will go down in history.

    Yes, because just as in Norse mythology the God Thor was flanked by his hammer, MKM with designer Tommaso Rumici have come up with a knife for modern-day heroes such as the police, public safety, military but also adventurers and ordinary users.

    Today we are going to look at it in detail and, as always, I will accompany it with my personal experience and impressions.

    Seeing it when closed, we can see how harmonious it is, the profiles that make it up, such as the soft back of the blade with no 90° angles, make us realise that this is a gentleman's knife. On the whole without any major edges, which also makes it not at all annoying in concealed carry despite its 'important' dimensions.

    Yes, because many will say that it is not an EDC

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  3. MKM Flame Light, the folder dagger that burns!

    MKM certainly needs no introduction. Also known as Consorzio Coltellinai Maniago, this company really aims high and its symbol reminds us of this.

    Forged by a team of companies with centuries of experience, MKM literally leaves you stunned when it comes to avant-garde, technical study and technology.


    But I'm sure you can't wait to get to know this MKM Flame Light, let's get started!

    First, let's describe its structure and parts.

    Opening the beautiful cardboard box with MKM branding in colour and including the warranty seal, we find a beautiful Cordura sheath with belt loops and embroidered branding.

    Opening its secure and convenient zip we can see that inside there are two compartments.

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