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  1. CrushGrind - VAASA Mill 13CM, green - 1 PCS

    CrushGrind - VAASA Mill 13CM, green - 1 PCS

    Get your spices grinding! This is a clean and fresh design – allowing the spices inside of the grinder to be the star of the show.

    The Vaasa grinder is an upside down grinder that won’t leave any residues on your tabletop. The adjusting wheel at the top of the grinder makes it very easy to get just the right coarseness. Add your spices or mix your own blends and experience what freshly ground spices will do for your cooking.

    The Vaasa series is based on a biocomposite material made of wood based cellulose fibres from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material gives the products a warm, natural and earthy feel.

    The material has a low carbon footprint, and unlike crop-based biomaterials, this bio composite doesn’t interfere with a food-production chain.

    The grinders are mounted with our patented CrushGrind® mechanism. -Material Glass, Biocomposite

    Color Kampot Purple

    Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 2 x 5.25 inches.

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  2. Rivsalt - Chili Grater Set - rivsalt chili

    Rivsalt was born from the mind of designer

    Swedish designer Jens Sandriger during a trip to Beijing.

    Having dinner at a famous Japanese restaurant in the city, Jens thought: this is really cool!

    Before his eyes, the chef had just ground a Himalayan pink salt gem directly onto the guests' plates. That's when the Rivsalt idea was born: a unique dining experience that puts salt truly at the center of the table and the kitchen. From China to Sweden, the Rivsalt family of products soon spread around the world, becoming a must-have for taste enthusiasts.

    The elements that make up the Rivsalt family of products are a synthesis of what the Earth offers and what man can skillfully work with.

    Untreated oak bases and stainless steel graters highlight natural raw materials that are anything but common and, at times, rare.

    Each element in the Rivsalt line fills objects hitherto considered everyday with meaning and value: salt, licorice, pepper, and toothpick become experiences out of the ordinary.

    CHILI is about flavor and experience. Just like RIVSALT. So creating the chili product seemed natural to us.

    A perfectly shaped grater made of stainless steel, an oak wood stand, and the best selection of chili peppers we could find.

    Another Scandinavian gastronomic experience by RIVSALT.

    The RIVSALT product range was designed by Swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer. RIVSALT is about design, communication, and experience. Grating your own Rivsalt salt and spices simply adds flavor and style to any dining experience. The beautiful design can enhance the dining table. Many of the table accessories are also great communication items. 

    RIVSALT products are unique gifts for foodies and home chefs.

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  3. GI.METAL - Stainless steel pizza scissors

    GI.METAL - Stainless steel pizza scissors

    Stainless steel pizza scissors Pizza cutting scissors, with raised and rounded rear edge so as not to interfere with the pan edge. Made of stainless steel and high-strength polymer handle.

    The pizza cutting scissors model AC-FR Azzurra line by Gi.metal have a 12 cm long stainless steel blade and a high temperature resistant polymer handle.

    They are characterised by a raised and rounded rear edge so as not to interfere with the edge of the pan.

    Blade 12 cm.

    Weight 0.15 g.

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  4. Rivsalt - Ginger &Turmeric Set Grater

    GINGER & TURMERIC - PREMIUM SUN DRIED PIECES GINGER & TURMERIC are old best friends from India. Used in many of the same dishes, they complement each other extremely well – like most best friends do. These dried roots belong to the Zingiberaceae family and are said to have remarkable health benefits - possibly even more so together with grated PEPPER. For some extra zing, use the elegant spoon-grater to stir the grated roots into a classic curry, a delicious Caribbean sweet potato soup or your breakfast chia seed pudding. Or why not grate and stir into a fresh cocktail or your favorite smoothie? Works great on top of your morning latte, tea or super-healthy detox shot, too. A true RIVSALT gastronomic experience every time. When not in use, the stainless steel spoon-grater rests gracefully on the carefully carved oakwood stand - making it a beautiful centerpiece on your dining or kitchen table.
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  5. Decora - Kugelhopf mold

    Decora - Kugelhopf mold

    The high-quality non-stick steel guarantees maximum wear resistance and absolute anti-adhesion for perfectly shaped cakes.

    Size: ø 22 xh 11,5 cm

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    Only 3 left
  6. Made in Italy - Copper pot 1 handle cm. 26

    Made in Italy - Copper pot


    Diameter: 26 cm

    These cauldrons are made exclusively of pure copper with a thickness of 10 tenths, ideal for uniform heat conduction. They are also fully lined with virgin tin particularly suitable for cooking food. By adhering to all the instructions below your copper pots and pans will allow you to bring out the best cooking quality giving you maximum satisfaction for a long time.

    1. Never leave your copper items over an open flame without liquid or seasoning inside.

    2. Avoid excessive heat by therefore keeping the fire to a minimum.

    3. Avoid the use of metal utensils that could scratch the tin plating. Ideally, wooden utensils should be used.

    4. For internal cleaning, never scrub with abrasive substances or steel wool; always use liquid detergents.

    5. It is normal for copper, under the action of heat,to change color; to avoid this, wash the pan after use with hot water and vinegar, then rinse and polish with a product suitable for copper.

    Also available on request with a diameter of 22 cm.


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  7. Stadter - Dough rising basket Rectangle

    Stadter - Dough rising basket Rectangle In dough rising baskets, also called bannetons or fermentation baskets, the dough has time to ferment and lift while keeping its form, which gives perfect baking results. Our dough rising baskets are made from natural materials and can thus vary in form and size. Clean with a dry brush after use, do not clean with water. With recipe and instruction Material rattan Size ca. 38,5 x 13,5 cm / H 6,5 cm capacity 1750 g
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  8. Wahl - Cordless Senior Clipper

    Wahl - Cordless Senior Clipper

    The Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper is equipped with the most powerful engine of all wireless hair clippers and generates a higher cutting speed and cutting capacity of 6,500rpm.

    Combined with the Stagger Tooth technology, this powerful cordless clipper shaves even the thickest hair types with ease.

    The adjustable chrome cutting blade is ideal for creating a fade. Due to the flat bottom on the cutting blade, a shorter cutting length is achieved.

    The adjustment lever on the side of the Senior Cordless ensures that the cutting length can be adjusted with the thumb from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm in one easy swipe.

    The Lithium-ion battery provides more power and a longer durability.

    These features allow the clipper to have a charging time of 120 minutes and an operating time of 70 minutes.

    In addition, you can also use the Wahl Cordless Senior clipper with the cord by plugging the charging cord into the clipper itself during shaving.

    The design of the Wahl Cordless Senior Trimmer remains close to the original with a modern twist. The sturdy aluminum metal base provides a firm grip on the device for more precision and control.

    The metal bottom case also provides less vibration and the machine produces slightly less sound than a clipper with a plastic bottom case.

    Most powerful engine in a WAHL clipper 6,500 rpm

    Shaves all hair types

    Cutting length 0.8 mm - 2.5mm

    Lithium ion battery

    Charging time 120 minutes

    Operating time 70 minutes

    Cordless Senior included accessories:

    3 x Premium Attachment Combs (1½mm / 3mm / 4½mm)

    1 x Clipper Comb

    1 x Small Oil

    1 x Small Cleaning Brush

    1 x Charger

    1 x Cutting Blade Protector.

    Blade Made in USA.

    Hair clipper Made in Hungary

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    Only 6 left
  9. Kuchenprofi - Natural wooden pizza shovel 41.5x29.5cm

    It is a traditional utensil used for preparing and serving pizza. This shovel is made of high-quality natural wood, offering an authentic look and traditional feel.

    The wooden pizza shovel is designed to withstand the high temperatures of the oven, allowing pizza to be baked and oven baked safely and conveniently. In addition, the natural wood can absorb excess moisture from the pizza base, helping to achieve a crispy crust.

    Recommended use: Baking and baking pizza.

    Country of manufacture: Germany

    Length: 41.5cm.

    Width: 29.5cm.

    Care instructions.

    Do not clean the pizza scoop in the dishwasher or immerse it in water, clean it only with a slightly damp diaper and let it dry upright. Remove any residue with a slightly damp sponge.

    Occasionally lightly lubricate the pizza paddle with a tasteless vegetable oil.

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  10. Westmark - Poppy seed mill

    Westmark - Poppy seed mill Westmark - Poppy seed mill with infinitely variable coarseness setting. The quality grinder is especially suitable for oil-containing grains such as poppy seed, sesam, chia seed, flaxseed, unripe spelt grain, quinoa and mustard seed. Also suitable for other grains. With screw clamp for secure hold at the worktop. Dimensions: 250 x 180 x 60 mm. Material: white plastic.
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  11. CrushGrind - Billund - Grinder set 2 pieces

    CrushGrind - Billund - Grinder set 2 pieces

    An innovative and different mechanism CrushGrind holds the record of having incorporated the ceramic mechanism, invented by the Japanese Mitsui Kamioka, into a millstone and first introduced it to the market in 1994.

    The mechanism, patented and guaranteed for 25 years, is larger than those found on the market, which allows for more than double the amount of salt, pepper, spices or dried herbs ground than the competition.

    Because of its shape, all types of salt, pepper, spices and dried herbs can be ground indiscriminately.

    Furthermore, it is easy to clean: when switching from one spice to another, the gear can be cleaned by grinding coarse salt, adjusting the grinder to the minimum. In addition, unlike all other grinders, the CrushGrind is detachable, so it can be easily cleaned with water and detergent, taking care to let it dry thoroughly.

    Many models for every need The CrushGrind grinder offer includes numerous models, intended for consumers or the on-trade. In addition to models made of natural materials, such as wood, the company also offers products made entirely or partly of biocomposite material, obtained by mixing wood fibre with oil from paper production.

    Such as the Billund model, not by chance named after the Danish city, home of Lego, whose shape is reminiscent of coloured bricks, available in various colours.

    The Billund grinder is an upside-down grinder that leaves no residue on the table.

    It has a silicone cap on the bottom that makes it easy to fill with the spices or blends you like to use.

    The Billund series is a fun and playful design, inspired by the colourful building blocks of Denmark.

    It is based on a bio-composite material consisting of wood-based cellulose fibres from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material gives the products a warm, natural and earthy feel. In addition, the material has a low carbon footprint and, unlike crop-based biomaterials, this biocomposite does not interfere with the food production chain.

    Material: biocomposite

    Height: 12 cm

    ⌀: 6 cm

    Project by IDEAS / Sam Murley.

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  12. Decora - Geometric heart pastry cutter

    Decora - Heart cookie cutter Plastic cookie cutter.

    Perfect for making sweet, savory, chocolate and modeling paste cookies and shapes.

    Size: 7 x 5 x 2.2 h cm

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  13. Decora - Heart crust cutter

    HEARTS CRUST CUTTER Making perfect tarts is easy and quick with the decora crust cutter. The "hearts" crust cutter has been specially designed for st. Valentine's and for all the lovers who want to surprise their beloved ones in every moment of the year.
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  14. Decorate - Sugarcel CMC - thickener for cakes - pastries

    Decora - Tagliapasta diamante Tagliapasta in plastica, perfetto per dare forma ai biscotti o ricavare sagome e topper in pasta di zucchero o pasta di gomma. Misure: 6 x 6 x 2,2 cm.

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  15. CrushGrind - Billund - Oil / Vinegar set 2 pieces

    CrushGrind - Billund - Oil / Vinegar set 2 pieces


    The Billund series features a fun and playful design inspired by the famous Danish building bricks whose production began in the city of Billund.


    The colour of the glass reflects the light and the colour varies depending on the contents. -Sits well on any table or in any kitchen and is perfect for oil and vinegar.

    The silicone spout is cleverly designed to pour the condiment easily and avoid unwanted drips.

    The shape is designed so that excess liquid flows back into the container after use.

    It is made of borosilicate glass and the lid is made of a biocomposite material from certified wood pulp from legally and sustainably managed forests.


    Material: biocomposite, glass

    Height: 15.5 cm

    ⌀: 6 cm

    Designer: IDEAS / Sam Murley

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  16. Zassenhaus - Pepper and salt mill Berlin - Vintage - 24 cm

    Zassenhaus - Pepper and salt mill Berlin - Vintage - 24 cm Berlin stands for change and innovation. The salt and pepper mills BERLIN series of Zassenhaus you will inspire new creations. Its patented Precision grinding is harder than steel, wear- and corrosion-free. It crushed pepper, salt, spices like crushed chilies, cumin or coriander to suit your taste. You have the choice of six levels - from extra coarse set of ultra-fine the grind. This remains to refill the mill received accurately and can be read on the scale at the mill floor. The classically curved shape fits comfortably in your hand, cleaning the equipment is done quickly. Just fill in a little coarse salt and grind it through briefly. The grinder of high performance ceramic and stainless steel stem are thus not affected. Zassenhaus grant 25 year Guarantee.
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  17. Rivsalt - Pepper Grater

    rivsalt PEPPER is the perfect companion to our range of salts products. each PEPPER-set contains several aromatic long peppers from the indonesian island of java. together with the high-quality stainless steel grater and natural oak desk stand they truly become yet another conversation piece at the dining table. the java long peppers have their own distinctive character, as well as the familiar black pepper taste. grated over your dish, you’ll detect surprising aromas of liquorice, aniseed and cinnamon, with a spicy sensation towards the end. think of it as a regular black pepper with a twist. grater 10 cm (height) x 2,5 cm (width) x 0,1 cm (thickness) note: your rivsalt PEPPER grater is comparable to a quality chef’s knife. to keep it sharp, shiny and rust free wash you grater by hand regularly using a mild dishwashing liquid and water. use a brush to remove loose pepper or salt. after washing, rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a towel. the grater should not be put in the dishwasher. doing so could damage the sharp edges. please be aware that during hot weather and high humidity it is necessary to care a little extra for your rivsalt PEPPER grater and clean your grater more regularly. desk stand 4,3 cm (diameter) x 1,9 cm (thickness) manufactured out of FSC-certified oak wood. java long peppers irregular dimension, and vary between 2-4cm ~15g inside packaging cardboard gift tube 4,5 cm (diameter) x 13,5 cm (height) total weight ~100 g

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  18. Rivsalt - Grater pink salt Himalayano

    Rivsalt - grater pink salt Himalayano- Rivsalt is a new way to appreciate a vital and valuable as the salt. It consists of a rose bud pure Himalayan salt, a mini-grater Japanese stainless steel and a cylindrical base of oak untreated. Each bud of Himalayan salt has an irregular shape, different from one another, each grain that is ground is unique: can be pink, like crystal from which it comes, or white, as the striations that characterize it. Rivsalt you take the right of the center of your table, creating a satisfying experience gustatory, tactile and visual.
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  19. GI.METAL - Triangular stainless steel spatula 11,5x11 cm.

    GI.METAL - Triangular stainless steel spatula 11,5x11 cm.

    Triangular rigid spatula with steel blade and handle made of non-scratch material, for professional use.

    Triangular spatula made of non-scratch material allows to take pizza buns out of plastic boxes and also to cut dough during preparation.

    The blade is made of flexible tempered stainless steel; the handle is made of high heat-resistant, shock- and scratch-resistant polymer, certified for food use.

    This dough spatula from GiMetal is a professional product certified for food use.

    Dough spatula or stick useful when working with pizza dough, bread, leavened dough, fresh pasta, cakes, etc.

    Professional spatula indispensable in kitchens, pizzerias, bakeries, food processing.

    Brand: Gimetal Model: AC-STP32

    Features: Triangular spatula.

    The blade is made of flexible tempered stainless steel; the handle is made of high heat-resistant, shockproof and scratchproof polymer, certified for food use.

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