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  1. Vapur - Bottle Anti - Bottle - Shades 0.5 Litres - Assorted Colors

    Vapur - Anti-Bottle - Shades 0.5 Litre

    When the weather is good, a voice inside you rings loud and clear: get out and throw yourself into nature. It doesn't matter whether it's a wild forest, a sunny beach or a park in the city streets.

    Open air is what you want and open air is what you get. Comfortable shoes, a nice snack and your Vapur. Breathe deeply, hear the sounds of your surroundings, disconnect from the daily grind. And when the sun goes down, stop for a second, take your last sip of water, fold your Vapur and go home. Tired, but relaxed.

    The colourful 0.5L Shades range will bring a new light to your drinking and you are sure to find a Shade that suits you. The flexibility of all Anti-Bottles is combined with the SuperCap cap and the half-litre is the perfect capacity to fit in any handbag or backpack. 

    The Anti-Bottle is designed to stand upright when needed; full and to be rolled, folded and flattened when empty, making it easy to use and carry with you at all times. Unlike uncomfortable hard plastic bottles, the portable Anti-Bottle can be easily carried in pockets, bags and backpacks. 

    The Anti-Bottle is simply the most portable and most reusable water bottle on the planet. 


    This product is created in California and manufactured in the USA. Like all Anti-Bottles, it is designed for daily use and washing.

    ■SuperCap - Durable and easy-to-open cap

    ■Resistant 3-layer construction

    ■Made in the USA

    ■Dishwasher-safe BPA-free.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  2. Vapur - Water bottle Anti - Bottle - Eclipse 0,7 Litre

    Vapur - Anti-Bottle - Eclipse 0.7 Litre

    In the shadows of nature, every Ninja and outdoor maniac knows that it is often better to blend in than to be conspicuous. 

    Dedicated to all adventure seekers, the Vapur Eclipse brings out the dark side of the Anti-Bottle.

    The Eclipse line features a matt finish that makes this wild-looking Anti-Bottle soft to the touch The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a flexible water bottle that wants to revolutionise the way you quench your thirst.

    You can fold it up, wash it as often as you like and take it with you at all times. An amazing Anti-Bottle with unique features.

    The Vapur Anti-Bottle is dishwasher-safe and fits easily on the top rack of most dishwashers.

    First remove the cap and carabiner, blow a little air into the Anti-Bottle to inflate it slightly, then turn it upside down and stick the spout on the rack of the top basket of the dishwasher.

    It's that easy!

    The Anti-Bottle is designed to stand upright when full and to be rolled, folded and flattened when empty, making it easy to use and carry around with you.

    Unlike inconvenient hard plastic bottles, the portable Anti-Bottle can be easily concealed in pockets, bags and backpacks.

    The Anti-Bottle is simply the most portable and most reusable water bottle on the planet. You can freeze your Anti-Bottle to have fresh water for a long time or even use it as an ice bag!

    Fill your Anti-Bottle halfway, put it in the freezer overnight and the next morning finish filling it with room temperature water. You'll have cool, thirst-quenching water for hours!

    This bottle is designed to go potentially everywhere.

    All Vapur Anti-Bottles come with a carabiner that you can clip onto your belt, backpack or bag. The ultra-durable Anti-Bottle Vapur won't break or dent, so don't worry: just clip it on and go.

    Manufactured in the USA, the Anti-Bottle Vapur is lightweight and is transported flat on its back, generating a double benefit for the environment: each transport container contains 5 Anti-Bottles per plastic bottle.

    This means fewer trucks on the roads and less fossil fuel emissions. The packaging was also designed to minimise the use of paper, glue and waste and was printed with natural soya ink and wind-powered presses.

    The Anti-Bottle Vapur contains no BPA and is composed of three layers of ultra-resistant and durable plastic. The innermost layer consists of Food & Drug Administration-approved polyethylene combined with two layers of nylon for strength and durability.

    Each Anti-Bottle is designed to withstand daily use and regular cleaning. The innermost layer resists odours, tastes and stains. Proudly made in the USA, the Anti-Bottle can be used again, again and again.

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    Only 5 left
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2 Items