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Extrema Ratio K-Talon karambit
Lion Steel L.E.One karambit
Old Bear Limited Edition in SanMai Japanese Steel
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  1. Wander Tactical - Franken Folder - Raw & Burnt Green Micarta - PRIVATE COLLECTION - custom knife

    Knife from private collection - Knife in mint condition, brand new - Checked and certified by our in-house laboratory.

    Intended Use: Collection / Heavy Duty

    Type of production: Handcrafted
    Country of manufacture: Italy
    Blade: D2 steel at 59/61HRC with cryogenic hardening
    Blade treatment: Raw
    Handle: 2mm titanium folders with micarta handle
    Blade length: 93mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Length closed: 124mm.
    Total length: 214mm.
    Thickness when closed: 24mm.
    Weight: 167g.
    Opening: Carson Flipper system / Ambidextrous opening pins on blade
    Closure: Rockers Arm 8.11
    Clip: stone washed titanium, removable and reversible
    Packaging: -
    Notes: Limited Edition handcrafted by Dino Picco of Wander Tactical

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Puma - Defender LM - 154CM Limited Edition - 14 6481 - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    Iconic knife produced by Puma and dating back to the late 1980s, characterized by a then very modern line and a very advanced steel for the time (154CM).  Knife withdrawn from private collection - Overall in very good condition - Never used, never sharpened, still with factory sharpening - A few small marks on the right side handle, in concomitance with the sheath that goes to hook the knife through a pin that tends to irreparably rub the handle itself - Supplied with original wooden case and leather sheath - Checked and certified by our internal laboratory Coltelleria Collini


    Intended use: Collection / Vintage / Tactical

    Type of production: handcrafted
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Blade: stainless steel 154CM
    Blade finish: satin-finished
    Handle: Integral, stainless steel and Micarta
    Blade length: 160mm.
    Blade thickness: 5.5mm.
    Total length: 290mm.
    Balance: backward
    Weight: 285g.
    Sheath: leather
    Packaging: wooden case
    Notes: 1980s Vintage knife - Limited edition of only 500 pieces, numbered on the blade, specimen 170 of 550 - Knife withdrawn from private collection globally in excellent condition

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  3. EOS Elite Outfitting Solutions knife - PRIVATE COLLECTION - Black Surgeon Titanium - knife

    Knife withdrawn from a private collection - Excellent condition, has small marks and scratches on the titanium sleeve, factory sharpened - Checked and certified by our internal Collini Cutlery laboratory.

    Intended use: Tactical / EDC / Collection

    Type of production: semi-artisan
    Country of production: USA
    Blade: in CTS-XHP Black stainless steel
    Blade treatment: Black PVD
    Handle: Grade 5 titanium
    Blade length: 92mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Length closed: 122mm.
    Total length: 216mm.
    Thick when closed: 13.2mm.
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 187g.
    Opening: titanium thumbstood for right-handers
    Washers: Steel ball bearings
    Closing: Framelock
    Clip: titanium, removable
    Packaging: nylon bag with EOS logos
    Note: -

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  4. Sergio Consoli - Custom Liner Lock folder - N ° 271 - PRIVATE COLLECTION - handmade knife

    Intended use: Collection

    Type of production: Artisan by Maestro CIC Sergio Consoli
    Lama production: Italy
    Blade: full-tang in RWL-34 60 / 61HRC stainless steel
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: carbon fiber
    Blade length: 85mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Length closed: 120mm.
    Total length: 205mm.
    Thick when closed: 19mm.
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 138g.
    Closing: Liner Lock
    Clip: carbon fiber
    Sheath: -
    Notes: Handmade by Maestro Sergio Consoli - knife number 271 made in 2009



    I currently make a limited number of knives a year and participate in some exhibitions, where among other things I have won my first prizes:

    in 2005 at LAME SOTTO I PORTICI in Romano di Lombardia (BG) I was awarded the "best table on display"

    always in the same year at the CULTER-EXPO in Novegro (MI) as "best folding knife"

    moreover, I ranked second in the competition organized by LAME D'AUTORE magazine as the best fixed hunting blade

    then in 2007 at "Scarperia" I won the third prize as the best closable

    but above all again in 2007, I achieved, to my great satisfaction, the level of MASTER OF ITALIAN COLTELLINAI CORPORATION, recognition received at the first exam taken.

    Presentation of the craftsman

    Creating a hand knife is what I consider a real art form.
    The satisfaction of seeing an object that comes from your own hands, that takes shape and that reaches mechanical, artistic and aesthetic perfection is what pays me more for all the hours of work and effort it takes to create a knife completely by hand.

    The passion for "cutting irons" has always been in me since I was a child and has grown with me until the almost sudden decision to build my first knife on my own, it was a "need", almost an inner need that I couldn't put it off, my hands and my mind had to start creating, of course what I had always been passionate about ... the knife!

    I started at 40, in 2003, practically self-taught, I had no manual work experience, but I had been a mechanical designer for many years and this allowed me to know perfectly the technique and all the various stages of mechanical processing.

    Currently I am a member, with the rank of Maestro, which is the highest, of the Italian Knifemakers Guild, an association recognized all over the world for the seriousness and above all quality of execution that all its members must maintain over time.

    What I do now is what I consider my art form ..., to create "handmade, hunting and collectible knives".

    They are knives made entirely by hand, only with an infinite series of files, a small drill for the holes and a sander for the concave grinding of the blades, nothing else!
    I make above all folding knives, which satisfy more my desire to build perfect mechanical objects and perfection in the smallest details, even inside where they cannot be seen, is what distinguishes a hand-made knife from an industrially made one .

    The mechanics must then be made in the best possible way, without counting the hours of work, only in this way the final result is guaranteed.

    Of course, over the years I have refined my technique and currently I have improved even more the mechanics by inserting a system of ball bearings on the blade rotation, which guarantee an absolutely perfect seal and allow the blade to close and open without the slightest friction and with an incredible sweetness.

    With regard to the blades, I am experimenting with new types of hardening, which give hardnesses of 62-63 HRC and allow exceptional wire holding and cutting quality for all types of use.

    Pathically I make all the knives on my initial design, they are all unique pieces made completely by hand down to the smallest details, one at a time, only in this way, in my opinion, a knife can be considered "handmade".

    Regarding the materials that I use, I can say that for the blades I prefer RWL34 steel which is sintered from powders and guarantees the total absence of internal defects, sometimes I also use damask, both stainless steel and carbon, for the uniqueness 'that they donate to the knife, since each damask is always different from another.

    For the handles, one of the most beautiful materials is the mammoth tooth, which can be found in a variety of colors, all beautiful, I also use the fossil ivory of mammoth, various briars, titanium and carbon fiber.

    Most of the knives, however, are made entirely of steel, in order to then be engraved, always and rigorously by hand, to transform the knife even more into a real work of art ...

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  5. Buck Custom - Stag Horn Hunting Fixed Blade - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    Collected from a private collection, this Custom model of the American Buck made prior to 1986 is numbered on the blade with serial number 0023 - Never used and never resharpened, overall in excellent condition - Devoid of packaging and certificates, supplied with its own brown leather sheath - Distinguished by its full tang construction, prominent brass guard and beautiful stag handle with finger grooves - Checked and certified by our in-house laboratory Coltelleria Collini.


    Intended Use: Collection / Hunting

    Type of production: handcrafted
    Country of production: USA
    Blade: full tang in 420HC stainless steel with concave rounding
    Blade finish: mirror polish
    Handle: brass guard and deer handle with finger grooves
    Blade length: 134mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Total length: 258mm.
    Weight: 325g.
    Sheath: leather
    Packaging: -
    Notes: Pre-1986 specimen withdrawn from private collection - Custom series, numbered version on blade, specimen number 0023 - Never used, never resharpened, in excellent condition

    Out of stock
  6. Extremaratio - Col Moschin knife - PRIVATE COLLECTION - 1st series - Testudo - knife

    Knife withdrawn from a private collection - Col Moschin knife 1st series produced around 2005 with kydex sheath - Excellent condition - Original sharpening - Checked and certified by our internal laboratory Coltelleria Collini

    Intended use: Collection / Tactical / Military

    Blade: N690Co 58HRC stainless steel
    Handle: removable in Kraton
    Blade length: 160mm.
    Blade thickness: 6.3mm.
    Closed length: -mm.
    Total length: 290mm.
    Balance: backward, 1 cm. from the lower guard branch
    Weight: 265g.
    Closure: -
    Clip: -
    Sheath: tactical in Kydex 1st series
    Note: -

    Special purpose cutting knife, developed specifically for the 9th Col Moschin Parachute Assault Regiment, an elite unit of the Folgore brigade.

    All the knives in this series have straight handles in KRATON with an ergonomic design, whose shape and size favor, in addition to a solid grip, the rapid change of handle from straight (Saber Grip) to reverse (Reverse Grip). A stainless steel Allen screw allows field disassembly for maintenance and lubrication of the through shank, increasing the operating life of the knife.

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  7. ExtremaRatio - Ti-Rock Satin SanMai CoS - Titanium Grey - Limited Edition - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    Knife with serial number 18/33 - withdrawn from private collection - with original box and certificates - in near new condition - factory sharpening slightly worn, perhaps due to some cutting test made by the previous owner; otherwise absolutely free of imperfections or wear. Checked and certified by our internal laboratory. 


    Exclusive Coltelleria Collini - Available in only 33 numbered pieces on blade and box

    New version of the Ti-Rock presented in December 2015. This new 2016 edition features a satin finish blade in Japanese rolled steel produced by Takefu Steel. Specifically, CoS at 61.5 HRC (Cobalt Special considered mechanically 25% higher than the already appreciated VG10) is used for the central plate and 420J2 (at 56 HRC) for the two side plates, in order to have a very high cutting capacity but at the same time a remarkable resilience and resistance to oxidation. This new version is produced in three different colors of titanium; Blue, Gray and Black and is limited to a run of only 33 pieces per color.

    Intended use: collection / EDC / CQD

    Production type: industrial, limited
    Blade: Japanese rolled stainless steel (San Mai) with CoS cutting edge at 61.5HRC cryogenically hardened; with double concave shank in the strong part of the blade
    Blade treatment: Satin finish
    Country of production: Italy
    Handle: Titanium, machined from solid, with integral Frame Lock closure system with removable hinge and safety made of stainless steel
    Blade length: 75mm.
    Blade thickness: 6.3mm.
    Total lenght: 180mm.
    Weight: 186g.
    Clip: stainless steel, reversible, deep pocket type and with tip up port.
    Notes: Conical Skull Crasher inserted in the tang - Limited edition with only 33 numbered pieces serialized on the blade and box.
    Box: cardboard box, numbered, with ExtremaRatio and Coltelleria Collini logos

    As in the ancient swords of the Japanese Samurai.

    The rolled steel - imported in Italy by Collini Steel directly from the Japanese Takefu Steel - is based on the ancient Japanese tradition in the creation of the famous Samurai swords. As early as 1100, expert Japanese blacksmiths combined different materials to give Katana swords incredible cutting capabilities combined with previously unknown strength and flexibility. It is thanks to this revolutionary construction technique that the Samurai swords have been preserved until our days becoming one of the most fascinating objects made by man. Following this tradition applied to modern metallurgy, we are now able to have technologically advanced steels already tested and used in cutlery also by famous brands such as Fallkniven, Cold Steel, Mcusta, Kai, Sog, Zwilling, Rockstead, etc.

    Features of San Mai steel: It is made of different types of metals alloyed together to create a composite that contains and intensifies the strengths of the metals taken individually:

    - Longer cutting edge life
    thanks to the use of high quality steels with a high carbon content (VG10, CoS, Shiro) or sintered (SPG2), in the core steel, the blade, once hardened, reaches hardness and cutting performance decidedly superior to those achieved with the use of traditional steels.

    - Greater resilience
    Built on the principle of Japanese swords, the multilayer steel is difficult to break thanks to the toughness of the central steel (Core Steel) and the elasticity of the steel used for the lateral coating (Stainless Steel).

    - Improved corrosion resistance
    The steel used for the outer layers (Stainless Steel) gives the blade a high resistance to corrosion. The combination of the two or more materials used by Takefu Steel generates, at a galvanic level, a structure that improves corrosion resistance even on the edge.

    - Easy machining even after heat treatment
    Although steel normally becomes harder after hardening, the lateral steel used in multilayer machining does not lose its softness and allows easy machining, drilling or welding even after heat treatment. For optimum blade performance, cryogenic treatment is recommended.

    - Improved aesthetic performance
    Knives made of multi-state steel or damascus pattern at the end of the processing are aesthetically elegant, refined and highly appreciated by collectors all over the world.

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  8. Takefu Village - Kama - Hand Forged Damascus Steel Sickle - Sickle

    Beautiful traditional Japanese sickle handcrafted in laminated steel from Takefu Knives Village. Brand born in 1991 in Echizen Fukui, a city in Japan famous since 1400 for the production of knives.

    Kama Features:

    Use: collection / gardening

    Blade: CladSteel carbon steel with 62 / 64HRC White Paper Steel (Shirogami) cutting edge and 33-layer "Suminagashi" damask
    Lama origin: Japanese craftsmanship
    Handle: Wood
    Packaging: -
    Blade length: 195mm
    Total length: 430mm
    Blade thickness: 3.7mm
    Handle length: 360mm
    Weight: 264g

    The kama is a traditional agricultural tool typical of Japan and Okinawa, similar to a small sickle used to harvest wheat, and also used as a weapon. Before being used in martial arts, kama was used extensively in Asia to cut crops, especially rice.

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  9. We Knife Co. - Framelock Flipper knife Dual Tone Gray - PRIVATE COLLECTION - 605E - knife

    Knife withdrawn from a private collection - Model discontinued by WE KNIFE - Like new condition, with original packaging - Checked, certified by our internal laboratory Collini Cutlery

    Intended use: Sports / Collection

    Type of production: Industrial
    Country of production: China
    Blade: CPM-S35VN 59 / 61HRC stainless steel
    Blade treatment: dual tone, satin & black PVD
    Handle: 6AL4V titanium machined with numerical control
    Blade length: 77mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Length closed: 101mm.
    Total length: 178mm.
    Weight: 114g.
    Closing: Framelock
    Clip: 6AL4V titanium
    Packaging: cardboard box with We Knife Co. logos
    Notes: Carson Flipper opening system on ceramic ball bearings

    Out of stock
  10. Medford Knife and Tools - TFF-1 Tactical Black Blood - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    Collector's knife from a private collection - Model TTFF1 by Medford with custom Black Blood treatment and black coating of the sleeve by Dino Picco by Wander Tactical - Excellent condition with original box - Regrinded - Checked and certified by our internal Collini Cutlery laboratory.

    Intended use: Tactical / Collection

    Type of production: Custom
    Blade production: Usa
    Blade: D2 steel
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: aluminum and titanium
    Blade length: 110mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Total length: 245mm.
    Thick when closed: 13mm.
    Balancing: on the guard branch
    Weight: 252g.
    Closure: Frame Lock
    Clip: stainless steel
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: polymer tactical case with Medford logos
    Notes: Designed and built by Greg Medford - Black Blood blade treatment and handle repainted by Wander Tactical designer Dino Picco

    Out of stock
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