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  1. Puma - Defender LM - 154CM Limited Edition - 14 6481 - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    Iconic knife produced by Puma and dating back to the late 1980s, characterized by a then very modern line and a very advanced steel for the time (154CM).  Knife withdrawn from private collection - Overall in very good condition - Never used, never sharpened, still with factory sharpening - A few small marks on the right side handle, in concomitance with the sheath that goes to hook the knife through a pin that tends to irreparably rub the handle itself - Supplied with original wooden case and leather sheath - Checked and certified by our internal laboratory Coltelleria Collini


    Intended use: Collection / Vintage / Tactical

    Type of production: handcrafted
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Blade: stainless steel 154CM
    Blade finish: satin-finished
    Handle: Integral, stainless steel and Micarta
    Blade length: 160mm.
    Blade thickness: 5.5mm.
    Total length: 290mm.
    Balance: backward
    Weight: 285g.
    Sheath: leather
    Packaging: wooden case
    Notes: 1980s Vintage knife - Limited edition of only 500 pieces, numbered on the blade, specimen 170 of 550 - Knife withdrawn from private collection globally in excellent condition

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. Puma - Jagdmesser Falknersheil - Falconer's Knife - 3592 - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    * Type: Previously Purchased
    * Condition: Overall in good condition.
    * Commercially available Discontinued
    * Sharpening: Factory sharpened, improvable
    * Marks on blade: No
    * Marks on handle: Slight, on nickel silver heads.
    * Box: Absent
    * Scabbard: Original, leather, with a few small marks due to age.
    * Manuals, Certificates and Warranties: Absent
    * Checked and Certified by our in-house laboratory

    Particular knife developed with the help of experienced falconers and especially Horst Niesters in the early 1970s.
    The blade was designed to chop up food for raptors and to intercept game brought back by raptors during hunting trips. In the center of the blade is a small semicircular notch that serves to signal to the falconer that the edge is sharp from the tip of the blade to that exact point; the rest of the blade is kept blunt to protect the raptors.
    PUMA's falconer's knife is designed to be very handy and absolutely practical, making it a reliable companion for hunting prey.

    Intended Use: Collection / Vintage / Hunting

    Type of production: semi-crafted
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Blade: 440C stainless steel
    Blade finish: satin-finished
    Handle: wooden, with nickel silver guard and pommel
    Blade length: 125mm.
    Blade thickness: 3mm.
    Total length: 242mm.
    Balance: backward
    Weight: 130g.
    Sheath: leather
    Packaging: -
    Notes: Vintage 1970s knife - Withdrawn from private collection - Overall in very good condition

    Out of stock
  3. Puma - Back Packer 465 knife - PRIVATE COLLECTION - knife

    * Type: Previously purchased
    * Conditions: Like new
    * Commercially available: Out of production, model dating back to the 90s
    * Sharpening: Factory
    * Marks on blade: No
    * Marks on the handle: No
    * Box: without box
    * Sheath: -
    * Manuals, Certificates and Warranties: -
    * Checked and certified by our internal laboratory

    Intended use: Collection / Vintage

    Type of production: artisanal
    Country of production: Germany
    Blade: stainless steel
    Blade finish: satin finish
    Handle: ABS with metal parts
    Blade length: 80mm.
    Blade thickness: 2.5mm.
    Total length: 185mm.
    Balancing: backward
    Weight: 130g.
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: -
    Notes: Vintage 90s knife

    Out of stock
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3 Items

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