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    Rice Ball uses compression to form a perfect 4cm diameter ball to compliment the size of a Rice Cube 3.5cm cube so you can present your dish with added geometric creativity. Cool!...Rice Ball will work with all the food types that can bind together just like the Rice Cube so you are only limited by your imagination. For all the popular dishes like Arancini and Protein/Bliss Balls you will quickly find how easier and faster it is than hand rolling and a lot less mess.Temari Sushi is the new sushi trend on the way, visually spectacular and made a whole lot easier with a Rice Ball... take your sushi to the next level with no skill needed. Rice Ball and a Rice Cube will turn you into a sushi master in no time at all. Rice Ball uses compaction to form perfect balls from many food types that have the ability to bind together. Simply fill, press and eject the ball. There's nothing to it, give the top a little twist just to release the surface tension but it's very quick and easy. Each ball is 4cm in Diameter. Perfect finger food.
    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  2. Dumpling Cube - Mould and shaper for Chinese dumplings, sweet and salt

    Dumpling Cube - Mould and shaper for Chinese dumplings, sweet and savory - kitchen utensilUse the Dumpling Cube is simple: cut out a square with the appropriate-size pasta included in the package, resting four scraps of dough over the Dumpling Cube open and depositateci preferred over the filling. That done, you close the two sides of the Dumpling Cube, take a little pressure and the first four dumplings are ready. Detached easily the dough remaining at the edges of the ravioli and repeat the process until you have the desired amount of dumplings. After that, put in cooking and relax until your creation will not be ready! Even children can have fun putting dough and filling in the forms and prepare their custom bundles, thus creating a healthy and tasty dish. The Dumpling Cube is BPA, safe with food and easily washable in the dishwasher Produce ravioli now becomes a breeze! Check the video below. The product is certified for the contact with food. Dishwasher safe. Invented by Ross Patten, candidate MASTERCHEF Australia. In about 5 minutes they make 20-30 dumplings. Tool dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm. Size dumplings: 8 x 4 x 2 cm.
    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  3. Rice Cube - Create cubes and Sushi Rice

    Rice Cube - Create cubes and Sushi Rice We are happy to present a preview Rice Cube, a new and essential gadgets for your kitchen. With Rice Cube you can create cubes of rice and other foods. You will be able to create the fantastic sushi in no time, reducing the calories of the dish and the preparation time. No more mats and rice special: now you can make sushi in a new way and finally simple. Rice Cube is a kitchen utensil of quality that helps achieve fast dishes, appetizers spectacular flow of exotic taste very different from traditional, without the need for time and no cost. It 'easy to use: you open the lid, you slide the C up to the starting position, you filled with rice and closes the lid. It slides the C inward: Rice cube is ready! Rice becomes art, so easy and fast. Since Rice Cube uses compression to shape the rice or food, they are not necessary additives such as vinegar and sugar to make rice compact, thus reducing the calories. Children will enjoy using the Rice Cube: carrots, peas and rice ... because they will make cubes ... eat them! They eat healthy while having fun. You can use Cube Rice with potatoes and minced meat, polenta, vegetables, fruit, pasta almonds, giving room for the imagination.Rice Cube is an international patent. PRODUCT DETAILS: Rice Cube. Simple to use, easy to clean. Material: Plastic Dishwasher safe. 100% recyclable Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 6.6cm
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    Only 2 left
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