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  1. AdHoc - Wine and champagne cooler VINE


    Nothing beats a good glass of wine with nice people and good conversation. It's just a pity that the matching delicious grape juices then always get far too warm so quickly! This is where we need the "Vine" wine, sparkling wine and champagne cooler from AdHoc. It keeps pre-cooled wine or sparkling wine at serving and drinking temperature for around two to three hours - giving us more time and leisure to enjoy fine wines.

    The "Vine" works with NaturalChill, which means long-lasting cooling thanks to the natural insulating properties of wood and the outstanding cooling performance of stainless steel.

    With its elegant material mix of high-quality acacia wood and brushed stainless steel designed by Robert Franzheld, the "Vine" cooler fits into any ambience. It is suitable for standard bottles up to 10.5 cm in diameter and also for cooling bottles of water or other drinks.

    Vine collection

    Material Acacia wood and stainless steel

    Design: Robert Franzheld

    Colour natural

    Height 19.5 cm

    Diameter 13.5 cm.

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  2. AdHoc - GUSTO Champagne Bottle Stopper and Saver

    Once uncorked, champagne bubbles give off zesty, sweet notes as the effervescent beverage explodes on the palate. On the rare occasion that your champagne goes unfinished, the GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver will help you preserve what’s left for later enjoyment.


    The GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver’s silicone stopper and retaining clamp provide an ultra-tight vacuum seal that not only preserves your champagne’s taste and bubbles but is also leak-proof. Lay your bottle on its side worry-free or store it in the refrigerator door thanks to the uniquely flat, low-profile design. Either way, the AdHoc GUSTO Champagne Stopper and Saver extends the life of an open bottle of champagne and makes it possible to enjoy it again in the future without waste.


    Virtually leak-proof

    silicone stopper and retaining clamps

    Preserves an open bottle of champagne’s taste and bubbles

    Allows horizontal bottle storage in your refrigerator without leaking

    Extremely flat, low-profile design 

    bottle easily fits upright in the refrigerator door

    Product Details

    Primary Material: Plastic/Silicone


    Diameter: 3.22 inches

    Height: 0.66 inches


    All AdHoc products come with a limited two-year warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or normal wear and tear.

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  3. AdHoc - Icebar Wine Cooling Stick

    AdHoc - Icebar Wine Cooling Stick

    The ice cooler for the inside of the bottle

    With the stainless steel Icebar cooling rod from the AdHoc brand, drinks of all kinds, especially wine, can be cooled in the bottle without watering it down. The Icebar cooling rod seals the bottle practically airtight and clean and thus prevents further aeration of the wine. This ensures longer taste and freshness. When pouring the drink, the practical wine accessory can simply remain in the bottle and thus leaves no traces on the table. For the perfectly chilled drink and an optimal result, the Icebar chilling stick should chill in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

    Special feature

    Cools drink in the bottle

    for all types of drinks

    seals bottle airtight


    Material: stainless steel, silicone

    Dimensions: H 28 x Ø 1,6 cm

    Care instructions: clean by hand, not dishwasher-safe.

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  4. AdHoc - wine kit - Vine - 3 pcs.

    The wine kit is suitable for both white and red wine.

    Perfect gift idea for any wine lover.

    The kit consists of:

    "Aerovin" decanting stopper 

    "Vine" wine pouring stopper with integrated microfilter 

    "Vine" bottle stopper 

    and an attractive storage stand.

     All placed on an acacia wood stand.

    Not suitable for dishwasher use.

    Dimensions: 13.5x4x18 cm.

    Material: Stainless steel, Acacia wood, Resin


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  5. Gefu - Roast and Oven Thermometer 3 in 1 MESSIMO

    Roast and Oven Thermometer 3 in 1 MESSIMO

    This roast and oven thermometer is an indispensable help for all, who love delicious roasts. Details: core temperature readout 25°C to 100°C / 75°F to 212°F oven temperature readout 50°C to 300°C / 122°F to 572°F temperature readout for low temperature cooking 80°C to 90°C / 176°F to 194°F L 8,5 cm, W 6,5 cm, H 13,0 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher safe This roast and oven thermometer is a must for all who love delicious roasts. It is simply stuck into the roast and measures the temperature inside the roast and simultaneously in the oven during the roasting-process. It also displays a low roasting temperature of 70-80°C. Nothing can burn any more and the roast will always turn out perfect: inside soft, outside crispy. A practical kitchen aid for pork, beef or lamb roasts, game and poultry and other dishes. Measures temperature in the oven between 50° – 300°C and inside the roast between 30° - 100°C.

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  6. Kyocera - Spice grater

    KYOCERA SPICE GRATER Artikel-Nr: CY-10, length/dimension: D 9.0 cm, With the Kyocera spice grater you can grate spices, ginger, garlic and parmesan cheese. The Kyocera spice grater consists of rows of sharp ceramic teeth and an included molded pour spout. The Kyocera spice grater is easy to maintain. High-grade household ceramic spice grater with conical optimized tips.
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  7. Kyocera - CSW18 - Ceramic Sharpener

    This highly efficient ceramic sharpener is made from refined ceramic. The ceramic sharpener appropriate for the sharpening of knives and scissors made of steel or damask steel. Ceramic blades must not be sharpened with the ceramic sharpener. operating length 23 cm, total length 35 cm
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  8. Dovo - Tailor's scissors DOVO Solingen 5 ''

    Dovo - Tailor's scissors DOVO Solingen 5 ''

    Tailor's scissors DOVO Solingen 281500 all metal forged scissors - nickel plated (polished) lacquered handles total size: 5 "manufacturer DOVO Solingen - original Solingen Germany DOVO Solingen, Merkur Solingen The German company DOVO Solingen celebrated its centenary in 2006 together with its subsidiary Merkur Solingen Its products include professional hairdressing scissors, manicure scissors, shaving products, manicure sets. The DOVO company started manufacturing razors with thirteen employees. The law passed in 1938 to protect the Solingen name gave him more pride and a sense of security for the brand, as well as an even greater sense of local identity. The company chose a knight with a sword and hammer as its emblem, which vigorously penetrated the markets of Western Europe and North America. Thanks also to the success of the scissors and razors for hairdressers, the company establishes a subsidiary, Merkur Solingen, which produces shaving supplies that are a worldwide success and open new markets for the company in Asia, particularly in Russia and the peninsula. arabica.

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  9. Adhoc - Wine thermometer, pourer and stopper GUSTO, clear

    Wine thermometer, pourer and stopper GUSTO, clear Plastic/stainless steel/glass/silicone D: 4.5 cm, H: 15.3 cm Design: AdHoc Design Team Thermometer, pourer and stopperPen-style thermometer reaches deep into the bottle for the best possible temperature measurement. Practical drip catcher with a return flow. Plastic lid and silicone bottle stopper seal the bottle airtight. Extremely flat, ideal to keep the bottle in the refrigerators door. With stainless steel casing. Not dishwasher safe
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  10. Alter Eno-Screwpull - Set degustazione vino - idea regalo

    Alter Eno-Screwpull - Set degustazione vino
    Cofanetto "Alter- Eno" in legno chiaro con sede per la bottiglia del vino contiene:
    1. 3 ruote: analisi, profumi, colori del vino.
    Le Ruote della Degustazione sono utili strumenti per effettuare in modo divertente e istruttivo la degustazione sensoriale del vino.L'analisi inizia dall'esame visivo e finisce con quello gustativo.
    Per l'azienda Alter-Eno è necessario che accanto alle dimensioni relative ai contenuti siano sempre tenute presenti anche le dimensioni di ordine metodologico-didattico, vale a dire dei metodi per raggiungere la conoscenza.
    2.Set accessori per vino Screwpull:
    Collezione Screwpull : semplicemente i migliori accessori per il vino del mondo. Ogni pezzo è un regalo perfetto in qualsiasi occasione.
    Il set è composto da:
    - cavatappi " Table Model"
    - taglia-capsula
    - tappo per spumante e vini frizzanti
    - apribottiglia
    - supporto per accessori Screwpull.
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  11. Birkmann - Kick-it! Cookie - KICK IT INOX MOLD

    Stainless steel mold with slot for the fingers. Ideal for playing with the kids and make breakfast a nice game. Other informations on the object : Size: Height: 14,5 cm
    Special Price €7.37 Regular Price €8.11
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  12. Birkmann - Soccer Pitch Baking Pan

    Birkmann - Soccer Pitch Baking Pan

    Create a 3D football pitch with this high-quality non-stick coating baking mould.

    The football pitch baking pan comes complete with a recipe idea. Create Soccerpitch shaped cakes in the shape of soccer pitch, complete with the imprints.

    You can also use them to freeze ice cream or mold other cold desserts.
    Size: 30 x 22 x 4,5 cm. ca. 2.500 ml

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  13. Merkur Solingen - 27 Safety razor horn 9027001

    Merkur Solingen - 27 Safety razor horn 9027001

    Total length 10.5 cm

    Material head and end piece bright chrome-plated

    Handle material real buffalo horn

    Top plate closed teeth, straight cut, short screw connection

    Manufacturer MERKUR, Solingen, Germany

    Search terms safety razor, wet razor, Merkur african horn The straight cut bracket is a precautionary measure that should also benefit the inexperienced user. If your hand slips during the shaving process. The Horn has traveled widely, namely from Africa, but not Cape Horn. Cape Horn is named after the flagship "Hoorn" of the Dutch navigator Jakob le Maire, who was the first to sail over the southern cape of America to Europe. A trip that he and his crew paid for with their lives by setting the "Hoorn" on fire rose. The advantage of such an elegant safety razor is, among other things, that it is not a disposable item, but can possibly be a lifelong companion with appropriate care. Rinse the equipment with warm water after use, for more intensive cleaning you can open the head and then rinse off any remains. Change the blade, it can go on when it says: And off the beard.

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  14. AdHoc - Icepour Wine Chiller and Pourer

    AdHoc - Icepour Wine Chiller and Pourer

    Sitting outside on a summer's day sipping chilled white wine is delightful. Ice cubes are great for a margarita, but they will not do for your favorite white wine bottle! The AdHoc ICE POUR being a wine chiller and pourer, simply allows you to pour in cooled wine and enjoy your summer's day.

    ADHOC WINE ICEPOUR As a cold white wine chills its fragrant aromas, rich texture, crisp flavors, and acidity shine. AdHoc has taken note, cold wines taste that much better. The AdHoc Wine Chiller and Pourer has a build-in aerator and drip catcher, no wine is going to waste and you'll be tasting the full body of the wine! The stainless steel ice stick keeps your wine at the perfect chilled temperature without watering it down.


    Pourer suited for all kinds of drinks, particularly for wine

    Practical drip catcher

    Pourer aerates wine while pouring

    Absolutely no chemical taste.

    Product Details

    Dimensions (Overall): 12.2 Inches (H) x 5.67 Inches (W) x 1.18 Inches (D)

    Weight: .49 Pounds

    Material: 18/10 Stainless Stee

    Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean, Hand Wash.

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  15. Pulltex - SET PULLTAP'S CLASSIC - Sommelier Set 2 Pieces

    Pulltex - SET PULLTAP'S CLASSIC - Sommelier Set 2

    Pieces Beautiful wooden box containing 2 well-kept Pulltex accessories of unparalleled quality consisting of:

    - double lever corkscrew mod. PULLTAP'S

    - Wine thermometer in brushed steel;

    The Pulltex® PULLTAP'S model corkscrew continues to be a true "classic" of its kind. Its double lever system (protected by an international license) which allows you to extract the cork in two clicks without bending or breaking it, quickly and easily, ensures the corkscrew a guarantee and unparalleled quality. The proposed version is made entirely of steel finished with a galvanic bath. Silver Plated.

    The Thermometer is made of stainless steel (subjected to numerical control) and a glass rod. Its shape and design make it perfectly adaptable to any type of bottle. Part of the best of Pulltex production in this elegant wooden gift box with metal sheet cover and magnetic locking lock.

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  16. Kyocera - Complete set of mandoline-slicers with container

    Fondata nel 1959 a Kyoto, in Giappone, Kyocera Corporation è leader mondiale nello sviluppo e nella produzione di ceramiche ad alta tecnologia. Ha stabilimenti in Giappone, Europa, Israele, Corea, Cina, Indonesia, USA e Sud America ed impiega circa 70.000 persone. I suoi prodotti spaziano dalle fotocopiatrici e stampanti negli uffici ai pannelli solari sui tetti delle nostre case, dalle apparecchiature di rete e telefoni cellulari agli utensili per l’industria. L’innovazione, gli standard qualitativi e l’affidabilità caratterizzano da sempre le sue produzioni. I primi coltelli in ceramica sono stati introdotti in Giappone nel 1984 e oggi sono venduti in 35 paesi: dal Nord America all’Europa, dal Medio Oriente all’Africa e all’Asia. Dalla gamma di pela ortaggi e affettatrici affilatissime alle grattugie rotonde, dai macina sale e pepe con macina in ceramica alle forbici super taglienti: gli infiniti pregi della ceramica vengono ulteriormente esaltati in una linea di utensili capaci di semplificare la vita in cucina e farci scoprire il piacere di preparare anche i piatti più complessi con le nostre mani. Per avere utensili preziosi a portata di mano in poco spazio, il nuovo set completo di affettatrici che include 6 pezzi: affettatrice regolabile, affettatrice a julienne, grattugia, salvadita, contenitore con base in silicone anti-scivolo e copertura.
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