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  1. Sanelli Ambrogio - BBQ - Toothed carving knife 20cm - Kitchen knife

    Sanelli Ambrogio's toothed carving knife for shredding, chopping, slicing and dicing meat before barbecuing. Belongs to a professional line of cutlery designed for cutting and processing meat.

    The blade of the serrated knife is manufactured from nitro nitrogen B steel, and the polished finish allows for better meat processing.

    The handle has an excellent grip between blade and handle, the latter non-slip polypropylene provides perfect ergonomics and a firm grip during cutting.

    Intended Use: Barbecue

    Production type: Industrial
    Country of production: Italy
    Blade: Nitro-B stainless steel
    Blade finish: Satin
    Handle: Plastic polymer
    Blade length: 200mm.
    Total length: 325mm.
    Packaging: Exposed plastic blister
    Notes: Dishwasher safe

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    Only 1 left
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1 Item

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