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  1. Aladdin - CityPark Thermos

    Aladdin CityPark Thermos

    The thermal carafe holds 1.1 L of coffee or tea and maintains the temperature for up to 25 hours, enough to maintain the desired temperature all day and overnight away from home, whether on a long trip, a business trip or a weekend in the great outdoors.

    After adding ice cubes, the thermos carafe can keep your drink cool for up to 5 days.

    The thermos is made of stainless steel with vacuum insulation between two steel walls. The thermos has a completely sealed structure. You can easily carry it lying down.

    The thermos cap has two integrated cups ( TwinCup ) so you can share the drink with your loved ones. The cap has a built-in button for easy pouring, without having to unscrew the cap. The thermos is covered from the outside with a coloured coating applied by the powder method, thanks to which the thermos can also be washed in the dishwasher. The product is made of BPA-free materials, tested in the EU.

    The thermos jug is not suitable for storing carbonated and fermenting drinks. The indicated parameters for temperature maintenance apply when the jug is full, not opened for a certain period of time. By opening the vessel and partially emptying it, the vessel will lose its initial temperature more quickly.

    To extend the temperature retention time, it is recommended to first fill the container with hot water and leave it tightly closed for five minutes, then empty and fill with the target drink or food and seal it hermetically If the product is to be stored cold or fresh, use cold water.

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    Only 3 left
  2. Valira - Cutlery with steel housing 3 pieces - Spring Promotion

    The cutlery Spork by Light my fire is made of titanium, one of the most durable materials on the planet.
    Titanium is widely used in aircraft construction for its extreme lightness and strength, but is also used in surgical implants and dental. Its high biocompatibility means that is non-toxic and is not rejected by the body.

    An object useful in your next outing, no matter where you are.

    Design by J. Nordwall.

    Hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion and oxide and is not magnetic.
    Smooth surface, no metallic taste in the mouth.
    Spoon-fork-knife with serrated blade on the side of the fork.
    Heat-resistant material does not deform in hot / boiling.

    Extremely durable and dishwasher safe.
    Material: Titanium
    Actual Size: 170x39x20mm
    Weight: 20g

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    Only 2 left
  3. Valira - MINI CASSEROLE cm. 14

    Valira 14 cm Mini Round Eared High Quality Casserole DishExceptional is the only word to describe the calibre of these pans, with a 6mm base it can be used with any heat source. You can feel the quality when pick these pans up, from the weight to the soft grip handle they make an ideal kitchen companion.Box Contains1 x 14 cm Mini Rnd Eared High Quality Casserole Dish.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. Valira - Leak -proof container 0,75L

    LEAK-PROOF CONTAINER 0,75 L100% leak-proof food containers. Microwave safe. They do not stain nor retain odours. Made in Spain with a ceramic like plastic, BPA free.
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    Only 2 left
  5. Valira - Inoxterm food flask 0,7L stainless steel

    INOXTERM FOOD FLASK 0,7 LHeight 14 cm Width 12 cm Profundo 12 cm Weight 0,6 kg Material Stainless steel Isothermal Yes.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  6. Valira -Take Away Cooler Lunch Bag

    Valira -Take Away Cooler Lunch Bag Valira is a Spanish company, with manufacturing plants and sales offices in Reus (100km from Barcelona), whose core business is the production of pots and pans cast aluminum. In recent years, the product portfolio has expanded to encompass an innovative, elegant and comfortable collection of dining called NOMAD brings bags a product designed to put anyone in a position to eat like at home, bringing with them their own food, thus avoiding eating the classic sandwich or in a restaurant with the expenditure in economic terms this entails. The innovation of the product resides in the exclusive 100% air-tight containers made of PBT, a type of plastic on the 20% of glass fiber, which makes them extremely resistant and substantially non-deformable. The Nomad Take Away and a versatile cooler carries food. Thanks to its modern design and its compactness this bag becomes an excellent tool to bring their own lunch. freely by placing containers of Nomad series, you can transport the lunches you prepared at home, ensuring a healthy and tasty meal. Excellent as a transport for its versatility, can be used over the shoulder or after use closed with facilitae inserted in a bigger bag. The inner part and coated with an insulating material, easy to clean. CONTAINERS NOT INCLUDED Color: dark brown. Size Height 25 cm width 10 cm length 22 cm
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6 Items