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  1. CrushGrind - VAASA Mill 13CM, green - 1 PCS

    CrushGrind - VAASA Mill 13CM, green - 1 PCS

    Get your spices grinding! This is a clean and fresh design – allowing the spices inside of the grinder to be the star of the show.

    The Vaasa grinder is an upside down grinder that won’t leave any residues on your tabletop. The adjusting wheel at the top of the grinder makes it very easy to get just the right coarseness. Add your spices or mix your own blends and experience what freshly ground spices will do for your cooking.

    The Vaasa series is based on a biocomposite material made of wood based cellulose fibres from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material gives the products a warm, natural and earthy feel.

    The material has a low carbon footprint, and unlike crop-based biomaterials, this bio composite doesn’t interfere with a food-production chain.

    The grinders are mounted with our patented CrushGrind® mechanism. -Material Glass, Biocomposite

    Color Kampot Purple

    Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 2 x 5.25 inches.

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  2. CrushGrind - Billund - Oil / Vinegar set 2 pieces

    CrushGrind - Billund - Oil / Vinegar set 2 pieces


    The Billund series features a fun and playful design inspired by the famous Danish building bricks whose production began in the city of Billund.


    The colour of the glass reflects the light and the colour varies depending on the contents. -Sits well on any table or in any kitchen and is perfect for oil and vinegar.

    The silicone spout is cleverly designed to pour the condiment easily and avoid unwanted drips.

    The shape is designed so that excess liquid flows back into the container after use.

    It is made of borosilicate glass and the lid is made of a biocomposite material from certified wood pulp from legally and sustainably managed forests.


    Material: biocomposite, glass

    Height: 15.5 cm

    ⌀: 6 cm

    Designer: IDEAS / Sam Murley

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  3. AdHoc - FORMA Porcelain salt and pepper mill set - VINTAGE

    AdHoc - FORMA Porcelain salt and pepper mill set - VINTAGE 

    Porcelain grinder for pepper and salt

    Also suitable for other dried flavourings

    Refill very easy: just remove the top

    Very efficient ceramic grinder 

    Progressive adjustment of the thickness of the grindstone from fine to coarse

    Material: Porcelain

    Height: 14cm.

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  4. AdHoc - Acrylic/ Wood salt-pepper mill set

    AdHoc - Acrylic/ Wood salt-pepper mill set


    Spice mill using the cerastar ceramic article allows for optimal grinding results. The ad-hoc pepper grinders are all equipped with a self-locking safety screw for adjusting the thickness of the grinder.

    Thanks to the locking of the grinder, you will avoid having remnants of the grind on the supporting surface. You can grind the following dried substances: black pepper, coarse salt, comino, garlic, rosemary, oregano, various spices, mustard grains, anise, coriander, cloves and chocolate.

    Features: Pepper mill or salt mill , supplied with a high quality ceramic grinder "CeraCut", which is odorless, tasteless, stainless and absolutely corrosion resistant, with continuous grinding adjustment from fine to coarse.

    Dimensions cm. 13

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  5. Gefu - X-PLOSION Spice and Herb Shaker Set

    Seasoning has never been so exclusive.

    Whether at the table or at the stove, you'll be perfectly equipped with these practical and high-quality spice and herb holders.

    The three shakers with glass bodies and airtight lids preserve all the aroma of fragrant spices, and the rotating lid head allows perfect dispensing from coarse to fine.

    The set is completed by an elegant wooden spice rack with practical carrying handle.

    The ideal gift even for spoiled cooks. three spice and herb holders with ampoule holder made of high-quality acacia wood the dispensing can be flexibly selected by rotating the lid:

    coarse or fine diffusion, open or closed including 18 self-adhesive labels for individual labeling easy to fill thanks to detachable lid lockable lid for optimal aroma and moisture protection.

    Length 23.9 cm, width 6.7 cm, height 14.7 cm

    high quality stainless steel / plastic / glass / silicone / acacia wood

    dishwasher safe.

    The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed grinders, extra sharp chili cutters, stylish shakers and other clever innovations.

    X-PLOSION® kitchen tools look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand, and have a superior range of functions. X-PLOSION®: pure aromatic power for today's creative kitchen.

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  6. Gefu - Vegetable slicer STANDO

    Gefu - Vegetable slicer STANDO

    The ingenious vegetable slicer STANDO is the must-have for all those who want to slice or chop fruit and vegetables quickly and particularly safely - from fine julienne strips to perfect slices. The highlight: it is not the material being cut that is moved, but rather the cutting unit with its exchangeable cutting plates. This means that fingers don't come into contact with the razor-sharp blades and chopping potatoes, sweet potatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, carrots, ginger, garlic or fruit such as bananas, apples, pears and kiwis is always child's play and super-safe.

    • for 2 and 4 mm slices and 3.5 mm and 7 mm julienne strips
    • fold-out, non-slip base -easy replacement of the cutting blades
    • safety finger guard -collecting container incl. keep-fresh lid
    • ergonomic grip
    • can be disassembled for easy cleaning and space-saving storage
    • collecting container, keep-fresh lid, cutting blades, filling funnel and finger guard are dishwasher-safe
    • all components are dishwasher-safe except for the body
    • L 22,0 cm, W 9,8 cm, H 26,6 cm
    • plastic / Japanese blade steel / high-grade stainless steel
    • spülmaschinengeeignet
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  7. Gefu - Multifunctional slicer RASPINI

    Gefu - Multifunctional slicer RASPINI

    It doesn't get any faster than this. The extra-sharp slicer insert conjures up 8 even slices out of cucumber, courgette etc. with just one forwards and backwards motion. Wow! The speedy all-rounder also offers a versatile 2-way julienne insert for wafer-thin vegetables, fruit or cheese strips and a grating insert for light flakes of vegetables, chocolate shavings, Parmesan and much more.

    •  with 3 interchangeable inserts: 4 double-blade insert, 2-way julienne insert and fine grater insert- easily interchangeable inserts-
    • cuts foods up to 6 cm in width
    • ergonomic grip
    • anti-slip foot -L 33,7 cm, W 9,8 cm, H 2,7 cm
    • high-grade stainless steel / high-grade blade steel / plastic 
    • spülmaschinengeeignet
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  8. Cole & Mason - Saunderton - Spice jar

    Cole & Mason - Saunderton - Spice jar

    Keep more spices at hand and ready to use with this Cole & Mason Saunderton spice shaker.

    The sleek, modern acrylic and stainless steel herb and spice shaker has five individual chambers for storing herbs and spices.

    It also includes a set of ten simple adhesive labels so you can label them according to your needs.

    Elegant design -To use the product, simply select one of the five labelled chambers, turn to pour or spray and dispense directly into the kitchen.

    Each Saunderton dispenser can hold 5 standard-sized jars of herbs or spices and each dispenser takes up much less space in the cupboard.

    The Saundersons are ideal for all ground herbs and spices, as well as a wide variety of other dry powders and by-products: from cake sprinkles to ground coffee, salts and sugars.

    Height 19 cm.

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    Only 3 left
  9. Zassenhaus - MONACO pepper mill - 45 cm - Black - 020632

    Zassenhaus - Pepper Mill - 45 cm - Black - 020632

    Adjustable pepper mill with six levels: from extra fine (1) to coarse (6).

    • Also suitable for salt and other spices such as chili 0 cumin.
    • Made of black color beech wood and stainless steel.
    • High-quality ceramic grinder.

    Made in Germany.

    25-year warranty.

    Height: 45 cm

    Diameter: 8 cm

    Weight: 125 kg

    Here is the right tool for steaks, salmon and anyone else who likes to show off their cooking.

    The Monaco pepper mill is also part of the MAN@WORK.

    The body is made of black beech,

    the grinder is high-performance ceramic, and the base is stainless steel. ⠀


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  10. Bamix - Replacement blade - MEAT MINCER 460.053

    Bamix - Replacement blade - MEAT MINCER 460.053

    Together with the meat and vegetable mincer, your bamix® kitchen appliance processes your fresh and healthy ingredients effortlessly and with perfect results every time 

    ideal for daily use.

    It chops and purées both raw and cooked meat, liver for liver dumplings and liver spaetzle. Fish or chicken for farces (meat fillings) are prepared in no time at all.

    You can easily achieve the desired consistency.

    Work like a gourmet chef. Raw vegetables such as cabbage, turnips, celery, leek, fennel, asparagus, etc., are no challenge for the sharp attachment.

    Fibrous substances become smooth and creamy.

    Certified original Bamix spare part.

    Typology: Bamix accessories

    Brand: Bamix

    Material: Steel

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  11. Bamix - Replacement blade - WHISK 460.052

    Bamix® WHISK

    A whirling pleasure

    The one and only whisk from bamix® made of stainless cutlery steel produces the most incredible compounds in its key skill, emulsification.

    Cream, oil, a little vinegar and mustard - and a tasty basic mayonnaise for your fondue chinoise is ready.

    There are no limits to your imagination for the further refining of this sauce. A true mayonnaise miracle.

    Even light puddings are guaranteed to succeed.

    Stirred batters for omelettes, pancakes or even spaetzle are made in no time. Mashed potatoes can be made in a flash.

    Home-made salad dressings are produced with a perfect consistency.

    Simple, quick and easy.


    Certified original Bamix spare part.

    Type: Bamix Accessories

    Brand: Bamix

    Material: Steel.

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  12. Bamix - Replacement blade - BEATER 460.051 flat whipping disc

    Bamix - Replacement blade - BEATER 460.051 flat whipping disc

    Ideal for everything that needs to be light and fluffy, homogeneous and light.

    Mixes cream and skimmed milk, egg whites, mousses.

    Emulsifies sauces, creams and milkshakes, combined with the powerful motor of the Bamix.

    Ideal for: Cream, Cappuccino, Chocolate mousse, Eggnog, Tiramisu, Egg whites, Béchamel, Frappe.

    Certified original Bamix replacement.

    Typology: Bamix Accessories

    Brand: Bamix

    Material: Steel

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  13. Peugeot - Adjustable - flow Non-drip Pouring Spout for Oils and Vinegars CIRO

    Peugeot - CIRO Adjustable-flow Non-drip Pouring Spout for Oils and Vinegars

    The ideal solution for effortlessly serving your oils and vinegars

    The CIRO pouring spout fits most oil and vinegar bottles. Its ingenious design soon becomes apparent when fitted to the bottle neck. The progressive flow control system with its four settings adjusts the pour speed to your use in the kitchen.

    The settings include drop-by-drop for adding the finishing touch to a recipe, drizzle for preparing a salad, or continuous pour for filling a saucepan.

    You can accurately control the flow without leaving any marks on the table thanks to its non-drip design.

    This pouring spout is dishwasher compatible.

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  14. AdHoc - Spice Box POTTA

    AdHoc - Spice Box POTTA

    Spice box Potta

    Practical spice box made of cast iron and acacia wood

    Suitable for up to 3 different types of spices

    Easy push-to-open principle


    Length: 17 cm

    Width: 7,2 cm

    Height: 4,5 cm

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  15. Westmark - Marinating brush with bend, 37 cm

    Roasting/grilling brush with bend, 37 cm

    Westmark marinating brush makes marinating meat, fish and vegetables child's play. The extra-long handle with a bend makes it easy to reach the fried or grilled food and reduces the risk of burns. Picking up and spreading liquids is a breeze thanks to the high-quality silicone bristles.

    The highlight: the brush head can be easily removed for cleaning.

    Hygienic & easy to clean For refining meat and other dishes

    Extra long handle

    Silicone element can be removed for thorough cleaning

    Temperature resistant up to 240°C

    Size 370 x 11 x 51 mm

    Material: plastic, silicone

    Other: Dishwasher safe, 5 years warranty.

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    Only 5 left
  16. Zwilling - Mortar with pestle SPICES

    Mortar with pestle SPICES

    This traditional stone and stainless steel Pestle and Mortar by ZWILLING can be used to crush and grind spices, herbs and grains. This releases essential oils, enabling them to develop their full flavour.

    ZWILLING pestles and mortars are neutral in terms of taste, extremely robust and impact resistant, as well as being decorative.

    Non-slip rubber feet for stable work and protection of surfaces

    Effortless, traditional grinding of herbs, grains and spices

    18/10 stainless steel base

    Made of high quality, non porous solid granite.


    Height: 10.2 cm

    Weight: 3.5 kg

    Width: 15 cm

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  17. Gefu - Porcelain mortar with grater SURI

    The notches worked into this porcelain mortar help to crush spices especially finely.

    A grater in the lid serves to quickly and easily break down ginger, nutmeg etc. notches worked into the mortar for a most finely ground product porcelain grater with silicone ring non-slip silicone base pouring lip for easy re-filling pestle made of peach wood dia.

    13.5 cm / 5 1/3 in., H 6.5 cm / 2 ½ in, pestle: L 15 cm / 6 in porcelain / silicone / wooden pestle dishwasher-safe mortar and grater

    Freshly ground spices are what this porcelain mortar with its non-slip base is used for.

    The mortar bowl has small notches on the inside which make for a very finely crushed product. The handy pestle is made of peach wood which is especially easy on the mortar surface. A practical pouring lip keeps your kitchen tidy.

    The lid doubles as a grater for ginger, nutmeg and the like, and a silicone ring makes sure it rests on the mortar safely.

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  18. Kyocera - Everything Adjustable Mill w/ Stainless Steel Top

    The grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic material that is close in hardness to diamond. It will never rust and will provide ultra-long-life performance. Excellent when fine results are needed in recipes that call for ground spices or seeds. The clever upright design of the mill will keep your shelves & counters clean from residual grinds. Container holds 4.7oz. Suggested Spice Use: Coarse Salt, Peppercorns, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Dried Oregano, Celery Seeds, Dried Herb Leaves, Red Pepper Flakes, Parsley Flakes, Cumin Seeds and more! Features: • Adjustable dial: For fine to coarse grinds • Rust-proof: The advanced ceramic mechanism is non-reactive & will never rust. • Consistent performance: The grinding mechanism is made out of Alumina, an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond. The durability of this mechanism will outlast any metal-based grinding mechanisms. • Fresh, flavorful, pure results: Maintains the fresh taste of spices. Ceramic is chemically inert, meaning that the taste of the spice will not be altered as it is being ground. In turn, the mechanism will not react to or absorb any flavors from the spices. • Re-usable container: The glass base can be re-used as much as necessary and is dishwasher safe. Available Color: • Stainless Steel
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  19. Microplane - Zester Grater - Master Series

    Get all of your kitchen work prep down with the beautiful walnut wood handled and durable Made in the USA stainless steel blades of the Microplane Master Series of Microplanes. From zesting citrus, to grating coarse of extra coarse cheese or even making ribbons of chocolate for specialty coffees and drinks, the Microplane Master Series is the perfect addition to your kitchen. The Master Series features a non-slip bottom so that you can hold it vertically and stabilize your microplane on a bowl, plate or cutting board. Each of the microplanes within the Master Series of Microplanes is sold separately. Please indicate your preferred microplane from the following selection: Coarse, Medium Ribbon, Extra Coarse and Zester.
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  20. Rivsalt - Big Grater & Stand for pink salt Himalayano

    Rivsalt - grater pink salt Himalayano- Rivsalt is a new way to appreciate a vital and valuable as the salt. It consists of a rose bud pure Himalayan salt, a mini-grater Japanese stainless steel and a cylindrical base of oak untreated. Each bud of Himalayan salt has an irregular shape, different from one another, each grain that is ground is unique: can be pink, like crystal from which it comes, or white, as the striations that characterize it. Rivsalt you take the right of the center of your table, creating a satisfying experience gustatory, tactile and visual.
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  21. Cilio - Black marble mortar cm. 13 - 420319

    Cilio - Black marble mortar cm. 13 - 420319

    Cilio's marble mortar is an ideal tool for spice and herb mixtures, as well as for sauces and pesto.

    • Abrasion-resistant and neutral in flavor.
    • Pestle included.
    • Weight: 2 kg
    • Diameter: 13 cm
    • Black marble
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  22. Giannini - Replacement Cap for cruet 250 ml

    Giannini - Replacement Cap for cruet 250 ml Features: -in blown glass -Save drop -suitable for cruets Giannini with a capacity of 250 ml.
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    Only 6 left
  23. Lékué - Herbstick - spices

    Herbstick LÉKUÉ Spice rack to have fresh herbs always ready for seasoning. Prepare your favourite dressing of fresh herbs and oil, put it in the seasoning box and into the freezer. It will be ready whenever you need it, to give the perfect finishing touch to a dish or enrich its preparation.
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  24. Zassenhaus - Acrylic salt and pepper mill set - Berlin cm.18

    Zassenhaus - Acrylic salt and pepper mill set - Berlin cm.18

    Grind to perfection with zassenhaus

    • High performance ceramic, harder than steel.
    • Perfectly adjustable grinding degree under the grinder.
    • Adjustment from fine to coarse grind, from salads to grilled meats
    • Also suitable for other spices and dried herbs

    Grinding operation:

    Turn the indicator bar to the desired digit on the grind scale. From 1 i.e. fine powdery to 6 i.e. coarse grind.

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  25. FinaMill - Battery-operated electric spice grinder

    FinaMill - Battery-operated electric spice grinder

    Battery-operated electric spice mill can grind whole spices of all shapes and sizes quickly and easily. Simply fill a FinaPod capsule with your favourite spice, apply it to the FinaMill in one easy motion and press the button to create a shower of freshly ground spices.

    FinaPod capsules can also be used for spice storage and are interchangeable with a simple click, thanks to the interlocking mechanism. The pack contains 2 FinaPod PRO Plus capsules for oily and everyday spices. -

    Adjustable fine or coarse grinding

    One-handed operation

    Materials: ceramic blades and 100% BPA Free plastic body 

    Power supply: 3 AA batteries 

    Battery status indicator 

    Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.2 x 22.7 cm 

    Weight: 240 g

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    Only 2 left
  26. Kitchen professional - Spremiagrumi

    Küchenprofi - juicer -

    has a handy scale and a spout

    for working without dripping.

    Thanks to its elegant appearance,

    the juicer from KÜCHENPROFI

    can also be used at the bar.

    The versatile helper has a handy scale and spout for drip-free work.

    The high-quality plastic is odorless, tasteless and easy to clean .

    It can also go in the dishwasher. high quality plastic practical scale dishwasher safe

    Scale up to 70 ml and spout

    Dimensions: L 9.25 cm W 9.5 cm H 8.5 cm

    Material: plastic

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    Only 4 left
  27. T&G CrushGrind - Apollo Macinasale e macinape in acciaio INOX e acrilico, 15 cm

    Macina sale e pepe Apollo 15 cm ,

    questi macinasale e macinapepe utilizzano il meccanismo originale in ceramica Crush Grind® progettato in particolare per macinare il sale, il pepe ed altre spezie.

    Le lame a spirale delle macine sono prodotte con un processo tridimensionale di altissima tecnologia, progettate per dare una resa nettamente superiore rispetto a quelle convenzionali stampate per compressione.

    Le macine hanno, inoltre, una finitura più liscia che permette una macinatura ottimale sia grossolana che fine. T&G Crush Grind Mills "The World's Best Mills": - il meccanismo è garantito a vita - facile da riempire - senza perno centrale - meccanismo in ceramica - niente ruggine, nessuna porosità, a differenza del metalllo non ossiderà il cibo - macina praticamente tutto, dal pepe e sale ai semi di coriandolo o al peperoncino essicato - raccomandato da " Maldon Salt Company" per il loro famoso sale marino dell'Essex - testato per un uso domestico pari a 400 anni!

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  28. Peugeot - Paris PEPE grinder in beech cm. 50

    Peugeot grinders are world famous and now almost legendary. The lion brand, with which all grinders are equipped, symbolizes quality: strong teeth, flexible blades, precise and fast cuts, and durability without losing quality. Spices and pepper are cut very finely by the sharp teeth, and coarse salt gently ground.

    Because only in this way can they unlock their full aroma!


    Height 50cm.

    Base 8.5cm.

    Material. beech.

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  29. Cole & Mason - Derwent Stainless Steel Gourmet Precision+ Salt & Pepper Mill

    The Cole & Mason Derwent salt and pepper mills are the perfect balance of contemporary style, classic elegance and exceptional performance. Made from crystal clear acrylic and stainless steel they make a beautiful addition to any home.

    Designed to release the flavour

    As part of the Cole & Mason Gourmet Precision range they provide you with the confidence to enhance the flavour of any meal through seasoning as a professional would.

    Exceptional Quality

    The Gourmet Precision pepper mechanism is made from hardened carbon steel that strips instead of crushing peppercorns allowing them to release their natural oils which gives you more flavour with every turn whilst the salt mechanism is made from diamond-sharp ceramic.

    Adjustable Grinding Settings

    The Grind Select feature has pre-selected settings that have been tried and tested to ensure you always get the very best from your mills and the very best from your meals. The pepper mill has 6 settings whilst the salt mill has three, ranging from fine to coarse.


    Both mills come filled with premium quality whole black peppercorns from Vietnam and coarse sea salt from Belgium so you can start using from the moment you receive them.

    Easy to Re-fill

    Height: 19 cm

    When you do need to refill, simply pull off the stainless steel top cap. The wide neck of the acrylic body makes refilling easy and mess free. Fill up with your favourite whole peppercorns and coarse salt, replace the top and continue to enjoy expertly seasoned dishes.

    Lifetime Mechanism Guarantee

    All Cole & Mason mills are covered by the lifetime mechanism guarantee.

    Easy to Clean

    Just wipe with a damp cloth and use a clean cloth to dry. We recommend you do not use any cleaning products as this can affect the finish of the product or immerse in water, or place in a dishwasher.

    Looking After your Mills

    If your mill becomes difficult to grind, particularly on a fine setting, trying clearing the mechanism. Turn the mill upside down, loosen the knob to the coarsest setting and twist the top. This will free any large peppercorns or salt crystals that may have become lodged. Retighten the knob to the desired setting. It is advised to not put salt in your pepper mill as this will corrode the carbon steel mechanism.





    P2J H59408G
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  30. Gefu - Fermentation set NATIVO, 4 pcs.

    Gefu - Fermentation set NATIVO, 4 pcs.

    Into the glass: pickling healthy vegetables and preserving them is very on trend. DIY fermenting with NATIVO makes this a doddle! The practical fermentation jar and the clever Ferment Vent System allows sauerkraut, aromatic kimchi, tasty gherkins and sour and crunchy carrots to be made quickly and safely. 


    • consists of fermentation jar with lid (filling volume: 1 l), weight, plunger and ton
    • including recipe booklet
    • lid with Ferment Vent System
    • with open valve it is suitable for the fermentation process, and with closed valve for odourless storage in the fridge
    • clean handling - no refilling necessary
    • stackable to save space
    • all components are dishwasher-safe except for the plunger
    • borosilicate glass / glass / plastic / silicone / high-grade stainless steel / beech wood
    • spülmaschinengeeignet
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    Only 3 left
  31. Ad Hoc - Electric grinder pepper or salt PEPMATIK

    Ad Hoc - Electric grinder pepper or salt PEPMATIK From kitchen accessories to design items, the range AdHoc offers all your needs require. The mills on offer are excellent and around the world is unparalleled. All AdHoc mills have a professional ceramic grinder, completely neutral to smells and flavors, corrosi and resistant to wear. On these mills AdHoc offers a 30 year guarantee. Innovation: grind with light The eye takes part in grinding the spices accurately, thanks to the built-in light in many of the mills AdHoc, it turns simply by pressing the button grinding. This way you will have nothing to fear even by candlelight. Innovation: Solid cast stainless steel Innovations AdHoc, with their products in solid stainless steel melted, open the ports of a completely new quality dimension. The first representatives of this new generation create a context of high demands in terms of materials, workmanship and ergonomics: your kitchen. The stability, the soft contours and a perfect surface (without welding) are the compelling advantages of these kitchen utensils. Those who try to once more the importance of this quality, the rest perhaps just to leave an inheritance to their grandchildren. Innovation: closing the mill Thanks to an innovative folding mechanism, the spices do not fall more, putting the grinder standing. So every surface and every cloth remains clean. 5 year warranty on all products AdHoc AdHoc is so sure of the results of their work, to offer on every product, after normal use, 5 year warranty, with the intent to enjoy long its clients the selected products. Features: - Height: cm. 19. - Grinder electric - Built-in light - Closure of the mill - Grind all the spices and dried herbs - 5-year product warranty - 30 years warranty on the grinder
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  32. Ad-Hoc - Oil or vinegar dispenser CRYSTAL

    Oil or vinegar dispenser CRYSTAL

    matt/black stainless steel/acrylic

    D: 5.6 cm, H: 18 cm capacity: 75 ml

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

    For finest olive oil and vinegar and also suitable for soya sauce

    AdHoc pump device - easy, precise and economical dosing with the pump function

    Drop-free pouring

    Easy to open and to fill thanks to the large filling hole

    Not dishwasher safe.

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  33. Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Special features 2-piece set

    To arrange and serve

    Curved shape, formed from one single piece, comfortably fits in your hand

    Dishwasher safe stainless steel L: 28 cm, W: 7.5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

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  34. Adhoc - Filter spices - Spice Bomb

    Adhoc - Filter spices - Spice Bomb SPICE BOMB
    filter spices spice Bombcan spice up his food
    withstands temperatures up to 240 °
    is dishwasher safe Spice Bomb Is stainless steel and silicone.
    Dimensions: Ø 7 cm.
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    Only 2 left
  35. Bamix - Multipurpose replacement blade 460.050

    Bamix - Multipurpose replacement blade 460.050

    Multipurpose blade for Bamix 460.050 immersion blender


    The universal blade from Bamix®.

    Chops, cuts and mixes everything even frozen food and ice cubes.

    Uses directly in pots on the cooker without the need for additional containers.

    For: soups, creams, pesto, jams, ice cream, milk shakes, milkshakes, pizza dough, sweet dough...

    Technical data sheet

    Model: BX 460.050

    Typology: Bamix accessories

    Brand: Bamix

    Material: Steel

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    Only 2 left
  36. Centellino - Centolio ml. 35 – Decanter for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Centolio ml. 35 – Decanter for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    From the Centellino experience came the Centolio. The Centolio enhances the taste of olive oil. The Centolio amplifies the exaltation of perfumes...

    Il Centolio, nasce dall’esperienza del Centellino.
    Permette all’Olio di Oliva, di espandere i suoi sapori.
    Amplifica l’esaltazione dei profumi, i vari sentori di piccante di amaro dell’Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva,mantenendo la bottiglia sempre asciutta e mai unta.Capacità: 35ml.

    Il “Centellino” è anche un decanter da olio monodose, realizzato in vetro soffiato e 100% MADE IN ITALY. L'olio nella sua discesa si distende armoniosamente sulle pareti dell'anforetta in vetro, ossigenando e liberando tutti i suoi profumi. Il “Centellino” decanta l'olio ossigenandolo di circa 35 ml. Grazie al suo design è anche un bellissimo oggetto ornamentale, oltre che ad essere un valido strumento per la mescita.

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  37. Cole & Mason - Flow Select Oil & Vinegar Bottle Gift Set 37cl

    Cole & Mason - Flow Select Oil & Vinegar Bottle Gift Set 37cl As part of the Cole & Mason Oil & Vinegar range, this product has been designed as a practical and elegant solution for oil, vinegar and other pourables storage and dispensing. The drip return systems mean that no oil or vinegar should escape down the side of the bottle so no messy counter tops or oily exteriors. All pourers are designed to be filled easily and have large capacities to allow for longer usage between fillings. The classic designs will look great in the kitchen or on table top. The unique Flow Control top allows you to adjust the dispense speed for accurate decanting Suitable for a wide range of oils, vinegars and pourable sauces Reduce mess in your kitchen with the drip return top and clog -free filter system Pourer top with quadruple rib seal for secure fit Classicly curved crystal clear glass bottle looks at home on kitchen counters and tables alike Flared neck for easy filling Cole & Mason has been designing and developing kitchenware from its head office in Britain since 1919. It has an intuitively designed, well-established seasoning range, with a product for every seasoning task from the kitchen to the table. All products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and available in a wide range of finishes. Cole & Mason share your enthusiasm for a more adventurous range of seasoning and understands how new and exciting ingredients along with high quality kitchen tools can really transform seasoning and the flavours in food.
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  38. Gefu - Garlic press PRESSO

    Gefu - Garlic press PRESSO

    The stylish entry model made of aluminium with matt black coating, for all garlic lovers. PRESSO impresses with its tried-and-tested lever mechanism and fine punched holes for the perfect pressing results.

    • stylish garlic press in black
    • simple mechanism for easy handling
    • fine punched holes for the best pressing results
    • L 4,0 cm, W 3,2 cm, H 14,9 cm
    • aluminium / matt black refined surface
    • spülmaschinengeeignet
    Special Price €7.29 Regular Price €9.02
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  39. Gefu - Thermal Sauce Jug TREAT

    Thermal Sauce Jug TREAT The double-walled thermal sauce jug keeps everything from a 500-ml (17.6 fl oz) hot Hollandaise sauce for asparagus to a cold fruit sauce for dessert at the temperature at which it can be enjoyed best! The lift-up lid catch opens very easily at the touch of a finger. 500 ml (17.6 fl oz) capacity ergonomically formed handle pouring spout L 17,5 cm, W 11,5 cm, H 14,1 cm high-grade stainless steel / ABS / PP dishwasher safe
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    Only 1 left
  40. Gefu - Vinegar and oil dispenser X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Vinegar and oil dispenser X-PLOSION

    The exclusive dispenser made of high-quality crystal glass is equipped with a non-drip stainless-steel spout with cap.Perfectly measure out vinegar or oil, drop by drop in a perfectly shaped design.

    beautifully shaped dispenser for vinegar and oil made of crystal glass including non-drip stainless steel spout with cap for easy dosing

    easy to fill thanks to large opening

    filling volume 250 ml

    Ø 6,7 cm, H 22,4 cm

    Crystal glass / high-grade stainless steel / plastic

    The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed mills, extra-sharp chilli cutters, stylish shakers and other smart innovations. X-PLOSION® kitchen utensils look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand and have a superior range of functions. X-PLOSION®: pure aroma power for today's creative cuisine.

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  41. Giannini - Ball 500 ml -spherical cruet blown glass

    Giannini- Ball 500 ml -spherical cruet blown glass, with drip, with a capacity of 500 ml.
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    Only 5 left
  42. Giannini - Replacement Cap for cruet 250 ml

    Giannini - Replacement Cap for cruet 250 ml Features: -in blown glass -Save drop -suitable for cruets Giannini with a capacity of 250 ml.
    Only 8 left
    Only 8 left
  43. Giannini - Round glass cruet 250 gr - drip saver

    Giannini - Round glass cruet 250 gr - drip saver

    The cruets are made of ultra-light borosilicate glass, of the highest quality, highly heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

    The cruets are simple, practical, functional and perfect for serving all condiments on the table.

    A perfect mix of design and ingenuity.

    The special shape of the spout guarantees 100% drop protection, the satin finish of the glass and the perfect fit in the neck of the oil jar allow the spout to remain firmly in place.

    They can be used individually, combined with pepper mills and salt mills or used to complete your favourite condiment set.

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    Only 8 left
  44. Kyocera - Adjustable Beech Universal Grinder

    Kyocera adjustable grinder.

    It is not a simple grinder. Its secret? The core is made of ceramic/Zirconium, a pure, durable material, 50% harder than steel, with hardness close to diamond, super performingw is perfect not only for salt and pepper, but also for sesame seeds, flax seeds, and a wide variety of spices.

    Constructed with microscopic precision and polished to perfection, the grinder mechanism allows for a perfect grind, offering a long-lasting cut. Great for coarse and wet salt, peppercorns and all kinds of spice seeds and herb flakes.


    Guarantees fresh aroma and flavor at all times and is adjustable.

    Avoids unpleasant metal flavors and does not rust.

    Maintains sharpness and hardly flattens the blade.


    height: 15.50 cm.

    daimeter: 6 cm.

    Available in light beech wood.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  45. Kyocera - Ceramic Grater

    Kyocera - Ceramic Grater Building on the experience acquired with ceramic knives, Kyocera has developed a full line of kitchen accessories. Pelaortaggi, grinders, slicers: objects that It was entrusted with the difficult task to simplify our lives and make us discover the pleasure of preparing even the most complex dishes with our own hands. The Kyocera ceramic accessories provide very different performance from those of conventional accessories: cut and grate easily, do not know the rust and do not lose effectiveness over time. Kyocera is a global leader in the development and production of high-ceramics technology and makes good use of their skills in a variety of applications: industry Aerospace in the medical, electronics to kitchen How can a cheese grater to be perfect? Teeth very hard, comfortable and stable bottom handle. It would be better if it were also easy to wash and store. Kyocera has given these answers and has designed a new Ceramic multi-purpose grater that incorporates the elongated shape of classical grater, but it is provided with a toothed part ceramic and a comfortable soft-grip handle for minimize your effort and have the maximum ergonomics. Fitted with a non-slip bottom, You can also wash it in the dishwasher and hang forever keep on hand. Especially useful for cheese, radish, ginger, garlic, chocolate.
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  46. Legnoart - Hercules salt - pepper mill in ash wood - 3 sizes

    Legnoart - Hercules salt and pepper mill in ash wood - 3 sizes

    HERCULES Salt or pepper mill in natural ash wood with adjustable ceramic grinder


    Gift idea Our Pepper Mill or Salt Mill are a great gift idea for a special occasion or for a special person. Ideal as a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming.


    Design Contemporary design and timeless elegance, with great attention to proportions, ensuring maximum functionality. Pepper loading is done from above, simply lift the swivel head. Once you use it, you won't be able to do without it, thanks to its perfect ergonomics, the result of many years of experience. The elegance of this product will be a classy addition to your table.

    Made in Italy, 100% handcrafted, each piece is finely polished by hand, by expert craftsmen. Before assembly, each component is analysed to ensure perfect functionality.

    Every single piece is tested before being packaged.

    Beware of imitations!

    Available in 3 sizes:


    SMALL ø mm 60 h 115 ø Inch 2"½ h 4" ½


    Large ø mm 75 h 285 ø Inch 3`` h 11" ¼


    Double Extra Large ø mm 75 h 500 ø Inch 3`` h 20".

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  47. Lékué - Citrus Spray 2 - Citrus

    Citrus Spray 2 LÉKUÉ Juice sprayer, from the fruit to your plate. Use the fruit as a container for your juice? That is the idea on which the Citrus Spray is based, a kitchen utensil that allows us to squeeze juice directly from a citric fruit, preventing loss of vitamins and oxidization of the juice.
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  48. Microplane - Garlic Cutter Garlic

    Microplane - Garlic Cutter Garlic Microplane tools have been renamed "graters magical". Will chop the truffle, chocolate, cheese citrus peel making them untouchable and dramatically increasing the scents. Their incredible ability to cut is given by an etching treatment that makes them incredibly sharp but safe use; originally were scrapers joinery finished by mistake in the kitchen of a home in Canada.
    If you love garlic, but hate having to tap to chop it, here is the great news of Microplane: Garlic Cutter. Slicing garlic so easy and fast, Stainless steel blades, ultra-sharp photos and engraved. The garlic is cut in a precise manner with a simple forward movement and backward and with a minimum contact with the hands. It can hold up to 2-3 cloves of peeled garlic. Including scraper to remove debris.

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    guida alla scoperta dei diversi tipi di meccanismi e sistemi di apertura dei coltelli da tasca

    L'arte di aprire un coltello da tasca ha radici antiche e si è evoluta nel tempo attraverso vari metodi. Dall'apribile classico "Incavo per Unghie", simbolo di tradizione, all'innovativo e rapido sistema "Flipper".

    Ci sono metodi ideati per chi cerca praticità come gli "Apribili Thumb", che utilizzano il pollice, o il futuristico "Apribile Wave", che permette un'apertura istantanea durante l'estrazione dalla tasca. Non dimentichiamo l'arte dell'apertura dei coltelli "Butterfly", ricca di trucchi ma che richiede destrezza.

    Questo articolo esplora questi metodi, fornendo una panoramica completa delle diverse tecniche di apertura, mettendo in evidenza sia la loro funzionalità sia le loro particolarità stilistiche.

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  • Benchmade Puukko 200 - Un coltello moderno ispirato alla tradizione finlandese by Floriano
    Benchmade Puukko 200 - Un coltello moderno ispirato alla tradizione finlandese by Floriano

    Ciao ragazzi e benvenuti al "Parchetto del Tagliagole" nel blog della Coltelleria Collini di Busto Arsizio!

    Oggi vi parlerò del Benchmade Puukko 200, un coltello che rappresenta un'interpretazione moderna del tradizionale Puukko finlandese. Insieme andremo a scoprire le caratteristiche e le impressioni su questo coltello.

    La lama in acciaio CPM 3V si è dimostrata sorprendente, mantenendo il filo praticamente inalterato nonostante il lavoro prolungato nel bosco. È un coltello che non perde facilmente il filo, e questo è sicuramente un aspetto positivo per chi lo utilizza per compiti di precisione.

    Ma prima, vi mostro il video dove ho testato il coltello...

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