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Lotus Grill

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  1. LotusGrill - Beech Charcoal 1 kg

    Lotus Grill - Beech Charcoal 1 kg Beech Charcoal 1 kg beech ideal for all types of barbecue and specific for the Grill Lotus. Pack of 1 kg. Specifies to create a little smoke.
  2. LotusGrill - Lighter Gel

    Only a small amount of this ethanol based lighter gel is required to get your LotusGrill going.
  3. LotusGrill - The smokeless charcoal mini grill

    Featuring all the benefits of the original Lotus Grill, the new Stainless Steel Lotus MiniGrill Barbecue and Camping Stove is smaller, lighter and has a grill plate that converts it into a versatile camping stove. Measuring 24 cm in diameter and 22.5 cm high, the Lotus MiniGrill is compact, weighing in at just 2kg - making it the ultimate travel companion. Undoubtedly, its best feature is speed as it's ready to cook in just 3 to 4 minutes from lighting. The patented 'bellows' system features a fan that blows air directly onto the charcoal to create rapid high heat - up to 350 degrees Celsius, and your desired cooking temperature, much faster. It can also boil 1.5 litres of water in just a couple of minutes. German in design and engineering, Lotus Grill use 90% less charcoal. You can cook or BBQ for 1 hour with just 180g of charcoal. The built in battery operated fan rids nasty fumes and smoke, yet you still get that delicious BBQ flavour as natural hardwood charcoal emits these flavours through invisible safe gases and you don't ingest carcinogens or other harmful chemicals present in traditional Barbecue smoke. The Lotus Minigrill promotes healthy eating as excess fat and oil drips off the food into the removable catch tray instead of back into your food and no need to add oil as the grill reduces food sticking to it. The Lotus MiniGrill is designed with safety in mind; the temperature is controlled by adjusting the battery operated fan and the double walled construction ensures that the outer frame and base never get hot - making it safe for use around children. Whether you're at home, the beach, camping or on a boat, the Lotus MiniGrill provides a versatile, quick and easy way to BBQ. When you're done, you can dismantle and be packed up in minutes with its coal extinguish process. It also comes with a handy travel bag. Features and Benefits: Ultra light, compact and versatile Lotus MiniGrill in Stainless Steel. Unique, patented 'bellows' system that creates rapid high heat in just 3 to 4 minutes from lighting. Can boil 1.5 litres of water in minutes. Grill plate easily converts into a handy camping stove. Temperature controlled by battery operated fan. Double walled construction ensure it's safe for use around children. Promotes healthier eating by catching fat and oil underneath in the catch tray. Great for home use, camping, boating...just about anywhere! Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: Diameter 24 cm Height 22.5 cm. Weight: 2 kg. Travel bag included.
  4. Lotus Grill - Pizza Stone for bbq

    Lotus Grill - Pizza Stone for bbq The stone company Lotus Grill Lotus ® turns your barbecue in a small perfect pizza oven, meat, vegetables etc. The pizza stone-vegetable-meat-bread fits exactly on the Lotus Grill is simply placed on the grill. The set consists of a stone, and a stone for stainless steel support. In combination with the grill hood (optional) allows the performance of heating and cooking improves further. Diameter: 30 cm
  5. LotusGrill - Universal stand for Lotus Grill - Barbecue

    LotusGrill - Universal stand for Lotus Grill - Barbecue You will love it because ... A must for grilling this summer; the universal Lotus Grill stand will keep your barbecue stable while you cook. Quick and easy to open and adjust, the BBQ stand has been designed to be paired with the mini, standard and XL Lotus Grills. The perfect accessory for home cooking, camping and trips to the sea; simply put the stand in the carrying bag ready for your next party! With the corresponding accessories and tools available separately, see the full Lotus Grill range! Features and benefits: Universal stand Create a stable surface for cooking on your Lotus Grill barbecue Designed for use with all Lotus Grill sizes (excluding XXL) Easily adjustable Foldable design: helps save space when not in use Practical carrying bag included Made of anti-rust stainless steel, plastic and nylon. Specific: Weight: 1.9 kg Height: 82 cm Packaging width: 8 cm Depth packed: 8 cm
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  6. Lotus Grill - Cast Grill Grid G340

    Lotus Grill - Cast Grill Grid G340 A variety of specially developed accessories complete the barbecue experience. Especially: Cast Grill Grid made from non stick cast aluminium for G340 Lotus Grill. - Weights 4,0 kg - Top diameter 350 mm - Bottom diameter 300 mm - Height 29 mm - Made from non stick cast aluminium - Gift package
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  7. Lotus Grill - Charcoal Container

    Lotus Grill - Charcoal Container for Lotus Grill 5238L
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  8. Lotus Grill - Teppanyaki Plate for bbq

    Teppanyaki Plate. It derives from a Japanese style of cooking and is basically an iron plate; one side is smooth, the other is a griddle. This is great for griddling steak, chicken and shrimp, while the smooth side is perfect for food that is too small to go on the standard metal grill. Meaning you can fry up your rice, noodles, egg or vegetables…delicious! Easy to clean thanks to the special LOTAN® non-stick coating. can be combined with the lid Designed to position itself perfectly on top of the LotusGrill grill but can also be used without, directly resting on the charcoal Easy to clean thanks to the special LOTAN non-stick coating The plate can be used on both sides: it has a side with a smooth surface and a side with a grilled surface Suitable for LotusGrill with 35 cm diameter grid.
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  9. Lotus Grill - Glas hood with Thermostat for Lotus Grill

    Cover for Lotus Grill steel with tempered glass cover. LOTUS GRILL Cover To Thermostat Lotus 34 LOTUS GRILL cover with Model Thermostat 34 cm in diameter. all-glass lid with thermostat to turn your LotusGrill, winner of Barbecue Award 2012 prize in an oven, ideal for cooking or smoking your food. In a few minutes you will have the right temperature to bake all your grill, as in the oven at home, but absolutely freely and outdoors. Maximum cover-grid height 14 cm.
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  10. LotusGrill - Grill hood for Lotus grill

    Grill hood Lotus Grill steel with tempered glass cover. Technical features: Knob with thermometer. Cover with two positions to increase the passage of air. In coal barbecue lid it allows you to achieve a better cooking avoiding the emission of smoke. It allows to maintain a degree of ideal humidity controlling the amount of air inside the brazier. In this way the big slices of meat remain soft and do not dry inside.
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  11. LotusGrill - Beech Charcoal 1 kg

    Lotus Grill - Beech Charcoal 1 kg Beech Charcoal 1 kg beech ideal for all types of barbecue and specific for the Grill Lotus. Pack of 1 kg. Specifies to create a little smoke.
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  12. LotusGrill - The smokeless charcoal grill

    SIMPLE IDEA, BIG EFFECT Round design It weighs less than 4 kg Delivered per default with color-matched nylon carry bag Diameter of grill grid is 32 cm Suitable for up to 5 persons Grill grid and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dish-washer Fan powered by 4 batteries Capacity of charcoal container max. 250 g Combustion time varies between 40-90 minutes depending of charcoal used, Charcoal can be refilled any time Outer bowl made of powder-coated steel The latches on the side of outer bowl combine the grill grid, charcoal container and inner bowl to a closed and safe unit. TECHNICAL DATA Weight: approx. 3.7 kg Measurements Ø top approx. 350 mm Ø bottom approx. 260 mm, height approx. 234 mm Ø grid approx. 320 mm Material Steel and shock-resistant plastics Grid, inner bowl, charcoal container and latches: stainless steel Included in delivery grill (ready-to-use) carrying bag 4 AA batteries manual
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