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  1. Lékué - Home Baker Kit

    The perfect gift for home bread lovers.

    Finding the perfect gift has never been easier! For bread fans, both beginners and gourmets, choose the Bread Maker with this set made of high-quality textile materials: 100% cotton apron and bag to preserve the bread.

    Product set consisting of:

    Bread Maker: Making bread is a satisfying task that is much easier than you think: weigh, mix, knead, leaven and bake. Now you can do all of this in the Lékué bread maker. The container is made of 100% platinum silicone, a high-quality material that can be used between -60º and 240ºC, so it can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer. It can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

    The Bread Maker is a multi-purpose container that you can use to weigh and knead the bread, let it rise, and then close the flap and bake. Thanks to its design, the bread maker preserves moisture in the cooking process, obtaining bread that is tender on the inside and crusty on the outside.

    Capacity to make a bread of 500 gr.

    It includes a recipe booklet with basic recipes, whole grain recipes, and recipes for coeliacs, among others.

    Bread bag: Made of 100% cotton, it works as a container or as a bag thanks to its drawstring closure. Use it to keep fresh bread safely. With an exclusive design by Ana Seixas for Lékué.

    Apron: Made 100% in cotton. It is also perfect to use it at mid-waist if you wish. With an exclusive design by Ana Seixas for Lékué. In order to take advantage of the packaging and use it as gift wrap, the "loop" information label turns into an attractive bow.

    Just flip it over! Don't waste single-use wrapping paper, take advantage of the Kit's packaging to gift it directly.

    Medidas Bread Maker: mm L280 – W230 – H130 |

    Bag: mm L350 – W300 |

    Apron: mm L720 – W700

    Material Bread Maker: 100% Platinum Silicone |

    Bag and apron: 100% cotton

    Temperature Bread Maker: -20ºC / +100ºC

    Capacity Bread Maker: 600 ml

    Appropriate for Bread maker: Oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge.

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  2. Lékué - Clean & Store - 3-in-1 Colander

    3-in-1 Colander

    This 3-in-1 kitchen colander will allow you to wash vegetables, fruit and other ingredients, drain them and keep them fresh until they are cooked and/or used in a single container. It allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce preparation time, making the washing process easier and faster. From the sink to the fridge in a flash! A 3-in-1 container that will make the ingredient washing process much quicker, easier and more enjoyable. You no longer need to use several containers; with a single product you can carry out 3 actions for which you previously needed different products.

    You no longer need different bowls or utensils to wash, drain and store. This 3-in-1 colander turns into a storage solution to store vegetables in the fridge and keep them fresh until they are used. This colander for washing food also allows you to soak different ingredients and then drain them in a very easy, quick and effective way.

    How do we use it? Open the lid and unfold the colander, add the ingredients and water to the indicated line, wash or soak (10 minutes), lift the colander and place it on the lid (to avoid getting wet), throw away the water in the base, place the colander back on the base and fold, put the lid on and it's ready to store in the fridge until you're ready!

    There are holes in the base of the colander to drain the water. To control the amount of water used during washing, the container has a mark (droplet of water).

    Do not fill the colander beyond this mark.

    Material: 100%

    Platinum Silicone + PP

    Dimensions: mm L215 x W215 x H75

    Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC

    Suitable for: Refrigerator and dishwasher.

    Capacity: 1.5 L (folded) and 3 L (extended) Manufactured in PP and 100% Platinum Silicone, a high-quality, strong and resistant material. Suitable for the dishwasher and BPA-free.

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  3. Lékué - Veggie Sausages

    Lékué - Veggie Sausages

    Prepare delicious vegan sausages with the Veggie Sausages and cook them quickly in the microwave. Ready in just 5 minutes!

    The Veggie Sausages is made of 100% Platinum Silicone. It allows you to prepare 6 homemade sausages easily in just a few minutes. Cook the sausages in the microwave to get the perfect feel and texture in a flash. This sausage maker is also suitable for the oven and steam cooking.

    An original and tasty way to eat veggies. Perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets, and even for getting your little ones to add more veggies to their diet.

    Make healthy recipes using natural ingredients or follow one of our meat-free sausages recipes such as chickpea and spinach vegan sausages, tofu and curry sausages, beetroot sausages, and textured soy bbq sausages. Tasty plant-based alternatives full of vegetable protein.

    How do I make vegetarian and vegan sausages using the Veggie Sausages?

    1. Prepare the mix
    2. Fill with a spatula
    3. Microwave for 5 minutes at 800W
    4. Remove the sausages
    5. Use a frying pan or Microwave Grill for a crisp texture.

    Material: 100% Platinum Silicone

    Dimensions: mm L195 - W107 - H35 T

    emperature: -60ºC / +220ºC

    Suitable for: Microwave, oven and dishwasher.

    Capacity: 44 ml x6 (264 ml)

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  4. Lékué - Loaf Springform Pan 15 cm

    Lékué - Loaf Springform Pan 15 cm Share and enjoy the most special moments with your friends and family! Ceramic base and upper rectangular made of 100% platinum silicone. For baking lovers or for those who love to cook in general, this removable mould is a basic item that you cannot be without. Bake, remove the mould easily and serve at the table using a single kitchen utensil. You will get a cake for 3-6 people.

    Length of 15 cm.

    Material: 100% Platinum Silicone + ceramic base

    Dimensions: mm L150- W - H

    Temperature: -60ºC / +220ºC

    Suitable for: Oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge


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  5. Lékué - Calm Tea Infuser

    Lékué - Calm Tea Infuser Infuser for teas and infusions that will make enjoy with all your senses the aromas, flavours, sounds and feelings of your own tea ritual!

    This hourglass-style glass tea infuser allows you to infuse and filter all kinds of herbal teas, infusions, and teas. The Calm Tea Infuser turns into an oasis of calm the process of preparation of tea, letting you enjoy the moment and relax. Turn the preparation of tea into a relaxation process. The infuser is made up of two transparent borosilicate glass jars so that the content can be seen. Inside there are two markings that mark the amount of water to fill, depending on whether you want one or two servings. With a platinum silicone band for heat protection during the preparation of your drinks.

    The removable filter is comprised of a valve that allows filtering and a dripper that recreates a rainfall effect while the infusion or tea is being filtered. 500 ml capacity that makes it ideal for preparing one or two cups. Finding quality time for yourself outside of the routine will help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Give yourself a few minutes to make tea and turn the process of infusing the tea into your daily moment of relaxation! Prepare a cup of tea while enjoying the process! How does it work?

    1. Fill one of the two jars with water. If you want 1 cup, fill up to where there is a marked point and if you want 2 cups, fill up to the 2 marked points.

    2. Heat the pitcher in the microwave for 2-2.30 minutes or fill the pitcher with hot water.

    3. Introduce the herbs into the jug with the water following the amounts indicated by the tea or tisane.

    4. Place the filter so that the tube is inside the jug with the water and then place the upper jug firmly fixed.

    5. Let the herbs infuse as long as required (min. 3 min.)

    6. As if it were an hourglass, turn the infuser over, grasping the product by the central area of the silicone bands. It is very important that you always leave the hole where the air comes out (you will see it marked with a "HOT"). Wait a few seconds for the filter to finish while listening to the sound of the rain produced by the filter.

    7. Disassemble the upper jug together with the filter

    8. Now you can enjoy the flavour and aroma of your tea or infusion!

    Discover the Calm Tea Ritual Set and get the ideal pack for prepare and enjoy tea at home.

    Material: Borosilicate glass + Platinum silicone + PP + Stainless steel Dimensions: mm ø 115 - H211 Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC

    Suitable for: Microwave (jars only), dishwasher

    Capacity: 500 m.

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  6. Lékué - Minute Cake Mold , Set of 4

    Lékué - Minute Cake Mold , Set of 4 Make individual desserts in the microwave in one minute and serve it in the same mold? All you need is Minute Cakes, the indispensable kitchen accessory that allows us to satisfy our sweet tooth in a healthy way and in the right amount. 4 individual molds. Dimensions: 4.6" x 4.6" x 3.3" (11.7cm x 11.7cm x 8.5cm) Capacity: 27 OZ (800 ML)
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  7. Lékué - Veggie Cup

    Lékué - Veggie Cup Turn vegetables and fruits into delicious little stuffed cups and share them as tapas or appetizers The Veggie Cup is a utensil with stainless steel blades at the bottom that allows you to ergonomically shape various types of vegetables and fruits to create small cups and prepare a variety of appetizers, snacks or tapas. It provides two different cutting dimensions (ø43 mm and ø34 mm). Easy to use. With marks to control the depth of the cup. How does it work? 1. Cut the vegetable or fruit, if necessary, into cubes or the size you want your cups. 2. Press the Veggie Cup, while turning it at the same time, against the ingredient. 3. Follow the marks on the side of the Veggie Cup to set the casting depth. 4. Remove the contents and use them to fill the cup. Material: ABS + Stainless steel Dimensions: mm L120 - W74 - H50 Temperature: -20ºC / +80ºC Suitable for: Wash by hand Weight: 45 gr.
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  8. Lékué - Donut popsicle mold

    Donut popsicle mold Enjoy donut-shaped popsicle! LÉKUÉ Make delicious homemade popsicles and stack them easily. Stackable moulds for making healthy and natural homemade ice cream. Its design allows stacking, saving freezer space. The lid will protect popsicles from smells. It includes easy recipes — including lactose-free recipes — and a stick for each mould. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more stable refilling. Buy them separately and choose your favourite colours or buy the kit with all four colours together. It includes 1 unit.
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  9. Lékué - ESSENTIALS - Scratchproof Kitchen Utensil

    Lékué - ESSENTIALS Scratchproof Kitchen Utensil

    Skimmer "Essential" Dimensions: cm 9.5x28.5

    Ladle "Essential" Dimensions: cm Ø8.8x26.

    Serving Spoon "Essential" Dimensions: cm 7.2x29

    Turner "Essential" Dimensions: cm 9.5x315.

    Tongs "Essential" Dimensions: cm 28.5

    Thanks to the choice of materials, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) utensils with flexible platinum silicone tips are ideal for use in coated pots and pans. They are also resistant to high temperatures from tip to handle, as well as dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

    Material: Silicone,PBT Polybutylene terephthalate

    Color: Gray,Sage Green.

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  10. Lékué - Silicone Spoon/Spatula

    Lékué - Silicone Spoon/Spatula


    The spoon with reinforced handle and flexible platinum silicone tip is ideal for use in coated pots and pans. The ergoniomic handle ensures easy handling and a secure grip.

    The kitchen utensil is also high temperature resistant, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

    Material: Silicone,ABS .

    Color: gray, sage green

    Dimensions: 6.5x29 cm.

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  11. Lékué - Brush in silicone

    Lékué - Brush in silicone

     The kitchen brush with reinforced handle and flexible platinum silicone tip is ideal for use in coated pots and pans. The ergonomic handle guarantees easy handling and a secure grip.

    The kitchen utensil

    Resistant to high temperatures, dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

    Material: Silicone,ABS

    Colour: Grey , Sage green

    Dimensions: 4x21,5 cm.

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  12. Lékué - Lunch box To Go in wood fiber - 2 containers

    It is made from organic materials and a lower percentage of plastic. The main material is a combination of wood fiber and polypropylene, one of the most widely used plastics, 100% recyclable and perfect for food contact. 

    - 100% airtight has a capacity of 500 ml. 
    - Silicone strap for easy carrying
    - With internal divider for food

    Sustainable, less plastic!

    - Zero Waste
    - 100% recyclable
    - BPA free

    Enjoy your lunch on the go!

    It is 100% leak-proof and each comes with two 500 ml containers.

    Both are joined by a silicone strap for easy carrying.

    Safe to use in a microwave oven.

    To reheat, open the lid of the container.

    Suitable for: microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator

    Recommended use: food container.

    Country of manufacture: China

    Dimensions: mm L192 - W100 - H110

    Temperature: -20ºC / + 100ºC

    Capacity: 500 ml / Total: 1 L

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  13. Lékué - Hasselback Cutter

    Lékué - Hasselback Cutter Hasselback vegetables in an instant! Make your Hasselback veggies with the Hasselback Cutter for a crunchier and tastier alternative to simple baked or grilled vegetables. Cut the vegetables into thin slices in a fan shape and add your favorite ingredients. You will get a crunchy result on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. Try it! Instructions: 1. Place the ingredient on a flat, firm surface. Hold the ingredient with one hand and the Hasselback Cutter with the other. Make sure that the ingredient fits between the product's legs. 2. Before cutting, push the bottom (the button on the handle of the Hasselback Cutter) into your hand. You will see that the three central blades move upwards. Cut the ingredient with the two end blades until the Hasselback Cutter touches the surface. 3. Once you have the two outer blades cutting the product, press the (top) button on the handle to finish cutting the ingredient with the three central blades. 4. To withdraw the blades, push the button on the bottom of the handle into your hand and remove the Hasselback Cutter from the ingredient. Use your hand to help if you see the ingredient sticking a little to the blades. Don't worry, the blades DO NOT cut at the top! Repeat this action throughout the ingredient. Your Hasselback is ready to cook!
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  14. Lékué - Veggie Ricer

    Rice your veggies! With the Veggie Ricer, it turns cauliflower or broccoli into an alternative to rice. Easy, safe and fun, transform these vegetables and add more vegetables to your dishes. Put the cauliflower or broccoli, in pieces, inside the Veggie Ricer, place the lid and turn the two parts of the product in opposite directions. Remove the lid and extract the contents. Cauliflower or broccoli rice ready to cook! Instructions: 1. Cut the cauliflower or broccoli into pieces and remove the stem. Put the pieces inside the product. 2. Place the top lid and press while rotating the two parts of the product in opposite directions to crush the vegetables. 3. Remove the lid and extract the content. Ready to cook!
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  15. Lékué - Kit Pickles

    Kit Pickles Prepare a large variety of healthy and homemade pickled vegetables! Preparing healthy fermented vegetables at home is easier than you think! Fermented vegetables provide multiple health benefits, such as reinforcing the immune system and intestinal flora, and increase bacterial diversity. With the Kit Pickles, you will have everything you need to create the ideal anaerobic environment for fermentation. It includes: - 2 glass jars (700-ml / 24 fl oz) with exclusive Lékué lid and valve. - 2 adjustable pressing discs. - Dual purpose tongs, to press and serve. - Recipes. The adjustable pressing disc keeps food submerged. On the lid, the silicone valve allows the excess CO2 generated during the fermentation process to escape, ensuring the best results. Thanks to its unique design on the market, you will be able to stack and store the jars during the fermentation process. Non-slip lid. Resistant, anti-odour glass.
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  16. Lékué - Mould 2 Mini Rabbit Cakes

    Mould 2 Mini Rabbit Cakes Perfect for baking and decorating with children! Two fun moulds in a mini bunny shape! Bake with your children, a small investment with big returns. Let your imagination run wild decorating cakes for special occasions and celebrations. Fun is guaranteed! It includes 2 units
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  17. Lékué - Kit Mini Pies

    Effortlessly prepare 19 mini pies in one go Be the perfect host: amaze your guests with a wide selection of homemade mini pies made in minutes. The kit includes a double mould to prepare 19 mini pies (round or hexagonal) in one go, a roller for cutting dough from the top of the mould, and another to give your mini pies a classic lattice finish. Get inspiration from the recipe book included, or choose your favourite dough and filling and let your imagination run free!
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  18. Lékué - Set cookie puzzle for biscuits

    Lékué - Set cookie puzzle for biscuits A lot of cookies from a single cut! Get three cookie cutters at a price of two. Quickly prepare many Christmas tree, snowflake and heart shaped cookies.
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  19. Lékué - Egg Poacher

    Lékué - Egg Poacher Successfully make poached eggs in the easiest and most efficient way!
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  20. Lékué - Microwave Corn Cooker

    Lékué - Microwave Corn Cooker The easiest way to make corn at home! Easy, quick and clean in just 5-7 minutes. The easiest and quickest way to enjoy corn cobs at home. With capacity for two cobs, it saves time, water and energy during the cooking process. Easy and clean to use with handles for a more comfortable user experience. The material withstands high temperatures, the design it is efficient with a comfortable system to rotate the corn cobs. Includes four reusable spikes that makes a cleaner eating experience. Dare to try new recipes, in a short time and with delicious results!
    Special Price €14.88 Regular Price €18.60
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  21. Lékué - Steamer

    Lékué - Steamer Cook two dishes at the same time in your Lékué steamer! Eating tasty and healthy food is possible! From traditional bamboo steamers to the most innovative modern materials, but always following the same philosophy: steaming food to maintain all of its properties and intensify flavours. Suitable for 1-2 people. Compatible with Ø 19-22 cms pots.
    Special Price €18.03 Regular Price €27.04
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  22. LÉKUÉ - Kit Crêpes & Pancakes

    Kit Crêpes & Pancakes LÉKUÉ - Kit Crêpes & Pancakes Fast, easy and fun! With this kit you’ll discover the fastest and most fun way to make crepes and pancakes at home. It contains: a batter shaker for preparing the batter quickly and effortlessly, a spatula for flipping your crepes and pancakes and getting perfect results, as well as delicious recipes that will inspire you
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  23. Lékué - Steamed Buns&Baos

    Lékué - Steamed Buns&Baos Make 5 delicious steamed Buns& Baos in just 10 min. Get perfect results in your buns and baos! Steamer designed for making authentic steamed Buns&Baos. Its innovative perforated base prevents the bread from dampening and allows the air to circulate with no condensation.
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  24. Lékué - Frozen fruit mould x1

    Frozen fruit mould x1 LÉKUÉ Get your kids to eat fruit in a fun way which they’ll love! Fun and easy mould for making ice cream — great with kids! Takes up little space and fruit retains nutrients, taste and smell thanks to the lid. It features easy recipes — including lactose-free recipes. Buy them individually. Make ice cream with the product itself, then freeze it and ... time to eat fruit! It includes 1 unit.
    Special Price €3.87 Regular Price €4.84
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  25. Lékué - Set 20 ice cream sticks

    Set 20 ice cream sticks - Lékué measurements: Length: 9 cm. Width: 1 cm. Set 20 sticks to make homemade ice cream in a healthy and natural way. They are specially designed for use with Lékué molds for ice cream. They are made of durable plastic of excellent quality.
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  26. Lékué - Kit of 4 Classic Creamy Ice Cream molds

    Lékué - Kit of 4 Classic Creamy Ice Cream molds

    Treat yourself with these healthy ice creams! Prepare homemade ice creams with crunchy coating and a creamy interior. A set of 4 stackable molds you can use to prepare creamy mini ice creams, with a collapsible container made of 100% Platinum Silicone to quickly and easily create the perfect crunchy toppings.

    Our ice cream molds have lids made of PP, which helps isolate the ice cream from other freezer smells, also improving the hygiene of the process.

    This system of individual molds allows you to stack the ice creams, thus saving space. At the same time, if you want to eat one you can take a single ice cream without having to remove all the molds from the freezer.

    These ice cream molds come with 4 reusable sticks. The sticks are also made of PP and can be used as many times as desired. Just wash and use them again! Perfect sealing with the mold thanks to their flexibility and adhesion.

    It is very easy to separate the molds from the ice cream, thanks to the flexibility of the platinum silicone. Also, they are dishwasher safe.

    Thanks to the 100% Platinum Silicone collapsible container accessory, you can create a perfect coating quickly and easily, without wasting ingredients. Melt it directly into the container. You can melt chocolate or another ingredient directly into the container and microwave at 10"-20" intervals, this will allow you to speed up the process by making the melting easier and more effective.

    With the perfect size to coat the whole ice cream in one go. The container perfectly adjusts to the size of the mold. Its flexibility helps to avoid wasting chocolate. The flexibility of the Platinum Silicone allows to adjust the shape of the container to the ice cream. This way, you can remove all the content and avoid wasting any food. The container is collapsible, it helps to save space on kitchen shelves or drawers when you don't need it.

    Prepare these recipes and treat yourself! You can make a vegan ice cream with chocolate and date, a creamy matcha tea ice cream, a pistachio ice cream or creamy yogurt ice cream with red berries, among others. Discover the entire collection of Ice Cream Moulds!


    Measures mm L60 – W130 (x4) |Recipient: mm ø85 -H100/50

    Material Platinum silicone + PP

    Temperature -20ºC / +100ºC

    Capacity 60 ml. (x4) | Recipient: 350 ml.

    Appropriate for Freezer, dishwasher, fridge, microwave.

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  27. Lékué -Silicone lid effect 'backwash' - cm. 21

    Silicone lid effect 'backwash', adaptable to different sizes and materials (metal, ceramics, glass ...) The lid suction cup Lékué with hole for steam silicone has a suction effect for the conservation of foods and is also perfect for cooking or heating food because it avoids splashing. Suitable for the freezer, oven and microwave; You can go directly from freezer to oven. During cooking may occur an effect 'vacuum', giving rise to an even more hermetic closure of the receptacle which then disappears once raffredatosi the content. Gently lift one end of the cover to remove it. Dishwasher safe. Available in size of diameter 21 cm. rosso.Compatibile in color with tools From 16 to 19 cm.
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  28. Lékué - Quiche Pan ø 28 cm with ceramic plate

    Baking a quiche is no longer a mystery to you!

    Lékué makes it easy for you with the round 28 cm.

    Springform mould. The mould consists of 2 parts, a ceramic base and a silicone upper ring.

    Removing quiches and other cakes from the mould is no longer an impossible task.

    Measures mm Ø280 - H30

    Material 100%

    Platinum Silicone + ceramic base

    Temperature -60ºC / +220ºC

    Capacity 1500 ml

    Appropriate for Oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge.

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  29. Lékué - Quiche crunchy - quiche mold silicone

    Lékué - Quiche crunchy - quiche mold silicone DIE FROM SILICON QUICHE, PUNCHED, FLEXIBLE, NON-STICK AND EASY TO USE AND RIPORRETECNOLOGIA AND DESIGN IN SILICON AND PLATINUM FOR COOKING. After the appearance of the first molds for pastry, in the home they appeared numerous objects that have used silicone for its flexibility, sensuality and color. Beyond fashion and trends, this noble material of natural origin is characterized by its great strength, elasticity and igiene.Frutto analysis in depth on different manipulations, cooking and keeps taking place while cucina.Lékué and Luki Huber have something new: through the use of silicone and platinum, claim to improve, facilitate and reinvent objects and processes suitable for both a professional kitchen that their use privato.Quiche crunchy. Prepare your quiche and taste the authentic flavor and texture of homemade quiche. The mat is also ideal for preparing cakes, calzones and chips. Features and instructions of the silicone pad Lékué: Place the baking sheet on the tray or pan on the oven rack, prevents food from sticking to the tray or the grill of the oven, it does not retain odors or flavors either. Measurements: diam28 cm. Red color. Before using the product for dishwasher.
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  30. Lékué - Duo Springform Mold ø 23 cm with ceramic plate

    Springform (with pins) ø 23 cm with ceramic plate LékuéYou no longer need to de-mould, just serve directly to the table! Springform silicone and ceramic mould for baking and serving. Closing system with pins. Prepare hot or cold, sweet or savoury cakes, without spilling and without being afraid of ruining it when you remove it from the mould. You will get a cake for 8-10 people. (Diameter of 23 cm).
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  31. Lékué - Heart Cake Portion Mould

    Heart Cake Portion Mould Give away hearts, give away smiles! The right amount of your favorite cake in a heart shape! Four single servings that allow you to personalize your preparations with different cake recipes. With or without chocolate, nuts, berries... and all in the same pan! It’s your call! Get Inspired The perfect mould to personalize each serving. Imagine sweet or salty hearts, with the best presentation in the world and with just a little effort. Learn Bring out the chef in you and create different cakes at the same time. The right amount of your favorite cake in a heart shape. Get smiles from the people you love the most!
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  32. Lékué - JAR-TO-GO

    Jar-To-Go is a perfect kit for parfait on the go.

    Available in 400 and 600ml

    100% airtight container.

    Perfect for carrying snacks, soups, salads or desserts and enjoying them right out of the bowl! Inside, it includes a collapsible silicone container that is height-adjustable.

    You can control proportions and keep different textured ingredients separate, like crunchy, dry toppings for yoghurt and soups or dressings for crispy salads.

    Bring it in your bag, backpack or briefcase... and enjoy a break any time.

    It's going to go with you everywhere!

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  33. Lékué - Brochette

    Brochette X 2 OR X 4 Cook four skewers with no smoke and without getting the microwave dirty Get out of your routine and prepare some traditional pincho moruno meat skewers or skewers with meat, fish, vegetables … in the microwave and steam-cooked, so they preserve and enhance the flavour of the ingredients, cooking them and presenting them in the same container with a fun design.

    Special Price €16.39 Regular Price €18.03
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  34. Lékué - Cheese Maker

    Cheese Maker LÉKUÉ Surprise yourself by making your own home-made fresh cheese The Cheese Maker lets you make fresh cheese in a simple 15-minute cooking process and an hour and a half of resting, thanks to its three elements: a bowl to warm the milk, a lid that measures the acid to pour and a strainer where the cheese is formed … as magical as it is easy
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  35. Lékué - Mold for bread rosettes silicone 6 pieces

    6 bread rolls in only one bake! Enjoy home-made mini bread rolls for breakfast, snacks or to accompany your meal. Made of platinum silicone, the mould makes it possible for the dough to generate enough moisture to prevent the bread from drying out and ensure an even cooking Thanks to the micro-perforations, your bread rolls will be crusty on all sides Discover the recipes! Includes a gluten free bread recipe BOX CONTAINS 1 x Lekue Bread Roll, Brown
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  36. Lékué - baguette mold silicone 4 pieces

    Stampo per pane in silicone da forno. Per preparare 4 mini baguette con una sola cottura. Ideale per colazioni e spuntini. Lo stampo ha la flessibilità e la stabilità ottimale, garantendo la massima sicurezza durante la preparazione. Lo stampo microforato consente di raffreddare il pane al suo interno garantendo un prodotto sempre croccante su tutti i lati. Dimensioni: 28x20 cm Lavabile in lavastoviglie.
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  37. Lékué - Pizza mat with microperforated surface

    Pizza Mat Bake delicious home-made pizza with a crispy finish Achieve the crispy finish you’ve always wanted for your pizzas! The secret is in the cooking! The pizza mat, thanks to its microperforated surface, cools the pizza evenly, preventing it from going soft and letting a crispy crust form in all of the dough.
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  38. Lékué - Silicone mold for 9 mini - loaves

    Prepara in casa 9 mini pagnotte fatte in casa in una sola infornata e sorprendi con ricette originali e gustose.

    Lo stampo a 9 spazi, in silicone platonico, consente di cuocere alla perfezione l'impasto, ottenendo una consistenza croccante e il colore dorato del pane tradizionale.

    E' completamente antiaderente e si stacca facilmente senza richiedere lubrificazione. Offre inoltre una flessibilità e una stabilità ottimali che garantiscono la massima sicurezza di manipolazione.

    Prova le ricette facili, originali e piene di sapore. 

    Misure della teglia 17,50x 30cm. 

    Misure del ministampo : 8x 3cm.

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  39. Lékué - Mini sandwich bread

    Prepara in casa 6 mini pagnotte fatte in casain una sola infornata e sorprendi con ricette originali e gustose. Lo stampo a 6 spazi, in silicone platonico, consente di cuocere alla perfezione l'impasto, ottenendo una consistenza croccante e il colore dorato del pane tradizionale. E' completamente antiaderente e si stacca facilmente senza richiedere lubrificazione. Offre inoltre una flessibilità e una stabilità ottimali che garantiscono la massima sicurezza di manipolazione. Prova le ricette facili, originali e piene di sapore. - Misure della teglia 17,50x 30cm. - Misure del ministampo singolo 8,5x6cm.
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  40. Lékué - Veggie Balls

    Veggie Balls

    Quickly, easily and cleanly prepare perfect vegetarian meatballs and vegan meatballs.

    An original and tasty way to get more vegetables in your diet. Perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets and even for getting more veggies into children’s’ meals. Prepare homemade meatballs quicker and more easily with this practical utensil. With the Veggie Balls, you can make round meatballs that are equal in size, without having to get your hands dirty. A cleaner and more hygienic process. Quickly and easily make 4 balls at once, the ideal amount for a portion. Perfect vegetarian meatballs in a few minutes!

    How do I make vegetarian meatballs with the Veggie Balls?

    1. Prepare your mix by combining your preferred ingredients or by following our recipes.

    2. Add the mix to the Veggie Balls mould using a spatula.

    3. Add the lid to the moulds containing the mix.

    4. Press lightly until the product is completely closed.

    5. Lift the lid and separate the base from the body of the Veggie Balls.

    6. Carefully turn over to free the balls.

    Ready to eat or cook!

    Discover different vegetarian and vegan meatball recipes inside the product, such as zucchini meatballs and lentil meatballs. And even healthy sweet and savoury snacks and Energy Balls!

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  41. Lékué - mold in silicone sliced ​​bread

    Prepara in casa un autentico Pancarrè - Sandwich e goditi il suo sapore tradizionale, la sua consistenza morbida e il suo colore dorata. Prova le ricette facili, originali e piene di sapore.
    Misure interne: 25x10x7 cm.


    RICETTE PANE , ANTIPASTI Seminato pane bianco Ingredienti 1/2 kg di farina forte (per fare il pane) 320 ml di lievito 100 g di semi assortiti calda acqua 15 g di Baker (semi di girasole, lino, avena ...)

    1 uovo Preparazione 1 Versare l'acqua tiepida in una ciotola capiente, aggiungere la farina ed infine il lievito. Impastare con le mani per 10 minuti.

    È inoltre possibile utilizzare un robot da cucina o frusta per impastare. Aggiungere i semi (riservando 20 g) per la pasta e impastare nuovamente per mescolare in modo uniforme.

    2 Mettere l'impasto nello stampo, facendo attenzione che sia piatto, coprire e lasciare lievitare in un luogo caldo per 2 ore.

    3 Sbattere l'uovo e utilizzarlo per spennellare la superficie del pane, e poi cospargere sui restanti semi. Cuocere in forno preriscaldato a 180 ° C per 35 minuti.

    Mettere l'acqua in un recipiente resistente al calore e posto in forno per formare vapore.

    4 Togliere dal forno, spegnere e lasciare raffreddare su una griglia. Se volete una crosta più dura, girare fuori e poi cuocere in forno alla stessa temperatura per circa 5 minuti.

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  42. Lékué - Essential Home Bread Kit

    Discover the basics of baking homemade bread with this kit. Includes: - Bread maker - Mini Baguette - Spoon - Recipes and information for home bread making With the Bread maker, make your very own homemade bread in a single container: weigh, knead, bake... easily and mess free. Shape the dough with the Mini Baguette mould: the micro-perforated mould shapes the perfect loaf and gives a crunchy crust with no damp or soggy base. Just the right shape for your bread rolls. This is what you need to get you started on your bread-making journey.

    Gluten free, seeded crust, herb loaf... whatever you fancy! And with the simple step by step guide and recipes provided you'll get the knack of the entire process in no time.

    Material: 100%

    Platinum Silicone


    Bread Maker: mm L280 – W230 – H130 |

    Mini Baguette: mm L170 - W53 - H20 |

    Spoon: mm L270

    Temperature: -60ºC / +220ºC

    Suitable for: Oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge

    Capacity: Bread Maker: 600 ml |

    Mini Baguette: 150 ml (x4)

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    Only 2 left
  43. Lékué - Herbstick - spices

    Herbstick LÉKUÉ Spice rack to have fresh herbs always ready for seasoning. Prepare your favourite dressing of fresh herbs and oil, put it in the seasoning box and into the freezer. It will be ready whenever you need it, to give the perfect finishing touch to a dish or enrich its preparation.
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    Only 2 left
  44. Lékué - Pop Kiss Mould - Escribà

    Pop Kiss Mould Make and give lip-shaped lollipops as a gift. Give kisses! A perfect balance of chocolate and affection. With this kit you can make lip-shaped chocolate lollipops and you can personalize them as a gift. Buy it for yourself or give it as the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like a kiss? Give chocolate kisses and you will be as big a hit as your candy. Give kisses! A perfect balance of chocolate and affection. With this kit you can make lip-shaped chocolate lollipops and you can personalize them as a gift. Buy it for yourself or give it as the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like a kiss? Christian Escribà, the renowned pastry and chocolate chef, has created this product for Lékué, which blends magic, fantasy and happiness into baking. The set includes a silicone mould for making 8 lip-shaped chocolates, 20 lollipop sticks, 12 labels, one hanger and a recipe booklet with tips and recipes. Create your own chocolates with different flavours and colours and decorate them as you please. Personalize your kisses thanks to the adhesive labels or using the original hanger. They are a sweet and original little gift! The mould is made of platinum silicone, a high-quality, durable and non-stick material that can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  45. Lékué - Kit Decomat Kids - Silicone


    Dopo l'apparizione dei primi stampi per pasticceria, nell'ambito domestico sono apparsi numerosi oggetti che hanno utilizzato il silicone per la sua flessibilità, sensualità e colore. Al di là di mode e tendenze, questo nobile materiale di origine naturale si caratterizza per la sua grande resistenza, elasticità e igiene.
    Frutto di un'analisi in profondità sulle differenti manipolazioni, cotture e conservazioni che si realizzano mentre si cucina.

    Lékué e Luki Huber presentano una novità: attraverso l'uso di silicone e platino, pretendono di migliorare, agevolare e reinventare oggetti e processi adatti sia ad una cucina professionale che al loro uso privato.

    Segui i disegni dei modelli, crea le tue figure di cioccolato e decora i tuoi dolci in maniera originale! Ideale per feste, occasioni speciali o per la preparazione dei dolci con la famiglia o con gli amici. Una procedura facile per un risultato garantito!

    Nuovo kit DECOMAT con forme per i bambini. Esso comprende 4 modelli con i temi per bambinii: biciclette, barca, auto, aereo, animali, tema per principesse e un Decopen con 2 ugelli, una tappetino trasparente in silicone platinum e ricette.

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  46. Lékué - Press burgers silicon

    MyBurger è l'utensile semplice da utilizzare in cucina per preparare autentici hamburger: grandi, piccole, di carne, di pesce, vegetariani o...ripieni!!! Ha due anelli di silicone dove potrete preparare i vostri hamburger con gli ingredienti di vostra scelta. Carne macinata di manzo, pollo, tartare di salmone, cipolle, pomodori a cubetti, con le erbe fresche ... Poi basta premere il vostro ripieno con la stampo per ottenere un hamburger di forma perfetta e che terrà bene la cottura . Con il pestino doppio di myburger Lékué è possibile preparare anche degli ottimi panini,, ciambelle, Tartar ecc... Per dare ancora più sapore, è possibile inserire pezzi di formaggio all'interno della vostro myburger, per sorprendere i vostri ospiti, Le possibilità sono infinite. Semplice da pulire. All'interno ricettario in italiano. My Burger prepara dei veri hamburger in casa tua! set permette di ottenere: hamburger cm.10 (gr.200.) normali o farciti ,, cm.6 (gr.50) normali. il set è composto da: 2 fasce in silicone(rosse) 1 pressacarne doppio in plastica alimentare, ricettario con 6 ricette originali Materiale: Platinum Silicone e plastica ABS
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  47. Lékué - Kit Surprise Cake - Escribà

    Kit Surprise Cake - Escribà Bake, decorate and surprise everyone with this 3 tier cake kit. You probably never imagined you would be capable of making an impressive 3 tier cake. Now you can make one quickly and easily. The three moulds turn a daunting idea into an easy task. The rest of the complements will help you give the right atmosphere to your party. Fun is guaranteed!
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  48. Lékué - Fortune Origamis Piramids

    Lékué - Fortune Origamis Piramids

    Customised & artistic cakelets

    Surprise with delicate cakelets inspired by the art of origami and customize them with messages inside!

    This mold, with 4 cavities and two different pyramidal shapes, is designed to bake little cakes inspired by the origami art and oriental recipes.

    Messages to surprise! It contains food grade contact paper sheets with some messages which you can place inside the cake and bake.

    100% reusable pack.

    Flip the Fortune Origamis packaging and use it as a bakery box.

    Transport or give as a gift your origami bites.

    Perfect gift box!

    Material: 100% Silicone Platinum

    Dimensions: mm L140 x W140 x H41

    Temperature: -60ºC / +220ºC

    Suitable for: Oven, dishwasher

    Weight: 56 gr.

    Capacity: 45 ml/cav. T

    otal: 180 ml.

    Special Price €8.93 Regular Price €10.65
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