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United Cutlery

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  1. United - The Lord of The Rings - Scudo Elfico - UC1428 - Limited Edition

    Lo scudo High Elven Warrior UC1428 di United Cutlery  è un riflesso dell'artigianato artistico delle armi e delle armature elfiche nella Terra di Mezzo, come mostrato nelle scene di battaglia di apertura de La Compagnia dell'Anello.

    Questo scudo minuziosamente dettagliato è realizzato in resina microfusa rinforzata con fibra di vetro, simile al puntello del film, e presenta un disegno di vite elfica sulla faccia anticata dello scudo. La maniglia è in alluminio e legno, con impugnatura rivestita in vera pelle.

    Lo scudo include una staffa espositivo in metallo fuso, con cinturino in pelle intrecciata, che si attacca alla maniglia in modo che lo scudo possa essere esposto verticalmente su di una parete. Rigorosamente limitato a 5000 pezzi in tutto il mondo, è serializzato individualmente su una solida lastra di ottone montata sul retro.

    Include un certificato di autenticità realizzato in carta pergamena ed un secondo certificato autografato personalmente dallo scenografo John Howe.

    Altezza totale: 138.5cm - Larghezza totale: 53cm


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  2. United - Helm of Gondorian Infantry UC1414 - The Lord of the Rings - LOTR2 - spada fantasy

    Edizione limitata 5000 pezzi

    - Elmo a grandezza naturale realizzato il metallo e cuoio con ottime finiture e dettagli.

    - Supporto in legno d'appoggio e certificato d'autenticità inclusi

    Under the command of Gandalf the WhiteTM the men of Gondor defended Minas Tirith, the Kingdom of Gondor, from within the city walls against the siege of Sauron. Greatly outnumbered by Sauron´s armies, the Gondorian infantry did not stand a chance in open war. Miraculously, with the use of their trebuchets and archers, the Gondorian army held their own until the nine Nazgûl, upon their fell beasts, swooped in destroying the trebuchets and forcing men to flee their posts. This distraction allowed the trolls to push their siege towers in, unleashing scores of orcs onto the walls of the city, and allowing the release of Mordor´s greatest weapon - Grond, a 150 foot iron battering ram shaped like a wolf. The gates of the city would not hold, driving the Gondorians back into the third level of the city. 

    With much of the lower levels of Gondor in flames, it seemed as if it was on the verge of a catastrophic defeat, until suddenly the Riders of the Rohirrim appeared on the horizon, closing in and driving the armies of Mordor away from the city, thus ending the siege upon Gondor and entering into the Battle of the Pelennor fields. Although the Gondorians were technologically advanced compared to most races of Middle-earth, the design of the helm carries details reminiscent of Numenor. The barbut style helm - one piece, shoulder-length, and open-faced - finished off the suit of steel plate armor that a Gondorian infantryman wore. The smooth finish and flared bottom of the helm offered better neck protection, allowing blows to be deflected away from the body. Adorned on the sides of the helm are seabird wings, a familiar Gondorian motif. 

    This authentically detailed helmet is a reproduction of the helmet prominently featured in The Lord of the Rings,TM The Return of the King presented by New Line Cinema. United® Cutlery Brands, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop helmet using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality available. This intricately detailed actor´s scale helmet is wearable, and is completely handcrafted in solid iron with embossed decoration and a hand-antiqued finish. It features a genuine leather-lined interior with an individually serialized solid brass plate mounted on the inside back of the helmet to ensure authenticity. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and each helmet is presented with a wood display stand adorned with "The One Ring" inscription and a brass medallion. 


    HELM MATERIAL: Solid iron with embossed decoration and an antiqued finish, genuine leather-lined interior.
    DISPLAY: 24.13 cm x 24.77 cm x 17.46 cm wood, burned-edge finish, gold silk screen, brass medallion. Hardware instructions included.

    Out of stock
  3. United - Darksiders Chaoseater - The Sword of War - UC2798

    Inspired by the pen of the American comic artist Joe Madureira, come to life War and trusty sword Divoracaos, players in the game for XBOX360, PS3 and PC Darksiders, THQ.

    This impressive replica limited edition, almost one meter long and 20, is perfect in every detail and is accompanied by certificates of authenticity and official licenses. The sword, weighing almost 7kg, is entirely made of polyvinyl resin hand-painted, with metal and leather grip. Included in the package also a handy Low wall to expose the sword in all its majestic grandeur.

    Blade: polyvinyl resin handpainted
    Handle: Leather
    Blade length: 118.1cm
    Blade width: 16.5cm
    Blade thickness: 6.4cm
    Weight: about 7kg

    Out of stock
  4. United - Helm of Gimli - The Lord of the Rings - LOTR2 - spada fantasy

    Edizione limitata 5000 pezzi - Elmo a grandezza naturale realizzato il metallo e cuoio con ottime finiture e dettagli. Supporto in legno d'appoggio e certificato d'autenticità inclusi -
    Out of stock
  5. United - Anduril, sword of Aragorn UC1380 - The Lord of the Rings - spada fantasy

    Dai frammenti della Narsil, custoditi a Rivendale, viene riforgiata "Anduril" la spada che verrà consegnata ad Aragorn una volta divenuto Re. Nella confezione è compreso il certificato di autenticità. Sulla lama sono riportate delle incisioni in Elfico che tradotte significano" Io sono Anduril, che fu Narsil, la spada di Elendil, lasciate che gli schiavi di Mordor fuggano da me!"
    - Lama in acciaio inox 420 non affilata di cm 104 cm
    - Larghezza lama 5 cm
    - Lunghezza totale cm 135
    - Impugnatura in metallo solido con guardia e pomello antichizzato e incisioni Elfiche
    - Supporto in legno
    - Guardia e pomello antichizzato e inciso con rune Elfiche
    - Questi prodotti sono accompagnati da certificato di autenticità United e dalle licenze della New Line Cinema.
    Out of stock
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