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Extrema Ratio Satre Black and Stone Wash
boker in damasco
Fox Bushman in V-Toku2 sanmai steel
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12 Items

  1. Nitecore - Aluminum Bolt Action Tactical Pen NTP31 - tactical pen

    Elegant, tactical and indestructible aluminum pen, also useful as glass breakers and for personal defense with "sliding shutter" coupling system.

    * Weight: 20g
    * Total length: 133mm.
    * Material: aluminum
    * Diameter: 9.3mm.
    * Glass breaker tip: tungsten steel
    * Ink: black with Refill Schneider Gelion 39.

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  2. Nitecore - NTK07 Ultra Slim Titanium Knife - cutter

    Knife, Ultra Slim scalpel, built in TC4 titanium alloy and made with precise CNC machining.
    The NTK07 model uses a replaceable No. 11 scalpel blade, readily available on the market.

    The comfortable 35-degree handle ensures stability and cutting precision.
    The elegant and tapered design and the high lightness allow a practical portability, the pocket clip also makes it ideal for attaching to the notebook, backpacks or first aid kit.

    Type of production: industrial
    Country of production: China
    Blade: replaceable, stainless steel, N.11 Scalpel Blade
    Body thickness: 3.8mm
    Blade length: 20mm.
    Blade thickness: 03mm.
    Total length: 115mm
    Weight: 11g.
    Clip: titanium
    Packaging: Cardboard box with Nitecore logos
    Notes: Titanium sheath to protect the blade

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  3. Nitecore - NSH10 EDC Multiuse Titanium Snap Hook - carabiner - tool

    NITECORE NSH10 is a multipurpose carabiner made of TC4 titanium alloy.

    Inspired by the design of the carabiner used as essential tools for rock climbing or bungee jumping, the NSH10 is a reliable tool for fixing or hanging external objects. Comfortable and versatile, it can be used as a key ring, bottle opener, hanging hook or flathead screwdriver.

    Type of production: industrial
    Country of production: China


    * keychain
    * bottle opener
    * hook
    * open parcels
    * flathead screwdriver

    Material: titanium
    Length and width: 49mm x 25.5mm
    Thickness: 3.8mm
    Weight: 7.5g

    Only 12 left
    Only 12 left
  4. Nitecore - Multi Purpose Utility Black Pouch - NUP30 - Shoulder bag

    Practical Cordura bag, light and resistant, designed for storing and transporting LED flashlights, folding knives, multi-purpose knives and multi-purpose pliers as well as keys, wallets, electronic objects etc.

    Can be used over the shoulder, with a single shoulder strap or with MOLLE compatible attachments. Possibility to hook it to other backpacks to use it as an additional compartment. It offers two spacious compartmented compartments, closed independently with a zip.

    Features and Materials:

    - 600 denier Cordura Nylon water and abrasion resistant with Velcro compatible parts
    - External treatment for fabrics that ensures resistance to dirt and facilitates maintenance
    - Designed for daily use or for excursions
    - Pockets with compartments to allow the housing of different tools
    - Soft interior to protect housed tools
    - Nylon internal elastic to better modulate the hosted tools
    - Full ambidextrous operation
    - MOLLE type rear coupling systems, in high-strength nylon
    - Adjustable and removable Nylon shoulder strap
    - Weighs only 300g
    - Dimensions of 19x28.5x7.5cm

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  5. Nitecore - NTK05 EDC Ultra-Tiny Titanium Keychain Knife - cutter

    Ultra-Tiny keyring knife, made of TC4 titanium alloy and made with precise CNC machining.
    The NTK05 model uses a No. 11 scalpel blade, easily replaceable and accessible in the market.

    The comfortable 35-degree grip ensures stability and cutting precision.
    The elegant and tapered design allows it to be attached to a key ring, to a backpack, to use it as a mini EDC or as a pendant.

    Type of production: industrial
    Country of production: China
    Blade: replaceable, in stainless steel, N.11 Scalpel Blade
    Handle: unibody in titanium with the following sizes 55mm x 12mm x 3mm
    Blade length: 20mm.
    Blade thickness: 0.3mm.
    Total length open: 96mm with blade completely extracted
    Weight: 5g.
    Clip: -
    Packaging: Cardboard box with Nitecore logos
    Note: -

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  6. Nitecore - Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen NTP30 - tactical pen

    NITECORE NTP40 At-A-Glance
    - Smooth and clear writing is ideal for cartooning, sketching, and daily writing
    - Lightweight compact design for everyday carry
    - Anti-sliding thread prevents sliding and reduces fatigue
    - Streamlined clip for carrying on your pocket, shirt, or backpack
    - Body constructed from titanium alloy
    - Impact and corrosion resistant
    - Included in the Box

    NITECORE NTP40 mechanical pencil
    High Quality Titanium Alloy Pencil - NITECORE releases the ultimate all-purpose writing utensil, the NITECORE NTP40 titanium alloy mechanical pencil. The NTP40 is designed with an artistic round chamber, housing the German Schmidt Feinminen System and an abrasion resistant crystallized cap. For writing, the 0.5mm lead of the NTP40 offers smooth and clear writing while sketching and daily writing outdoors

    Robust and Premium Build
    With exquisite craftsmanship, the NTP40 mechanical pencil is constructed from TC4 titanium alloy that offers lightweight ruggedness with an excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. The NTP40 is designed to be used outdoors and is perfect to withstand harsh conditions.

    Designed for Everyday Carry
    Designed to be comfortable, the body of the NTP40 has 26 loops of anti-skid threads in the center which increases friction and prevents sliding. A rigid hollowed clip allows you to easily attach the pencil to your pocket, shirt, or backpack to avoid the loss of the pencil. Weighing only 0.84 ounces and measuring less than 6 inches in length, the sleek NTP40 is the perfect addition to your EDC gear.

    Body Material Titanium Alloy TC4
    Length 5.4 inches
    Diameter 0.35 inches
    Mechanism Type Schmidt Feinminen System
    Lead Refill 0.5mm
    Dimensions L-5.4"xW-0.35"xH-0.35"
    Weight 0.84oz

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  7. Nitecore - Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen NTP30 - tactical pen

    Elegant, tactical and indestructible titanium pen, useful also as crystal crystals and for self defense with "sliding shutter" grafting system.

    * Weight: 30g
    * Total length: 133mm.
    * Material: titanium
    * Diameter: 9.3 mm.
    * Glass breaking tip: tungsten steel
    * Ink: black with Refill Schneider Gelion 39.

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  8. Nitecore - NTP21 - aluminum tactical pen

    Elegant, tactical and indestructible titanium pen, useful also as crystal crystals and for personal defense.

    * Weight: 25g
    * Total length: 142mm.
    * Material: aluminum alloy
    * Diameter: 1.4 cm.
    * Glass breakage tip: tungsten steel
    * Ink: black with Fisher PR4 Refill Schneider Gelion 39.

    Only 18 left
    Only 18 left
  9. Nitecore - NTK10 EDC Titanium Utility Knife - cutter

    NTK10 is a brand new unibody titanium utility knife constructed via detail-oriented titanium machining. With strong rigidity, low density and high corrosion resistance, titanium alloy is ensured with a premium quality and widely used in outdoor gears as well as aerospace components.

    NTK10 is equipped with a replaceable OLFA CKB-2 blade, which is produced by one of the top manufacturers of cutting tools with the highest quality and the most durable materials. The easy purchase and simple operation offer a convenient replacement of blades.

    30-degree comfortable grip guarantees the cutting stability and precision. The retractable and smooth mechanism makes it one-handed operable for blade adjustment. The multiple locking grooves allow a free control of blade length with sharp precision while the blade lock keeps the blade away from accidentally sliding out of the body.

    With an exquisite and compact body, NTK10 also has three areas of grooved edge design which increase the friction of the grip to prevent accidental drop of the knife. The dismantlable clip is perfectly applicable for drawing out and outdoor carrying.

    In case of an emergency, use the tool to break the four corners of the window glass to enable a possible means of escape. The unique bottle opener feature is able to let you enjoy the extraordinary moment after your breathtaking adventure!

    Type of production: industrial
    Country of production: China
    Blade: replaceable in stainless steel made by the Japanese OLFA
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: unibody in titanium with the following measures 115mm x 29mm x 7mm
    Blade length: 55mm.
    Blade thickness: 2mm.
    Total length: 170mm with blade completely removed
    Weight: 67g.
    Clip: titanium, removable
    Package: -
    Notes: bottle opener and glasses integrated into the handle

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  10. Nitecore - Titanium Tactical Pen NTP20 - tactical pen

    Elegant, tactical and indestructible titanium pen, useful also as crystal crystals and for personal defense.

    * Weight: 36g
    * Total length: 142mm.
    * Material: titanium
    * Diameter: 1.4 cm.
    * Glass breakage tip: tungsten steel
    * Ink: black with Refill Schneider Gelion 39.

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  11. Nitecore - Utility Pouch Black - NUP20 - Borsa a tracolla

    Pratica borsa in Cordura, leggera e resistente, pensata per riporre e trasportare torce a LED, coltelli chiudibili, coltelli multiuso e pinze multiuso oltre a chiavi, portafogli, oggetti elettronici etc.

    Utilizzabile sia a maniglia, che a tracolla, che tramite attacchi compatibili MOLLE. - Offre due capienti vani compartimentati chiusi indipendentemente con zip.

    Caratteristiche e Materiali:

    - Cordura Nylon a 1000 denari resistente all'acqua e alle abrasioni con parti in velluto sintetico
    - Trattamento esterno per tessuti che assicura resistenza allo sporco e facilita la manutenzione
    - Pensata per un utilizzo quotidiano o per escursioni
    - Tasche a scomparti per permettere l'alloggiamento di differenti utensili
    - Interno morbido per proteggere gli utensili ospitati
    - Elastici interni in Nylon per modulare al meglio gli utensili ospitati
    - Operatività completa da ambidestro
    - Sistemi posteriori di aggancio tipo MOLLE, in nylon ad alta resistenza
    - Maniglia con grip rinforzato
    - Tracolla in Nylon regolabile
    - Pesa solamente 300g
    - Comparto frontale di 17x15x2cm
    - Comparto posteriore di 22x16x4cm

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  12. Nitecore - Titanium Pen NTP10 - tactical pen

    A discreet, indestructible pen that doubles as a glass breaker and self defense tool.

    Hollowed out from a solid block of titanium, this pen is unbreakable, will not stain, will not rust, does not peel, doubles as a glass breaker and self defense tool, looks insanely cool and comes in a swanky aluminium case. I don’t know a better writing instrument then this. Did we mention it can write on any surface, is waterproof and works even in space?

    The tungsten steel tip makes it an effective window breaker. A deep carry pocket clip makes sure it remains discreet in your pocket.

    It also comes with a Fisher pressurised cartridge that's waterproof, temperature proof and can be used to write upside down and of course if you ever need to write something in space, you can.A superb companion for business wear and an exquisite gift for anyone.

    * Weight: 18g
    * Total Length: 107mm.
    * Material: titanium
    * Diameter: 9 mm.
    * Glass breaking tip: tungsten steel
    * Ink: black with Fisher PR4 refill. It writes at temperatures from -35 ° to over 120 °, underwater, on dirty and oily surfaces, lasts 15 times more than a normal, non-pressurized refill, can trace a 14km continuous line thanks to the particular thixotropic ink, semi-solid consistency, which is rendered fluid by the special tungsten ball.

    Out of stock
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