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  1. Sanelli Ambrogio - XFETTA Truffle Slicer Set by Davide Oldani with glove-base-brush

    Sanelli Ambrogio - XFETTA Truffle Slicer Set by Davide Oldani with glove-base-brush

    XFETTA was born from a reflection that has to do with the excellence of a product, with the precision of a 'gesture', and with the 'rule' 

    Chef Davide Oldani What distinguishes our company is passion: an engine that drives us to transform the impossible into reality, even in the face of great obstacles 

    Ambrogio Sanelli XFETTA Damasco Limited Edition is the innovative truffle cutter with a fixed blade, which makes it possible to obviate the problem of adjusting the cut by obtaining a constant, thin blade that is always perfect. Country of Production: Italy Blade dimensions: 8cm. Mandoline Dimensions: 25 x 11cm.

    Material: Nitro-B stainless steel Maintenance: Wash with water only and dry thoroughly. Can only be resharpened by contacting the manufacturer.

    Note: Developed in collaboration with Chef Davide Oldani

    The new gift set includes:  in addition to XFETTA, truffle glove, brush and walnut base. Ideal complement to the now iconic fixed-blade truffle slicer.

    TRUFFLE GLOVE / TRUFFLE GLOVE. Ideal truffle glove, with additional protection on 3 fingers, ideal companion to XFETTA.

    In single box. 

    Truffle brush, FSC-certified beechwood frame - bristles  made of 100% natural Tampico fibres

    Dimensions: 9 x 5 cm.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  2. NUTS - Biodegradable cotton bowl covers set - LEAVES 3 pieces

    NUTS - Biodegradable cotton bowl covers set  - LEAVES 3 pieces

    Advantages of fabric bowl covers: 

    Cotton bowl covers are great for storing food in the fridge, transporting it or keeping it fresh at the table or in the kitchen.

    They keep insects away and are very suitable for picnics in the garden or on the terrace.

    They can also be used to cover cooking pots or bowls.

    They are also breathable, so you can also cover a dough to let it rise.


    100% natural cotton

    Can be used on both sides

    Natural elasticised rubber

    100% natural and plastic-free

    Machine washable

    Biodegradable and compostable

    Dimensions of the bowl covers of the different sets: (Diameter: S: 20 cm, M: 25 cm, L: 30 cm)

    Set of 3 green leaves: 1 x size S, 1 x size M, 1 x size L


    Quantity 3 pieces

    Material 100% natural cotton

    Version Green leaves.

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  3. NUTS - Nuts Textile Cork Bread Bag with Cord

    NUTS - Nuts Textile Cork Bread Bag with Cord

    If you're on a mission to reduce waste at home, you'll love this gorgeous reusable vegan wax roll from Nuts Innovations.

    The cork and cotton bread bags come in 2 different sizes and will brighten up any breakfast table!

    The practical bread bag is also a bread basket at the same time.

    If you flip the top of the bag twice, then the bag becomes a bread basket.

    Ideal, therefore, for placing bread immediately on the table.

    Cork bottom gives the bag stability.


    Beautify your breakfast table with this bag, ideal for storing sandwiches, bread, dried fruit, biscuits and much more.

    Just hit the top of the bag and you will already have a bread basket that is a real eye-catcher.

    Keeps fresh after breakfast you can simply pull the bag with the cotton cord.

    Thanks to the breathable properties of the cotton fabric, the remaining bread stays fresh and can be easily stored.


    The bag is not only suitable for bread, but also for the environmentally friendly storage of other foods.

    Store e.g. potatoes, cakes, sweets and fruit in this bag.

    Or use the basket for snacks such as salt, crisps, biscuits or nuts.


    not only good for your sandwiches, but also for the environment. The bag is made of natural cork and cotton materials and is guaranteed plastic-free.

    The fabric is breathable and thus guarantees optimal air exchange.

    Thanks to the high-quality workmanship,

    the bag can be used for a long time.

    Easy to clean:

    after use, the bag can be easily removed.


    It can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

    If the bag should show stains or other dirt, it can be easily washed by hand.

    Available sizes:

    Diameter cm. 16 height cm. 18,5

    Diameter 20 cm. height 22 cm.

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  4. NUTS - LEAVES vegan wax food wraps 4 pieces

    NUTS - LEAVES vegan wax roll 4 pieces

    If you're on a mission to reduce waste in the home, you'll love this gorgeous reusable vegan wax roll from Nuts Innovations.

    Ditch the cling film and foil and replace it with this eco-friendly product made from 100% vegan materials, namely organic cotton, candelilla wax, soy wax, tree resin and coconut oil.

    Natural, beautiful and plastic-free food packaging.

    A great alternative to cling film and aluminium foil with antibacterial properties.

    4 vegan vegetable wax films 

    1x 16 x 16 cm

    1x 18 x 20 cm,

    1x 25 x 28 cm

    1x 33 x 35.5 cm

    The vegan plant waxes are made of 100% natural materials: organic cotton, candle wax, soy wax, jojoba oil and tree resin.

    They are reusable, biodegradable and sustainable

    Perfect for packing all kinds of cheese, bread, cakes, vegetables, fruit, berries and leftovers Reusable for up to one year

    Clean with cold water and environmentally friendly soap

    Wipes can also be used to cover small bowls.

    Not suitable for raw meat and fish

    Only 7 left
    Only 7 left
  5. NUTS - Beeswax cloth bee-Maja

    NUTS - Maja Beeswax Cloth

    If you're on a mission to reduce waste in the home, you'll love this gorgeous reusable vegan wax roll from Nuts Innovations.

    Ditch the cling film and foil and replace it with this eco-friendly product made from 100% vegan materials, namely organic cotton, candelilla wax, soy wax, tree resin and coconut oil.

    Cotton cloth soaked in beeswax.

    Natural, beautiful and plastic-free food packaging.

    An excellent alternative to cling film and aluminium foil with antibacterial properties.

    The towels are easy to use.

    The warmth of your hands makes the cloth flexible and allows it to adhere to smooth surfaces.

    It is reusable, easy to clean and compostable.

    100% natural materials: organic cotton, beeswax, tree sap and coconut oil

    To keep fresh in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

    Dimensions: 25x25 cm.

    Only 9 left
    Only 9 left
  6. NUTS - Beeswax - Rewax Set (do it yourself)

    Mix of beeswax to repair used beeswax cloths and to make your own beeswax cloths. Details:

    Beeswax blend consists of organic beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin Specially designed to wax and refresh cotton cloths. The ingredients are food-safe, organic and pesticide-free.

    Repair: Beeswax cloths last about 1 year if properly cared for. Through regular use and cleaning, beeswax cloths lose adhesion as their lifespan increases. The repair wax mixture can be used to restore it easily.

    Making: To make your own beeswax cloths, you only need 1 piece (5 grams) of the Repair-Tafel beeswax mixture per 150-300cm2 of cotton fabric. The exact quantity depends on the weight of the fabric. To make your beeswax cloths, we recommend a very thin, unprinted organic cotton fabric without synthetic fibres.

    In the oven: Preheat the oven to 80°C

    Place baking paper on the baking tray and place the oilcloth or new cotton cloth on it to be repaired. Using a grater, grate the beeswax mixture onto the cloth and spread it evenly. bake for 5 minutes

    Remove the baking tray from the oven and spread the liquid wax evenly with a brush. Leave to cool and you're done!

    With the iron:

    Lay baking paper on a flat surface and place the wax or cotton cloth on it. Using a grater, grate the beeswax mixture onto the cloth and spread it evenly, then place a second baking paper on top. Iron the beeswax mixture with an iron. Allow to cool, remove the baking paper and you're done!


    Weight 60 g

    Material Organic beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin.

    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  7. NUTS - Vegan Wax Roll - LEAVES CM 30.5X90

    NUTS - Vegan Wax Roll - LEAVES CM 30.5X90

    If you're on a mission to reduce waste in the home, you'll love this gorgeous reusable vegan wax roll from Nuts Innovations.

    Ditch the cling film and foil and replace it with this eco-friendly product made from 100% vegan materials, namely organic cotton, candelilla wax, soy wax, tree resin and coconut oil.

    This biodegradable product is an excellent natural alternative to food storage and packaging options.

    Allows food to breathe and store fruit, vegetables, bread, bakery products, herbs, fermented foods such as kombucha, leavened dough and whatever else you want to use in a nice and fresh way!

    It is easy to clean and can be cut to any size.

    The stylish DIY vegan refreshment kit, which can be purchased on our website or in shop, extends the life of the roll, ensuring maximum use before it's time to compost it.

    All the right reasons to have this plastic-free product in your zero-waste home... 

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  8. Lékué - Home Baker Kit

    The perfect gift for home bread lovers.

    Finding the perfect gift has never been easier! For bread fans, both beginners and gourmets, choose the Bread Maker with this set made of high-quality textile materials: 100% cotton apron and bag to preserve the bread.

    Product set consisting of:

    Bread Maker: Making bread is a satisfying task that is much easier than you think: weigh, mix, knead, leaven and bake. Now you can do all of this in the Lékué bread maker. The container is made of 100% platinum silicone, a high-quality material that can be used between -60º and 240ºC, so it can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer. It can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

    The Bread Maker is a multi-purpose container that you can use to weigh and knead the bread, let it rise, and then close the flap and bake. Thanks to its design, the bread maker preserves moisture in the cooking process, obtaining bread that is tender on the inside and crusty on the outside.

    Capacity to make a bread of 500 gr.

    It includes a recipe booklet with basic recipes, whole grain recipes, and recipes for coeliacs, among others.

    Bread bag: Made of 100% cotton, it works as a container or as a bag thanks to its drawstring closure. Use it to keep fresh bread safely. With an exclusive design by Ana Seixas for Lékué.

    Apron: Made 100% in cotton. It is also perfect to use it at mid-waist if you wish. With an exclusive design by Ana Seixas for Lékué. In order to take advantage of the packaging and use it as gift wrap, the "loop" information label turns into an attractive bow.

    Just flip it over! Don't waste single-use wrapping paper, take advantage of the Kit's packaging to gift it directly.

    Medidas Bread Maker: mm L280 – W230 – H130 |

    Bag: mm L350 – W300 |

    Apron: mm L720 – W700

    Material Bread Maker: 100% Platinum Silicone |

    Bag and apron: 100% cotton

    Temperature Bread Maker: -20ºC / +100ºC

    Capacity Bread Maker: 600 ml

    Appropriate for Bread maker: Oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  9. Lékué - Clean & Store - 3-in-1 Colander

    3-in-1 Colander

    This 3-in-1 kitchen colander will allow you to wash vegetables, fruit and other ingredients, drain them and keep them fresh until they are cooked and/or used in a single container. It allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce preparation time, making the washing process easier and faster. From the sink to the fridge in a flash! A 3-in-1 container that will make the ingredient washing process much quicker, easier and more enjoyable. You no longer need to use several containers; with a single product you can carry out 3 actions for which you previously needed different products.

    You no longer need different bowls or utensils to wash, drain and store. This 3-in-1 colander turns into a storage solution to store vegetables in the fridge and keep them fresh until they are used. This colander for washing food also allows you to soak different ingredients and then drain them in a very easy, quick and effective way.

    How do we use it? Open the lid and unfold the colander, add the ingredients and water to the indicated line, wash or soak (10 minutes), lift the colander and place it on the lid (to avoid getting wet), throw away the water in the base, place the colander back on the base and fold, put the lid on and it's ready to store in the fridge until you're ready!

    There are holes in the base of the colander to drain the water. To control the amount of water used during washing, the container has a mark (droplet of water).

    Do not fill the colander beyond this mark.

    Material: 100%

    Platinum Silicone + PP

    Dimensions: mm L215 x W215 x H75

    Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC

    Suitable for: Refrigerator and dishwasher.

    Capacity: 1.5 L (folded) and 3 L (extended) Manufactured in PP and 100% Platinum Silicone, a high-quality, strong and resistant material. Suitable for the dishwasher and BPA-free.

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    Only 2 left
  10. Zwilling - Fresh & Save Vacuum Container in borosilicate glass

    The Fresh & Save vacuum containers are designed to work with the vacuum pump to keep food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage. They are available in borosilicate glass or BPA-free plastic. Both versions are nestable and freezer, microwave (without vacuum seal), and dishwasher safe. Glass containers are ovenproof (without lid) and double as beautiful serving pieces at the table. Each container style is available in a range of sizes so you can store an entire leftover dinner, a light lunch, or a small to-go snack. With the Fresh & Save system, you can shop once a week and refrigerate or freeze fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish in our vacuum containers and bags and enjoy the benefits of your own fresh market at home. Prepare your meals days in advance and enjoy them as fresh as the day they were cooked. Cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for the grill in just 30 minutes in the vacuum bags and containers. Here's how it works: Dock the vacuum pump onto the container or bag valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air in mere seconds. It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been obtained, locking in flavor, aromas, and vitamins. Made of lightweight and breakproof BPA-free plastic Freezer safe, microwave safe (without vacuum seal), and dishwasher safe All sizes are nestable for easy storage Container lids feature double seal to create a perfect seal For use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump Materials: BPA-free, plastic (container lid), silicone (valve, seal) Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer – Reduce food waste Reuse containers and bags – Save money while reducing waste Plan meals for the week – Save time and eat healthier

    Fresh & Save containers are available in 3 sizes capacity (without lid) / max. fill level:S 0.4 l / 0.3 l,M 1.1 l, 0.9 l,L 2.3 l / 2 l.
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    Only 16 left
  11. Brix - Nylon Stirr - 3-speed Sauce Stirrer

    Brix - Nylon Stirr - 3-speed Sauce StirrerA revolution in your pan!This ingenious product takes the effort out of constant stirring. With Stirr, all sorts of sauces, soups, and custards can be stirred automatically.With just the push of a button, Stirr will smoothly turn itself, infusing flavours and helping to prevent food sticking to the bottom of the pan.Features and benefits:• Winner of Red Dot Design Award • Hands free stirring • Saves time because you can do other things while Stirr™ does the work • Safe for non-stick pots and pans • Legs are easily removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe • Heat resistant (max 125°C) • Battery operated (uses 4 standard AA batteries)Size: 22 x 13 x 13 cm Net weight: 138 g Colours: White and dark grey Material: TPE, PP, PA66
    Special Price $21.92 Regular Price $28.06
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    Only 1 left
  12. Zielonka - Zilosoap - Soap remove odors

    SOLUZIONE IDROALCOLICA 75%SKU SAN01Soluzione spray idroalcolica 75% per indumenti, superfici e strumenti.È conforme alla formulazione raccomandata dall'OMS.200 ml.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  13. Adhoc - Toothpick dispenser STUZZI, white

    Adhoc - Toothpick dispenser STUZZI, whiteacrylic/stainless steel L: 8,5 cm, W: 7 cm, H: 4,7 cm Design: AdHoc Design TeamThe STUZZI toothpick dispenser, which looks like a molar, is very easy to use. Simply raising and lowering the tooth dispense a toothpick through the slot in the center. The enclosed design ensures hygienic storage and use. To fill STUZZI, simply lift off the top section. The storage compartment is designed for standard 6.8 cm long wooden or plastic toothpicks.Special featuresA toothpick is dispensed by raising and lowering the toothAlso suitable for plastic toothpicksHygienic and practical for storage and useCan be filled with standard toothpicks (length: approx. 6.8 cm)
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    Only 2 left
  14. Novac - Glove Stainless steel Q-safe

    The muffle O'Safe chainmail is a real safety glove stainless steel glove used as a chip or butcher glove. Mitten O'Safe by NOVAC, manufactured in France opens oysters, shellfish but also the cutting of fish and meats with 100% security.

    The chainmail protective muffle O'Safe by Novac is a 100% stainless steel ambidextrous glove that allows the opening of oysters, shellfish safely without the risk of cuts. The muffle chainmail is also suitable for cutting fish and meat. Issue professional technologies, chainmail muffle protects the hand holding the oyster shots accidental knife and cuts caused by the shell of the oyster.

    The block has a wrist strap and a tightening forearm through self-adjusting patented ultra deformable flat spring. This system suits all body types and ensures a perfect fit in time. The spring is attached to the chain mail.

    Buy the knife O'knife oysters Novac. Characteristics : - Material: Stainless steel Suitability: Made in France, the muffle chainmail is suitable for the work of cutting up meat and fish. Certification to ISO 13999-1 EN. Mitten O'Safe EN 420: Protective gloves - General requirements EN 1082-1 ​​and ISO 13999-1: gloves and chain mail arm guards protecting against cuts and stabs by hand knives. NF EN 1811 Reference test method for release of nickel from products intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

    The muffle chainmail is suitable for the work of cutting up meat and fish. Certification to ISO 13999-1 EN.

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    Only 4 left
  15. Victorinox - Knife Shield - V - 7.9037 - Cut Resistant Glove

    Guanto "Knife SHIELD" - Sicuro, Versatile, Comodo.

    I guanti antitaglio Knife SHIELD hanno un elevato livello di protezione ed ottima resistenza al taglio. Estremamente morbidi, flessibili, di color bianco brillante e senza filo metallico.

    Applicazioni: guanti protettivi per mattatoi, catene alimentari (mano opposta a quella del coltelo), macellerie, lavorazioni di pollame e suini.

    Disponibile  in :

    Bordo Blue . Taglia 9-L

    Bordo rosso  Taglia 8-M

    Bordo bianco: Taglia 7-S

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    Only 7 left
  16. Pulltex - Drip for decanter - wine

    Pulltex - Drip for decanter - wine

    Pulltex is the most important brand of wine accessories that provides a wide range of corkscrews and other accessories for professional wine lovers. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, now it occupies first place in the market. The corkscrew of Pulltex are protected with more than 20 international patents especially the patent for the original double lever corkscrew, as well as the double lever and retractable. These patents are a revolution for all the waiters  Pulltex brand is on the market with a smaller number of wine accessories and with the idea of ​​offering a better and easier. After the first lever corkscrew, and 'was launched on the market PULLTAP'S who reinvented a whole new way to uncork a bottle of wine, the patent has been around the international market

     Currently, Pulltex is a brand well-placed on the market, offering a full range of accessories designed for all times used to serve wine. Pulltex is and stands for innovation, design, the 'originality, functionality and most importantly, the quality of its products.

    Pulltex - Drip for decanter - wine

    Easy to use is a practice range in felt to be applied to the neck of any decanter thanks to the possibility to be adjustable. 

    In stylish modern Transparent Plastic Gift Box

    Special Price $5.62 Regular Price $7.02
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    Only 1 left
  17. Zielonka - Zilosoap - Soap remove odors

    Zilosoap plus

    Saponetta in acciaio inox-zilosoap active ad azione antibatterica:
    l'argento attivo integrato elimina il 99,4 dei batteri impedendone cosi la trasmissione da una persona all'altra
    è in grado di neutralizzare anche gli odori più persistenti sulle mani, come quelli di cipolla, aglio o pesce
    di durata pressoché illimitata, non si esaurisce
    non necessita di additivi chimici ed è quindi ecologicamente compatibile.

    Disponibile nei colori nero e rosso.
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    Only 4 left
  18. Modern Twist - The coaster set of 4

    MODERN TWIST STREAM COASTER SILVER SET OF 4 When Bay Area founder Kat Nori developed Modern Twist, she sought to bring better living through design, function and social responsibility. Drawing on her background in organic farming and nutrition as well as her innate sense for design, she chose silicon – made of sand, rock and oxygen to be completely pure and food grade. She then began individually curing and hand silk screening each piece and forming collaborative relationships with independent artists to bring unique designs to each piece. Good for people and the planet, all Modern Twist products are free of lead, latex and byproducts and are built to last.Why silicon? Made of sand, rock and oxygen, itʼs so pure and safe that it has traditionally been used in the medical industry. Further, itʼs:memory-free always retains original shape translucency enhances & reveals natural grain of table resistant to extreme conditions and temperatures naturally anti-microbial dishwasher & dryer safe silky soft free of BPA, PVC, lead, latex & pthalates Wipe with soap and water to clean, or toss in the dishwasher. If the time ever comes, itʼs 100% recyclable…but these are pieces that youʼll admire for a long time to come.MEASUREMENT W 4" L 4" MATERIAL silk-screened silicone OTHER INFO made from recycable food-grade silicone. BPA & harsh chemical-free. easy-to- clean, non-porous & germ-free
    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  19. Bottelo - Transparent Bags to transport bottles

    Bottelo - Transparent Bags to transport bottles of wine, oil ...

    Spanish product, with a waterproof plastic, inner bubble cover.

    If the bottle breaks, the liquid is inside the Bottelo bag.

    Bottelo transparent 75cl.

    Only 9 left
    Only 9 left
  20. Brix - ChopChop Gourmet Set (4 pcs)

    ChopChop Gourmet Set (4 pcs)

    The original ChopChop flexible cutting board is perfect for chopping. Funnel food directly into bowl or pan. Takes up very little space, and is therefore ideal for your kitchen as well as for camping, boating etc. The Gourmet Set has the same qualities as the original ChopChop flexible cutting board. But the four different coloured mats, for each food type, helps to prevent cross contamination, which makes ChopChop an even better (more hygienic) alternative to the old wooden cutting boards that are often unhygienic and heavy. Furthermore the ChopChop flexible cutting board renders superfluous the old wooden cutting boards. HYGIENIC AND HANDY - FOR YOUR KITCHEN Ideal for rolling dough and cooling cookies. Protects your countertop. ChopChop is made of polypropylene, and has no sharp edges. Dishwasher safe. Size: 38,2 x 29,5 x 0,1 cm (single item) Net weight: 240 g (4 x 60 g) Colours: Transparent yellow, green, red & blue Material: PP Country of origin: USA

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  21. cilio - easy clean cleaning beads - 544299

    cilio - Easy clean cleaning beads - 544299

    Small 3 mm reusable stainless steel beads remove all types of deposits without effortful scrubbing or chemical cleaners. Simply swing them together with water in the
    container. Whether it's tea, coffee or red wine - your kettles, jugs, pitchers and vases will be as good as new.


    Fill the container with 1⁄4 cup of water.
    Add the cleaning beads
    to the water.
    Swing the container with the cleaning beads.

    If necessary, add a little detergent, lemon juice or vinegar, depending on the degree of deposits.
    Drain the cleaning beads in a fine-mesh sieve.

    Rinse and allow to dry.


    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  22. Gefu - Utensils holder with divider SMARTLINE

    Gefu - Utensils holder with divider SMARTLINEThis stylish utensil container has 10 compartments offering space for both small and large kitchen aids. The removable insert makes it easy to clean. The base plate, deliberately designed to be heavy, and the non-slip feet give it stability and steadiness.10-compartments to hold different sizes of kitchen aids heavy base for steadiness non-slip feet removable partitioning insert is dishwasher-safe L 22,0 cm, W 10,2 cm, H 14,2 cm high-grade stainless steel / plastic
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    Only 1 left
  23. Kuchenprofi - Table roll holder - Corona - kitchen

    Kuchenprofi - Table roll holder - Corona - kitchenHigh-quality kitchen accessories with the Kuchenprofi brand combine timeless design and high functionality. Each of the tools can satisfy not only beginners, but also chefs.The stand is open at both ends. Measures: 12.5 x 30 cm
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  24. Lorenzo Dante Ferro - Profumo Per Ambiente - Varie Fragranze

    Profumi d'ambiente alla lavanda e merletti

    L'importanza dei Profumi Italiani per Interni Raffinati In Italia, come nelle altri parti del mondo, ricevere ospiti può rappresentare un momento o un'occasione importante della vita. Gli italiani amano festeggiare ed amano preparare e programmare al meglio questi eventi gioiosi per i loro familiari, amici ed ospiti di riguardo.
    L’attenzione che prestano ad ogni dettaglio, per creare un atmosfera di magia, offre un senso di ospitalità ancora più affascinante sublimata dai Profumi d’Ambiente di Lorenzo Dante Ferro. Possono esser utilizzati nei più variati dei modi: scegliendoli secondo la posizione geografica della Vs. casa (nelle montagne o al mare), possono sottolineare il decoro d’interno della Vs. casa (classico, contemporaneo, country), seguire un tema festivo (le festività natalizie, un te primaverile) oppure sottolineare le origini culturali del Vs. estro culinario (cucina italiana, francese).
    Sentitevi liberi di sperimentare! Diventate i vostri architetti d’interni più affidati quando selezionate i profumi d’ambiente, basandovi sui temi suggeriti dai colori e materiali usati nella Vostra casa.
    La grande importanza dei Profumi d’Ambiente è che sono stati creati per recare piacere assolutamente a tutti, per ogni stile di decoro d’interno, perchè ogni giorno possa diventare davvero speciale. Prendete il tempo per “studiare” bene le zone attorno a Voi.
    Abbiate una particolare attenzione nello spruzzare nei punti che riescono a trattenere più lungamente la percezione del profumo.
    Il costante utilizzo quotidiano dei Profumi d’Ambiente, spruzzati alti nell’aria e poi lasciati decantare, determinerà il carattere speciale di ogni stanza perché sono altamente concentrati e perciò è sufficiente un quantitativo minimo.
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    Only 2 left
  25. Lékué - Flip Storage Set

    Lékué - Flip Storage Set

    These food storage containers are the perfect storage system. Change the volume from 600 ml to 850 ml and 1350 ml to 1600 ml to adapt to different spaces, ingredients, and cooking scenarios. The Flip accessory gives you an extra 250ml capacity when you need it.

    This set includes: one Flip Storage L (from 1350 ml to 1600 ml), two Flip Storage M (from 600 ml to 850 ml) and two Flip Storage Accesories.

    Create your own ideal combination and save space! Flip containers are designed to be used as a single system. Organize your kitchen and make the most of the space with this stackable and modular solution, suitable for use on shelves or in drawers. The unique design of the lid makes the containers easy to stack together.

    These food storage containers are ideal for salt, nuts, pasta, and cereal for example. The transparent container and lid keep the contents on view from any position, so you can organize kitchen drawers and units fuss-free. And at Lékué we've always got our eye on the aesthetics: these aren't just kitchen storage, they're part of the decor. You'll want to have them on show!

    They go beyond simple storage and include 2 accessories for easier emptying: a sprinkling accessory, perfect for powdered goods like cocoa and flour. And a pouring accessory, with two openings to suit a wider range of ingredients.

    The accessories are suitable for the two containers, regardless of capacity, and are placed inside the Flip component. They're easy to fit and remove, depending on how you want to use the container.

    Measures Flip Storage L: mm L103 - W103 - H260/290, Flip Storage M: mm L103 - W103 – H130/162

    Material Platinum silicone + PP + SAN

    Temperature -15ºC / +80ºC

    Capacity Flip Storage M: 600 ml. / 850 ml. | L: 1350 ml. / 1600 ml.

    Appropriate for Dishwasher.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  26. Microplane - Cut Resistant Glove

    Microplane - Cut Resistant Glove Glove Microplane - Secure, Versatile, Convenient. ! Crash protection for lovers of prudence. The cut-resistant glove Microplane allows you to prepare meals in maximum security with its unique construction from design, dishwasher safe, lightweight and comfortable. Made of chemical fibers, the one-size glove fits either hand. We recommend using this glove for all your culinary preparations which require the use of sharp tools. Remember to avoid the sharp edges still just as if it were wearing. The benefit takes over in the event of accidental contact with a sharp edge. It could damage the glove, but not your hand. Made with an unpaid work, cut resistant and wireless Suitable for use with both hands Medium / large (one size) Complies with FDA regulations for food contact Machine washable, air dry (DO NOT dishwasher safe).
    Only 9 left
    Only 9 left
  27. Schonhuber - Set 2 asciugamani

    Un'originalissima torta, che nasconde un'asciugamano in spugna

    (cotone 100%)

    dalle seguenti misure: 20 x 20cm.

    Disponibile in color marrone e rosa.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  28. SousVide - Vacuum Bags 20X30cm

    These bags are used with the vacuum machine SousVide and is a convenient , comfortable , efficient way to get food before cooking them in the oven at a low temperature water SousVide Supreme . Also useful for storing fresh food such as vegetables , fruits , cheeses, meats, fish, meat and all that you want to keep a long time without premature deterioration . Technical Specifications : ITALYPackaging: 50 pieces Size : 20x30 cm
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  29. Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus

    Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus. Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus Neutralises all odors in your dishwasher. No odor superimposed by artificial fragrances. Streak-free shine on glass, stainless steel, porcelain. Effect lasts up to 40 rinses. Does not consume, lasts a lifetime. Without additives, therefore very environmentally friendly. Note. Before first use, wash the stainless steel disc with degreasing detergent and under running water.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  30. Zielonka - Zilotex microfiber cloth

    Zielonka - Zilotex microfiber cloth.

    Special microfiber cloth for stainless steel.

    Antibacterial protection with active silver, for thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning of cookware, stainless steel kitchen utensils, faucets, extractor hoods, cutlery, etc.

    The cloth should be used slightly dampened. Bacteria are absorbed and destroyed.

    • Bacteria are eliminated up to 99.97%.
    • Antibacterial action is guaranteed for the entire life of the product.
    • Replaces the use of dangerous chemicals and disinfectants in household use.
    • Washable up to a temperature of 95° without the addition of softening agents.


    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  31. Schonhuber - Babette cup for utensil

    Schonhuber - Babette utensil cup for pots and grills

    The BABETTE Original is an innovative utensil cup that attaches to your pots and pans when cooking, serving, and can be used as a measuring cup. Adjustable to fit the height of saucepans and pans, it can also hold the lid when attached. Now you can prepare and serve without mess!

    The BABETTE Original is made of a combination of steel and silicone, perfect for cooking on an electric cooker, avoiding drips and spills on worktops and during table service. BABETTE is designed to allow you to leave the lid on. The bracket construction, with its rounded corners, rests gently on its side, to avoid any damage to your non-stick coating. Babette: a clever invention from Norway. When you hang the specially designed container from the saucepan, you have your main cooking utensils readily available while you cook and serve food. With babette hanging from the kettle, you avoid unnecessary mess and dirt on the kitchen worktop or cooker. The clever design allows you to rest the lid on the pan while babette is hanging. In addition, it has a graduated scale inside that allows you to use it as a measuring cup. It can be used directly on the gas cooker or hotplate if you want to heat or melt any food (not suitable for induction). Babette is dishwasher safe and made from recyclable materials.

    Babette steel is made of steel and has silicone rings, black and red. By inserting a silicone ring in the desired colour, you can easily lift or remove the container when it is hot without burning yourself. . The babette series is designed for those who like clever solutions. Whether you are an amateur, an experienced cook or simply a housewife, you will find that this is a very useful product in the kitchen.

    Babette is the ideal gift for "everyone who has everything".

    Out of stock
  32. Mino Sharp - Rust Remover, Grey

    Mino Sharp - Rust Remover, GreyFavoured by chefs around the world, the Japanese-designed MinoSharp Rust Remover from GLOBAL is an eraser-type rust remover and polisher that can be used on kitchen knives, pots and pans. Made with foamed urethane and alumina, the rectangular tool achieves a clean and shiny finish.Rectangular eraser-type rust remover and polisher For kitchen knives, pots and pans Achieves shiny finish Made with foamed urethane and alumina Made in Japan Colour: GreyUse with water. Use perpendicular strokes for best results to remove rust and to get a clean and shiny finish. Also effective for cleaning sinks, faucet handles, stoves, kettles, tea and coffee stains and tobacco stains from ashtrays.
    Out of stock
  33. Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM

    Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CMThese rolls are used with the vacuum machine and it is a convenient, convenient, efficient way to have food before cooking it at low temperature in the water oven. Also useful for the conservation of fresh food such as vegetables, fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, fish, meat and everything you want to keep for a long time without premature deterioration.2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM
    Out of stock
  34. Schonhuber - Potato Brush

    Schonhuber - Potato Brush

    A great little brush for your potatoes that looks like a potato!

    This mimicry can be used to good effect when encouraging the children to scrub the potatoes, by lending an air of theatricality to the proceedings...just saying

    7 cm lg x 4 cm deep x 5 cm wide

    Out of stock
  35. Cilio - Mug MOSCOW MULE

    Mug MOSCOW MULE hammer blow

    The cocktail shaker shines in the evening sun, the MOSCOW MULE mug and the small offshoot for MOSCOW MULE Shot are waiting to be filled.

    With the stylish accessories made of copper from cilio you can raise your house bar to a new level.

    The professional juice press, the bar measuring device and the caipirinha pestle made of the noble material ensure that the after-work drink or the glass tastes twice as good in a cozy atmosphere.

    Speaking of which: put the mugs in the freezer before serving - your guests will appreciate it.

    The MOSCOW MULE cups lie comfortably in the hand, they are optionally available with or without a hammer blow.

    The non-alcoholic version of the trendy drink with ginger beer, sugar syrup, lime juice, ginger and cucumber also comes out big.

    Special Price $13.94 Regular Price $14.47
    Out of stock
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