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Extrema Ratio K-Talon karambit
Lion Steel L.E.One karambit
Old Bear Limited Edition in SanMai Japanese Steel
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  1. Acta Non Verba - M311 Spelter - Black DLC Elmax - knife

    We developed the M311 SPELTER knife in collaboration with members of advanced aerial observation units, close protection teams and special air operations. During the development of the knife we focused on using their experience and needs. Thanks to this unique cooperation, we had the opportunity to truly verify the quality of the chosen materials, design and overall construction of the product. The knife has been tested for a long period in extreme environments and various climates, including the hot, dry and humid areas of Asia, as well as the icy areas beyond the polar circle.

    Intended Use: tactical / military / collection

    Type of production: Industrial
    Blade production: Czech Republic
    Blade: full tang, stainless steel Elmax 60HRC
    Blade Finish: Black DLC
    Handle: Micarta
    Blade length: 120mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Total length: 275mm.
    Weight: 286g.
    Sheath: Kydex, thermoformed, with double MOLLE compatible loop.
    Package: Cardboard box with ANV logos
    Notes: -

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  2. Acta Non Verba - M200 HT - Black DLC Sleipner - knife

    Intended use: tactical / military / collection

    Production type: Industrial
    Blade production: Czech Republic
    Blade: full tang, Sleipner steel 59HRC
    Blade Finish: Black DLC
    Handle: G-10
    Blade length: 130mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Total length: 265mm.
    Weight: 308g.
    Sheath: Kydex, thermoformed, with double MOLLE compatible loop.
    Package: Cardboard box with ANV logos
    Notes: -

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  3. Acta Non Verba - M73 Kontos - Cerakote Sleipner - knife

    M73 Kontos incorporates all the basic components of Acta Non Verba's M-line knives. It has a carefully contoured full tang design and a lightweight handle for perfect balance. Its blade is made of Swedish Sleipner steel coated with Cerakote, with a 3D machined micarta handle. The M73 KONTOS is clearly recognizable by its hexagonal pommel, machined from an original track stop from a T-72M tank. It comes with a self-locking Kydex scabbard accompanied by a pair of spring compatible clips.


    Intended use: tactical / military / collection

    Manufacturing Type: Industrial
    Blade production: Czech Republic
    Blade: Full tang, Sleipner steel 58HRC
    Blade Finish: Cerakote
    Handle: Micarta
    Blade length: 125mm.
    Blade thickness: 3mm.
    Total length: 265mm.
    Weight: 228g.
    Sheath: Kydex, thermoformed, with double MOLLE compatible loop.
    Package: Cardboard box with ANV logos
    Notes: The design of the knife is inspired by the T72M tank supplied to the former Czechoslovakian army in the 80's - The length of the blade has the same diameter as the caliber of the tank cannon - The hexagonal pommel of the knife is made using the original fasteners of the tracks of the T-72M tanks.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. DuStar - Model 1 Arad - Tactical Bowie - knife

    The model Arad is the very first industrial knife designed, developed, manufactured, tested and perfected in Israel directly. Exploiting the CNC teconolgie and based on a timeless design such as the Randall Model 14, was designed by Alex Shamgar, Israel and produced by the renowned knifemaker ll'esperto Sherutay Erozia, since 1984 manufacturer of industrial castings lost wax molds.

    Intended use: Tactical / Military
    Type of production: Industrial
    Production Blade: Israel
    Blade: Stainless D2 56/57HRC
    Treatment Blade: micropallinatura
    Handle: FRN in (fiberglass reinforced nylon) with micarta spacers and brass guard
    Blade length: 180mm.
    Blade thickness: 5.5mm.
    Length closed: -
    Overall length: 298mm.
    Thick when closed: -
    Balancing: advanced to 1cm. the branch of guard
    Weight: 502G.
    Closure: -
    Clip: -
    Sheath: Nylon, ABS with rigid insert
    Packaging: Cardboard box with logos Dustar
    Notes: Design by Alex Shamgar

    Out of stock
  5. Nieto - Combate 15cm - 184 coltello

    Destinazione d'uso: Tattico/Sportivo

    Lama: in acciaio inox 440C
    Manicatura: Gomma
    Lunghezza lama: 155mm.
    Spessore della lama: 4mm.
    Lunghezza chiuso: -mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 280mm.
    Bilanciatura: arretrata, a 1cm dal ramo di guardia inferiore
    Peso: 208g.
    Chiusura: -
    Clip: -
    Fodero: in pelle
    Note: -
    Out of stock
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5 Items