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  1. Mercer Culinary - Oyster Knife with Poly Handle, 10,2 cm, White

    Mercer Culinary - Oyster Knife with Poly Handle, 10,2 cm, White Use this Mercer Culinary boston style oyster knife to effortlessly open oysters and prepare signature seafood dishes in your restaurant or catering kitchen! Offering superior strength and function, this Mercer Culinary M33029A boston style oyster knife is sure to become an essential tool at any seafood venue. The long, narrow blade makes it extremely versatile and effective at opening any type of oyster. Textured poly handle for sure grip High carbon, stain-free steel blades for durability and sharpness Rounded blade tips for safety Rounded handle back for comfort Limited Lifetime Warranty
  2. Fatip - The PICCOLO razor - 42121

    Fatip: Italian excellence of razors.

    Razors with the original brass head, are handmade by artisans of Premana experts, municipality located above Lake Como and renowned for metalworking. The distinctive design and well-balanced guarantees exciting and precise shaving experience.

    Weight: 70 g / Total length – 80 mm / Length Handle – 71 mm / Width head – 42 mm A special edition is unmissable, a “jewel” of refinement and stylistic perfection. The PICCOLO razor, definitely an icon for many fans, comes in a new version Black & Gold with the handle and the top of the head in the color metallic black while the two combs supplied have the gold finish . The end result is really elegant and precious. With this product, every traditional shaving enthusiast can try out the experience of the two heads, to face any kind of beard and growth. The Original head with open comb ensures that the razor works well with different lengths of beard growth with a very accurate and deep shave. The Gentile head with closed comb protects the skin from exposure of the blade and softens its passage, while ensuring excellent results in terms of depth of shaving.
  3. Kyocera - Travel Mug 0,5l

    Kyocera 17oz. Ceramic Coated Interior, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Travel Mug-Matt Black Ceramic coating eliminates metallic taste, never rusts and will not stain Removable ice stopper insert makes drinking, cleaning and adding ice cubes easy Double wall, vacuum insulated, slim, compact design Stays cool to the touch with hot liquids and never sweats with cold liquids Keeps beverages hot or cold for at least 6–12 hours depending on start temperature
  4. Kyocera - 2-Piece Steak Knife Set in Black

    Kyocera Advanced Ceramics 2-Piece Steak Knife Set in Black Set of 2 steak knives Ideal for slicing your favorite cuts of meat and poultry 4.5" micro-serrated advanced ceramic zirconia blades offer long-lasting sharpness and precision cutting utility Lightweight, ergonomic handles are easy to grip for comfort and balanced control Partial tang Rust-proof Japanese proprietary design won’t brown foods, transfer a metallic taste, and does not absorb any food elements Easy to clean: just quickly rinse and wipe
  5. Merkur Solingen - Safety razor 9047001

    Safety razor 47.001/47C - long handle The safety razor 47.001 / 47C from Merkur is a chrome-finished, closed comb and 3-piece double edge razor. 10 blades are included. It is made in Germany. Features: Closed comb 3-piece razor: the two head plates sandwich the blade and screw together with the handle Double edge Chrome-finished: the chrome prevents corrosion and provides durability and gleam Long handle: approximately 95 mm long, with stylish lined design Non-slip grip Total length: approximately 105 mm Weight: 90 g
  6. Merkur Solingen - Double edge safety razor, straight cut - 90 23 001

    MERKUR DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR, STRAIGHT CUT, EXTRA LONG HANDLE, CHROME 23C Undoubtedly the most popular razor for those making their first foray into shaving with a safety razor, it is a blend of timeless style, function and German craftsmanship. Pairing a mild geometry (bend of the blade) with a longer knurled handle, the weight and proportions appeal to many, as it has a similarity and comfort to vintage razors that makes this one of the most often chosen for a first safety razor. Merkur makes some of the world's best safety razors! Basic to fancy, simple to adjustable, there is a razor for everyone! Manufactured in Solingen by Dovo, their exacting standards mean you get a great shave and a long-lasting product. The machined handle is perfect for those who like to shave in the shower. The handle's texture helps you get a secure hold even when your hands are wet. I like it because it looks pretty damn cool. I carry a gold razor in my travel kit, but I use a chrome one at home. Its old school look will never fade. Includes one Merkur razor blade.
  7. Adhoc - Gift Set MUSCATINO

    Adhoc - Gift Set MUSCATINO Muscat meets delicate! Nutmeg, beetroot, celery and semolina dumplings are four excellent ingredients for a delicious, autumnal soup. The gift set Muskatino with recipe contains the most important utensils and one of the four main ingredients - the nutmeg - for the delicious dish. The set contains three noble nutmeg from Grenada, which can be rubbed fast with the manual muscatmeat. The nuts can be kept protected in the transparent aroma protection container of the mill. The recipe for the autumn red beet and pumpkin soup is also included in the set. The Adhoc set from Mushino is a great gift for gourmets and cooking fans. 1 PM87 Muscat mill MUSKATINO 3 Noble nutmeg from Grenada 1 recipe of beetroot soup 1 Multibag
    Special Price €16.31 Regular Price €22.05
  8. Birkmann - Cookie Embossing Stamp - Star

    Birkmann - Cookie Embossing Stamp - Star RBV Birkmann - Cookie Stamp This high-quality stamp is made of wood and features a removable silicone head for hygienic cleaning. Bake delicious, perfectly formed cookies in a jiffy, for treating yourself or a loved one. Simply roll out the dough thickly and cut out, or make into a coin shape with your hands, then use the stamp to give your cookies a unique imprint. Finished! With a recipe tag; silicone disc is suitable for dishwashers. Ø 5 cm Silicone washer is dishwasher safe
  9. Kyocera - Soft-touch Universal Knife Block holds up to 8 knives

    Kyocera's soft-touch Universal Knife Block holds up to 8 knives neatly on the countertop Cylinder shape with universal slots Firmly holds multiple knife sizes upright Gentle on blades Stainless steel band Plastic Measures 4.6" diameter x 9.5" H
  10. Kyocera - Set of 2 steak knives in white ceramic SK2WHWH

    The Kyocera steak knives are delivered as a nice set in a box of two pieces. The Kyocera steak knives have especially sharp blades, which makes cutting into a real pleasure. The high-tech ceramic which is used for Kyocera steak knives, is extremely hard and ensures a long cutting durability. In addition, the material is absolutely corrosion-free. The Kyocera steak knives with it's white plastic handles are very ergonomic Set of 2 steak knives Ideal for slicing your favorite cuts of meat and poultry 4.5" micro-serrated advanced ceramic zirconia blades offer long-lasting sharpness and precision cutting utility Lightweight, ergonomic handles are easy to grip for comfort and balanced control Partial tang Rust-proof Japanese proprietary design won’t brown foods, transfer a metallic taste, and does not absorb any food elements Easy to clean: just quickly rinse and wipe.
  11. Victorinox - Fibrox butcher knife 26 cm

    Victorinox - Fibrox butcher knife 26 cm Victorinox kitchen knives suitable both for long-lasting domestic use and for intensive professional use. These knives are characterized by the excellent quality and purity of the stainless steel employed that guarantees a precise and thin cut together with a good wire life. The Fibrox handles also ensure a safe and comfortable operation combined with maximum hygiene. Classic butcher's knife, rosticeria and professional kitchen. This knife is used mainly for cutting cold meats and above all on large portions. It is used a lot by pork butchers to prepare the pig on the work table before mixing and kneading the salami and working the cotechino. Both for the shape and for the length, it is one of the most widely used knives. The alveolar blade allows you to have less grip in contact with various types of meat, which is why this knife is taking hold in professional activities. The length of this blade also allows cuts on large fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, watermelon, cabbage, lettuce etc. Blade length: 26 cm
  12. Victorinox - Butter and cheese knife

    VICTORINOX BUTTER AND CHEESE KNIFE Whether for chefs or butchers: the knife is the most important tool of the trade in both professions. Victorinox professional knives stand out thanks to their high-quality, durable materials and ergonomic design as well as being carefully developed for their intended purpose. Thanks to the broad product range, every professional will find the right knife for his or her specific requirements. The right blade hardness and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee high edge retention. Specificities: Size: 21 cm Pitted blade Handle in Fibrox
  13. Peugeot - Symphonie du Vin - Wine Accessories

    Kit Aromi & Degustazione - Symphonie du vin N°1 - by Peugeot
    Con la vista e il gusto, l'olfatto è uno dei sensi sollecitati dal vino e non da ultimo! Anche se un vino comincia ad essere osservato, il naso è il 2 ° stadio della degustazione e i suoi profumi sono un prezioso indicatore per chi sa come riconoscerli. Per definire questo vasto argomento, Symphonie du Vin N ° 1 ruota attorno a quattro temi per riconoscere e comprendere gli aromi del vino. Così, al di là della tradizionale distinzione tra vini bianchi e rossi, questa confezione permette anche di trovare i tipici odori dell'evoluzione dei vini rossi durante il loro invecchiamento. Uno strumento essenziale per migliorare la vostra conoscenza e comprensione del vino.
    Riproduce gli aromi in cui ci si imbatte più comunemente nei vini; l’inalatore consente di combinare diversi aromi, mentre il libretto di istruzioni include esempi di esercizi per l’allenamento dei vostri sensi.

    Contenuto della confezione:
    - 2 vassoi con 16 aromi ciascuno (vedi avvertenze);
    - 1 calice inalatore in materiale plastica;
    - 1 libretto d’istruzioni descrittivo e completo di esercizi;
    - 1 confezione di test strips da intingere nelle fiale di aromi.

    Le test strips sono disponibili anche come prodotto a se stante, in confezione da 300 unità:Box da 300 test strips per aromi - by Peugeot.

    Disponibili prossimamente.
    Gli aromi disponibili sono i seguenti:
    - N°1 Chardonnay
    - N°2 Sauvigno
    - N°3 Muscat Blanc
    - N°4 Pinot Noir
    - N°5 Syrah
    - N°6 Cabernet Sauvignon
    - N°7 Sulphur
    - N°8 Vinegar
    - N°9 Cherry
    - N°10 Raspberry
    - N°11 Blackberry
    - N°12 Red currant
    - N°13 Pepper
    - N°14 Cocoa
    - N°15 Liquorice
    - N°16 Strawberry
    - N°17 Lemon
    - N°18 Apple
    - N°19 Lychee
    - N°20 Grapefruit
    - N°21 Honey
    - N°22 Wax
    - N°23 Cherry plum
    - N°24 Linden
    - N°25 Milk
    - N°26 Vanilla
    - N°27 Wood
    - N°28 Pine
    - N°29 Undergrowth
    - N°30 Mushroom
    - N°31 Leather
    - N°32 Musk

    La confezione è realizzata in robusto e elgante cartone con chiusura magnetica.
    I flaconcini sono numerati e contengono delle soluzioni liquide stabili nel tempo, che fissano gli odori e li emanano.Svitare il tappo e annusare il flacone. Può essere sufficiente anche annusare l’interno del tappo.Avvitare bene i tappi sui flaconcini senza invertirli.
    Scegliere sempre un ambiente tranquillo dove è più facile concentrarsi ed evitare odori estranei (tabacco, profumi...).
    Il set aromi non riporta nessuna data di scadenza.
    Per conservare a lungo gli aromi, questi devono essere riposti in luogo asciutto e non soggetto a sbalzi di temperatura (troppo alta o troppo bassa) e lontani da sorgenti di luce.
    Gli aromi non si alterano se conservati bene: a tal proposito si raccomanda di non lasciarli aperti a lungo se non utilizzati.
    5 ml. (ciascuna fiala di aromi)
    Cartone (confezione e test strips), carta (Guida), plastica (calice inalatore), Vetro (fiale)
    38.00 x 11.50 x 16.70 h cm. (Rif. alla confezione).
    Special Price €97.70 Regular Price €122.13
  14. Kyocera - Travel Mug 0,35l

    Flip-Top Ceramic Coated Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug, 12 oz. Take your steamy hot or ice cold beverages anywhere you go with Kyocera's ceramic coated interior, double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug. Kyocera’s travel mug features a thoughtfully designed safety lock lid making it spill proof. The lid can be opened with one hand and the unique exterior design is a delight to hold. The ceramic coated interior eliminates metallic taste, never rusts and will not stain. The wide mouth opening makes adding ice cubes very easy. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use including the kitchen, car, work, school, camping, hiking, hunting, picnics and more. Keep drinks hot or cold for at least 6 hours and up to 12 hours depending on the starting temperature of the liquid. Features: • Ceramic coating prevents staining and corrosion • Flavor saving ceramic coated interior • No metallic or bitter taste • Safety lock prevents the lid from accidentally opening • Wide mouth makes cleaning and adding ice cubes easy • Rustproof: The advanced ceramic interior coating is non-reactive, will never rust or absorb flavors • Light and compact design for easy storage and transportation • Stays cool to the touch with hot and never sweats with cold liquids • Keeps beverages hot or cold for at least 6 hours and up to 12 hours depending on start temperature.
  15. Cole & Mason - Flow Select Oil & Vinegar Bottle Gift Set 37cl

    Cole & Mason - Flow Select Oil & Vinegar Bottle Gift Set 37cl As part of the Cole & Mason Oil & Vinegar range, this product has been designed as a practical and elegant solution for oil, vinegar and other pourables storage and dispensing. The drip return systems mean that no oil or vinegar should escape down the side of the bottle so no messy counter tops or oily exteriors. All pourers are designed to be filled easily and have large capacities to allow for longer usage between fillings. The classic designs will look great in the kitchen or on table top. The unique Flow Control top allows you to adjust the dispense speed for accurate decanting Suitable for a wide range of oils, vinegars and pourable sauces Reduce mess in your kitchen with the drip return top and clog -free filter system Pourer top with quadruple rib seal for secure fit Classicly curved crystal clear glass bottle looks at home on kitchen counters and tables alike Flared neck for easy filling Cole & Mason has been designing and developing kitchenware from its head office in Britain since 1919. It has an intuitively designed, well-established seasoning range, with a product for every seasoning task from the kitchen to the table. All products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and available in a wide range of finishes. Cole & Mason share your enthusiasm for a more adventurous range of seasoning and understands how new and exciting ingredients along with high quality kitchen tools can really transform seasoning and the flavours in food.
  16. Zwilling J. A. Henckels - Cutlery 4pcs children. Twin kids JUNGLE

    Zwilling J. A. Henckels - Cutlery 4pcs children. Twin kids JUNGLE The four-piece children’s cutlery set from the Jungle series is well suited for the small hands of children who are using a knife, fork and spoon for the first time. The softly shaped, neutral-tasting cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel is designed for children’s hands so they can have a firm grip on the handles.

    The dull knife with a rounded tip ensures safe handling during the first cutting attempts. Children can have fun learning how to dine with the four-piece children’s cutlery from ZWILLING.

    Made from high-grade 18/10 stainless steel



    Perfectly shaped for small hands – ideal for children from 3 years

    No risk of injury due to slightly blunted knife and rounded fork tips

    Height: 2.5 cm

    Length: 21.5 cm

    Number of pieces: 4-pc

    Width: 15 cm.

  17. Made in Italy - Set Torchietto Multifunction - 11 PIECES

    Made in Italy - Set Torchietto Multifunction - 11 PIECES The Torchietto Multifunction was designed primarily to help in the preparation of "passatelli", a typical dish of the tradition of Romagna. However, you can use it also as "crushes-potato", for the preparation of a puree or of a patty or "crushes-mozzarella" when, for example, want to prepare the Pizza. E 'consists of a container material certified for food, from a die with holes for passatelli diameter of 5,5cm. and by a crank. Using the device is simple, fill the cylinder with the mixture, close the lid and turn the crank to release the contents to the extent you want. But there's more, the set will also find 5 more dies (for bucatini, bigoli, passatelli asteroid of mm.7, passatelli shaped roundabout mm.7 and a chain for potatoes, tomatoes, juice of grapes 4.8mm diameter asteroid) 2 dosing cannula filled with meat or pasta and a set confectionery comprising 7 nozzles for the decoration of cakes. Easy, useful and ... fun! In the kitchen is a must, and collecting all the accessories you really a big help in your preparations!
  18. Victorinox - Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife

    Victorinox - Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife Slip-Resistant Oyster Knife. Shuck like the ultimate pro with this dexterous new shellfish go-to. Our Oyster Knife is compact, yet chef-level competent. Its bent blade effortlessly glides through shells and the ergonomically shaped handle is crafted from a slip resistant synthetic, ensuring safety and precision with every slice. An essential piece of kitchen kit for the shellfish aficionado.
    Out of stock