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  1. Steba - SMOKING BOX STARTERSET - Mini smoker

    Steba - SMOKING BOX STARTERSET - Mini smoker


    With this mini smoker, you can refine hot and cold food in no time with a wonderfully spicy smoking aroma.


    To do this, place meat, ham, cheese, fish, ... in a sealable bag or pot and insert the end of the smoking box tube.

    Fill the wood shavings into the smoke chamber and light.

    A small integrated centrifugal fan draws in the smoke and blows it into the bag or pot. After only 2/3 minutes, the food is discreetly flavoured and ready to serve.

    Ideal for flavouring food such as ham, cheese, meat, etc. 25 cm tube for smoking in containers or resealable bags

    Also suitable for flavouring with tea or herbs

    Technical data

    Type of device: Smoking

    device Power: 0.6 W

    Mode of operation: battery operated hose

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight: 0.2 kg

    Dimensions (H / W / D): 23 x 4 x 4 cm

    Tube: 25 cm

    Housing material: hard plastic and stainless steel Housing colour: silver.

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    Only 2 left
  2. Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM

    Steba - 2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CMThese rolls are used with the vacuum machine and it is a convenient, convenient, efficient way to have food before cooking it at low temperature in the water oven. Also useful for the conservation of fresh food such as vegetables, fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, fish, meat and everything you want to keep for a long time without premature deterioration.2 Rolls for vacuum 28x600CM
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    Only 1 left
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2 Items