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  1. by Simone Tonolli - Kydex Deep Carry sheath for Tengu Tactical knife - knife accessories

    Project born with the brand of Collini KNIVES.IT cutlery

    Custom Kydex sheath, made by Simone Tonolli, designed as an additional replacement for the Tengu knife

    Type of production: Custom
    Country of production: Italy
    Material: thermoformed Kydex
    Type of sheath: in "taco" format, with 8 steel rivets, designed for concealed carry or deep carry
    Length: 165mm.
    Width: 43mm.
    Thickness: 8mm.
    Weight: 25g.
    Packaging: -
    Notes: clip or coupling system not present / not supplied, sold separately, compatible with systems such as Ulti-Clip or M.O.L.L.E.
    Compatibility: compatible only with the TENGU model by Coltelleria Collini,, created in collaboration with Extrema Ratio

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1 Item

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