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  1. Zielonka - Zilosoap - Soap remove odors

    Zilosoap plus

    Saponetta in acciaio inox-zilosoap active ad azione antibatterica:
    l'argento attivo integrato elimina il 99,4 dei batteri impedendone cosi la trasmissione da una persona all'altra
    è in grado di neutralizzare anche gli odori più persistenti sulle mani, come quelli di cipolla, aglio o pesce
    di durata pressoché illimitata, non si esaurisce
    non necessita di additivi chimici ed è quindi ecologicamente compatibile.

    Disponibile nei colori nero e rosso.
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    Only 5 left
  2. Zielonka - Smellkiller Zilopop (blue)

    Smellkiller- Zielonka Zilopop (blue)Garlic, fish, cheese, cigarettes, wine and many other delights unfortunately have a side effect: bad breath.Oral fresh like Peppermint help often only short time and can cause tooth decay. With zilopop this is a thing of the past.The practical zilopop eliminates bad breath quickly. Simply manage it like a lollipop. Just 2 to 4 minutes the special stainless steel eliminates all odors in your mouth. After use slide it back in its protective case. The zilopop itself is neutral in taste and the great thing: he never used and has zero calories!Zielonka - the best solution to remove mouth-odor / eliminate / eliminator
    Special Price $8.76 Regular Price $10.53
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    Only 3 left
  3. Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus

    Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus. Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus Neutralises all odors in your dishwasher. No odor superimposed by artificial fragrances. Streak-free shine on glass, stainless steel, porcelain. Effect lasts up to 40 rinses. Does not consume, lasts a lifetime. Without additives, therefore very environmentally friendly. Note. Before first use, wash the stainless steel disc with degreasing detergent and under running water.

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    Only 1 left
  4. Zielonka - Zilofresh - Fridge Freshness - Mug

    Zielonka - Zilofresh - Fridge Freshness - Mug

    Description zilofresh - Fridge Freshness You know the unpleasant scents of your fridge. On the other hand, the Zielonka Smellkiller, which was specially developed for the refrigerator, provides a remedy. The Smellkiller is made of solid stainless steel. It unfolds its effect in connection with water and air - that's all. Through the compound, the odor molecules are destroyed and the odors disappear, it then smells fresh and pure again. The application is unsurpassed easy - just pour some water into the plastic cup, inside which the stainless steel odor killer is firmly integrated, and place Then put it in your fridge. The amount of water that can be filled into the cup is 1 to 2 weeks. Ø 7 cm x H 6,8 cm application Fill the base with water as far as the mark Place the upper part on the lower part Put zilofresh-egg in your fridge If necessary, add water Remove any limescale deposits with vinegar cleaner Note Before first use, wash the stainless steel disc with degreasing detergent and under running water The zilofreh -egg only eliminates odors, it does not replace any detergents.

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
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4 Items