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  1. Schonhuber - Babette cup for utensil

    Schonhuber - Babette utensil cup for pots and grills

    The BABETTE Original is an innovative utensil cup that attaches to your pots and pans when cooking, serving, and can be used as a measuring cup. Adjustable to fit the height of saucepans and pans, it can also hold the lid when attached. Now you can prepare and serve without mess!

    The BABETTE Original is made of a combination of steel and silicone, perfect for cooking on an electric cooker, avoiding drips and spills on worktops and during table service. BABETTE is designed to allow you to leave the lid on. The bracket construction, with its rounded corners, rests gently on its side, to avoid any damage to your non-stick coating. Babette: a clever invention from Norway. When you hang the specially designed container from the saucepan, you have your main cooking utensils readily available while you cook and serve food. With babette hanging from the kettle, you avoid unnecessary mess and dirt on the kitchen worktop or cooker. The clever design allows you to rest the lid on the pan while babette is hanging. In addition, it has a graduated scale inside that allows you to use it as a measuring cup. It can be used directly on the gas cooker or hotplate if you want to heat or melt any food (not suitable for induction). Babette is dishwasher safe and made from recyclable materials.

    Babette steel is made of steel and has silicone rings, black and red. By inserting a silicone ring in the desired colour, you can easily lift or remove the container when it is hot without burning yourself. . The babette series is designed for those who like clever solutions. Whether you are an amateur, an experienced cook or simply a housewife, you will find that this is a very useful product in the kitchen.

    Babette is the ideal gift for "everyone who has everything".

  2. Gefu - Pepper mill with salt shaker X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Pepper mill with salt shaker X-PLOSION This handy two-in-one tool turns the traditional way to season food on its head and leaves an excellent impression on every table. The top part of the easily refillable spice chamber holds salt, and the bottom part peppercorns. The pepper mill comes with a particularly smooth-running, infinitely adjustable CYCLONE® precision grinder. The attractive, efficient way to season your food! Details: high-quality CYCLONE® ceramic cone grinder for the utmost precision and efficiency fully adjustable grind, from a fine powder to extra-coarse integrated salt shaker easy-refill spice chamber Ø 5,5 cm, H 10,8 cm high-grade stainless steel / plastic / ceramic grinder / aluminium All X-PLOSION® mills are equipped with GEFU’s innovative CYCLONE® precision grinder, which grinds salt crystals and peppercorns especially quickly, easily and effectively. Which comes as no wonder: the extra-large CYCLONE® grinder, made of high-performance ceramics, is equipped with significantly more teeth than a standard grinder, making it six times more efficient. A higher number of big razor-sharp teeth to effortlessly break up even coarse crystals and peppercorns. A higher number of fine teeth, producing exceptionally uniform results in no time at all, whatever the grind setting.

  3. Gefu - Mini serving basket BBQ, large

    Mini serving basket BBQ, large

    The sophisticated mini serving basket allows freshly deep-fried foods to be served just like in a restaurant.

    Chips, potato wedges, onions rings, prawns or grilled vegetables all look twice as tasty and particularly appetising.

    Your family will be delighted and your guests will be impressed.

    Details: perfect for serving chips, potato wedges, chicken nuggets or onion rings

    L 25,1 cm,

    W 11,2 cm,

    H 17,5 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher safe.

  4. Kuhn Rikon - Apple Knife

    The Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori is an excellent apple corer with a built in knife that makes quick work of apples for cooking or simple enjoyment of eating but it also works for other fruit. The Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori is a kitchen gadget that makes quick work of fruit like apples and pears to core and slice with the circular corer and folding knife blade. The Apple Knife Colori is a stainless steel corer with an apple shaped handle that conceals an inch and a half long straight nonstick knife blade. The knife blade has a straight cutting edge while the back of the blade is curve which makes sense in design for slicing and cutting apples or pears. The corer works well for fruit like apples and pears but you may need to use the corer or knife to get all the core of larger fruit. The corer is 3/4 of an inch across and can core an average sized fruit easily but you will probably have to do a little more coring when you cut the apples in half. The corer gets a good portion of the seeds and center of apples but you will have to use the corer to get what it did not clear out when the fruit was whole.
    Special Price €11.28 Regular Price €13.93
  5. Gefu - Roast and Oven Thermometer 3 in 1 MESSIMO

    Roast and Oven Thermometer 3 in 1 MESSIMO

    This roast and oven thermometer is an indispensable help for all, who love delicious roasts. Details: core temperature readout 25°C to 100°C / 75°F to 212°F oven temperature readout 50°C to 300°C / 122°F to 572°F temperature readout for low temperature cooking 80°C to 90°C / 176°F to 194°F L 8,5 cm, W 6,5 cm, H 13,0 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher safe This roast and oven thermometer is a must for all who love delicious roasts. It is simply stuck into the roast and measures the temperature inside the roast and simultaneously in the oven during the roasting-process. It also displays a low roasting temperature of 70-80°C. Nothing can burn any more and the roast will always turn out perfect: inside soft, outside crispy. A practical kitchen aid for pork, beef or lamb roasts, game and poultry and other dishes. Measures temperature in the oven between 50° – 300°C and inside the roast between 30° - 100°C.

  6. Gefu - Timer RETRO

    Gefu - Timer RETRO Retro look meets precision: The mechanical kitchen timer in the decorative outfit of the 1960s can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. The mechanical retro timer reminds of the end of cooking, baking or brewing times! It can be adjusted for up to 60 minutes - and is always ready to hand, because it can be placed on the refrigerator door or the extractor hood with the aid of a magnet on the back. available in different colors mechanical timer in retro-look Magnet on the back adjustable up to 60 minutes Ø 7,3 cm, H 3,4 cm metal
  7. Gefu - Salt and spice pot X-PLOSION, black

    Gefu - Salt and spice pot X-PLOSION, black

    This versatile stoneware pot from the X-PLOSION® design series keeps spices, fragrant herbs or tasty dips fresh and preserves their full taste as if they were locked in a flavour-protecting safe.

    Also perfect for serving and seasoning at the table. includes wooden spoon airtight lid to optimally seal in aroma and protect against moisture volume when full: 150 ml Ø 8,5 cm, H 8,0 cm stoneware / high-grade stainless steel / black refined surface / wood .

    The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed mills, extra-sharp chilli cutters, stylish shakers and other smart innovations. X-PLOSION® kitchen utensils look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand and have a superior range of functions.

    X-PLOSION®: pure aroma power for today's creative cuisine.

  8. Gefu - Mill Base X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Mill Base X-PLOSION

    The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed mills, extra-sharp chilli cutters, stylish shakers and other smart innovations. X-PLOSION® kitchen utensils look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand and have a superior range of functions. X-PLOSION®: pure aroma power for today's creative cuisine.

    Product information Mill Base X-PLOSION®, M

    High-quality acacia combined with a stainless steel cuff make this attractive designer base the perfect platform to present X-PLOSION® seasoning products in the kitchen and at the table.

    It can be individually filled, has a stylish appearance and keeps your worktops and tablecloths clean. perfect for X-PLOSION® mills in size M and the X-PLOSION® salt and spice pot L 17,0 cm, W 8,0 cm, H 2,0 cm black refined surface / acacia wood

  9. Gefu - Salt or Pepper Mill X-PLOSION

    Product information "Salt or Pepper Mill X-PLOSION It’s in your hands: the innovative X-PLOSION® mill combines a modern design, superior technology and a creative culinary technique. Equipped with the impressive CYCLONE® precision grinder, it grinds salt crystals and peppercorns especially quickly, easily and efficiently, all the while producing the perfect level of grind, from extra-fine to extra-coarse.

    An X-PLOSION® always brings out the full, natural flavour of pepper and salt, from preparation to seasoning. high-quality CYCLONE® ceramic cone grinder for the utmost precision and efficiency fully adjustable grind, from a fine powder to extra-coarse easy-refill spice chamber airtight lid to optimally seal in aroma and protect against moisture

    Salt or Pepper Mill X-PLOSION S: Ø 5,5 cm, H 10,7 cm

    Salt or Pepper Mill X-PLOSION M: Ø 6,2 cm, H 15 cm

    High-grade stainless steel / plastic / ceramic grinder / aluminium.

  10. Made in Italy - Roasting Trussing Needle for Turkey, Poultry and Stuffed Roasts

    Made in Italy - Roasting Trussing Needle for Turkey, Poultry and Stuffed Roasts Roasting’s Reusable Straight Trussing Needle for securing stuffed turkey, chicken, roasts, and rolled meats Made in Italy from stainless steel; larger eye easily threads thinner or thicker gauge butcher’s twine without a struggle. Seal in stuffing, herbs, and seasonings inside turkey, chicken, and other meat to prevent them from escaping or drying out during the roasting process. Bind roasts and rolled meats, like braciole, pinwheels, and crown roast, to hold shape while cooking for a spectacular table centerpiece presentation. Reusable; extra sturdy for easy trussing; pointed end easily pierces outer skin and more fibrous tissue; hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  11. Gefu - Hamburger press SPARK

    Gefu - Hamburger press SPARK Making hamburgers the easy way. Just press the desired quantity of minced meat or another mixture into the stainless steel dish and get it into shape with the porcelain plunger. Take the burger out and fry it in the pan or on the barbecue. Thanks to the dimple in the stainless steel dish the burger keeps its shape, and the ridges in the plunger make sure it is done in no time at all. Simple, quick, delicious! Meat quantity CLASSIC: 120g; KING-SIZE: 180g Stainless steel container dimpled to keep the burger in shape Ridges in stainless steel container and plunger shorten frying time Ø 13,3 cm, H 8,0 cm high-grade stainless steel / porcelain dishwasher safe
  12. Gefu - Burger Ring Mould BBQ

    Gefu - Burger Ring Mould BBQ The burger ring mould is used to shape burger buns perfectly and can also be used for decoratively arranging other food. Its diameter of 10.8 cm ensures the perfect size of a burger bun. accessory for the SPARK hamburger press (article no.: 15410) Ø 10,8 cm, H 4,0 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher safe GEFU – With GEFU everybody becomes a culinary artist Nearly 70 years of know how make GEFU a specialist of high quality kitchen tools. The head office of this innovative mid size and growing company is located in Eslohe, Sauerland. Cooking is more than just peeling potatoes, washing vegetables or roasting meat. Cooking is a passion that inspires us provided we use the perfect designed kitchen tools. You do not have to be a culinary artist, but you easily might become one! Staying true to our motto With GEFU everybody becomes a culinary artist - we offer products that will convince you through easy handling, functional added value and timeless design. In short, the sleek, innovative and practical design makes GEFU kitchen tools the perfect match for modern cuisine. Roasting thermometer, food mill, sparagus peeler, ravioli cutter or chopping board box, we have the right product for each recipe.
  13. Gefu - Hamburger skewers TORRO, 2 pcs. (bull + axe)

    Gefu - Hamburger skewers TORRO, 2 pcs. (bull + axe) To keep all parts of your home-made burger well in place, just fix the bun, the patty and the delicious garnish with the hamburger skewers. They are also perfect for attractively serving barbecue kebabs. to skewer hamburgers for barbecue kebabs with or without meat decoration: bull and axe L 19,0 cm, W 3,3 cm, H 0,2 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher safe
  14. Gefu - STRAPO lid opener

    Gefu - STRAPO lid opener Unscrew and open bottles and jars, with a diameter of up to 8.5 cm, effortlessly and ecomodically thanks to the internal gumming, which grasps and loosens any lid. Equipped with an ergonomic handle. Dishwasher safe. Material: resin. Measurements: 9 x 22 cm. Available in colors: red, pink, mint and blue.
  15. Gefu - Mortar MACINO

    GEFU mortar MACINO With the mortar your own spice mixtures succeed in no time. This massive mortar makes it possible to pound spices in the traditional way fresh to get the full flavor. The rounded bottom and the massive pestle are ideal for the preparation of herbal pastes, spice salts and Italian pesto. Available in the colors: red, pink, mint and blue.
    Special Price €10.49 Regular Price €13.11
  16. Gefu - Spiral Slicer SPIRELLI + Kitchen Tweezers Set

    Gefu - Spiral Slicer SPIRELLI + Kitchen Tweezers Set Gefu - Spiral Slicer SPIRELLI + Kitchen Tweezers Set - With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 mm spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes, and to decorate serving dishes. The combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel means it can be cleaned simply in the dishwasher. Special, sturdy Japanese blades made of stainless steel Create endless Julienne strips Two Julienne sizes - 2x3 mm and 3.5x5 mm Dishwasher-safe Stainless steel / plastic Ø 7 x H 13,5 cm Multi-purpose tweezers: good for turning food in pots and pans, taking it out and serving at the table. Balanced springing for optimal power transmission. Pronged bottom for exact grabbing. With hanger. Length: 30 cm. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe for turning food in pots and pans balanced springing for optimal power transmission pronged bottom for exact grabbing with hanger length: 30 cm stainless steel dishwasher safe
  17. Gefu - FUTURE Glass Straw 8 pcs

    Glass Straw FUTURE, 23 cm, varicoloured set of 8 pcs, brush inclusive


    Care for the environment combined with elegance! This set of straws made of recyclable glass offers a reusable, taste-neutral alternative to plastic.

    A stylish and also future-oriented way to enjoy water, juices, smoothies, coffee specialities and cocktails.

    Including cleaning brush heat-resistant and taste-neutral Ø 0,8 cm, L 23,0 cm

    Borosilicate glass dishwasher safe.

  18. Kuchenprofi - BBQ thermometer

    Küchenprofi - BBQ thermometer - Simultaneous monitoring of the core temperature of the grill, as well as the grill and oven. Incl. Timer and stopwatch, as well as illuminated display. Portable receiver with mounting clip on the back. Range: up to 100 m Display selectable ° C / ° F Measuring range 0 ° C to 350 ° C Material: stainless steel. .
  19. Gefu - Fine Grater RAFINO + End-piece Holder

    Grate Parmesan, ginger, chocolate, lemon zest, cinnamon sticks and other hard foodstuffs effortlessly and finely thanks to this fine grater’s extremely sharp laser-cut blades. Finger guard including storage container long, concave grating surface for quick, efficient and safe grating ultra-sharp laser-cut blades transparent protective cover collects grated material and makes for precise pouring non-slip base hanging loop Grater dimensions: W 32.4 cm / 12 ¾ in., D 4.6 cm / 1 ¾ in., H 2.2 cm / 1 in. Finger guard dimensions: W 8.5 cm / 3 in., D 5 cm / 2 in., H 5 cm / 2 in. high-grade stainless steel / plastic / ABS / PP / SAN / TPR dishwasher-safe When it comes to grating hard food such as Parmesan, ginger, nutmeg, lemon, carrots, cinnamon sticks ? you name it ? this fine grater’s extremely sharp laser-cut blades come into their own! The long concave surface makes grating quick, efficient and safe and prevents the food from slipping to one side. Very practical: the protective cover can be used as a tray for the grated material and, thanks to the small opening at the end, to measure it out. A non-slip base and the ergonomic handle made of soft-grip material make it safe to use. The end-piece holder with integrated storage container is simply pushed onto the grating area, where it then guides the food for grating, thereby allowing the entire food item to be grated quickly and completely. Small ingredients such as nutmeg or garlic can be kept in the closable storage container. Suitable for use with all graters in the RAFINO series.
  20. Gefu - Egg stand BRUNCH

    This egg stand can be used not only to place up to four eggs in boiling water and take them out quickly and easily but also to serve them when boiled. for boiling and serving four eggs of sizes S to XL adjustable stainless steel stand for pots of 12 cm diameter and bigger W 10.5 cm, D 10.5 cm, H 20 cm high-grade stainless steel / nylon dishwasher-safe Two adjustable stainless steel plates hold four eggs of sizes S to XL safely in the pot while boiling. When they are done, just take the eggs out, move the upper plate down onto the lower one, put the eggs back and serve them! The stylish combination of stainless steel and the black plastic of the ring-shaped handle makes the egg stand a practical and beautiful table accessory. The egg stand can be used in pots of 12 cm diameter and above.
  21. Gefu - Tomato and mozzarella cutter CAPRESE

    Gefu - Tomato and mozzarella cutter CAPRESE

    Product information :

    There’s no faster way to make a tasty caprese, thanks to the cleverly arranged special blades which cut into the tomato or mozzarella one after the other, effortlessly producing slices of equal size.

    The perfect tool to have on hand when the time is right for a fresh Italian salad.

    Special toothed blades for up to 9 evenly cut 8mm slices anti-slip ridges ergonomic handles

    L 20,4 cm, W 11,8 cm, H 7,5 cm high-grade stainless steel / high-grade blade steel / plastic

    Dishwasher safe.

  22. Gefu - Rotary Grater - PECORINO

    Thanks to its two interchangeable drums, the rotary grater is suited for making shavings and fine crumbs. Just put hard cheese, nuts, chocolate or garlic into the inlet funnel, turn the handle - and done! The sophisticated engineering of the rotary grater allows the almost complete utilization of the material you want to grate while keeping your hands safely away from it and guaranteeing odour-free and clean working. And you are sure to be able to interchange the drums with a few movements. The secret is the sharpness of the grating drums, which it owes to the Laser Cut Technique. Rotary grater PECORINO LASER CUT 2 interchangeable grater drums (fine and coarse) For grating cheese/nuts/garlic/chocolate etc. Closable storage compartment Grating directly into the storage compartment possible Odour-free working Material is grated completely, without waste Easy interchanging of drums Dismountable for easy cleaning Stainless steel/plastic - dishwasher safe EAN 40 06664 19060 2
  23. Gefu - Rotary grater with 3 drums - TRANSFORMA

    Cut coarsely, finely or into slices: the multifunctional rotary grater with its extra sharp LASER CUT drums processes fruit, vegetables, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate, nuts etc. ... at a flick of the wrist. multifunctional: for vegetables, fruit, cheese, chocolate, nuts etc... with 3 extra sharp LASER CUT drums: for fine flakes, coarse gratings or thin slices comes with a pusher for safe insertion high base for work with high-rimmed bowls detachable casing easily transformed into a meat mincer using bayonet lock (supplement item 19020, meat mincer attachment) with suction foot and extra wide table clamp for worktops up to 8 cm / 3 in. thick L 27.5 cm / 10 ¾ in., W 13.5 cm / 5 ¼ in., H 28.6 cm / 11 ¼ in., W 13.5 cm / 5 ¼ in., drum diameter 8.2 cm / 2 ¼ in. high-grade stainless steel / plastic dishwasher-safe drums, casing and pusher additional drums: supplement items 19010 "crown grater" and "Bircher grater" This multifunctional rotary grater with its three extra sharp LASER CUT drums transforms vegetables, fruit, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate and nuts into fine flakes or coarse chippings. Thin slices of cucumber or potato are also easy and safe to make. The grated or sliced material easily slides out of the conical drums. Safe insertion is guaranteed by a practical pusher. The extra high base allows even high-rimmed bowls to be placed underneath the rotary grater. A safe stand is ensured by a suction foot which can optionally be fastened to worktops or table tops up to 8 cm thick by means of a table clamp.
  24. Gefu - Porcelain mortar with grater SURI

    The notches worked into this porcelain mortar help to crush spices especially finely. A grater in the lid serves to quickly and easily break down ginger, nutmeg etc. notches worked into the mortar for a most finely ground product porcelain grater with silicone ring non-slip silicone base pouring lip for easy re-filling pestle made of peach wood dia. 13.5 cm / 5 1/3 in., H 6.5 cm / 2 ½ in, pestle: L 15 cm / 6 in porcelain / silicone / wooden pestle dishwasher-safe mortar and grater Freshly ground spices are what this porcelain mortar with its non-slip base is used for. The mortar bowl has small notches on the inside which make for a very finely crushed product. The handy pestle is made of peach wood which is especially easy on the mortar surface. A practical pouring lip keeps your kitchen tidy. The lid doubles as a grater for ginger, nutmeg and the like, and a silicone ring makes sure it rests on the mortar safely.
  25. Gefu - Spiral slicer SPIRELLI XL

    Elegant design and high grade materials are combined with functionality: the SPIRELLI XL spiral slicer transforms even thicker vegetables such as radishes, beetroots, potatoes or courgettes into appetizing, extra wide endless julienned spirals. It will be offered along with peeler UNIVERSALE in an elegant box. A perfect gift for culinary pleasure ! Spiral slicer SPIRELLI XL for vegetables up to 6.5 cm / 2 ½ in. dia. julienned spirals of 2 different widths: 4.5 mm, 8 mm (0 11/64 in., 0 5/16 in.) attachable vegetable holder with 3 stainless steel pins ensures a safe hold from the start comes with cleaning brush height 21.5 cm / 8 ½ in., dia. 9 cm / 3 ½ in. japanese blade steel high-grade stainless steel, plastic dishwasher-safe
    Special Price €36.00 Regular Price €45.00
  26. Gefu - Straining/ dumpling cloth

    Gefu - Straining cloth. For dumplings. For berry straining. For making cheese. Pure cotton . approx. 75 x 62 cm. Washable boil-proof 95°C. Cloth may shrink in the wash.
  27. Gefu - Pot mat Gardio

    This flexible, slip-proof pot mat makes the worktop heat-resistant: being of adjustable size, it is suited for any commercial pot format. adjustable to fit any commercial pot size (15 - 26 cm / 6 - 10 in) heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F slip-proof foldable for space-saving storage high-grade stainless steel, silicone, nylon The combination of high-grade stainless steel and silicone and nylon, both heat-resistant up to 240°C / 466°F, makes the pot mat a practical kitchen utensil of utmost flexibility: its size is adjustable to fit any commercial pot format, and it provides slip-proof protection both for table top and worktop. After use it transforms into a compact triangle which takes up little space in the kitchen drawer or on the kitchen rail.
    Special Price €13.05 Regular Price €16.31
  28. Gefu - BBQ grill pan - big

    Tasty treats, such as barbecued vegetables, fine scallops or a delicious gilthead bream are cooked gently and healthily in the high-quality stainless-steel barbecue grill pan. for pan dishes from the barbecue gentle and healthy cooking heat circulation through ventilation slots 43 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm (16,9 in x 9.8 in x 1,1 in) high-quality stainless steeldishwasher-safe The integrated ventilation slots in the high-quality stainless-steel barbecue grill pan - which is of course dishwasher-safe - allow the hot air to circulate ideally and therefore produce perfect cooking results. It allows a gentle and healthy preparation of vegetables, fish and seafood on the barbecue!
  29. Gefu - Ravioli/Pasta-case maker

    The ravioli/pasta-case maker of 3 pieces is ideal for the preparation of larger quantities of Ravioli or pasta-case: simply place a sheet of dough onto the flour-sprinkled ravioli maker (1) and press down using the plastic mould (2). Put any filling you want into the equal cups (3), brush the edges with an eggand- milk mixture and cover with another sheet of dough. Run the rolling pin across the dough with light pressure (4), then overturn the maker and the twelve dough pockets will come off easily. Features: - Aluminium / plastic - Including wooden roller - Dishwasher safe
    Special Price €20.20 Regular Price €23.77
  30. Gefu - Rosti Grater

    Gefu - Rosti Grater Gefu has created a world of prodottti ranging from the preparation to the modern kitchen table. Quality materials create a set aesthetic and armonioso- for fantasy in the kitchen there are no more limits. Whether it's Asian cuisine, Meditterranean, Caribbean or Italian - and any aesthetic pleasure of the palate is satisfied Machine Rosti is an accessory for the kitchen to make the German original Rosti quickly and easily. You can also use a stripping: potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, eggplant .... Japanese steel blade. Retro: ginger, apples, nutmeg. With suspension eye. Plastic / stainless steel.
  31. Gefu - VIOLI -Slicer adjustable for vegetables

    Gefu - VIOLI -Slicer adjustable for vegetables New GEFU -
    With the slicer Violi of Gefu'll be able to accomplish in a very short time slices of fruit or vegetables uniform thickness. You want the potatoes cut into thin slices or washers crunchy carrots for vegetables in the pan? Regardless of the recipe you want to achieve, with the slicer you will reach good results. The slicer (32 x 9 x 5.5 cm) in black plastic and stainless steel will offer 5 different cutting thicknesses, from 1 to 5 mm. The finger will allow you to fix the fruit or vegetables that you are going to slice - thus avoiding injury to yourself and to maximize the amount cut. The blade is made of Japanese steel knife and stands out for its sharp sharpening. This will allow you to slice even apples, cabbage and other foods from the hard consistency, ensuring excellent results with minimal effort. The blade is easily interchangeable. The special form will prevent that you may get hurt by the blade when not the slicer is not in use. The foot pads silicone cause the slicer can also be firmly on ceramic dinner plates. Drilling practices allow this kitchen utensil by very sharp blade to be fixed on the edge of bowls and pots. The practical stainless steel ring on the end of the handle will allow you to hang the slicer above the kitchen. All tool components are dishwasher safe.
  32. Gefu - Lorenzo - The grinder coffee - kitchen

    Gefu - Lorenzo - Millstone coffee - kitchen The grinder of Lorenzo Gefu will be able to satisfy your desire for a load of freshly ground coffee aroma. This grinder is made of stainless steel of high quality and black plastic is operated by hand, so as to be used wherever and however it is not necessary to consume the electrical energy. Thus even on holiday at a campsite not have to give up fresh flavor of your freshly ground coffee. The crank of large dimensions provides a good grip to the hand during use and is able to exploit the force used without there being excessively tired to bring to an end the grinding of coffee beans. You can set 11 levels the degree of grinding coffee directly on the junction between the grinder and handle, coarser for French press, the average American coffee and the finest espresso. In this way you can always prepare a coffee that will release all its aroma. The ceramic grinder the size extra large will always give excellent results regardless of the type of grinding you choose. It will be needed very few gestures to obtain ground coffee to prepare up to 4 cups of coffee. Ceramic is also odorless and tasteless. The ground coffee obtained will fall in clear plastic container having a graduated scale, which allows you to get more prominently his level. The support also provides the necessary stability during the grinding. To use completed is recommended to wash by hand all the components of the grinder. Article Details: Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 24 cm Warranty: 5 years Capacity: 4 cups Adjustable ceramic grinder with 11 levels of grinding, graduated scale for measuring the degree of grinding
  33. Gefu - Digital Radio Roast Thermometer with timer HANDI

    Cook and roast with precision! Enjoy the ease and autonomy that cooking or roasting with the digital radio roast thermometer brings. You will constantly receive updates on the temperature which will be displayed on the hand device and received by radio. As soon as the meat is cooked as well as you want it, a signal will sound. Using the roast thermometer you can access pre-programmed cooking times for different meats. The integrated timer serves as a tool for the precise preparation of other dishes. Measures temperature during food preparation Timer: up to 99 min. 59 sec. Alarm when a certain temperature is reached (temperature can be set) Stainless steel probe (180 mm) with 1 m heat resistant cable 2- part sender and receiver Alarm range between sender and receiver: 20 m (range depends on the space and surroundings) Temperature display can be set to °C and °F Can be used with different kinds of meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken...) Choose how well the meat should be cooked (bloody, medium, well done...) Including battery. Steel probe 18 cm long, 1 meter long cable 11,8 cm. x 5 cm. x 2 cm.
  34. Gefu - Meat weight BBQ

    No more curled steaks cooked on the outside but raw on the inside. The meat weight ensures that the steaks and burgers are cooked evenly and rapidly. sturdy wooden handle with incorporated finger recess typically shaped grooves for faster cooking suitable for both grill and pan weight: 1 kg W 20 cm / 7 in., D 10 cm / 4 in., H 6.2 cm / 2 ½ in. cast iron / pakka wood The cast-iron weight for meat allows steaks and burgers to be fried evenly and quickly on the grill or in the pan. The typically shaped grooves not only give the meat an appetising grilled appearance, but they also shorten the frying time. Thanks to the robust wooden handle and the integrated finger recess, the meat weight lies comfortably in your hand. Together with the SPARK hamburger press, it forms the ideal duo for perfectly shaped burger patties.
  35. Gefu - Sha ra ku mono casserole pan cm. 21with handle

    Gefu - Sha ra ku mono casserole pan cm. 21with handle Gefu has created a world of prodottti ranging from the preparation to the modern kitchen table. top-quality materials create an aesthetic and armonioso- together for the imagination in the kitchen there are no limits. Whether it's Asian food, Meditterranean, Caribbean and Italian - every aesthetic pleasure and palate is satisfied. SHA RA KU MONO is a work of the famous designer Komin Yamada Professor, already famous among other things for Global knives he created. Even with this elegant set of pans Komin Yamado he managed again to be mentioned and praised in the catalog of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The production of SHA RA KU MONO, faithful to a nearly thousand-year tradition, takes place in the city of Mizusawa in northern Japan. The manufacturer can boast of being one of the oldest leading companies in the iron industry. The company was founded in the late Edo period, ie in 1852. The success of this house is based on the techniques and traditional skills adopted for the creation of these unique products. The pans SHA RA KU MONO reveal day by day their charm, due to their design and their incomparable multiplicity of use. Casserole SHA RA KU MONO Ideal for cooking and mantenerein hot fish dishes, vegetables and other exotic dishes. E 'can then rest your dishes covering with a lid. stainless steel lid. Diameter: 21 cm. 1.5 l capacity.
  36. Gefu - Potato and juice press JUICY

    Potato and juice press JUICY Nice looking potato and juice press of stable construction and with sturdy mechanical parts. Ideal for potatoes, vegetables and fruit and also for preparation of baby food. The pot can be removed for easy cleaning. Made of stainless steel 18/10. stainless steel 18/10 stable mechanism precious quality dishwasher safe EAN 40 06664 13200 8
  37. Gefu - Salt and Pepper Mill Set X-PLOSION

    Gefu - Salt and Pepper Mill Set X-PLOSION Product information: Pleasing seasoning: this exclusive set is a real highlight for the stylish home of today. Both mills are equipped with the particularly efficient CYCLONE® precision grinder, which always produces the perfect level of grind, from extra-fine to extra-coarse. An X-PLOSION® brings out the full, natural flavour of pepper and salt.

    The set is rounded off by a smart wooden tray with a practical handle.

    The ideal gift even for the cook who has everything.

    Including a tray made of high-quality acacia

    High-quality CYCLONE® ceramic cone grinder for the utmost precision and efficiency fully adjustable grind, from a fine powder to extra-coarse easy-refill spice chamber airtight lid to optimally seal in aroma and protect against moisture

    L 14,0 cm, W 6,8 cm, H 14,0 cm high-grade stainless steel / ceramic grinder / acacia wood / plastic

  38. Gefu - DROPIO plum pitter

    Makes pitting plums an easy job: using DROPIO you can stone small quantities of plums for delicious tarts, compote or other sweet treats in no time at all. Just put the plum in the holder upright, press, and done! And to store it away just lock the handle. Handy tool for pitting plums Lockable for safe storage Cross blade 18/10 stainless steel, ABS plastic Dishwasher-safe
  39. Gefu - DROPIO cherry pitter

    Makes cherry pitting an easy job: using the DROPIO cherry stoner you can pit small quantities of cherries for delicious tarts or sweet treats in no time at all. Just put the cherry into the holder, press, and done! For decoration cherries with stalks, place the stalk into the lateral slit. DROPIO will also easily remove the pits from marinated olives. To store away, just lock the handle. Handy tool for pitting cherries and marinated olives Lockable for safe storage Serrated shaft 18/10 stainless steel, ABS plastic Dishwasher-safe
  40. Gefu - Spiral Cutter SPIRALFIX

    The Spiral Cutter SPIRALFIX is the indespensable kitchen tool for every vegetable fan. Based on the time-tested principle of the pencil sharpener, it transforms countless sorts of vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti, without effort and in no time at all. Using it is simple, convenient and extremely safe: Just open the folding lid, use the adjusting wheel to set the desired width of cut and place the vegetables in the box. Now close the lid, turn the crank handle (pressing down gently), and the desired vegetable spirals fall into the non-slip holding container. The long spirals can be produced with ease because two high-strength special knives made of blade steel work together perfectly in the box. The best part of it is that the two knives are able to cut the vegetables into spirals almost without any scraps. The Spiral Cutter SPIRALFIX is the must-have in hot and cold vegetable cooking for healthy culinary pleasures: It conjures up delicious vegetable spirals in no time at all, making carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, beet, kohl-rabi and even potatoes real culinary eye-catchers on every plate, be it in the title role as a vegetarian dish, as a salad or a side dish to go with meat, fish or pasta 4 different widths of cut for creative recipes: Spiral cut across the entire width of the material, 3 mm, 6 mm or 12 mm wide adjustable via adjusting wheel Thickness of cut: 2.5 mm Special blade steel Folding lid for easy filling Endless spirals produced by magic in no time at all Detachable non-slip holding container for safe standing Splash-guard lid with drive unit detachable for easy cleaning Use with closed lid only, max. filling height 80 mm, Ø 100 mm Material: stainless steel, ABS plastic, SAN Dishwasher-safe