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  1. United - Darksiders Chaoseater - The Sword of War - UC2798

    Inspired by the pen of the American comic artist Joe Madureira, come to life War and trusty sword Divoracaos, players in the game for XBOX360, PS3 and PC Darksiders, THQ.

    This impressive replica limited edition, almost one meter long and 20, is perfect in every detail and is accompanied by certificates of authenticity and official licenses. The sword, weighing almost 7kg, is entirely made of polyvinyl resin hand-painted, with metal and leather grip. Included in the package also a handy Low wall to expose the sword in all its majestic grandeur.

    Blade: polyvinyl resin handpainted
    Handle: Leather
    Blade length: 118.1cm
    Blade width: 16.5cm
    Blade thickness: 6.4cm
    Weight: about 7kg

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