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  1. Citadel - Crafted in DNH7 steel with selective hardening - practice sword

    Citadel - Iaito

    These craftsmen stand out for their classic line and their functional quality, which is well matched with traditional manufacturing techniques and the materials used.
    The blades are carbon-hardened to a hardness of around 40 HRC after which, after being hammered by hand, the back and sides are covered with clay and the wire is tempered at 60 HRC to have excellent cutting capacity, penetration and flexibility. The blade is then polished by hand on stone and the sword is finished in every single detail.

    Given the high nature of these swords, we would like to point out that the photo is purely for illustrative purposes as tsuba designs kits and kashira may differ from the one shown here as they could differ, albeit slightly, the weights and measures of the sword .

    Blade: in DNH7 steel with high carbon content, 60 / 40HRC clay, not sharpened
    Hamon: irregular Gunome style
    Hi: bo-hi
    Blade length: 71.5cm.
    Motohaba: 3cm.
    Sakihaba: 2.2cm.
    Blade thickness: 5.5mm.
    Kissaki: 3.5cm.
    Tsukamaki length: 25.5cm.
    Total length: 102.5cm.
    Katana weight: 910g.
    Weight with Saya: 1170g.
    Balance: advanced, at 12.5cm. from Tsuba
    Saya: black lacquered wood and buffalo horn
    Tsuka-ito: black silk on same (purebred leather) white
    Sageo: -
    Tsuba: antique metal
    Fuchi, Kashira, Menuki, Seppa and Shitodome: bronze
    Country of production: Cambodia
    Habaki: copper
    Notes: The sword is sold with a silk katana bag and a black cordura carrying case.

    Piccolo glossario tecnico: Hamon: linea di tempra sulla lama * Hi: profondo solco nella lama, detto anche colasangue * Saya: fodero della spada * Tsuka-Ito o Tsuka-gawa: intreccio in cotone, seta o pelle che avvolge l'impugnatura * Tsuba: guardia * Fuchi: ornamento tra guardia e manicatura * Kashira: ornamento alla fine della manicatura * Menuki: medaglioni posti sotto il cordame della manicatura * Habaki: collare che fascia l'inizio della lama * Seppa: guarnizioni della guardia * Shitodome: guarnizioni alle quali è legato il Sageo * Sori: curvatura della lama

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