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Nitecore Flashlights

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  1. Nitecore - UT27 - Two Output Headlamp - Spot and Flood - 520 lumens and 103 meters


    * It uses two main LEDs 1XCREE XP-G3 S3 (3000K) Spotlight (from depth) and 1xCREE XP-G3 S3 (5700K) Floodlight (ambient), usable individually or combined and two small central auxiliary red light LEDs.

    Maximum output power 520 lumens with depth about 103 meters
    * Polymer torch body
    * The torch consists of a double parabola (front) which guarantees a double possibility of illumination;

    Parabola CREE XP-G3 S3 (3000K) Spotlight with 3 levels: 520 lumnes - 400 lumens (6 hours) - 100 lumens (10 hours)
    CREE XP-G3 S3 dish (5700K) Floodlight with 2 levels: 200 lumens (8 hours) - 55 lumens (13 hours)

    Central red LEDs: 16 lumens (6 hours)

    * Maximum light intensity of 4120 cd and maximum range of 128 meters
    * Powered by both USB-C Nitecore HLB1300 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (included), and 3 AAA batteries
    * Double button on, off and adjustment
    * Wide 90 ° lighting angle, specially designed for hiking and sporting activities
    * Elastic front band included, light and breathable
    * Electronic protection against battery polarity inversion
    * Made of ABS
    * Submersible as per IP66 specifications
    * Resistant to impacts and falls up to a maximum of 1m. in height


    Battery (included): Nitecore HLB1300 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery USB-C rechargeable battery
    Torch dimensions: 54.9x398.6x28.3mm.
    Weight: 82.5g (flashlight only, without batteries, headband and holder for front use)
    Lens: micro-blasted hardened glass
    Body: ABS
    Notes: water resistant as per IP66 standard.
    NITECORE ITALIA warranty: 5 years warranty on the torch; limited warranty on battery and accessories

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    Only 10 left
  2. Nitecore - NU32 - Black - LED Headlamp - USB rechargeable - 550 lumens and 125 meters

    NOTE: The helmet shown in the pictures is for display purposes only and is not included with the product

    Led: 1x Cree XP-G3 S3 with a life cycle of 50,000 hours and with a lighting diameter of 100 ° - 2x CRI> 90 with white light (19 Lumens x 25h.) - 2x auxiliary LEDs with red light (9 Lumens x 38h .)
    Operating Modes: 4 light powers, selectable with the dedicated dedicated button and 2 signaling modes
    Powers and Durations: 550 Lumens (1h.) -> 190 Lumens (17h.) -> 33 Lumens (50h.) -> 1 Lumen (330h.) -> S.O.S. -> Beacon Light
    Power peak: 3900 candles
    Maximum illumination distance: 125m.
    Ignition and selection method luminsa: Two power-on, power-off and selection buttons; one for white light and one for red light
    Body: ABS
    Batteries: 3.7V and 1800mAh integrated Li-Ion, not removable, equipped with integrated MicroUSB charging system
    Measurements: 6.3cm (Length) - 4.3cm (Width) - 3.1cm (Thickness with front support)
    Weight: 99.5g. - battery included
    Accessories: front elastic band - USB / MicroUSB charging cable
    Waterproofing: as per standard IP67, submersible up to 1m depth
    Impact resistance: withstands drops from 1.5m in height
    Notes: Equipped with integrated charging system via MicroUSB port (cable included in the package); when charging, an integrated LED underneath the buttons will show the status and switch off automatically when the charging is completed. The recharging system automatically prevents undervoltage, overvoltage and has integrated protection against short circuits. - The torch lens allows to illuminate at 100 ° amplitude. The tilt adjustment system allows you to lower the torch up to 60 ° - the torch can be powered via the USB cable while remaining on, so you have constant lighting when needed - the 550 Lumens Turbo mode is automatically lowered to 190 Lumens to allow the LED to cool, then return to produce 550 Lumens.

    Powers and durations certified in the laboratory by ANSI / NEMA FL1 standards

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  3. Nitecore - EF1 Explosion Proof Flashlight 830 lumens - LED Flashlight

    The Nitecore EF1 explosion-proof flashlight is designed for use by professionals in the hazardous environments associated with the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The EF1 is classified as a Type II Non-mine explosion-proof electrical appliance as well as Class D explosion-suppressive flashlight. The handheld light can be used in hazardous areas (Zone 1, Zone 2, Type IIA, IIB, IIC, T1 – T5 levels as GB3836 rated). The EF1 can also provide illumination in locations such as factories, stations, stadia, railway tunnels and construction and smelting.

    The EF1 measures 6 inches in length and weighs 8.82 ounces without the battery. The explosion-proof flashlight is built from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features a 3mm body thickness. The flashlight also features a crenellated bezel, knurling for a firm grip and a HAIII military-grade hard anodized finish. The EF1 contains a Cree XM L2 U3 LED, a smooth aluminum reflector and an ultra-clear glass lens.

    The EF1 explosion-proof flashlight can be powered by one rechargeable 18650 3.7V Li-ion battery, two CR123 3V Lithium batteries or two rechargeable RCR 123 3.7V Li-ion batteries. The flashlight produces a maximum output of 830 lumens, a beam throw of 270 meters and three light modes: High 830 Lumens 1Hr 45Min 18650 Battery – 1Hr 30Min CR123 Batteries; Mid 320 Lumens 3Hr 18650 Battery – 2Hr 45Min CR123 Batteries; Low 4 Lumens 150Hr 18650 Battery – 60Hr CR123 Batteries.

    The Nitecore EF1 is operated by a sliding control switch located around the neck of the light. The switch provides access to the light’s various brightness levels. The switch can be moved to four numbered positions starting from 0 which is off through to 1 (Low), 2 (Medium) and 3 (High). The levels can be accessed in reverse order sliding the switch from 3 to 0. The explosion-proof flashlight features ATR (Advanced temperature regulation) technology which allows the EFI to adjust output performance according to its body temperature preventing damage from overheating. The EF1 flashlight pack includes a holster and lanyard.

    Max Output:       830 lumens
    Max Beam Distance:     270 m
    Max Beam Intensity:     18300 cd
    Max Run time:     150 h 0 m / 6.25 d
    LED:     CREE XM-L2 U3
    Reflector :    SMO
    Battery:     1 × 18650, 2 × CR123
    Length:     152.2 mm / 5.99 in
    Head Size:     40 mm / 1.57 in
    Weight:     250 g / 8.82 oz
    Feature:     Tail Stand
    Activity:    Hazardous Environments,
    Warranty:     5 Years from Date of Sale


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3 Items