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  1. GI.METAL - Stainless steel pizza rolling pin 33 cm - PIZZA AND BREAD

    GI.METAL's rolling pin is an essential tool for working pizza and bread dough in a professional manner.

    Made of high-quality stainless steel, making it strong and durable that allows for uniform dough processing without transferring extraneous odors or flavors, thus maintaining the integrity of the final product.

    Recommended use: Rolling pin for rolling out dough.

    Country of manufacture: Italy

    Material: Stainless steel

    Length: 33cm.

    Diameter: 2.5cm.

    Weight: 219g

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  2. GI.METAL - Non-slip steel cutting board with edge - PIZZA E PANE

    Made in Italy - Non-slip steel cutting board with edge - PIZZA E PANE

    Multi-purpose satin-finished stainless steel cutting board. 

    Ideal tool for the following uses for kneading and rolling out pizza, bread and bakery products, cakes, and much more as a chopping board for preparing/cutting various foods: meat, fish, vegetables and much more to support hot pots or pans: the extreme resistance to both heat and impact will be the saviour of the worktop as a support for small appliances. -Ideal as a worktop for both professional and domestic kitchens; the essential, clean design fits any style, whether classic or modern.

    Unlike wood, steel has a perfectly smooth surface: the dough flows easily, without ever sticking.

    Thanks to the angled anti-skid edge, the Gi.Metal pastry board can be placed on any kitchen worktop.

    To ensure maximum firmness of the tool, we recommend placing the anti-slip mat included in the package between the pastry board and the work surface. It is the ideal size for storing in the kitchen drawer when not in use and is very easy to clean. 

    The chopping board is embellished with the laser-engraved 'Amica by Gi.Metal' logo that makes it unique. 100% Made in Italy 

    Material and technical info 

    Material: stainless steel AISI 441 

    Important information

    When using for the first time, lift the protective film on the top of the chopping board.  Dimensions: 49x47x2 h cm, material thickness 1 mm

    Weight: 1.8 kg

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  3. GI.METAL - Pizza Kit - 3 pieces

    Made in Italy - Pizza Kit - 3 pieces

    Keeping your tools organised will now no longer be a problem, thanks to this kit that encompasses the quality of a totally 'Made in Italy' product, designed for all those who make homemade pizza and aspire to the pizzeria result!

    Kit comprising pizza blade, tray and cutting wheel:

    everything you need to make and serve a pizza as tasty and excellent as in a pizzeria.

    Homemade pizza has never been easier!

    The set includes :

    Aluminium pizza shovel with 25 cm handle and 30 cm head.

    It is made of anodised aluminium, assembled to the head by means of 2 very strong in-line rivets, which make the shovel firm and extremely durable.

    The shovel shape is ideal for baking pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter and the size is designed to be used in traditional electric ovens, gas ovens and domestic wood-fired ovens. Weight: 305 gr.

    Aluminium tray with hexagonal shape and petal edges, perfect for allowing the wheel to easily cut the pizza into equal parts.

    Tray: the base for standard-sized pizzas (max. 33 cm).

    Weight: 490 g

    Professional pizza cutting wheel with 10 cm stainless steel blade, ergonomic plastic handle, food-grade certified.

    100% Made in Italy

    Cleaning and maintenance

    It is advisable to wash the product by hand with non-aggressive detergents.

    Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    If abrasive sponges are used, the material may be scratched.

    A line designed for the private individual who prepares pizza using his or her home oven and is looking for tools to make it easier for the family to enjoy an excellent pizza.

    Quality tools that are light and easy to handle, without having to renounce to a neat and pleasant appearance.

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  4. JEM - Dress A Teddy 16 pc fondant icing cutter set

    Dress A Teddy

    16 piece teddy bear and clothes icing & gum paste cutter set by Jem

    16 piece sugarcraft set from Jem in South Africa interchangeable cutters for mummy, daddy and baby bears, bear faces plus clothes, pram, parasol, hats etc

    - dress them any way you like

    - food approved plastic

    -  packed with instructions

    - fine for sugarpaste icing, but even better with gum paste and flower modelling paste.

    Special Price €13.77 Regular Price €19.67
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  5. Gefu - Mill Base X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Mill Base X-PLOSION

    The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed mills, extra-sharp chilli cutters, stylish shakers and other smart innovations. X-PLOSION® kitchen utensils look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand and have a superior range of functions. X-PLOSION®: pure aroma power for today's creative cuisine.

    Product information Mill Base X-PLOSION®, M

    High-quality acacia combined with a stainless steel cuff make this attractive designer base the perfect platform to present X-PLOSION® seasoning products in the kitchen and at the table.

    It can be individually filled, has a stylish appearance and keeps your worktops and tablecloths clean. perfect for X-PLOSION® mills in size M and the X-PLOSION® salt and spice pot L 17,0 cm, W 8,0 cm, H 2,0 cm black refined surface / acacia wood

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  6. Eva Solo - Vacuum Jug with Heat Indicator

    Eva Solo - Vacuum Jug with Heat Indicator Minimalistic design, beautiful details and great materials do not necessary create a perfect product. Our 100 % drip-free jugs and carafes are built on a strong tradition to challenge dominant logic and to develop new functional solutions for our products. As an efficient alternative to dripping jugs and carafes, we have designed the unique, patented, pouring lip that keeps the drops from landing on the table. Instead the drops run back into the jug or carafe. Eva Solos drip-free collection that includes teapots, an electric kettle and the award winning fridge carafes and Café Solo proves how good design is created when quality, form and function come together. • This vacuum jug from Eva Solo features an integrated heat indicator in the lid which shows whether the coffee is hot or cold • The vacuum jug is also 100% drip-free thanks to the special pouring lip to prevent drips on the table or tablecloth • The vacuum jug holds 1 litre and has a replaceable glass insert • The jug is made of matt plastic with a chrome handle • It is not dishwasher-safe Colour: Red or black Brand: Eva Solo Size: 1L Dimensions: Height: 32 cm, Diameter: 7,4 cm
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  7. Betty Bossi - Croissant Roller - For the production of mini-croissants

    Betty Bossi - Croissant Roller - For the production of mini-croissants

    Finally! You may have tried a lot of things, but this roller goes above and beyond all others when it comes to croissant production.

    Its handling is simply unsurpassed: efficient, precise and elegant.

    • Quick and easy: Create a variety of croissants

    • The super simple solution for all croissant fans

    • Simply portion the filling into the marked area and shape the croissants – done!

    • Clever rolling instead of time-consuming cut-outs

    • Little to no waste, thanks to precise cutting


    Material: plastic Color: grey/yellow

    Dimensions: L 6.69 x W 3.54 x H 1.58 inch

    Hand wash

    • Ideal for doughs up to 1/8 inch thick

    • Ideas for sweet and savory croissants in included recipe booklet

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  8. Westmark - Cherry Stoner Kernfix

    Westmark - Cherry Stoner Kernfix • stones cherries ready for cakes and preserves • approx. 12 kg/h • also for preserved or deep-frozen fruit • with recipes Brand Westmark Size 205 x 118 x 300 mm Material plastic, stainless steel Miscellaneous Suitable for the dishwasher, 5 years warranty, Made in Germany
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  9. Sigg - Kids Water Bottle KBT Jungle TZZ 0.4 L

    Sigg - Kids Water Bottle KBT Jungle TZZ 0.4 L KIDS WATER BOTTLE KBT

    Welcome to the jungle where adventure with lions and tigers awaits at every corner! But even in the jungle, you will need proper hydration. This high-quality, recyclable aluminum drinking bottle is extremely easy to transport and equally suited for both: school and leisure activities. The material is free from harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances, BPA and phthalates and guarantees a safer drinking experiance.

    The spill-proof cap also ensures easy transport. Even when the adventure get's a little wild!



    Height: 19.7 cm

    Diameter: 6.6 cm

    Weight: 112 g

    Country of origin: Switzerland

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  10. Zassenhaus - Insulated Lunch Bag

    Zassenhaus - Insulated Lunch Bag Environmental awareness is gaining importance for a wider mass of people. Therefore, I am increasingly looking for alternatives to plastic, among other things. In the meantime, there are various suppliers and the variety is immense here. In addition, beeswaxes are currently in high demand. As an alternative to traditional film or aluminum foil, they are often used in their colored decorations both for loose food and for covering bowls. Disposable plastic bags are usually used only a few minutes to carry purchases. The average useful life is only 20 minutes. Terrifying is the fact that in exchange it takes 450 years to extract the bags. After use, the bags usually find an end in the trash, sometimes they are previously used as waste bags for cosmetic buckets. Thermal bag with integrated metal wire for a secure closure ideal for snacks, sandwiches, drinks, fruit or vegetables. Reusable as well as insulation from hot and cold. Non-woven PE foam film as an inner layer. Clean only with a damp cloth, leave to dry outdoors. Not suitable for unpackaged food, possibly combined with the purchase of beeswax films always produced by Zassenhaus.
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  11. Due Cigni - Mandoline Truffle Slicer - 2C 1026 - Kitchen Accessories

    New in the world of truffles

    Made in Italy - Smooth blade truffle slicer

    The stainless steel Due Cigni Line smooth blade truffle slicer is an ergonomic and very useful product.


    This truffle cutter is ideal to present at the table or keep in the kitchen cupboard at home, ready just in case.


    Elegant and efficient, its extraordinary design makes it perfect in any setting, from the most rustic to the most refined; in the kitchen at home or in front of guests, the smooth and homogeneous cut will not fail to attract the attention of those enjoying the dish.


    Made of stainless steel, it can also be used for many other foodstuffs: mushrooms and vegetables, but also grana flakes or small slices of carpaccio.

    The selected materials are resistant and the blades, both the smooth and the razor-sharp blades, also allow slicing of flakes of mature cheese, mushrooms, vegetables or chocolate: they cut from 0 to 3 mm thick.

    The daisy roller next to the blades facilitates all cleaning actions.


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  12. Steinhart - Set of 5 Universal Extenders for Steinhart ST/758R Cordless and Wahl

    STEINHART Brand based on Barcelona. Steinhart line brings a new concept of products and accessories to professionals of hairdressing and beautycare by combining exclusive design, ergonomy, advanced technology and efficiency. Those are the reasons for which Steinhart can be considered as the latest word in personal care products and accessories. Set of 5 magnetic guide combs designed for professional use. Adaptable to the vast majority of blades. Measures: 1.5, 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm.


    Steinhart -  ST/758R Codless

    Wahl - Super Taper

    Wahl - Magic Clip 5 Star Series

    Wahl - 5 Star Series Cordless Senior Clip

    Wahl - Legend

    Wahl - 5 Star Series Cordless Magic Clip

    Wahl - Super Taper Cordless Li-Ion - Tagliacapelli Professionale - 08591-016


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  13. TFA - Infrared fever thermometer BODYTEMP 478

    Infrared fever thermometer BODYTEMP 478 Highlights: Non-contact measurement of body or surface temperature Quick measuring time of < 0.5 seconds For quick measurement of the body temperature also of many persons Alarm with acoustic signal Memory
    Special Price €94.06 Regular Price €110.66
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  14. GI.METAL - Perforated board for pizza by the meter/in pala

    Made in Italy - Perforated board for pizza by the meter/in pala Ideal to bake pizza by the metre/in pala. One-side grip, with frontal milling, for helping both the taking hold and the release of the pizza into the oven. Contrary to the traditional wooden boards, the use of the aluminium makes the item light, strong, long-lasting and hygienic. In the perforated version the board has holes throughout the surface, specifically designed to ensure low friction and to release flour, preventing it from becoming attached to the pizza bottom and risking burning. You can use the board for preparation of roman pinsa (with the 25x50 cm size Benefits: Light Easy-slide Easy-clean, more hygienic than wood Long lasting With one single tool you can put in the oven, rotate and take out the pizza You can work on all the board surface ( flat grip) Front milling Material:Neutral anodised aluminium
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  15. Made in Italy - Spatula for garganelli and dumplings 4 in 1

    Made in Italy - Spatula for garganelli and dumplings 4 in 1 4 accessories in one: - Sharp edge for cleaning the cutting board and cutting the dumplings- 1 rounded corner to collect the dough- 2 sides with grooves to strip garganelli and gnocchi (1 side 3 mm, 1 side 1.5 mm) - 2 Sticks for garganelli ( one smooth, one striped) inserted in the handle. Delrin spatula for food, 160x124 mm.
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  16. Triangle - Fish pliers, stainless

    Triangle - Fish pliers, stainless The tapered, serrated jaws of the fish bone pliers are precisely worked and grab fish bones safely and precisely. Even deep embedded and fine bones are removed without damaging the fillet. With spring for fatigue-free working. Stainless and dishwasher safe. Material: stainless steel Dimensions Length: 20cm Width: 6cm Height: 1.4cm
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  17. TFA - Infrared Thermometer SCANTEMP 450

    TFA - Infrared Thermometer SCANTEMP 450 Highlights: Contact-free measuring of surface temperature Wide temperature measuring range from -60°C to +500°C Circular laser sighting shows exact spot HOLD/MAX/ MIN /DIF /AVG/LOCK function Compliant with HACCP, for professional use Function For contact-free measuring of surface temperature With circular laser sighting (shows the exact spot size area) Measuring time: 1 second Display of current, highest and lowest temperature LOCK/DIF/AVG function Alarm with free adjustable temperature values (upper/lower limit) Backlight Accuracy ±2 % or ±2°C Ratio of measuring distance/spot size 12:1 Connection for thermocouple sensor (type k, measuring range -64...+1370 °C, accuracy ± 1% or ± 1°C) Belt bag included TFA Quality mark: HACCP conform Product information for download: Technical data Delivery contents Infrared thermometer, belt bag, batteries, instruction manual Measuring range temperature -60...+500°C ( - 76°...+932°F) Material Plastic Power consumption Batteries Batteries included Yes Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V Dimensions (L) 42 x (B) 82 x (H) 182 mm Weight 164 g.
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  18. Staub - Cocotte Vintage Line, Ø 20 cm

    Staub - Cocotte Vintage Line, Ø 20 cm The name STAUB has stood for decades for the love of traditional craftsmanship and the French cuisine. This connection is reflected in the cooking utensils of the new STAUB vintage series: Charming retro design with traditional shapes and the color black make the good old time revive at the "La Coquette" roaster. However, as far as the practical aspect is concerned, Cocotte meets modern requirements. The shapely tulip handles make handling easy and simple and allow space-saving stacking in the cabinet or shelf. Lids and handles are also, as usual at Grossmutters times customarily made gravel. This saves noticeable weight and facilitates daily cooking, which is an advantage for customers who prefer a light cookware. With a diameter of 20 cm and a volume of 2.45 l, the high-quality casserole is proving to be particularly versatile - it is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction and suitable for baking. Its retro design also makes it an eye-catcher on the set table when serving. - Can be used as a roasting pan and as a casserole - In color black with brass knob - Also suitable for induction and suitable for baking - Lighter cover compared to Cocotte .
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  19. CORAVIN™ - Pivot™+ Premium Wine Storage System Set

    CORAVIN™ - Pivot™+ Premium Wine Storage System Set

    The Pivot™+ system combines wine preservation with perfect oxygenation. Thanks to the special Pivot Aerator (included), an effect equal to 90 minutes of decantation can be obtained during the pouring, which will enhance the flavor and aroma of our wine. The remaining amount in the bottle can then be consumed over the next 4 weeks with the guarantee that the last glass will be as perfect as the first. Match the wine to your mood, the dinner courses or the weather, the choice is yours.

    How to use Pivot

    Open the bottle of wine.

    Replace the cork or screw cap with a Pivot Stopper with the cork open (make sure the cork and bottle neck are both dry).

    Pour the wine.

    To pour, insert the Pivot device into the appropriate Stopper.

    Pivot the bottle by bringing the spout onto the glass, then hold down the button on the device.

    Release the button and return the bottle to an upright position to stop pouring.

    Dimensions and weight

    Height 3.5 in / 8.9 cm

    Width 1 in / 2.54 cm

    Length 7.75 in / 19.66 cm

    Weight 0.3 lbs / 136 g

    Materials device Pivot™ injection molded plastic, stainless steel, elastomers

    Stopper Pivot™ injection molded plastic

    Coravin Pure™ argon gas capsules Recyclable steel, 100% pure argon gas, synthetic rubber, fiberglass reinforced nylon.

    Country of manufacture China

    Set includes:

    PIVOT DEVICE (1) The Pivot™ device together with Pivot™ Stoppers to pour and store wine for up to 4 weeks.

    AERATOR PIVOT (1) The Aerator Pivot allows you to aerate wines in seconds directly during pouring. 

    STOPPER PIVOT (2)Replace the cork or screw cap on your wine bottle with a StopperPivot™. 

    UNIVERSAL BASE (1)Store your Coravin Three Pro or your Pivot Pro in this striking and durable base, made of zinc and finished with a brushed metal texture.

    CORAVIN CAPSULES (8) Coravin Pure™ capsules contain pure argon gas and are manufactured and inspected to ensure the highest level of preservation without producing any impact on the taste of the wine.

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  20. Gefu - Tomato and mozzarella cutter CAPRESE

    Gefu - Tomato and mozzarella cutter CAPRESE

    Product information :

    There’s no faster way to make a tasty caprese, thanks to the cleverly arranged special blades which cut into the tomato or mozzarella one after the other, effortlessly producing slices of equal size.

    The perfect tool to have on hand when the time is right for a fresh Italian salad.

    Special toothed blades for up to 9 evenly cut 8mm slices anti-slip ridges ergonomic handles

    L 20,4 cm, W 11,8 cm, H 7,5 cm high-grade stainless steel / high-grade blade steel / plastic

    Dishwasher safe.

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  21. Westmark - Strawberry Slicer with Stainless Steel Blades

    Strawberry slicer. Simple and easy to use. Stainless steel blades for quick evenly sliced strawberries. Perfect for creating delightful desserts. Dishwasher safe.
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  22. Lékué - JAR-TO-GO

    Jar-To-Go is a perfect kit for parfait on the go.

    Available in 400 and 600ml

    100% airtight container.

    Perfect for carrying snacks, soups, salads or desserts and enjoying them right out of the bowl! Inside, it includes a collapsible silicone container that is height-adjustable.

    You can control proportions and keep different textured ingredients separate, like crunchy, dry toppings for yoghurt and soups or dressings for crispy salads.

    Bring it in your bag, backpack or briefcase... and enjoy a break any time.

    It's going to go with you everywhere!

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  23. Gefu - Salt and Pepper Mill Set X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Salt and Pepper Mill Set X-PLOSION Product information: Pleasing seasoning: this exclusive set is a real highlight for the stylish home of today. Both mills are equipped with the particularly efficient CYCLONE® precision grinder, which always produces the perfect level of grind, from extra-fine to extra-coarse. An X-PLOSION® brings out the full, natural flavour of pepper and salt.

    The set is rounded off by a smart wooden tray with a practical handle.

    The ideal gift even for the cook who has everything.

    Including a tray made of high-quality acacia

    High-quality CYCLONE® ceramic cone grinder for the utmost precision and efficiency fully adjustable grind, from a fine powder to extra-coarse easy-refill spice chamber airtight lid to optimally seal in aroma and protect against moisture

    L 14,0 cm, W 6,8 cm, H 14,0 cm high-grade stainless steel / ceramic grinder / acacia wood / plastic

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  24. Made in Italy - Truffle Shaver/Slicer with Wood Presentation Board

    Made in Italy - Truffle Shaver/Slicer with Wood Presentation Board Elevate your fresh truffle presentation to the next level with this beautiful, stylish, handcrafted chestnut wood truffle board. The sturdy glass dome sits within a carved inset and comes complete with a 'top of the range' stainless steel truffle shaver/slicer. This piece provides a show-stopping addition to any gourmet dinner party table combined with offering practicality when allowing guests to shave their own truffle according to taste. Elegant set to serve the truffle consisting of: - Walnut blockboard tray (35 x 25 cm; thickness 2 cm) - Transparent glass bell interlocking on the cutting board (diameter 10.5 cm and height 9 cm) - blade slicer smooth. Ideal for slicing truffles of the species: fine white - Bianchetto (Marzuolo) - smooth black
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  25. Gefu - DROPIO plum pitter

    Makes pitting plums an easy job: using DROPIO you can stone small quantities of plums for delicious tarts, compote or other sweet treats in no time at all. Just put the plum in the holder upright, press, and done! And to store it away just lock the handle. Handy tool for pitting plums Lockable for safe storage Cross blade 18/10 stainless steel, ABS plastic Dishwasher-safe
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    Only 3 left
  26. Gefu - DROPIO cherry pitter

    Makes cherry pitting an easy job: using the DROPIO cherry stoner you can pit small quantities of cherries for delicious tarts or sweet treats in no time at all. Just put the cherry into the holder, press, and done! For decoration cherries with stalks, place the stalk into the lateral slit. DROPIO will also easily remove the pits from marinated olives. To store away, just lock the handle. Handy tool for pitting cherries and marinated olives Lockable for safe storage Serrated shaft 18/10 stainless steel, ABS plastic Dishwasher-safe
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  27. Triangle - Lobster Set - 1 lobster scissors + 6 forks

    Lobster set with a pair of lobster scissors and 6 lobster forks Massive, rustless and of high quality, the Triangle lobster pliers is suitable for cracking hardest parts of the lobster. The Triangle lobster pliers cuts the shielded body of the lobster into several parts. The Triangle lobster pliers of Solinger quality is made from rustless, ice-hardened high quality steel and serves like this long-lastingly as useful kitchen helper. The Triangle lobster fork is a good complement for the Triangle lobster pliers and removes easily the meat of the lobster. Specifications Brand: Triangle Colour: silver Weight: 325 grams Delivered as a set: yes Number: 7 pieces Material: stainless steel Blade characteristics: smooth Handle length: 10.5 cm Material handle: stainless Dishwasher safe: yes, but we strongly advise against it Country of origin: Germany
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  28. Zassenhause - Nuts - Beeswax Honeycomb - 4 pieces

    Zassenhause - Nuts - Beeswax "Honeycomb" - 4 pieces

    4 beeswax towels with honeycomb decoration - 16x16 cm

    Advantages: The beeswaxes are made from 100% natural materials: organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin

    They are reusable, biodegradable and sustainable

    Reusable for up to a year

    Perfect for wrapping onions

    For cleaning, simply rinse with lukewarm (max 40 ° C) water.

    The wipes can also be used to cover small bowls and cereal bowls

    Not suitable for raw meat and raw fish

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  29. Steinhart - Cordless Hair Clipper - ST758R

    Steinhart - Cordless Hair Clipper - ST758R

    Magnetic Motor which considerably increases the cutting power

    Blade professional Steel first quality

    Mechanism pointer of protection between the skin and the set of blades, protecting the skin from injury

    Practical and modern design

    Power 10W


    - Protective blade

    - Bottle of Oil

    - Key regulatory

    - Brush cleaner

    - Four Combs: 3-6-9-12 mm.

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  30. Lékué - Kit 3 reusable silicone bags

    Lekue is a Spain-based company (pronounced luh-quay') that is a worldwide leader in kitchen silicone products and beyond. Lekue's products are all top-quality and show fun and unique design - a great new line for the U.S. we were excited to bring to Chef's Resource. Lekue's products revolve primarily around healthy eating, cooking and baking. Many of their best sellers are designed for microwave use for quick and easy everyday use. Kit 3 reusable silicone bags Platinum silicone bags (0,5L + 1L + 1,5L) for airtight food storage. Reusable platinum silicone bags in 3 different sizes perfect for an airtight storing and conserving solid and liquid foods in the fridge, freezer or on shelves. 100% leaking proof. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags and single-use plastic containers. 3 sizes: - 500 ml: Perfect for preserving or storing small portions, sauces or nuts - 1000 ml: Perfect for preserving or storing 1 or 2 portions, vegetables, side dishes or medium-sized ingredients. - 1500 ml: Perfect for preserving or storing soups, creamed vegetables, large ingredients or several servings. Suitable for defrosting food in the microwave. Use without the sealing strip. These bags can be stored in two positions: in vertical or horizontal position. Indication of the maximum amount to fill and preservation time control as they have a special area to write with a pen. They can even be used to buy in bulk. Also available: Reusable silicone bag 0,5 L Reusable silicone bag 1 L Reusable silicone bag 1,5 L Material: 100% Platinum Silicone + ABS (sealing strip) Dimensions: 0,5L: mm L196 - H120 | 1L: mm L196 - H170 | 1,5L: mm L196 - H210 Temperature: -60ºC / +220ºC Suitable for: Microwave (without the sealing strip), fridge, dishwasher Capacity: ml 500 | 1000 | 1500
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  31. Westmark - Melon and Pineapple Slicer

    Customers rave about this fruit slicer and how it is the sharpest and most reliable slicer, peeler that they have ever owned. It is one of the best home kitchen tools. You See WESTMARKS Germany Melon and Pineapple Slicer was designed and built in Germany. This Melon and Pineapple slicer comes with high quality stainless steel, blades, and soft-grip handles that are both light and strong, so you can push through your fruit without any effort. Westmark calls it the Jumbo Slicer, but you can call it anything such as fruit slicer, pineapple peeler, pineapple slicer, watermelon slicer, melon slicer, kitchen tools, vegetable slicer, or simply a slicer, peeler. This amazing one second slicer comes with blade protector for your safety and will slice your fruit, vegetables in 12 perfect slices. Life in the kitchen is so much easier when you use the accurate tool for the task! Westmark out the core and makes equal wedges in one swift motion - a wonderful ease whenever you're cooking, baking, or preparing salads with fruits and vegetables. Features: 12 on one stroke - divides melons up to ø 19 cm The sharp serrated knives cut easily and cleanly through the fruit With blade protection Rubber handles for easy handling Material: ABS, TPE, stainless steel blade assembly Dimensions: 22 x 29.5 x 7 cm
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  32. TFA - Digital fridge-freezer thermometer

    Digital fridge-freezer thermometer

    Product specification

    Is your fridge working properly? Is the freezer set to the correct temperature? This useful thermometer shows you at a glance, whether vegetables, cheese, meat and other food are properly cooled. So food getting spoiled prematurely becomes a thing of the past. A freezer or fridge symbol will be shown on the display depending on the temperature.

    The stored highest and lowest temperatures are permanently displayed. This makes it easy to determine if the refrigerator door has been open for a long time or if a power cut has interrupted cooling. The thermometer has a fold-out stand. With the self-adhesive frame, you can attach the thermometer on a variety of surfaces, even behind the glass in the vegetable compartment or the refrigerated display case.

    The thermometer is EN 13485 compliant and ideally suited for professional use in industry, commerce, trade and laboratory.


    Indication of temperature with corresponding fridge-freezer symbol Highest and lowest temperatures

    With stand and frame for mounting on surfaces or behind glass (display fridge, vegetable drawer)

    Compliant with EN13485

    Registered TFA design.

    Technical data

    Delivery contents

    Fridge-freezer thermometer, battery, instruction manual

    Measuring range temperature indoor -30...+50°C (-22...+122°F)

    Material Plastic Assembling

    To be hung or free-standing

    Power consumption

    Battery Batteries 1 x CR2032.

     Batteries included Yes Dimensions (L) 91 x (B) 15 (35) x (H) 72 mm

    Weight 36 g.

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    Out of stock
  33. Made in Italy - Pestle in beech wood

    Made in Italy - Pestle in beech wood

    Beech wood pestle ideal for creating the classic Pesto alla Genovese, chopping aromatic herbs or mincing salt and pepper.

    Length 180 mm x D. 55 mm.

    Do not wash in the dishwasher, clean with a damp cloth.

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  34. Sigg - Kids Water Bottle Underwater Pirates 0.4l

    Sigg - Kids Water Bottle Underwater Pirates 0.4l Warning: Only for pirates and adventurous boys and girls. The shark pirate is the best companion when hunting for hidden treasure and always provides a refreshing drink before the next bounty. The high-quality, recyclable aluminum drinking bottle is extremely easy to transport and is equally suited to both school and leisure activities. The material is free from harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for safer drinking enjoyment. The spill-proof child cap also ensures easy transport, even when things get too pirate-like! Measures Height: Ø Weight 19.7 cm 6.6 cm 112 gr.
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  35. Betty Bossi - Burger press for filled burgers

    Betty Bossi - Burger press for filled burgers

    Treat your family and friends with your own homemade burgers, filled with a delicious secret.

    Meat or veggie burgers – anything goes with Betty Bossi's Filled Burger Press.

    Get perfectly shaped burgers.

    Fun and easy to make, without the usual mess.

    • Make your own filled burgers from scratch, and know exactly what’s in the mix

    • Large burger mold with practical hollow shaper for surprise fillings

    • Makes uniform, perfectly shaped burgers

    • Additional mold folder for mini burgers without filling.

    Serve them as finger food or appetizers

    • Remove the burgers from the mold in one piece, thanks to the smart bottom

    • Recipe ideas for burgers with different fillings included

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  36. LotusGrill - Universal stand for Lotus Grill - Barbecue

    LotusGrill - Universal stand for Lotus Grill - Barbecue You will love it because ... A must for grilling this summer; the universal Lotus Grill stand will keep your barbecue stable while you cook. Quick and easy to open and adjust, the BBQ stand has been designed to be paired with the mini, standard and XL Lotus Grills. The perfect accessory for home cooking, camping and trips to the sea; simply put the stand in the carrying bag ready for your next party! With the corresponding accessories and tools available separately, see the full Lotus Grill range! Features and benefits: Universal stand Create a stable surface for cooking on your Lotus Grill barbecue Designed for use with all Lotus Grill sizes (excluding XXL) Easily adjustable Foldable design: helps save space when not in use Practical carrying bag included Made of anti-rust stainless steel, plastic and nylon. Specific: Weight: 1.9 kg Height: 82 cm Packaging width: 8 cm Depth packed: 8 cm
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  37. Made in Italy - Stainless steel stick for fusilli

    Made in Italy - Stainless steel stick for fusilli If you also want to make fusilli underwire or macaroni underwire, you cannot do without iron for fusilli. Made of stainless steel, therefore hygienic and for food use, this tool has the ideal length for classic homemade pasta. Preparing the fusilli quickly and quickly is child's play: spread the flour on a pastry board, make dough cylinders about 0.5 cm thick and cut them about 9 cm long. Take a small cylinder and on the work surface wind a garment on the underwire and with your hand slide the iron on the dough. Here is your fusillo nice and ready. The original underwire pasta is made with durum wheat flour, water and a pinch of salt. Cook it in boiling water as soon as it is ready or leave it to air dry and store it in a bag. The homemade fusilli can be eaten with the sauce or as cold pasta. Stainless steel for food L. 25cm, 4x4mm
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  38. Steba - Vacuum Sealer VK 3

    Steba - Vacuum Sealer VK 3

    Vacuum sealer

    – Provides protection from freezer burn

    – Food remains fresh for much longer

    – Colour, shape and flavour are retained

    – Suitable for (STEBA) sous-vide cookers

    Maximum vacuum:

    -0.6 bar Evacuation speed: 9 ltr/min

    Easy handling

    Automatic evacuation and sealing

    Extra sealing function

    Stop button for interrupting

    For film and bags up to 28 cm wide and any length Incl.

    5 film bags

    Technical specifications

    Power : 100 W (230 V ~)

    Weight : 0.8 kg Dim. (H/W/D) : 5.5 x 39.5 x 8 cm

    Housing : White

    Article-No. : 05.23.00

    EAN-Code : 4011833302793

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  39. Vesta - VAC 'N SEAL ELITE vacuum sealer

    The Vac ‘n Seal Elite from Vesta Precision is a compact and convenient vacuum sealer for all your food storage and cooking needs. Its roll storage feature lets you create customized vacuum bags for sealing both wet and dry ingredients. Its built-in pressure sensor that seals the bags after vacuum automatically while the removable liquid slot efficiently prevents liquids from entering the device. The easy-to-use digital touch panel features gentle and normal settings for automatic vacuum and sealing, manual pulse vacuum for full user control on the amount of vacuum applied, and manual sealing for protection without vacuuming or when the desired vacuum is manually reached. And the Vac ‘n Seal Elite can be used on bottles and canisters as well. Whether you’re freezing extra portions or preparing a bag for Vesta sous vide cooking, this vacuum sealer has you covered.

    ELEGANT, CONTEMPORARY LOOK A sleek and modern design that looks good in any kitchen with an easy-to-use and easy-to-read digital touch panel. Quieter and more efficient than similar products on the market.

    ROLL STORAGE AND MORE This food preserver features a built-in vacuum roll storage and cutter which makes it easy to create custom vacuum bags for sealing food. It also has a pressure sensor that seals the bags after vacuum automatically. The removable liquid slot efficiently prevents liquids from entering the device as well.

    VERSATILE VACUUM SEALER This kitchen gadget features dry and moist food options to ensure all your food is kept fresh. It also has a Gentle and Normal setting for vacuum sealing delicate foods that could be crushed. Alternatively, you could use the pulse vacuum feature that gives you manual control to start and stop the vacuum process. It also works with bottles and canisters in addition to vacuum bags.

    EXTENDS FOOD FRESHNESS Vacuum sealers can preserve food from 3 to 5 times longer than traditional storage systems like zipper baggies and containers. Works best with Vesta sous vide products, vacuum seal pouches and rolls.


    Pump Type Dry Vacuum Pressure -21"/ -711mbar Seal Bar Width: 2mm (0.08") Length: 305mm (12.1") Dimensions 89x380x199mm / 3.5" x 15.0" x 7.8" Materials ABS Volts 110-120V ±10% Watts 110W +5%/-15% Certifications GS, CE(EMC/LVD), RoHS, Reach, ETL Warranty 2 Years

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  40. Made in Italy - Pastamaker for cavatelli - Demetra

    Made in Italy - Pastamaker for cavatelli - Demetra The Demetra pasta machine is 100% Made in Italy in resistant steel. With unique and robust nylon rollers capable of producing Cavatelli, Gnocchetti and Orecchiette pasta, the producer Demetra Cavatelli stands out from all the other producers of cavatelli pasta on the market. Thanks to its 1.7 kg weight and a heavy duty suction base, Demetra remains firmly fixed on any flat and smooth surface. Easy to use and clean. A sturdy handle and a nylon guide tray for pasta are included, along with instructions and recipe.
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  41. Skrub'a - Gloves cleaner fish - The Fish Glove

    GUANTI Scrub'a per pesce dedicati alla pulizia di pesci, frutti di mare e molluschi. Sono realizzati in nylon ruvido, per una migliore manegevolezza anche nella presa. Aiutano, inoltre, a proteggere le mani dai cattivi odori, incubo di tutte le casalinghe. Taglia: M . Lunghezza totale: 24 cm I guanti Skrub sono pratici, igienici e lavabili in lavastoviglie.
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