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  1. TFA - Infrared fever thermometer BODYTEMP 478

    Infrared fever thermometer BODYTEMP 478 Highlights: Non-contact measurement of body or surface temperature Quick measuring time of < 0.5 seconds For quick measurement of the body temperature also of many persons Alarm with acoustic signal Memory
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  2. TFA - Infrared Thermometer SCANTEMP 450

    TFA - Infrared Thermometer SCANTEMP 450 Highlights: Contact-free measuring of surface temperature Wide temperature measuring range from -60°C to +500°C Circular laser sighting shows exact spot HOLD/MAX/ MIN /DIF /AVG/LOCK function Compliant with HACCP, for professional use Function For contact-free measuring of surface temperature With circular laser sighting (shows the exact spot size area) Measuring time: 1 second Display of current, highest and lowest temperature LOCK/DIF/AVG function Alarm with free adjustable temperature values (upper/lower limit) Backlight Accuracy ±2 % or ±2°C Ratio of measuring distance/spot size 12:1 Connection for thermocouple sensor (type k, measuring range -64...+1370 °C, accuracy ± 1% or ± 1°C) Belt bag included TFA Quality mark: HACCP conform Product information for download: Technical data Delivery contents Infrared thermometer, belt bag, batteries, instruction manual Measuring range temperature -60...+500°C ( - 76°...+932°F) Material Plastic Power consumption Batteries Batteries included Yes Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V Dimensions (L) 42 x (B) 82 x (H) 182 mm Weight 164 g.
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  3. TFA - Sous-Vide Cooker SOUSMATIC

    Sous-Vide Cooker SOUSMATIC

    Highlights: For the perfect cooking of meat, fish and vegetables

    Everything is juicy, tender and with guaranteed success

    Cooking time programming & automatic switch-off

    High accuracy and temperature stability

    To be attached to standard household containers

    Product specification Cook like the professional chefs.

    Bring sous-vide cooking method from the top-class gastronomy into your kitchen!

    Celebrity chefs worldwide rely on this gentle cooking method to get the perfect flavours and aromas.

    The ingredients are previously sealed with herbs and spices in a vacuum bag and cooked in a low temperature water bath, typically 45 to 85 degrees.

    So no liquid escapes, everything becomes juicy, tender and perfectly cooked with 100% guarantee of success.

    The SOUSMATIC sous-vide cooker impresses with its easy handling: the device can be attached to most household pots and containers, it can be programmed automatically and it’s quick and easy to clean after use and thanks to its compact design, it can be stored away without taking too much space.

    Technical data Delivery contents Sous-vide cooker, power cable, instruction manual Measuring range Working range: 40 ... 90 ° C, heat output: 1000 W, capacity: water volume up to 25 L

    Measuring range temperature T: 40…95°C

    Material Plastic, stainless steel

    Weight 1563 g

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  4. TFA - Wireless BBQ meat thermometer KÜCHEN-CHEF 14.1504

    TFA - Wireless BBQ meat thermometer KÜCHEN-CHEF 14.1504


    With the KÜCHEN-CHEF wireless BBQ meat thermometer, the optimal core temperatures for different types of meat and cooking levels are already pre-programmed. Of course, you can also set the individual temperatures for your favourite recipes.

    When the target temperature is reached, an alarm signal sounds. Particularly practical: the wireless transmission to the receiver keeps you mobile and you can receive your guests with peace of mind while the meat is still roasting in the oven or on the BBQ grill.


    For the optimal preparation of meat and poultry by monitoring the core temperature (range up to 40 m)

    Can be used for the oven or grill, also ideal for cooking at low temperatures

    Different types of meat and doneness pre-programmed -Individual temperature requirements can be programmed

    Alarm warning when the target temperature is reached

    Timer and stop watch function

    Stainless steel probe with ca. 80 cm cable

    With holders for fixing.

    Technical data

    Base station, temperature transmitter with probe and cable, batteries, instruction manual Measuring range temperature 0...+300°C (+32...+572°F)

    Cable length ca. 80 cm

    Material Plastic, stainless steel

    Assembling Free-standing or hung

    Power consumption Batteries

    Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V (base station), 2 x 1.5 V AAA (transmitter)

    Batteries included yes

    Dimensions (L) 60 (65) x (B) 21 (28) x (H) 105 mm

    Weight 67 g.

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  5. TFA - Digital fridge-freezer thermometer

    Digital fridge-freezer thermometer

    Product specification

    Is your fridge working properly? Is the freezer set to the correct temperature? This useful thermometer shows you at a glance, whether vegetables, cheese, meat and other food are properly cooled. So food getting spoiled prematurely becomes a thing of the past. A freezer or fridge symbol will be shown on the display depending on the temperature.

    The stored highest and lowest temperatures are permanently displayed. This makes it easy to determine if the refrigerator door has been open for a long time or if a power cut has interrupted cooling. The thermometer has a fold-out stand. With the self-adhesive frame, you can attach the thermometer on a variety of surfaces, even behind the glass in the vegetable compartment or the refrigerated display case.

    The thermometer is EN 13485 compliant and ideally suited for professional use in industry, commerce, trade and laboratory.


    Indication of temperature with corresponding fridge-freezer symbol Highest and lowest temperatures

    With stand and frame for mounting on surfaces or behind glass (display fridge, vegetable drawer)

    Compliant with EN13485

    Registered TFA design.

    Technical data

    Delivery contents

    Fridge-freezer thermometer, battery, instruction manual

    Measuring range temperature indoor -30...+50°C (-22...+122°F)

    Material Plastic Assembling

    To be hung or free-standing

    Power consumption

    Battery Batteries 1 x CR2032.

     Batteries included Yes Dimensions (L) 91 x (B) 15 (35) x (H) 72 mm

    Weight 36 g.

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  6. TFA - Digital Sous-Vide Thermometer

    TFA - Digital Sous-Vide Thermometer Highlights: To measure the core temperature during sous vide cooking With extra-thin probe and foam strip To keep the vacuum in the cooking bag Stainless steel prob e with 1 m silicone cable High precision Function To measure the core temperature of food during sous-vide cooking Thermocouple measuring device with stainless steel probe 130 mm (type K) with approx. 1 m silicone cable Extra-thin probe (1.5 mm) Foam tape to keep the vacuum in the cooking bag Display unit protected against water jets IP 65 Automatic switch off Precision +-0,8°C (at 20…80°C), otherwise +/- 1,5 °C With magnetic back, 2m foam strip included.
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  • NITECORE EDC33: La Torcia Tattica Definitiva con Tecnologie Rivoluzionarie
    NITECORE EDC33: La Torcia Tattica Definitiva con Tecnologie Rivoluzionarie

    Esplora il futuro dell'illuminazione tattica con la NITECORE EDC33, una torcia che va oltre le aspettative.

    Grazie al rivoluzionario LED UHi 20 MAX, questa torcia offre una copertura a lungo raggio, luminosità estrema e una transizione fluida tra spotlight e floodlight. Il LUMIN SHIELD™ assicura una difesa personale senza precedenti con un "muro di luce" da 4000 lumen.

    Con Rapid Lock™ per un funzionamento intuitivo e una batteria Li-ion 18650 potente, l'EDC33 è pronta per ogni sfida. Illumina il tuo cammino con sicurezza, scegliendo la torcia che ridefinisce il concetto di eccellenza: NITECORE EDC33.

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  • Nitecore HC60 V2: La Torcia Frontale Rivoluzionaria - Recensione Completa | Parchetto del Tagliagole
    Nitecore HC60 V2: La Torcia Frontale Rivoluzionaria - Recensione Completa | Parchetto del Tagliagole

    Benvenuti al Parchetto del Tagliagole qui nel blog della Coltelleria Collini dove oggi vi presentiamo la Nitecore HC60 V2, una torcia frontale che sta ridefinendo gli standard di illuminazione outdoor.

    Con il suo design ergonomico e la sua straordinaria luminosità, questa torcia è una scelta eccellente per gli appassionati di avventure all'aria aperta.

    Dotata di un fascio luminoso grandangolare e di una batteria a lunga durata, la HC60 V2 è perfetta per escursioni notturne, campeggio e tutte le attività che richiedono una luce affidabile. In questa recensione dettagliata, esploriamo tutte le sue caratteristiche, dalla comodità d'uso alle sue modalità speciali, dimostrando perché sia un'ottima idea regalo per il Natale 2023.

    Seguiteci in questa avventura luminosa e scoprite perché la Nitecore HC60 V2 sta illuminando

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