In 1993 Cilio was founded with headquarters in Solingen, where it is still at home today. Since its inception, Cilio has placed great emphasis on combining noble materials, distinctive design, excellent craftsmanship and industrial processing with perfect utility. This philosophy runs through all areas and topics that today encompass much more than just the table.

The constant further development of the collection as well as the integration of successful ranges and trend-setting innovations have contributed to the brand establishing itself on the market in a very short time.

Right from the start, cilio was able to make a name for itself with design-oriented products for everything to do with Italian coffee culture and the Mediterranean way of life.

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  1. Cilio - Vacuum flask 1 L

    Cilio - Vaccuum flask 1 

    Cilio products are of high quality and combine classic materials with modern and environmentally friendly ones to offer you the best solutions for your kitchen accessories. In the Cilio product range you will find coffee makers, oil jugs, spice containers, grinders and bar products.


    Capacity: 1L

    Material: stainless steel.

    Available colours : red / stainless steel / blue

    Dimensions :

    height : 31 cm

    diameter: 11 cm.

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  2. Cilio - Insulating bottle COLORE metallic

    The Insulating bottle COLORE metallic of Cilio is on the spot when you are thirsty. In the office, on excursions by car or train, on Sunday in the spa or sauna. When family picnic, they may not be missing, at school it is filled with water or apple juice a healthy and affordable alternative to soft drinks from the kiosk. On the bright colors not only the kids have fun, it will pep up any kitchen. The double-wall system keeps coffee or tea and hot water, juices & Co. reliably cool. The practical rotary shutter closes sure about lies the drinking cup. The robust stainless steel holds a shove in your backpack or sports bag made easy. Practical: The bottles are available in 2 different sizes and collors - there's something for every need the right image. Insulated bottle COLORE metallic With double wall system Screw cap with practical one-hand push-button Incl. drinking cup Ideal for hot or cold drinks Holds up to 12h hot or 24h cold Painted stainless steel 500 ml, Ø 7 cm, height 25cm
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  3. Cilio - Black marble mortar cm. 13 - 420319

    Cilio - Black marble mortar cm. 13 - 420319

    Cilio's marble mortar is an ideal tool for spice and herb mixtures, as well as for sauces and pesto.

    • Abrasion-resistant and neutral in flavor.
    • Pestle included.
    • Weight: 2 kg
    • Diameter: 13 cm
    • Black marble
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  4. Cilio - Classic milk frother - Cappuccino Creamer

    Cilio - Classic milk frother - Cappuccino Creamer

    Classic Maxi Cappuccino Creamer for 6 cups.

    Made of polished stainless steel.

    Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction.

    Polished steel surface with 4mm 2-layer, also suitable for induction.

    Potential heat transfer depends on the minimum diameter of your stove.

    Diameter: 10 cm.

    Capacity: 800ml.

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  5. Cilio - Caffettiera 6 tazze inox per induzione

    Caffettiera inox 6 tazze, adatta anche per fornelli ad induzione.Fornita di quarnizione in silicone.
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  6. Cilio - Cap / pump for sparkling wine - Champagne Stopper- Champagne Stopper

    Cilio - Tappo/Pompa per spumante - Champagne Stopper
    Tappo per champagne in acciaio inox: inserimento sulla bottiglia a pressione sganciamento tramite pulsante sulla sommità del tappo. Decorazione con figura Smile.
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  7. Cilio - Cocktailshaker Inox 0.70cl

    Cilio Premium

    Shaker smontabile in acciaio inox 18/10

    satinato con capacità di 0.7lt.

    5 anni di garanzia

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  8. cilio - easy clean cleaning beads - 544299

    cilio - Easy clean cleaning beads - 544299

    Small 3 mm reusable stainless steel beads remove all types of deposits without effortful scrubbing or chemical cleaners. Simply swing them together with water in the
    container. Whether it's tea, coffee or red wine - your kettles, jugs, pitchers and vases will be as good as new.


    Fill the container with 1⁄4 cup of water.
    Add the cleaning beads
    to the water.
    Swing the container with the cleaning beads.

    If necessary, add a little detergent, lemon juice or vinegar, depending on the degree of deposits.
    Drain the cleaning beads in a fine-mesh sieve.

    Rinse and allow to dry.


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  9. Cilio - Open champagne - Nutcracker

    Cilio - Open champagne - Nutcracker

    Practical nutcracker Nutcracker conical made of metal chrome; crushed walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds in a perfect way. Crushes the shell and not the fruit. The shards of the shell does not splash and do not spread. To be used also as a gripper for bottles of sparkling wine to extract the cork or plastic.

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  10. Cilio - Termometro con clip per latte

    Termometro con zona colorata per la misurazione precisa della temperatura del latte ideale per la preparzione di salse, gelati, yogurt e cappuccini.
    acciaio inox con clip per fermarlo al bordo di un pentolino o bricco.
    Temperature da -10 a +100.
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  11. Cilio - Electric Kettle

    Cilio - Electric kettle

    • 1 liter capacity.
    • 360° wireless central contact.
    • Lid with safety lock.
    • Removable limestone filter.
    • Scale for measuring water level.
    • Automatic shut-off.
    • Switch with indicator light.
    • Instruction manual inside.
    • High-quality stainless steel/plastic.
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  12. Cilio - Mug MOSCOW MULE

    Mug MOSCOW MULE hammer blow

    The cocktail shaker shines in the evening sun, the MOSCOW MULE mug and the small offshoot for MOSCOW MULE Shot are waiting to be filled.

    With the stylish accessories made of copper from cilio you can raise your house bar to a new level.

    The professional juice press, the bar measuring device and the caipirinha pestle made of the noble material ensure that the after-work drink or the glass tastes twice as good in a cozy atmosphere.

    Speaking of which: put the mugs in the freezer before serving - your guests will appreciate it.

    The MOSCOW MULE cups lie comfortably in the hand, they are optionally available with or without a hammer blow.

    The non-alcoholic version of the trendy drink with ginger beer, sugar syrup, lime juice, ginger and cucumber also comes out big.

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12 Items

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  • Extrema Ratio Misericordia Desert: Un Coltello d'Eccellenza per i Reparti Operativi
    Extrema Ratio Misericordia Desert: Un Coltello d'Eccellenza per i Reparti Operativi

    Esplora la maestria della coltelleria italiana con il coltello Extrema Ratio Misericordia Desert. Nato dalla collaborazione con il quarto Reggimento Alpini paracadutisti, è un pezzo di eccellenza italiana pensato per i reparti operativi. Il suo design ergonomico, la nuova colorazione Desert e la leggerezza rendono questo coltello un must-have per i professionisti.

    La mia recensione dettagliata rivela tutte le sue caratteristiche, dalla praticità del fodero alla maneggevolezza del coltello stesso, sottolineando l'importanza di possedere un utensile di qualità superiore. Un coltello studiato nei dettagli, un gioiello della coltelleria italiana.


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  • guida alla scoperta dei diversi tipi di meccanismi e sistemi di apertura dei coltelli da tasca
    guida alla scoperta dei diversi tipi di meccanismi e sistemi di apertura dei coltelli da tasca

    L'arte di aprire un coltello da tasca ha radici antiche e si è evoluta nel tempo attraverso vari metodi. Dall'apribile classico "Incavo per Unghie", simbolo di tradizione, all'innovativo e rapido sistema "Flipper".

    Ci sono metodi ideati per chi cerca praticità come gli "Apribili Thumb", che utilizzano il pollice, o il futuristico "Apribile Wave", che permette un'apertura istantanea durante l'estrazione dalla tasca. Non dimentichiamo l'arte dell'apertura dei coltelli "Butterfly", ricca di trucchi ma che richiede destrezza.

    Questo articolo esplora questi metodi, fornendo una panoramica completa delle diverse tecniche di apertura, mettendo in evidenza sia la loro funzionalità sia le loro particolarità stilistiche.

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