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  1. Tomalla - Winesceptre Bunch with support

    Tomalla - Winesceptre Bunch with support

    The Winescepter is the new innovation in wine refrigeration technology.

    Invented by a European cook and suggested by French Sommeliers, the Winesceptre is designed to keep pre-chilled wines at the perfect serving temperature, while the wine is still in the bottle - even air the wine as it pours from the drip spout!

    Insert Winescepter in the freezer for at least 3 hours, then open a bottle pour a small amount of wine to insert winescepter after removing it from the container, the Three different rings allow it to be inserted in a wide range of bottles, both wine and champagne.

    Open winescepter, pour and simultaneously plane your wine. This is an amazing gift for any wine lover.

    Product details

    The Winesceptre has a cluster in the cork part and the support is in stainless steel and can hold a bottle of wine and its

    Winescepter to be easily transported and elegantly used at the table.

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