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  1. Ade - Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station

    Frieling ADE Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station Features Multi-tasking digital kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station; compatible with all current iPods (not included) Offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams; weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram Includes an add-and-weigh (tare) function; includes battery and overload indicators, and an automatic shut off to preserve battery Speaker located in base; protective cover for iPod station is included Powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery; one battery comes included KAADEKE999REBOX
    Special Price €64.92 Regular Price €81.15
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  2. Zeal - Easy Store Silicone Collapsible Colander cm 19

    The Zeal easy store silicone collapsible colander is great for freeing up space in the cupboard. Perfect for all straining tasks, its soft silicone material will not scratch non stick pans - 19cm diameter - Soft silicone material - Heat resistant to 250 degrees celcius - Collapses to store flat
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  3. KitchenCraft - Decorating Spoon with Tapered Spout

    Master Class Stainless Steel Plating / Decorating Spoon with Tapered Spout This high-quality stainless steel spoon has a tapered spout for creative application of sauces, jus and coulis Create impressive restaurant-style effects quickly and easily - draw swirls, add dots, or even sign your guests' names on their plates Enjoy total precision and control when plating dishes or decorating pastries - it's so easy The spoon has a lovely mirror-polish finish, and is dishwasher safe
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  4. Kitchen Craft - Portion control pasta basket

    Kitchen Craft - Portion control pasta basket Portion control is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet, and pasta can be one of the most difficult ingredients to get right. It’s so hard to judge how much you need when it’s dry and it’s hard to believe how much it expands once it’s cooked! Large portions aren’t particularly healthy and leftovers can easily go to waste, which is why this ingenious pasta portion measuring basket could totally change life as you know it. The basket has markings on the side to make portion measurement super simple. Because it’s made of heat-resistant silicone, you can then place the basket directly in to the pan while the pasta cooks. As you can fit three baskets in a 20 cm pan, you’ll be able to save water and hob space by cooking other portions of pasta, or even vegetables, in the pan at the same time. The handle will hold the basket in place and when the pasta is ready, you simply lift it out. Small holes on the sides of the basket will work like a sieve, draining the pasta as you lift. To serve, simply tip the basket to allow the pasta to tumble out – no spoon required! You can pop it in the dishwasher after that and then collapse it down so that it will store away neatly in a drawer.
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  5. Kitchen Craft - 3-D Bat Cookie Cutter

    Celebrate Halloween by making fun shaped cookies and biscuits. Ideal for trick or treat, this bat shaped 3D cookie cutter makes cutting and decorating cookies and biscuits simple. To make the spooky scene complete, there is also a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, and a Frankenstein's monster cutter in the range . With no sharp edges, the cutter is safe for use by children and features a food safe, robust plastic cutter and an easy to grip soft touch top. Have great fun! Part of our Let's Make children's range, that has all the essential items to make learning fun, stimulating and most of all rewarding.
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  6. Masterclass Canele Pan - 9 Cup

    Masterclass Canele Pan - 9 Cup Delve into the delights of baking delicious French caneléŽ cakes. A traditional French sponge cake with a moist custard like centre, this pretty fluted style pastry is now making its way worldwide due to it's increasing popularity. The shape is also great for making mini / individual jellies. Manufactured from heavy duty commercial weight 1mm steel, with a double non-stick coating with an aluminiumised coated carbon steel under the non stick to prevent rusting. This nine hole pan forms part of the Master Class award winning collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking. Mould size : 32,5cm x 22cm. Canele size : 5 x 5 cm
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  • NITECORE EDC33: La Torcia Tattica Definitiva con Tecnologie Rivoluzionarie
    NITECORE EDC33: La Torcia Tattica Definitiva con Tecnologie Rivoluzionarie

    Esplora il futuro dell'illuminazione tattica con la NITECORE EDC33, una torcia che va oltre le aspettative.

    Grazie al rivoluzionario LED UHi 20 MAX, questa torcia offre una copertura a lungo raggio, luminosità estrema e una transizione fluida tra spotlight e floodlight. Il LUMIN SHIELD™ assicura una difesa personale senza precedenti con un "muro di luce" da 4000 lumen.

    Con Rapid Lock™ per un funzionamento intuitivo e una batteria Li-ion 18650 potente, l'EDC33 è pronta per ogni sfida. Illumina il tuo cammino con sicurezza, scegliendo la torcia che ridefinisce il concetto di eccellenza: NITECORE EDC33.

    Read more »
  • Nitecore HC60 V2: La Torcia Frontale Rivoluzionaria - Recensione Completa | Parchetto del Tagliagole
    Nitecore HC60 V2: La Torcia Frontale Rivoluzionaria - Recensione Completa | Parchetto del Tagliagole

    Benvenuti al Parchetto del Tagliagole qui nel blog della Coltelleria Collini dove oggi vi presentiamo la Nitecore HC60 V2, una torcia frontale che sta ridefinendo gli standard di illuminazione outdoor.

    Con il suo design ergonomico e la sua straordinaria luminosità, questa torcia è una scelta eccellente per gli appassionati di avventure all'aria aperta.

    Dotata di un fascio luminoso grandangolare e di una batteria a lunga durata, la HC60 V2 è perfetta per escursioni notturne, campeggio e tutte le attività che richiedono una luce affidabile. In questa recensione dettagliata, esploriamo tutte le sue caratteristiche, dalla comodità d'uso alle sue modalità speciali, dimostrando perché sia un'ottima idea regalo per il Natale 2023.

    Seguiteci in questa avventura luminosa e scoprite perché la Nitecore HC60 V2 sta illuminando

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