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The manufacture of pfeil tools combines the latest technology with proven techniques. Our range of high quality tools is continually being developed further, manufactured in our Swiss factory and supplemented with additional products. As a family company, we are now a leading manufacturer of woodcarving tools. Your passion is important to us, which is why we are committed every day so that you will also enjoy working with wood in the future.

From a one-man business to a respected manufacturer of cutting tools

The company was founded in 1902 as a producer of cutting tools in Langenthal (Switzerland), where we are still based today. In the beginning it was mainly professional cutting tools and surgical instruments that were produced and sharpened. Production of the first carving tools began in 1942. Within a short space of time, the high quality of the tools proved extremely popular, not only among professional carvers, but also among amateurs and schools in Switzerland and abroad.

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  1. Pfeil - Wood handheld grinders - Set 6 pieces - LS A

    Tools in non-stainless steel, for carving and woodworking, all hardened, with final hardness between 59-61 RC, carefully sharpened by hand, and all equipped with wooden handles. Handheld gouge for working wood
    Set of 8 pieces
    Height with wooden handle: 135mm
    Blade height: 80mm

    Measures included in the package:
    Production: Switzerland

    L 1/8
    L 1s / 8
    L 1a / 8
    L 5/8
    L 11/3
    L 12a / 4

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Pfeil - RO12 bag in fabric with 10 gouges - wood carving

    Pfeil gauze fabric bag composed of 10 gouges

    Closed dimension: 30cm x 11cm

    Weight: 1030 gr.

    The 10 different models of gouges in the package:

    - 1/8
    - 1s / 8
    - 5/8
    - 5/20
    - 7/6
    - 7/14
    - 7L / 20
    - 8/4
    - 8a / 10
    - 9/10
    - 11/3
    - 12/6

    Only 99 left
    Only 99 left
  3. Pfeil - Val Gardena VG11 bag in fabric with 10 gouges and 2 accessories - wood carving

    Pfeil gauze fabric bag consisting of 10 gouges and 2 accessories

    Closed dimension: 30cm x 10cm

    Weight: 1330 gr.

    Present accessories:
    - 1x Kerb 12
    - 1x pencil

    The 10 different models of gouges in the package:

    - 1s / 10
    - 1s / 20
    - 1s / 30
    - 3/35
    - 4/20
    - 5/12
    - 7/10
    - 7/35
    - 11/5
    - 11/10

    Only 99 left
    Only 99 left
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3 Items