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Old Bear Limited Edition in SanMai Japanese Steel
Extrema Ratio Satre Black and Stone Wash
Boker Novità
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11 Items

  1. United - Hibben - Launch - Thrower Triple Set GH2011 - knife

    Set of three throwing knives with excellent performance designed by Gil Hibben. Accompanied by triple cordura scabbard.

    Blade: 420 satin steel
    Overall length: 220 mm.
    Blade width: 110 mm.
    Weight: 160 g.
    Sheath: Black Cordura

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  2. United - Hibben Master Bushcraft Knife GH5053 - Fantasy knife

    Type of production: industrial

    Lama production: China
    Blade: 3Cr13 steel
    Blade treatment: satin finish
    Handle: micarta
    Blade length: 329mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Total length: 473mm.
    Balancing: set back
    Sheath: Nylon sheath
    Packaging: in cardboard
    Weight: 624gr.

    Out of stock
  3. United - Hibben Magnum Bowie Knife GH5050 - Coltello

    Type of production: industrial

    Lama production: China
    Blade: 3Cr13 steel
    Blade treatment: satin finish
    Handle: micarta
    Blade length: 325mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Total length: 470mm.
    Balancing: set back
    Sheath: leather sheath
    Packaging: in cardboard
    Weight: 710 gr.
    Invia commenti

    Out of stock
  4. United - Master Knife Hibben Legend Bowie GH5052 - 60th Anniversary - Fantasy Knife

    Type of production: industrial
    Lama production: China
    Blade: 3Cr13 steel
    Blade treatment: satin finish
    Handle: Pakkawood wood
    Blade length: 300mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Total length: 455mm.
    Balancing: set back
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: in cardboard
    Notes: Limited edition of 3000 pieces, each knife is numbered with certificate and supplied with a wooden plate to be displayed on the wall

    Out of stock
  5. United - Legends in Steel - Gawaine Dagger - UC1389 - Fantasy Knife

    The seventh edition in the Legends In Steel® Collection, a series of historically inspired designs of medieval European period blades, is the dagger and signet ring of the mythical Sir Gawaine, who was King Arthur’s nephew and one of the “Knights of the Round Table.” This classic dagger features intricately detailed cast metal parts with an antique silver plated finish and a leather-wrapped grip. The pommel and signet ring both feature matching seals. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a wood display stand with signet ring holder.

    UC1389 Gawaine™ knife
    Overall LENGTH: 15-5/16"
    BLADE LENGTH: 9-3/4"
    BLADE MATERIAL: 420 stainless steel, double-edged, milled blood groove on both sides.
    handle MATERIAL: Cast metal guard and pommel with an antique silver plated finish, genuine leather-wrapped grip.
    Display: 5-3/4" x 5-3/8" x 4-7/8" wood, includes hardware, instructions. 
    Legends in Steel® is a registered trademark of United® Cutlery Corp.

    Out of stock
  6. United - The Immortal Dagger Edition 2007 - con fodero - GH2040A - Fantasy Knife

    For over half a century, Gil Hibben has been creating a very diverse collection of designs, from the Rambo III Bowie, to intricately detailed fantasy works of art, to game hunting knives and functional designs used by our servicemen. 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of Gil Hibben's career and he continues to stand at the forefront of the custom knife design trade. Gil was recently elected president of the Knifemakers Guild and was awarded with the prestigious Red Watson Memorial Friendship Award.

    The Immortal, the seventeenth edition in the Hibben Annual Fantasy Knife Series, ushers in a new era of the Hibben fantasy knife with its chrome plated solid metal handle parts and imitation amber grip accented with stainless steel twisted wire wrap. The Immortal Autographed Edition is strictly limited to 3000 individually serialized pieces and is presented with an imitation leather sheath personally autographed by the knife's creator, Gil Hibben.

    The Immortal - 2007 Gold Edition

    • Overall Length: 24"

    • Blade Length: 15-9/16"

    • Blade Material: 420 stainless steel, double edged

    • Handle: Solid metal parts, chrome plated finish,
      imitation amber grip, stainless steel twisted wire-wrap.

    • Sheath: Imiataion leather.

    • Packaging: Two piece styrofoam mold, color sleeve, heavy cardboard remailer.

    Out of stock
  7. United - Tiger Shark GH2014 - Gil Hibben 2002 - Collector Fantasy Knife

    Fantasy knife designed in 2002 by the famous knifemaker Gil Hibben and produced by United Cutlery
    6 420 steel blades

    - finely machined handle in solid metal
    - wooden support to expose the knife
    - total length 40 cm
    - weight: 945gr.

    notes: very rare knife

    Out of stock
  8. United - Launch - Throwing Axe WH100 - knife

    United - Launch - Throwing Axe WH100 - knife

    Axe throwing traits futuristic designed by Wesley Hibben characterized handle.
    Accompanied by leather sheath.

    Blade: 420 Stainless J2 satin
    Overall length: 350 mm.
    Width: 184 mm.
    Weight: 564 g.
    Sheath: Black leather

    Out of stock
  9. Harley Davidson Freedom Blade 1999 Limited Edition - Knife

    Harley Davidson Freedom Blade 1999 Limited Edition - Knife

    Intended Use: Collection

    Official Harley Davidson Product Freedom Collection Limited Edition 5000 pieces produced by United Cutlery

    Type of production: Industrial
    Production Blade: Taiwan
    Blade: stainless steel 420
    Treatment Blade: -
    Handle: Metal
    Blade length: 230mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Length closed: -
    Overall length: 430mm.
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 780g.
    Closure: -
    Clip: -
    Support: wooden wall with leather
    Packing: Guard and false gold plated - Warranty - Cardboard box logos with The Expendables
    Note: Certificate of authenticity '- serial number engraved on the blade

    Out of stock
  10. United Cutlery Wes Hibben Cloak Knife WH101

    The United Cutlery Cloak Series Triple Throwing Knife Set w/ Nylon Sheath was designed by Wes Hibben to be an amazing set of throwing knives that are great for any skill level. Made using animage AUS6 stainless steel material, these Throwing Knives from United Cutlery will stay sharp and on point for incredibly long periods of time. The Nylon Sheath that comes with the United Cutlery Wes Hibben Cloak Series Triple Thrower Knife Set is a great way to make sure that your knife is close and ready for action.

    Blade Material:AUS6
    Blade Length:3.25in
    Overall Length:7in
    Sheath Material:Nylon
    • Durable
    • Long Lasting
    • Includes Nylon Sheath

    Out of stock
  11. United Cutlery - Gil Hibben Pro Thrower Axe GH0866 - Ascia da Lancio

    Ascia da lancio dai tratti futuristici disegnata dall'esperto Gil Hibben caratterizzata dall'impugnatura "Trigger Grip".
    Accompagnata da fodero in cuoio.

    Lama: Acciaio 420 J2 satinato
    Lunghezza totale: 305 mm.
    Larghezza: 125 mm.
    Peso: 270 g.
    Fodero: Cuoio nero
    Out of stock
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