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Scales and Measuring Cups

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  1. Gefu - Precision and kitchen scales PREZISO

    Gefu - Precision and kitchen scales PREZISO

    The multifunctional all-round talent PREZISO lives up to its name with its high load-bearing capacity of up to 3 kilograms and its measuring accuracy. The fine graduation in 0.1 gram steps from a minimum weight of 1 gram up to 1 kilogram ensures the highest precision. Create finely balanced spice blends, harmonious tea blends or brew your perfect coffee using the barista function.

    PREZISO also looks outrageously good, is suitable for all ingredients, offers a large enough surface and its display is easy to read.

    • large measuring range from 1g - 3 kg
    • - minimum weight 1 g
    • - fine graduation with 0.1 g
    • - from 1000 grams: graduation by the gram
    • - high sensitivity for perfect results thanks to high-precision sensor system
    • - when it has to be precise: whether for coffee, tea, spices or yeast, the scales can cope with anything
    • - manual weighing mode
    • - tare weight function
    • - barista function: manual and automatic timing and weighing mode
    • - timing function up to 19:59 minutes
    • - easy to read LED display
    • - units of measurement in g and oz
    • - non-slip feet
    • - incl. 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
    • - L 15,5 cm, W 16,4 cm, H 3,0 cm
    • - plastic / high-grade stainless steel.
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    Only 1 left
  2. Schonhuber - Digital scale with detachable cutting board

    Schonhuber - Digital scale with detachable cutting board

    Food scale with bamboo cutting board and removable stainless steel tray.

    Practical real bamboo cutting board, ideal for preparing the ingredients of your recipes thanks to the integrated weighing scale and the removable stainless steel tray.

    You can also measure the volume of water and milk.

    Precision thanks to the advanced sensor for accurate 1g measurements. -

    to read the weight thanks to the backlit LCD display that also indicates when the battery is low. -Food weigher automatically resets and switches off.

    Maximum capacity 5kg.

    Dimensions (WxDxH) 36x23x3.5 cm

    Functions with 2 x 1.5V (AAA) batteries not included.

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    Only 1 left
  3. Zwilling - Digital Kitchen Scale ENFINIGY

    Zwilling - Digital Kitchen Scale ENFINIGY

    ZWILLING Enfinigy Digital Kitchen Scale, White and Pink.

    Bakers have long valued the accuracy of a kitchen scale. It’s the easiest and fastest route to precise measurements. Whether you’re weighing flour for pies or meat for stew, a scale is an indispensable tool to have on hand in the kitchen. This sleek, cordless, digital scale features touch control and a hidden display when powered off. A handy tare function and accuracy to 1g means you’ll achieve precise results every time you measure. The built-in, long-lasting rechargeable battery can be powered up with the included 100cm micro USB cord. The high-quality glass weighing surface is easy to clean meaning ingredients can be weighed directly on the surface without using a bowl. The integrated LCD display is also always visible thanks to the large surface, even when weighing large quantities. Like all Enfinigy products, the kitchen scale offers a free downloadable app.

    The ZWILLING Culinary World App QR code on the product packaging fires up the app so you can search a database of original recipes.

    Developed by ZWILLING in Germany, designed in Milan by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. Digital kitchen scales with integrated Li-ion battery, rechargeable via USB cable Large weighing surface with integrated LCD display The easy-to-clean glass surface enables ingredients to be weighed without bowls or containers if desired Tare function for easy addition Easily switch from grams to ounces Weighs ingredients up to 10kg LCD display with sensor touch operation and automatic switch-off 5 year warranty upon product registration.

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    Only 4 left
  4. Ade - Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station

    Frieling ADE Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station FeaturesMulti-tasking digital kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station; compatible with all current iPods (not included) Offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams; weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram Includes an add-and-weigh (tare) function; includes battery and overload indicators, and an automatic shut off to preserve battery Speaker located in base; protective cover for iPod station is included Powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery; one battery comes included KAADEKE999REBOX
    Special Price $69.46 Regular Price $86.83
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    Only 2 left
  5. Cake Boss - Measuring cups - Measure

    Cake Boss - Measuring cups - Measure Buddy is an American in every respect but also a man of the South, is a guy who works a lot and who runs a family business in which, on the one hand there are the sisters (Grace, Mary, Madeline and Lisa) various relatives and old friends, the other employees doing toe the line but who teaches the true art of pastry. Buddy is funny, exaggerated and boisterous, a bit 'as its cakes, monumental and sometimes a little' kitsch, but it is also a good pastry chef.

    Her cakes are famous in America and many celebrities, companies and associations, turn to him.

    Nicknamed Cake Boss, manages the bakery Carlo's Bakery Shop since 1994 and leads the television programs of culinary genre, often characterized by tones funny. It is known to audiences worldwide for his successful program Cake Boss, about baking cakes-sculptures.

    Cutlery Collini presents exclusive for Italy the new line of accessories for the pastry signed CakeBoss. The bakery line Cake Boss comes from the desire of the famous pastry chef Buddy Valastro to share his secrets with those who love the world of sweets and especially with fans of cake design.

    Nonstick pans from the spatulas, the sac-a-few with interchangeable tips to stencils for cookies and fudge, each instrument is designed to help aspiring pastry chefs to create true works of art.

    The range Cake Boss fact includes many proposals designed with great attention to be easy to use and beautiful to keep in your kitchen. With a Boss of cakes to their service, feel confectioners is easier and more fun. If you're a fan of small portions, in the collection of mold can not miss this set: ITALY 6 forms a flower, it allows you to create muffins and cakes shaped romantic and ready to be decorated, and why not, mini pies of puff pastry. Cake Boss with the only limit is your imagination. Ideal accessory for the measurement of small doses of liquid or solid.

    The handle of scoops is non-slip silicone, the handle is long enough for easy entry in small containers. The measures of the individual spoons are the following: 1 cup (250ml), 1/2 cup (125 ml), 1/3 cup (80 ml), 1/4 cup (60 ml). MATERIAL: stainless steel Dishwasher safe.

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    Only 1 left
  6. Wilton - Set of measures in silicone - kitchen - Cups

    Wilton - Set misurini 4 pezzi
    Accessorio ideale per la misurazione di piccole dosi di liquidi o solidi.
    I misurini possono essere rimossi e inseriti molto facilmente nell'anello in acciaio e silicone.L'impugnatura dei misurini è in plastica antiscivolo, il manico è abbastanza lungo per facilitare l'entrata nei contenitori piccoli.
    Le misure dei singoli cucchiai sono le seguenti:
    1 tazza ( 250ml), 1/2 tazza (125 ml), 1/3 di tazza (75 ml), 1/4 di tazza ( 50 ml).
    Lavabili in lavastoviglie.
    Special Price $7.02 Regular Price $8.77
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    Only 1 left
  7. Kitchen Craft - Portion control pasta basket

    Kitchen Craft - Portion control pasta basket Portion control is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet, and pasta can be one of the most difficult ingredients to get right. It’s so hard to judge how much you need when it’s dry and it’s hard to believe how much it expands once it’s cooked! Large portions aren’t particularly healthy and leftovers can easily go to waste, which is why this ingenious pasta portion measuring basket could totally change life as you know it.The basket has markings on the side to make portion measurement super simple. Because it’s made of heat-resistant silicone, you can then place the basket directly in to the pan while the pasta cooks. As you can fit three baskets in a 20 cm pan, you’ll be able to save water and hob space by cooking other portions of pasta, or even vegetables, in the pan at the same time. The handle will hold the basket in place and when the pasta is ready, you simply lift it out. Small holes on the sides of the basket will work like a sieve, draining the pasta as you lift.To serve, simply tip the basket to allow the pasta to tumble out – no spoon required! You can pop it in the dishwasher after that and then collapse it down so that it will store away neatly in a drawer.
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    Only 3 left
  8. Gefu - Measuring Cup SATURAS, 500 ml

    The outside graduation of this useful measuring cup makes it possible to read even tiny quantities. In addition, it allows the weighing of butter through displacement of water.For measuring:flour sugar rice/pot barley salt weighing butter Further unitslitres ccm/ml fl.oz. cupsMeasuring cup Stainless steel/SAN (transparent plastic) Dishwasher safe .
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  9. Dalla Piazza - measuring scoop cups and spoons

    Dalla Piazza - Misurino per cups e spoons
    A differenza di qualsiasi altra cosa sul mercato, è il primo strumento di misura regolabile per il cuoco di casa che misura entrambi gli ingredienti liquidi e solidi. Compatto, durevole e facile da utilizzare diventerà presto un complemento indispensabile per ogni cucina ben fornita.
    Altre caratteristiche e vantaggi:
    L'unica paletta regolabile con le misure per liquidi e ingredienti secchi. Far scorrere con il pollice la manopola in gomma nelle varie posizioni per misurare quantità diverse.
    Misure once, tazze, cucchiai, millilitri, grammi. Meccanismo brevettato fornisce un funzionamento facile. Economia di spazio - sostituisce misurini ingombranti e cucchiai Regolazione con una sola mano. Impugnatura ergonomica e la presa. Facile da montare e pulire si può lavare in lavastoviglie. Infrangibile e resistente alle macchie.
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    Only 1 left
  10. Lékué - Measuring Spoons & Cups

    Measuring Spoons & Cups LÉKUÉ Compact, simple and functional With its ergonomic shape and its printed measuring system, this utensil enables you to measure whatever you need when you cook. The anti-slip base allows a greater stability. It also has a table spoon measurement indicator: Up to 6 table spoons, indicating tea spoons and half table spoons. Works with a central piece that easily slides off to measure the table spoon quantity you need. All the pieces ar stackable for a compact set that saves space in the kitchen.
    Special Price $7.36 Regular Price $9.20
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  11. Rosti - Ciotola Margrethe inox - varie misure

    Rosti - Ciotola Margrethe inox - varie misureElegante ed esclusiva edizione in acciaio della famosa ciotola Margrethe. La ciotola è realizzata in acciaio 8/18 e presenta una finitura satinata all'interno e una finitura lucida all'esterno. Con anche misurazioni all'interno. Può sopportare lavastoviglie e congelatore, ma non può essere utilizzato nel forno a microonde.Una nuova ciotola in acciaio inox. satinata all'interno e lucida fuori. Misure disponibili: LITRI 0,5 LITRI 1,5 LITRI 3
    Only 6 left
    Only 6 left
  12. Zassenhaus - Digital Scale SPEED

    Zassenhaus - Digital Scale SPEEDRapid appearance. The design of the Zassenhaus Digital Scale SPEED is reminiscent of a cockpit. The speedometer displays the weight both digitally and analogously. Like the flat, aerodynamic weighing platform, it lies beneath shatterproof glass. The classic rally colors black and red add momentum to every kitchen. The total weight allowed for your food is 5 kg, the weighing unit is 1 g. To make your job easier, we have equipped the scales with some extras: weighing function, overload indicator and sensor touch. Now just a quick pit stop, insert the supplied batteries and then you can start.Digital balance with dual-display (LCD and analog) in the cockpit design Surface made of unbreakable glass Capacity: 5 kg, Weight: 1 g - Touch sensor TARE function - g / oz incl. 3 alkaline batteries Measurements: 26.5 x 16.5 cm
    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  13. Zeal - 4 in 1 Double Sided Teaspoon Tablespoon Kitchen Measuring Spoons

    Zeal - 4 in 1 Double Sided Teaspoon Tablespoon Kitchen Measuring SpoonsThis handy 4 in 1 double sided measuring spoon has a unique double sided design for measuring ingredients! The four spoons measure 1/4 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp, 1Tsp, 1Tbs Available in a choice of 3 bright colours! BPA Free Plastic
    Out of stock
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