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Extrema Ratio K-Talon karambit
Lion Steel L.E.One karambit
Old Bear Limited Edition in SanMai Japanese Steel
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  1. Takefu Village - Drop Point Kiridashi knife - by Mr. Masanobu Okada - 7.5 cm - Japanese craftsmanship

    Takefu Knives Village is a brand born in 1991 in Echizen Fukui, a city in Japan famous since 1400 for the production of knives.

    The Takefu knives brand is based on the union of 10 local artisans who forge each knife by hand

    Characteristics of the knife: Mr. Masanobu Okada

    Use: collection / sports

    Blade: three-layer clad steel with a 62 / 63HRC Shirogami cutting edge
    Lama origin: Japan
    Handle: black paracord
    Packaging: -
    Blade length: 75mm
    Total length: 190mm
    Blade thickness: 4mm
    Production: artisanal
    Weight: 114g

    Sheath: in kydex handcrafted by Simone Tonolli

    Out of stock
  2. Simone Tonolli - Slip joint Folder knife - VG10 SanMai hammered - G10 Black - Craft Knife

    Type of production: Artisan
    Lama production: Italy
    Blade: in 67-layer laminated and hammered stainless damask with VG-10 cutting edge at 59 / 60HRC
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: G10
    Blade length: 75mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Total length: 168mm.
    Balancing: backward
    Weight: 46g.
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: cardboard box with certificate of guarantee and authenticity issued by the Craftsman.
    Notes: entirely handmade and exclusive Collini Cutlery

    As in the ancient swords of the Japanese Samurai.

    Rolled steel - imported into Italy from Collini Steel directly from the Japanese Takefu Steel - is based on the ancient Japanese tradition in the creation of the famous Samurai swords. Already in 1100 the expert Japanese blacksmiths in fact combined different materials to give the Katana swords incredible cutting capabilities combined with a resistance and flexibility previously unknown. It is thanks to this revolutionary construction technique that the swords from Samurai have been preserved to the present day becoming one of the most fascinating objects made by man. Following this tradition applied to modern metallurgy, we are now able to have technologically advanced steels already tested and used in cutlery also by famous brands such as Fallkniven, Cold Steel, Mcusta, Kai, Sog, Zwilling, Rockstead, etc.

    Characteristics of San Mai steel: These are different types of metals bonded together to create a composite that encloses and intensifies the strengths of the metals taken individually:

    - Longer tool life
    thanks to the use of high quality steel with a high carbon content (VG10, CoS, Shiro) or sintered (SPG2), in the heart of the sheet (Core Steel), the blade once hardened, achieves decidedly hardness and cutting performance higher than those achieved with the use of traditional steels.

    - Greater resilience
    built with the principle of Japanese swords, multilayer steel is difficult to break thanks to the toughness of the central steel (Core Steel) and the elasticity of the steel used for the lateral coating (Stainless Steel).

    - Better corrosion resistance
    the steel used for the outer layers (Stainless Steel) guarantees the blade a high resistance to corrosion. The combination of the two or more materials used by Takefu Steel generates, at the galvanic level, a structure that improves corrosion resistance even on the wire.

    - Easy processing even after heat treatment
    although normally the steel becomes harder after hardening, the lateral steel used in multi-layer processing does not lose its softness and allows easy processing, drilling or welding even after heat treatment. For optimum performance of the blade, cryogenic treatment is recommended.

    - Improvement of the aesthetic result
    The knives made with multistate steel or with damask pattern at the end of the processing are aesthetically elegant, refined and highly appreciated by collectors all over the world.

    For more information: collinisteel
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    Out of stock
  3. Simone Tonolli - Slip joint Folder knife - VG10 SanMai - G10 Black - Craft Knife

    Type of production: Artisan
    Lama production: Italy
    Blade: in 67 layer laminated stainless damask with VG-10 edge at 59 / 60HRC
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: G10
    Blade length: 75mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Total length: 168mm.
    Balancing: set back
    Weight: 46g.
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: cardboard box with warranty and authenticity certificate issued by the Artisan.
    Notes: entirely handmade and exclusive Collini Cutlery

    Out of stock
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3 Items