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  1. Zielonka - Zilosoap - Soap remove odors

    Zilosoap plus

    Saponetta in acciaio inox-zilosoap active ad azione antibatterica:
    l'argento attivo integrato elimina il 99,4 dei batteri impedendone cosi la trasmissione da una persona all'altra
    è in grado di neutralizzare anche gli odori più persistenti sulle mani, come quelli di cipolla, aglio o pesce
    di durata pressoché illimitata, non si esaurisce
    non necessita di additivi chimici ed è quindi ecologicamente compatibile.

    Disponibile nei colori nero e rosso.
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  2. Zielonka - Zilotex microfiber cloth

    Zielonka - Zilotex microfiber cloth.

    Special microfiber cloth for stainless steel.

    Antibacterial protection with active silver, for thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning of cookware, stainless steel kitchen utensils, faucets, extractor hoods, cutlery, etc.

    The cloth should be used slightly dampened. Bacteria are absorbed and destroyed.

    • Bacteria are eliminated up to 99.97%.
    • Antibacterial action is guaranteed for the entire life of the product.
    • Replaces the use of dangerous chemicals and disinfectants in household use.
    • Washable up to a temperature of 95° without the addition of softening agents.


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  3. Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus

    Zielonka - Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus. Zilofresh - Dishwasher Plus Neutralises all odors in your dishwasher. No odor superimposed by artificial fragrances. Streak-free shine on glass, stainless steel, porcelain. Effect lasts up to 40 rinses. Does not consume, lasts a lifetime. Without additives, therefore very environmentally friendly. Note. Before first use, wash the stainless steel disc with degreasing detergent and under running water.

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3 Items

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