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coolers for wine

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  1. Tomalla - Winesceptre Bunch with support

    Tomalla - Winesceptre Bunch with support

    The Winescepter is the new innovation in wine refrigeration technology.

    Invented by a European cook and suggested by French Sommeliers, the Winesceptre is designed to keep pre-chilled wines at the perfect serving temperature, while the wine is still in the bottle - even air the wine as it pours from the drip spout!

    Insert Winescepter in the freezer for at least 3 hours, then open a bottle pour a small amount of wine to insert winescepter after removing it from the container, the Three different rings allow it to be inserted in a wide range of bottles, both wine and champagne.

    Open winescepter, pour and simultaneously plane your wine. This is an amazing gift for any wine lover.

    Product details

    The Winesceptre has a cluster in the cork part and the support is in stainless steel and can hold a bottle of wine and its

    Winescepter to be easily transported and elegantly used at the table.

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    Only 1 left
  2. Peugeot - Gift Box with 2 Whisky-tasting Sets

    Duo Set de dégustation Whisky Gift Box with 2 Whisky-tasting Sets, a Tasting Booklet and 2 Additionnal Chilling Bases

    Colours, aromas, flavours... this set is the key to unlocking all the secrets of whisky with a fellow enthusiast. It contains two whisky tasting sets and its two chilling bases, two additionnal chilling bases and one tasting booklet. The ideal gift for single malt whisky aficionados.


    Together with a fellow enthusiast, start unravelling all the mysteries of whisky! Both tasting sets, which are designed to allow you to enjoy w you to enjoy the full array of whisky's rich and complex aromas, and the tasting booklet are the perfect allies for breaking into the intimate and mysterious world of whisky-tasting. To extend the tasting experience, two additional chilling bases are included in this box.

    A Peugeot innovation, the Peugeot Whisky tasting set combines design and technique for the pleasure of all connoisseurs of whisky, Cognacs, brandies, Armagnacs and more. Keep the chilling base in the freezer for a few hours and place it under the glass. Pour whisky - the dome in the glass should be higher that the whisky pour. Wait 2 to 3 minutes. The whisky is chilled at 5 to 8 degrees celcius, without any rush. Reach for the glass and observe the colour. Bring the glass slowly up to your nose. Close your eyes. Discover the aromas that are appearing (the shape of the glass has been designed especially to develop these aromas). Taste with attention and care. A pure pleasure.

    • This gift box comes with : 2 whisky glasses, 4 chilling bases, 2
    • - For all types of whisky, eaux-de-vie (cognac, armagnac, etc.) and other spirits
    • - Tasting at ideal temperature
    • - Made in Europe
    • - Dishwasher safe.
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