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  1. Roselli - Big Leuku knife - R150 - handcrafted knife

    With its large size and weight, the Big Leuku looks like a mix between an ax and a machete. Roselli's Big Leuku is a traditional Finnish handmade tool that has been used for centuries by reindeer herders and carpenters for cutting, splitting bones, carving and many other tasks in the outdoors and in wilderness survival.

    The blade is made of forged carbon steel, and the handle is curly birch, coated with linseed oil, which ensures a firm grip, even when wet. Comes with a handcrafted sheath of vegetable tanned Finnish leather.

    Intended use: Hunting/Sports

    Type of production: artisanal
    Blade: W75 60HRC carbon steel
    Lama production: Finland
    Handle: Arctic Birch
    Blade length: 200mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Closed length: -
    Total length: 310mm.
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 310g.
    Closure: -
    Clips: -
    Sheath: in worked and hand-stitched leather
    Note: -

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