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Kiku Matsuda Knives - Back Up Small Fixed Blade Knife - craft knife

Item n. BUP-MN

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Kiku Matsuda è uno dei più famosi artisti e studiosi dell'affilatura di tutto il Giappone; probabilmente nella vostra collezione sarà già presente un coltello frutto della sua passione: collabora infatti da diversi anni con SOGWilliam HenryPro-Tech e Randall Kings sviluppando per loro bisellature, affilature e politure delle lame.

Destinazione d'uso: Collezione/Sportivo

Tipo di produzione: Artigianale
Produzione Lama: Giappone
Lama: in acciaio al carbonio OU-31 temprato a 63/64 HRC
Trattamento Lama: -
Manicatura: Green Canvas Micarta 
Lunghezza lama: 98mm.
Spessore lama: 5,5mm.
Lunghezza chiuso: -
Lunghezza totale: 200mm.
Spessore da chiuso: -
Bilanciatura: -
Peso: 250g.
Chiusura: -
Clip: -
Fodero: in Kydex con attacco Tek-Lok
Confezione: -
Note: Kiku Matsuda ha vinto nel 2007 il prestigioso premio al Blade Show  "Knife Of The Year Awards" con un progetto realizzato in collaborazione con SOG KnivesKnife Of The Year Awards Knife Of The Year Awards 

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Additional Information

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Brand Kiku Knives

Kiku Matsuda is one of the most famous blade grinders in Japan. You probably have at least one knife which the blade was grinded by him. 
He has been working with some of the top knife manufactures in the US (William Henry, Pro-tech, Randall Kings). 

Kiku Matsuda has thirty four years of experience in blade grinding. He is fifth generation knife grinder. His unique grinds are well known in knife industry. 

Four hundred years ago his samurai ancestors fought in Sekigahara battle (Most profound battle in history of Japan). 

Kiku Matsuda, the new knife maker who has a magic hand in grinding and polishing the blades in any angles and directions. Unlike normal grinders, he uses a side flat area of the power wheel, that is his canvas to create any 3D grindings, concave, hollow, flat, Hamaguri (convex), twist, double and triple grindings in a free hand. He says his fingers move automatically from his imagination. This is amazing!!!!!!!

His father has been running a small workshop in Seki for blade grinding work for Seki production knife makers. Kiku has joined at the age of 15 and learned the grinding technique from his father. He is now 56, and his 40 years experiences and techniques have proved to be a best grinder in the world. His fine work was admitted by William Henry Knives some years ago, and all of their custom grade blades are being hand ground and polished by him.

His family was rewarded for bravely in battle and received large amount of property. For the next two hundred years his ancestors prospered.

After Meiji era with modernization of Japan samurai were no longer needed. His family turned their attention to sword making. 

During the WWII there was a demand for swords, orders was placed by Japanese imperial government. As a young boy he helped his father grind the swords. After the war the demand for sword diminished.

After WWII as Japans economy began to recover, knife manufacturing company regained prosper.

Benchmade Serie N/A
Article BUP-MN
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discounted products No
Blade Type Fixed
Blade Length 10 cm
Edge Plain
Blade Tip Drop point
Blade thickness 5,5 mm
Blade Finish Camouflage
Stainless Steel No
Carbon Steel OU-31
Locking Type No
Handle Material Synthetic
colour dark green
Non-Steel Blade No
Country of production Japan
Military Unit No
designer Kiku Matsuda
Rarity Rare
Materials and Finishes 8
Steel Quality 9
Strength 9
Practicality 7,5
Aesthetic 8
Quality/Price 7,5
EAN Code No

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