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Espadas y Sables de Toledo, S.L. for over 100 years manufacturing our traditional crafts Toledo with our exclusive brands MARTO and BERMEJO.

This spanish company established in Toledo, was born to regain the testimony and the tecniques of the sword master-craftsman that for centuries brought the name of the city of Toledo to every corner of the world.

All the experience and knowledge of over 100 years of specializing in the manufacture of our traditional crafts with our exclusive brands MARTO and BERMEJO and their irreplaceable master craftsmen , sword makers, specialists and professionals maintaining an outstanding the deserved prestige, national and international...

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  1. Marto - Gladius Julius Caesar - 517 - historical sword

    Reproduction of the Roman gladius of Julius Caesar, produced by Marto of Toledo

    Blade in unsharpened 420 stainless steel
    Total length 71 cm
    Weight 1,9 kg

    Excellent finish and detail definition

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Marto - Giulio Cesare's Gladio - Limited Edition - AC0300 - historical sword

    Julius Caesar, Gaius Julious Caesar (101 b.C. – 44 b.C.) was the greatest soldier and political leader of ancient Roma.
    During his lifetime the frontiers of the empire were pushed forward and secured; Rome was transformed from a republic into a government with a single ruler, and Caesar was its first dictator. He wrote some of the finest works of history in Latin, describing the campaigns he fought in Gaul and the Civil Wars; he was an architect, a mathematician, and one of the ancient’s world orators.
    There is no doubt that Caesar was ambitious and that he enjoyed the great power placed in his hands. It is said that he wished to be crowned king. This was the reason that the conspirators led by Cassius and Brutus gave for his murder: Caesar has become too powerful and danger for the survival of the Republic.


    • • Special finish with damasquinado decorations.
    • • Inox AISI 420 Blade.
    • • Acid etching in black and gold.
    • • Overall: 71 cm
    • • Weight: 1,8 kg

    High Quality Sword of the exclusive Collection "Heroes and Civilizations" made by Marto.
    Certificate of Origin and Quality, "Made in Toledo" (Spain).

    Out of stock
  3. Marto - Roman Golden Dagger - Dagger historic 0704

    Marto - Roman Golden Dagger - Dagger historic 0704

    Dagger Roman gold

    - 440 steel blade is dull
    - Total length 37.5 cm
    - Total length 23 cm
    - Good finish of the blade and the handle

    Out of stock
  4. Marto - Antique effect Viking Dagger - Dagger historical

    Marto - Antique effect Viking Dagger - Dagger historical

    Antique Viking Dagger

    - 440 steel blade is dull
    - Total length 37 cm
    - Total length 23 cm
    - Very good quality antiquing with the blade and the handle

    Out of stock
  5. Marto - Antique effect Celtic Dagger - Dagger historical

    Marto - Antique effect Celtic Dagger - Dagger historical

    A peculiar characteristic of Celtic swords was the handle in the form of "X", otherwise known as anthropomorphic handle. The arms of the X constituted the lower limbs (wrapped around the "strength" of the blade) and higher than a human male whose head stood in the spot usually occupied by the knob. In the oldest specimens (sixth century BC), the anthropomorphic shape was very strong, with the "arms" of the man-handle raised in a praying position, almost forming a trident.

    - 440 steel blade is dull
    - Total length 44.5 cm
    - Total length 30 cm
    - Very good quality antiquing with the blade and the handle

    Out of stock
  6. Marto - Il Gladiatore - Gladio di Tigris of Gaul - prodotti tratti da film

    Spada ufficiale prodotta dalla Marto e tratta dal film "Il Gladiatore", film epico del 2000, diretto da Ridley Scott e interpretato da Russell Crowe.

    Prodotto espositivo

    Lama: Acciaio inox 440
    Impugnatura: in cuoio e metallo bronzato
    Lunghezza Lama: 50cm.
    Lunghezza Totale: 72cm.
    Spessore Lama: 3mm.
    Bilanciatura: avanzata, a 5cm. dal ramo di guardia
    Peso: 2200g.

    Quando Commodo ordina un periodo di grandi feste (151 giorni) a Roma in memoria del padre (ma soprattutto per ingraziarsi il popolo), Proximo porta al Colosseo i suoi gladiatori, compreso Massimo, che comincia a pregustare la sua vendetta.

    Grazie alla sua esperienza guida i propri compagni alla vittoria in un combattimento disperato e viene acclamato dalla folla.

    Commodo, che intanto ha scoperto la reale identità dell'Hispanico (come è chiamato Massimo da gladiatore), teme che possa diventare troppo famoso e quindi troppo amato dal popolo e cerca di fare in modo che venga ucciso nell'arena.

    Tutti i suoi piani però falliscono e la celebrità di Massimo aumenta...
    Out of stock
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6 Items