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  1. Fissler - Vitavit Quickgreen Pressure Cooker 4.5lt cm.22

    Fissler - Vitavit Quickgreen Pressure Cooker 4.5lt cm.22

    FISSLER PRESSURE COOKERS -FAST AND GENTLE COOKING Nowadays nothing is more trendy than healthy eating. The new wellness-oriented cooking is ideal for everyone who wants to stay active and fit. Thanks to steam cooking without the presence of oxygen and shorter cooking times, all foods are cooked more gently. Because of this, vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients and aromatic substances vital to our bodies remain unaltered.

    The Vitaquick® Green is the ideal pressure stove for healthy cooking and saves time and energy.

    Thanks to sophisticated safety technology, nothing can go wrong. It works much more efficiently than conventional cookware and saves 50% energy.

    In addition, more vitamins and minerals are preserved than preparation in ordinary pots.

    A metal tab on the lid makes it easy to insert the lid.

    And with the ingeniously designed edge of the pot, the closure also works smoothly. If the pot has been closed properly, you will hear a click.

    The Vitaquick® pressure cooker has two cooking levels. With the superthermic base, the Vitaquick® pressure cooker is suitable for any cooktop.

    Removable handle makes Vitaquick® pressure cookers easy to clean and stackable.

    Positioning aid -2 cooking levels Detachable handle with lock indicator Universal cookstar® bottom.

    Interior measuring scale Stackable

    Made in Germany


    Safe Sealing with Handle

    When the pot is securely closed, a click is heard and the colored indicator on the handle moves from red to green.

    Only then pot is ready to cook Easy to place Lid Thanks to the metal tab on its handle, it is extremely easy to place the lid in place, and thanks to its innovative rim, closing the pot is even easier.

    Large cooking indicator With the gentle and quick cooking level.

    Lock indicator

    As soon as the lock indicator turns green and clicks clearly, the pressure cooker is locked firmly and the cooking process can be started.

    Removable handle makes this pressure cooker easy to clean and store.

    Practical advantage for many cookware in the cabinet: they can be stacked into each other.

    For all cooktops: the base can be used with all cooktops, including induction, and provides excellent heat absorption, retention and distribution.

    Positioning aid The handy fastening aid makes it easy to securely close the pressure cooker lid.

    Given as a gift, the steam cooking basket.

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