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  1. Premax - pinzetta peli a punta - accessorio manicure

    PREMAX- Pinzetta per peli a punta.

    Ring Lock® System, l'innovativo sistema di assemblaggio per forbici ed utensili da taglio, che elimina per sempre il problema dell'allentamento della vite e il mal funzionamento delle lame - Made in Italy!
    Dopo anni di studi e accurate ricerche nasce il Ring Lock® System, l’innovativo sistema di assemblaggio per forbici ed utensili da taglio, sviluppato e brevettato da Premax, che elimina per sempre il problemadell’allentamento della vite e il conseguente malfunzionamento delle lame.
    Il RingLock® System rappresenta Lavorazione di qualità del metallo "Made in Premana" brevettato in tutto il mondo!

    Pinzetta per peli a punta:
    Misure: 9 cm. - 3 1/2" pollici
    Lame: punta
    Materiale: inox.
    Finitura: sabbiata.
    Only 7 left
    Only 7 left
  2. Zyliss - Prawn and Shrimp Deveiner

    Over 15million oysters are consumed each year in the UK, our love of this unique food is growing and preparation of oysters is increasing in the home. Oysters have tough shells and it is important to have the right tool to safely and effectively open them. Our Oyster tool consists of a sharp knife with a curved blade and serrated edge to break through the muscle and release it from the shell. The silicone pocket on the non-slip base enables you to hold the oyster firmly in place whilst opening. With a finger guard on the knife and on the silicone pocket, every care has been taken to ensure a good, safe grip for opening this delicacy. For ease of storage, the knife fits comfortably in the base unit.With over 60 years of experience in designing high-end food preparation tools, utensils and gadgets, it is easy to see how Zyliss has become an internationally respected brand, favoured by everyday cooks as well as gourmet chefs.Zyliss now boasts an appealing and distinctive portfolio of thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed kitchen tools, with numerous products achieving the coveted Red Dot Award status.According to the company, the new seafood tool has a soft-touch grip handle and features a scissor-like end to cut and remove a prawn head. It also has a curved point that follows the shape of a prawn’s body to cleanly remove the shell.The tool’s sharp edge is designed to get under the seafood shell easily in order to remove it and to devein in one step, the company noted. The silicone strap provides controlled scissor action.
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2 Items