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  1. Staub - Ceramique 9 cm heart Ceramic Mini Cocotte cherry

    Staub - Ceramique 9 cm heart Ceramic Mini Cocotte cherry

    The 10 cm mini cocotte is excellent for preparing small portions of gratin or soufflé. You can serve food in style during romantic events using the heart-shaped mini cocotte. The small dish is suitable for use in the microwave as well as in the oven. The top-notch ceramic ensures the perfect distribution of heat for the best results. Preparing and serving your culinary creations will always be a success when you use this cherry-red coloured mini cocotte from STAUB.

    Ideal for preparing and serving in portions


    Easy to clean thanks to enamelled surface

    Suitable for use in microwave and oven


    Net weight: 0.32 kg

    Capacity: 0.20 l

    Length of product: 9.90 cm

    Width of product: 0.90 cm

    Height of product: 7.10 cm

    Height without lid: 4.70 cm

    Upper diameter: 9.20 cm

    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  2. Staub - Sets 2-pc Stackable set, black matte, cast iron

    Staub Cast Iron - Sets 2-pc Stackable set, black matte, cast iron

    Introducing STAUB Stackable. Small Footprint, Big Possibilities.


    Staub - Cookware set - 2-PZ.

    Stackable cast-iron enamelled

    Cast iron pans are an integral part of a well-equipped kitchen. Everyone agrees that a cast iron pan is a must-have, while on the choice between saucepan and casserole, opinions differ and it all depends on cooking habits and preferences.

    The best thing is undoubtedly to have them all and be prepared for any culinary challenge, present or future. That is why STAUB has created this set of four cast iron classics: a frying pan for browning fish, meat and vegetables, a casserole dish for stews, a casserole (or Dutch oven) for large quantities and slow-cooked dishes, and a lid with a 'flavour shower' function that keeps food succulent and forms a delicious sauce.

    All items have a diameter of 24 cm, making the set perfect for family meals or three-course dinners with friends.

    High-quality enamelled cast iron combines all the excellent cooking characteristics and durability of cast iron with the ease of use and timeless elegance of enamelled cookware.

    The items are stackable for neat storage when not in use, so the set fits into any kitchen.

    With STAUB's new stackable edition, you can now keep them on top of each other when not in use, so they take up as little space as possible and stay tidy. This black cast iron set consists of a casserole dish, a frying pan and a lid, each with a diameter of 24 cm.

    Includes a set of edge protectors that must be placed between the pan and the Cocotte when storing in the cupboard and must be removed before cooking.

    Thanks to their high-quality enamelled material, these pans combine all the excellent cooking characteristics and durability of cast iron with the ease of use and beauty of enamelled cookware.

    The cast iron pan is perfect for cooking meat or fish, e.g. salmon with cherry tomatoes and olives, while the casserole dish can be used to prepare pasta or soup.

    Of course, the casserole can also go in the oven for classic pot roast recipes. Set includes casserole dish, two-handled pan and lid -With edge protectors for easy storage

    Diameter 24 cm

    Casserole capacity: 4 l

    Frying pan capacity: 1, 9 l

    High-quality enamelled cast iron

    Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction hobs.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  3. Staub - Double Handle Fry Pan, black matte, 13-inch

    Staub Cast Iron - Fry Pans/ Skillets 13-inch, Double Handle Fry Pan, black matte

    The Staub fry pan browns foods beautifully, be it chicken breasts, potatoes, or bacon. The enameled black matte interior imparts texture, promoting exceptional browning. Cast iron offers steady, even heat distribution, so the temperature of the pan won't drop as you cook. Low, curved sides make it easy to flip the food, which releases easily.Staub enameled cast iron cookware is the choice of the world's best chefs. With exceptional durability, it is perfect for day-to-day use in both gourmet home kitchens and prestigious restaurants around the world. Each piece transitions beautifully from the kitchen to the table. Built to last a lifetime, these heirloom pieces can be passed from generation to generation.

    Made in France

    Oven safe up to 900F/482C

    Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, glass, ceramic, induction, and halogen

    Each piece is one of a kind

    Pouring spouts for easy fat removal

    Unique, interior matte texture results in exceptional browning

    Requires no seasoning

    Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.



    Color: black

    Country of origin: France

    Heat resistance: 464.00 F

    Cold resistance: -4.00

    Substance: cast iron Induction: Yes

    Oven-safe: Yes

    Freezer-safe: Yes

    Stovetop-safe: Yes

    Dishwasher-safe: Yes

    Number of parts: 1

    Measurements Net weight: 9.13 lbs

    Capacity: 4.61 qt

    Length of product: 16.22 in

    Width of product: 13.78 in

    Height of product: 2.36 in

    Height without lid: 2.36 in

    Upper diameter: 13.39 in

    Bottom diameter: 11.81 in.

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    Only 1 left
  4. Aladdin - Papillon Set for salad - Lunch Box

    The set comprises a main bowl container with lid and a detachable smaller container (0.125 Lt) that allows to carry the salad-dressing separately or to contain a topping or a snack. The salad container has been designed to contain a satisfying lunch on the go: its generous bowl shape holds up to 1 lt of hot/cold and dry/liquid food thanks to its leak-proof quality. The Salad Set is part of Aladdin’s Papillon range and we have designed it at the same time as our Papillon Cutlery set. The main container is available in apple-green together with the dressing container in a lighter shade of green.
    Special Price €14.42 Regular Price €18.03
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  5. Schonhuber - Anti-heat glove

    Schonhuber - Anti-heat glove   Made of special cotton, reinforced execution on the inside and on the thumb, resistant up to 240 ° C. The glove can be an excellent gift idea for Christmas holidays and other occasions. Measurements: 19 x 33 cm.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
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