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Nitecore - UV + Ozone sterilizing lamp - germicidal - Large 100m² - ZWXTD-04

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Key features:
* Removes up to 99.99% of spores, germs, viruses and bacteria. The lamp modifies pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and molds through light, DNA or RNA and therefore prevents them from reproducing or being harmful. Ozone is a very active oxidant that destroys contact microorganisms, in addition ozone also acts as an environmental deodorant. One of the advantages of ozone is that it can be transported by air to places that UV radiation cannot directly reach.
* Effective against Coronavirus, Mushrooms, Rickettsia, Chlamydia etc.
* Broad spectrum, high potency germicide
* Sanitization with automatic shutdown for 15, 30 or 60 minutes
* Radial quartz lamps with UV-C ultraviolet technology
* Emission of O3 ozone cells for additional sterilization
* Radiation wavelength of 185nm and 254nm
* Simplified design for maximum functionality
* Easily transportable and positioned on flat or hanging surfaces
* Operating commands on the support base or by remote control
* Delayed start to allow the operator to safely leave

Sanitizing applications:
* Home environments
* Commercial structures (shops, offices, restaurants etc)
* Cold rooms
* Food processing plants
* Medical offices, veterinarians, hospitals and operating rooms
* Odor removal

Operating principles:
Germicidal lamps generate short-wave radiation of 185nm radially which, passing through the purest quartz, generate ultraviolet type C (UV-C) waves that are lethal to microorganisms. All surfaces touched directly by ultraviolet waves are therefore sterilized.
At the same time, radiation of 253.7nm produces abundant quantities of ozone (O3) in the surrounding air which, as a very active oxidant, destroys the microorganisms with which it comes into contact. This allows effective sterilization even on surfaces not directly touched by UV-C waves and on all textile surfaces, penetrating deeply and simultaneously eliminating any type of odor, acting as an environmental deodorant.

Technical data:
* Models: ZWXTD-04
* Body material: steel
* Lamp material: quartz
* Rated power: 75W
* Sterilizable surface: <100m²
* Operating voltage: 220V / 50Hz
* Lamp dimensions 75W: 200x665 mm.
* Lamp weight 75W: 1380 g.
* Life cycle:> 8000 hours
* Control method: on the base or via remote control
* Power on: delayed by 10 seconds
* Operating timer: 15, 30 and 60 minutes

Manual or remote control operation:
1) Plug in the power outlet
2) press the button with the desired sterilization time
3) after 10 seconds, the lamp will turn on and remain active for the set time
ATTENTION: during sterilization the room must be left free by people and animals
4) at the end of the sterilization time, the lamp will automatically turn off
ATTENTION: before staying, ventilate the rooms for at least 40 minutes

Precautions for use:
* The lamp in operation emits ultraviolet radiation, dangerous for exposure, and ozone, dangerous for inhalation.
* Use only in unmanned rooms
* Dangerous for humans, animals and plants
* Do not look directly into ultraviolet light to avoid damage and photodermatitis
* Do not stand near the operating lamp
* Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause aging and burns to the skin
* Prolonged exposure to ozone can cause asthma and irritation to the respiratory tract
* Ventilate the room before staying to allow the ozone to escape
* Ozone can remain in the room for up to 30/40 minutes after the lamp is turned off

Le torce Nitecore sono moderni sistemi di illuminazione progettati e realizzati utilizzando la migliore tecnologia al mondo, per soddisfare le esigenti richieste di militari, forze dell’ordine, professionisti del salvataggio e appassionati di vita all’aria aperta.

La Coltelleria Collini di Busto Arsizio è rivenditore ufficiale per l'Italia del marchio NITECORE


More Information
Battery Type18650 rechargeable, CR123 3.0V, RCR123 rechargeable
lumens outputda 901 a 1200 lumens
Lighting Distancefrom 301 to 400mt.
Country of productionChina
Materials and Finishes8
EAN Code6952506494347
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