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Anno 2021

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  1. Wander Tactical - Lynx Bushman knife - Dual Tone & Brown Micarta - coltello custom

    Destinazione d'uso: Utility / Collezione

    Tipo di produzione: Artigianale
    Paese di produzione: Italia
    Lama: in acciaio D2 a 59/60HRC
    Trattamento lama: Dual Tone
    Manicatura: Micarta
    Lunghezza lama: 105mm.
    Spessore lama: 6mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 235mm.
    Bilanciatura: arretrata
    Peso: 319g.
    Fodero: in cuoio marrone
    Confezione: privo di imballo - fornito con certificato di originalità e garanzia Wander Tactical
    Note: Ogni coltello è unico e realizzato artigianalmente; possono esserci leggere differenze di finiture, colori e materiali rispetto al prodotto fotografato.

  2. Hogue - EX-01 3.5" Folding Drop Point Stonewash - G-10 G-Mascus Green

    Destinazione d'uso: Tattico

    Tipo di produzione: Industriale
    Produzione Lama: USA
    Lama: in acciaio inox 154CM a 58/60HRC
    Trattamento Lama: Stonewashed
    Manicatura: G-10 lavorato a 3D con disegni G-Mascus
    Lunghezza lama: 95mm.
    Spessore lama: 3.5mm.
    Lunghezza chiuso: 114mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 201mm.
    Spessore da chiuso: 11mm
    Bilanciatura: -
    Peso: 124g
    Chiusura: Button Lock con sistema di sicurezza
    Clip: in Acciaio Inox Stonewashed
    Fodero: -
    Confezione: Scatola di cartone con loghi Hogue
    Note: Design by Allen Elishewitz

  3. Kuchenprofi - Double boiler

    Küchenprofi - Double boiler

    With removable insert.

    Suitable for all types of stove including induction.

    Dishwasher safe.

    Material: stainless steel

    Dimensions pot: Height: 11.4 cm, volume: 1.5 liters

    Dimensions insert: Height: 13 cm, volume: 1.0 liters

    With internal scaling

    Dishwasher safe.

  4. Wander Tactical - Franken Folder - Raw & Burnt Green Micarta - Limited Edition - handmade knife

    Intended Use: Collection / Heavy Duty

    Kind of production: Handmade
    Country of Production: Italy
    Blade: D2 steel at 59/61HRC with cryogenic hardening
    Blade treatment: Raw
    Handle: 2mm titanium folder with micarta handle
    Blade length: 95mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Length closed: 124mm.
    Total lenght: 214mm.
    Thickness when closed: 24mm.
    Weight: 193g.
    Opening: Carson Flipper system / Ambidextrous opening pins on the blade.
    Closure: Rockers Arm 8.11
    Clip: titanium stone washed, removable and reversible
    Package: Plastic case with Wander Tactical logos
    Notes: Limited Edition, entirely hand made, each piece is different from the previous one for aesthetic finishing.

  5. ExtremaRatio - N.K.1 Neck Knife - SanMai V-TOKU2 - Limited Edition - NK1 - Knife

    Japanese steel merges with Italian excellence

    For this 2021 collaboration, exclusive to Coltelleria Collini, we have decided to propose a series of best sellers produced by Extrema Ratio. Knives made with the famous San Mai steel produced by the Japanese Takefu Steel. Specifically we have used the carbonaceous V-Toku2 at 62/63HRC for the central plate and the stainless SUS410 for the two external plates, in order to guarantee a very high cutting capacity, penetration and edge holding together with an easy resharpening and maintenance but at the same time the blade has a remarkable resistance to corrosion and an important increase of resilience given by the type of extreme steel and the laminated structure.


    Intended Use: Neck Knife / Collector's Knife

    Type of production: Industrial
    Country of Production: Italy
    Blade / Handle: Full, laminated Japanese steel (San Mai) with V-Toku2 (carbonaceous) cutting edge at 62/63HRC and SUS410 (stainless steel) outer cheeks
    Blade finish: Satin finish
    Blade length: 40mm.
    Blade thickness: 3mm.
    Total length: 129mm.
    Weight: 55g.
    Sheath: Kydex, for neck.
    Packaging: Cardboard box with Extrema Ratio logos.
    Notes: Numbered edition - cardboard box with Extremaratio logos and certificate - the central core of the blade and handle is made of carbon steel so it is recommended to wash/dry the knife very well after each use and protect the steel, during storage, with a light surface of lubricant to avoid rust and oxidation.



    As in the ancient swords of the Japanese Samurai.

    The rolled steel - imported in Italy by Collini Steel directly from the Japanese Takefu Steel - is based on the ancient Japanese tradition in the creation of the famous Samurai swords. As early as 1100, expert Japanese blacksmiths combined different materials to give Katana swords incredible cutting capabilities combined with previously unknown strength and flexibility. It is thanks to this revolutionary construction technique that the Samurai swords have been preserved until our days becoming one of the most fascinating objects made by man. Following this tradition applied to modern metallurgy, we are now able to have technologically advanced steels already tested and used in cutlery also by famous brands such as Fallkniven, Cold Steel, Mcusta, Kai, Sog, Zwilling, Rockstead, etc.

    Characteristics of San Mai steel: It is made of different types of metals alloyed together to create a composite that contains and intensifies the strengths of the metals individually taken:

    - Longer cutting edge life
    thanks to the use of high quality steels with a high carbon content (VG10, CoS, Shiro) or sintered (SPG2), in the core steel, the blade, once hardened, reaches hardness and cutting performance decidedly superior to those achieved with the use of traditional steels.

    - Greater resilience
    Built on the principle of Japanese swords, the multilayer steel is difficult to break thanks to the toughness of the central steel (Core Steel) and the elasticity of the steel used for the lateral coating (Stainless Steel).

    - Improved corrosion resistance
    The steel used for the outer layers (Stainless Steel) gives the blade a high resistance to corrosion. The combination of the two or more materials used by Takefu Steel generates, at a galvanic level, a structure that improves corrosion resistance even on the edge.

    - Easy machining even after heat treatment
    Although steel normally becomes harder after hardening, the lateral steel used in multilayer machining does not lose its softness and allows easy machining, drilling or welding even after heat treatment. For optimum blade performance, cryogenic treatment is recommended.

    - Improved aesthetic performance
    Knives made of multi-state steel or damask pattern at the end of the processing are aesthetically elegant, refined and highly appreciated by collectors all over the world.

  6. Oxo - Steel Salad Spinner

    Oxo - SteeL Salad Spinner Dry salad greens with a simple press of the soft, non-slip knob. The non-slip base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop and the built-in brake button stops the Salad Spinner for unloading. The stainless steel bowl is perfect for serving salad, and the basket doubles as a colander. The lid comes apart for easy cleaning. More Info Materials Stainless steel, plastic Dimensions 10.5'' x 10.5'' x 8'' Weight 3.9 lbs
  7. Gefu - Multi-Chopper SPEEDWING

    Working entirely without electricity and offering an extremely wide range of uses, this multi-talented product not only chops fruit, vegetables, nuts, onions and fish but can also be used for stirring and mixing dips, conjuring up desserts and spinning herbs dry. efficient and easy to use thanks to the manual pull-cord mechanism ergonomic pull-cord handle Cutting insert with two curved blades made of Japanese blade steel and integrated scrapers dimensionally stable spinning basket mixing insert storage lid and spatula included inserts easily replaceable non-slip stand thanks to base ring protective caps for blades included measuring scale markings in ml / cups / fl oz filling volume: 800 ml capacity: 1000 ml high-quality stainless steel/plastic container, spinning basket, mixing insert, storage lid and spatula dishwasher-safe Efficient and effort-saving multi-talent: thanks to the pull-cord mechanism, crushing, mashing, mixing, whisking and stirring very different ingredients is child’s play and done in no time. Depending on the length of time it is used, the cutting insert can chop carrots, nuts and a lot more to consistencies ranging from coarse to very fine. Two very sharp, curved blades ensure the optimum result. Another insert can be used to produce creamy spreads and aromatic salad dressings after, for example, drying the herbs in the spinning basket. The grooves in the container ensure that the cut food is always guided down to the base. A practical scale helps you measure the ingredients. Extensive accessories, such as an storage lid, comes with the transparent container made of sturdy SAN material, which has a base ring to allow the device to stand securely at all times.
  8. Kelomat - Steam juicer

    The advantages at a glance – Diameter 27 cm – Fruit bowl 10.0 l / juice container 3.0 l – Water reservoir 5.2 l (can also be used as cooking pot) – Made of premium stainless steel rust-free 18/10 – Strong thermo-stabile-capsule base – Suitable for all stoves (electronical/gas/glass ceramic/induction) – High energy exploitation, best possible heat and steam distribution – Transparent lid made of glass – Ergonomically shaped metal handles The KELOMAT steam juicer changes juicy fruits into sweet fruit juice in no time. This is done in an very gentle process, in which the fruits are heated, but not boiled. This preserves minerals and vitamins. The steam juicer consists of three elements: a water reservoir (5.2 l) below for steaming (can also be used as a simple cooking pot), a fruit bowl (10.0 l) and a juice container (3.0 l) with a conical nozzle, through which the juice can drain off. You can also purchase the accompanying filling hose here. Thanks to its thermo stable capsule base, the steam juicer can be used on any stove. The ergonomically shaped metal handles enable easy handling. It is entirely made of premium stainless steel. Therefore, the steam juicer will remain odourless even after many uses, and the taste and appearance of the juices are not affected either. The steam juicer guarantees a high energy exploitation due to the best possible heat and steam distribution, due to which the juicer can also be used for steaming.
  9. Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Ad-Hoc - Salad server CURVE

    Special features 2-piece set

    To arrange and serve

    Curved shape, formed from one single piece, comfortably fits in your hand

    Dishwasher safe stainless steel L: 28 cm, W: 7.5 cm

    Design: AdHoc Design Team

  10. Hogue - EX-01 3.5" Folding Drop Point Stonewash - G-10 G-Mascus Green - knife

    Intended Use: Tactical / Sporting

    Production Type: Industrial
    Blade Manufacturing: USA
    Blade: Stainless steel 154CM at 58/60HRC
    Blade Treatment: Stonewashed
    Handle: G-10 3D machined with G-Mascus designs
    Blade length: 95mm.
    Blade thickness: 3.5mm.
    Length closed: 114mm.
    Total length: 201mm.
    Thickness when closed: 11mm
    Balance: -
    Weight: 124g
    Closure: Button Lock with security system
    Clip: Stonewashed Stainless Steel
    Sheath: -
    Package: Cardboard box with Hogue logos
    Notes: Design by Allen Elishewitz