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  1. Pavoni - Silicone mold TRIANGLE GG008 - 9 servings

    Pavoni - Silicone mold TRIANGLE GG008 - 9 servings Gourmand is a line created thanks to the exchange of ideas with Paolo Griffa. Ephemeral, light and organic shapes. Detailed textures and outstanding details.Gourmand is a line created thanks to the exchange of ideas with Paolo Griffa. Silicone pastry moulds, for several purposes, for pastry-making or for catering. Anything can be shaped, adjusted to perfection: Sweet or savory food, hot or cold, cream or mousse, flans or biscuits. The perfect quantity to decorate or add a special touch to your creations, a starting point. Modèle: GG008 Matériel: silicone Type de type: triangle Nombre de cavités: 9 Vol. Cavité: 40 ml Cavité dim: 120 x10 x 10h mm. Volume total: 198 ml Dim du moule: 300 x 400 mm.
  2. Made in Italy - Tong for sparkling wine and champagne

    Made in Italy - Tong for sparkling wine and champagne

    Professional pliers to open and remove sparkling and champagne corks.

    Made of sturdy polished stainless steel.

    Made in Italy. Internal non-slip teeth and shears to cut the metal cage.

    Also ideal for restaurant bar use.

  3. Coravin - Model Three

    CORAVIN™ Model Three Featuring a friendly and functional design, Model Three is perfect for everyday wine drinking. New and improved SmartClamps™ allow the System to go easy-on, easy-off any bottle. The Model Three includes a Coravin screw cap, that enables you to use the system on your wines with screw caps. And two Coravin capsules allow you to pour up to 30 glasses of 150ml. Simply insert, tip, and pour—then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years! Includes 2 Coravin Pure Capsules and 1 Coravin Screw Cap
  4. Pavoni - Mat Nonstick Silicone SPV624

    Pavoni - Mat Nonstick Silicone SPV624 Mat Stick SPV Nonstick and heat resistant. for a thin layer of glass wool which protects against high temperatures. Suitable for working and handling of sugar paste, melted chocolate, sugar. Size: 62X42 cm
  5. Pavoni - Silicone mold DISC GG003 - 6 servings

    DISC GG003 SKU GG003S Gourmand is a line created thanks to the exchange of ideas with Paolo Griffa. Ephemeral, light and organic shapes. Detailed textures and outstanding details. A line of silicone moulds that can be used for main courses, appetizers and desserts. A wealth of interpretations, to experiment with both hot and cold dishes, enriching the range of possibilities. And a unique spark to unleash your creativity. Silicone moulds 400x300 mm Indent dimensions: Ø 110 mm x 3,5 mm h Volume: ~ 33 ml Indents per mould: 6
  6. AdHoc - Double chopping knife WAVE

    Double chopping knife WAVE KH51 2-blade knife acacia wood/stainless steel L: 19.8 cm, W: 2.2 cm, H: 10.2 cm, with stand: L: 23.2 cm, W: 2.2 cm H: 10.9 cm Design: Gabriele Kaltenbach
  7. Due Cigni - Sabrage Card

    Due Cigni - Sabrage Card Sabrage card, the new product of Due Cigni Since 1896 for "saber" in total safety but with style! The card consists of a 1.5 mm thick 420 steel plate and a credit card. Great product to always carry with you for the increasingly widespread "bloomed" in the disco or for any type of ceremony. The package besides the card and the small manual with the instructions to follow includes a 62 cm long steel chain to be inserted on the thumb and to be tied to the metal cage that blocks the cap to the neck of the bottle. AISI 420 stainless steel card Hardness HRC 54/56 Size 53 x 85 mm
  8. Erbe Solingen - Man shaving and manicure set for traveling - Leather case

    Elegance and quality are the characteristics of this travel set for shaving and manicure 100% Made in Germany composed of:

    * Penello with pure badger hair and painted steel handle
    * Travel razor with Gillette® Mach3® blades and painted steel handle
    * Stainless steel manicure scissors for nails and cuticles
    * Stainless steel eyebrow tweezers
    * Nail file in stainless steel with thermoplastic handle
    * Travel towel in soft cotton
    * Black leather case with snap button closure

  9. Wusthof - Seafood Set - 6 knives for crab and lobster

    Wusthof - Seafood Set - 6 knives for crab and lobster Set of 6 crab knives made in Solingen, Germany by Wusthof Dreizack. Item number 3330. Bright red hard plastic handles with sturdy steel blades steel. Each blade is signed "Dreizack - Solingen - Germany" together with the Wusthof logo. Each knife is 14cm long. It can be used in all stages of cleaning, preparation and serving of crabs. High quality, vintage set still in the original packaging. Including pure linen placemat. If on the whole the knife can be included in the paring knife category, and therefore shows a certain effectiveness also in peeling and cleaning fruit and vegetables, it is also clear that it has been designed for a more precise task, specifically to work on crustaceans. In this sense, the profile as a can opener is perfect for slipping into the carapace and therefore allows the crustacean to be opened with precision and limited effort, while the antennas can be eliminated through the hole on the blade. Here are some secrets to choose crabs and to cook them easily: first of all the best crabs are the males, which you can recognize from the smaller and pointed abdominal wing. It is advisable to choose intermediate size crabs, because those that are too large have a more fibrous and difficult to cook flesh, and small ones have little. To cook the crab just rinse it under running water and then boil for about 5 minutes in salted water or fish broth. Then, with the help of a knife, lift the abdomen and eliminate the gills, lungs and stomach of the crab, leaving instead the white pulp and the creamy part. And of course don't forget to open the claws with the special pliers, because they are full of exquisite pulp and finally use the Wusthof laid knife to enjoy the pulp and enjoy your meal.
  10. Betty Bossi - Midi Spiralizer

    Midi Spiralizer The small handy device for everyday life. Let's twist again! Not too big, not too small and therefore ideal for daily use. The Midi Spiralizer is the best compromise in terms of ease of use, versatility and space-saving storage. This handy device not only produces the popular vegetable spaghetti but also a NEW type of pretty tagliatelle in no time at all. Make vegetables and fruit spaghetti and tagliatelle Decorative, versatile, creative Suitable for potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, pears etc. Perfect for everyday use: always at hand and ready for use Convenient size, ergonomic handle Easy to use and fast Requires little force thanks to an innovative tightening system Suitable for right handed people and left handed ones Space-saving storage Dishwasher safe (excl. blade attachments)
  11. Lékué - Microwave Grill

    Lékué - Microwave Grill Your grilled food, done in the microwave! The easiest way to prepare grilled food at home. Easy, quick and clean with a delicious result from the grill! Neither smoke nor smell! Lékué Microwave Grill for Toasted Sandwiches and More Delicious meat, fish and veggies As satisfying as they are, man cannot live on toasties alone… but versatility is one of the reasons we love this grill. You might not have considered cooking burgers and sausages in your microwave oven, but when you use this grill, they’ll be done to perfection. Unlike other microwave cookers that just heat or steam, leaving food a little pale, this actually browns food and gives it a lined, grilled effect, producing juicy burgers, chicken and salmon portions that look really appetising, and tender veg too. How do I use it? Before you start cooking you’ll need to preheat the grill. Pop it into the microwave for three minutes (use this time to prep your food), then carefully place your food on the bottom grill, rest the upper grill on top and secure it in place with the stretchy silicone loops. Cook your food according to the timings in the included booklet and you’re ready to eat! Lékué have designed the removable silicone handles with raised ‘stay-cooler’ ribs to aid heat insulation, but please use oven gloves to lift the grill as does get very hot. Easy to clean Made from non-stick coated aluminium and silicone, it’s really easy to clean once you’ve munched your toasted sandwiches. Unlike electric toastie makers that are notoriously fiddly to wash up, you can dunk this grill in a sink of soapy water, or even pop it in the top rack of a dishwasher, and the chunky silicone handles are really easy to pop on and off, too. Please note that we recommend that the grill is cleaned and dried thoroughly after each use. Perfectly timed Wondering how soon you can eat? Here’s a quick guide to timings after preheating the grill for 3 minutes, based on a 900W microwave - timings will vary. Toasted cheese and ham sandwich – 3 minutes Beef burger – 4 minutes Veggie burger – 5 minutes Salmon fillet – 2 minutes Chicken breast – 8 minutes Asparagus – 5 minutes Included booklet contains approximate timings and 9 recipes to get you started. To Lékué, a toastie is not simply a hot sandwich; it’s a snack worth celebrating, and our customers can’t get enough of them! The Lékué Microwave Grill has made thousands of our toastie-munching customers fall in love with their microwaves all over again. And when you make just one splendidly nostalgic cheese-stuffed sarnie, you’ll discover why. Materials: 100% platinum silicone and non-stick coated steel – heating element is ferrite silicone. Non-stick coating is BPA and PFOA free. 25 x 14.5 x 5.5cm H. Enjoy a healthier cooking: -The Microwave Grill doesn’t exceed 240°C / 464ºF, so we don’t lose all oil and ingredients properties. -Don’t burn fats.
  12. CORAVIN™ - Model Six Wine System

    Model Six takes elegance to the next level. Choose from a variety of sophisticated colours, all with glossy finishes, metallic accents, and premium accessories. This luxury Wine Preservation System is perfect for hosts, connoisseurs, and tastemakers.

    A New Way to Pour Wine

    Insert Align the SmartClamps™ over the neck of the bottle and push down firmly on the Handle in one fluid motion.

    Tip & Pour

    Tilt the bottle until the Spout is over the glass. Quickly press and release the Trigger to pour.

  13. Triangle, Set 7 pieces kitchen accessories

    Triangle - 7 kitchen accessories 1. Peeler. 2. Butter Curls 3. Knife Dig small diam. 10 mm 4. Dig knife diam. 30 mm 5. Lever cores 6. Row lemons 7. Decorate oranges and lemons. Size of the bag-accessory 22,5cm x 27 cm
    Special Price €45.08 Regular Price €50.82
  14. Drosselmeyer - Caretta pliers and 2 forks for shellfish

    The best accessory to eat crayfish, crab or lobster! The Caretta pliers have an exclusive design, with an integrated spring-loaded handle and an open jaw to accommodate any size of claw or leg. The patented double lever action makes it an easy, clean and efficient way to enjoy shellfish and seafood without making a mess. Simply place the claw at the back of the serrated jaw and squeeze gently, until the shell cracks. To extract the meat in one piece, simply repeat a few times on different sections of the claw. The upper jaw ensures the broken shells splatter away from the user. Made from quality stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Weight: 199 grams Length x Width x Height: 17.5 x 9 x 2.7cm
  15. Due Buoi - Set of 6 stainless steel digging knives

    Due Buoi - Set of 6 stainless steel digging knives A SERIES OF SIX STAINLESS STEEL KNIVES WITH ABS HANDLE WITH BAYONET ATTACK A haute cuisine set in an ABS and transparent plexiglas case of great resistance. Weight: 380 g