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  1. Alpen - Ears and nose trimmer

    Alpen - Ears and nose trimmer Cut hair nose and ears from ALPEN is the best precision tool with rotating blade. Continuing to repeatedly press the handle with the fingers, an internal cylinder is activated, which being sharpened towards the part that penetrates into the nose, the hairs will be immediately cut. You can not cut it in any way. It is easily removable for cleaning. The supplied brush is useful for cleaning the cutting slits from time to time. Measure 50x30 mm.
    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  2. Credo - Astuccio per la manicure della bimba - estetica

    Astuccio per la manicure della bimba

    La confeziona é composta da:
    1 pinzetta inox colorata1 forbice unghie inox colorata adatta ai bambini da 0 a 4 anni
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    Only 1 left
  3. Credo - Ceramic callus rasp

    Credo Ceramic Callus Rasp is double-sided to smooth calluses and rough skin. This pedicure aid has been especially designed for gentle removal of light calluses and smoothing of skin previously treated with the callus remover. Use the fine-grade rear of this modern beauty instrument to remove stubborn dirt from hands or feet. Diabetics and sufferers of poor blood circulation to the skin are recommended to contact their doctor before commencing treatment. Always clean your ceramic callus rasp after use by rinsing it off under warm, running water.
    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  4. Credo - Glass Nail File POP ART

    Credo Glass Nail File · 140 mmSimply perfect!For perfect finishing of finger nails. For smooth surfaces and fewer broken nails. Rests safely and easily in the hand. Made of high quality and anti-allergic safety glass.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  5. Credo - Nail fit, ceramic nail file

    Credo - Nail fit, ceramic nail fileCredo Pop Art Ceramic Nail File Twin Pack is professional quality with added fun! Manufactured in Germany, Credo is synonymous with quality which is on trend. This twin pack includes a ceramic nail file with 3 surfaces, rough, fine and round, plus a nail buffer to shape, smooth and finish nails. Credo tools are long life and easy to clean.Features:Includes: Ceramic nail file and nail buffer Professional quality Suitable for manicures and pedicures Easy to clean and disinfect.
    Only 9 left
    Only 9 left
  6. Zwilling - Taglia peli naso e orecchie - cura della persona

    Taglia peli naso e orecchie da ZWILLING è il miglior strumento di precisione con lama rotante. Continuando a premere ripetutamente l'impugnatura con le dita si aziona un cilindro interno il quale essendo affilato verso la parte che penetra nel naso i peli saranno subito tagliati. Non ci si può tagliare in nessun modo. E' facilmente smontabile per la pulizia. Il pennello in dotazione è utile per la pulizia delle fessure di taglio di tanto in tanto. Misura 50x30 mm.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  7. Achilles - Raspa diamond for removal for pedicures

    Achilles - Diamond rasp for pedicure removal

    Achilles is used in a very simple way: one passes slightly on the calluses as one pumice stone or a file, but unlike these it is not consumed and has a long duration, as well as a markedly higher efficacy. It can be used both with water, for a lighter action, both dry, for a more decisive abrasion. Like the ancient hero Greek, has an exceptional strength, because it exploits the qualities of the mineral out of the ordinary most precious in the world, but, unlike the Iliad warrior, the heel is no longer his weakness! Achilles: highlight your feet. From today dry skin and callousness have a new enemy: Achilles, a pad with real powder of diamond that makes the skin smooth and soft. It is composed of a diamond cloth attached to a light and resistant support.

    The canvas exploits the well-known physical properties of the diamond to all: it is the hardest mineral that exists in nature and cannot be scratched by anyone else material. Its use is very broad, but represents an absolute novelty in the world of cosmetics and personal care. The support has an ergonomic shape that facilitates the taken and floats in water, thus favoring its use even in the bathtub.

    Achille is sold inside an elegant black bag that can be closed and re-opened all as often as you like and it is convenient to hook it easily in the shower or over the bath. Red: light abrasion for light calluses and normal skin.

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7 Items