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lubricants and maintenance

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  1. Boker - Oil-Pen 2.0 - precision lubricating oil for closables - 09BO751 - knives accessories

    Perfect oil for the care of your knives knives. It can be used precisely, by correctly dosing the amount of oil to be used thanks to the extra long and fine tip. It is absolutely odorless and silicone free. Physiologically harmless according to DAB and LFGB and even approved for food (USDA and FDA).

    Capacity: 12ml

    Dimensions: 155mm x 18mm

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  2. Lansky - Olio per manutenzione e affilatura - accessori coltelli

    Olio a base sintetica adatto sia per manutenzione di spade e coltelli sia per essere utilizzato su pietre per affilatura naturali ed arkansas.

    Flacone da 120ml. / 4Oz.

    Only 5 left
    Only 5 left
  3. Linder - Puma - Olio per manutenzione e affilatura L409712 - accessori coltelli

    Olio a base sintetica adatto sia per manutenzione di spade e coltelli sia per essere utilizzato su affilatori a pietra.
    Flacone da 125Cl.
    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  4. Victorinox - Olio per chiudibili e multiuso - Multi Tool Oil 4.3302 - accessori coltelli

    Confezione da 10 ml. di olio Victorinox per la manutenzione delle giunture dei coltelli multiuso o di coltelli pieghevoli.

    Utile soprattutto in caso il vostro coltello o multiuso entri in contatto con acqua di mare o salmastra o nel caso le lame e gli utensili oppongano una consistente resistenza all'atto dell'apertura.

    In questi casi si consiglia di immergere il coltello in acqua dolce calda e aprire/richiudere tutti gli utensili diverse volte. Fatto questo asciugate il coltello e versate una goccia di olio in ogni singola giuntura cospargendo alla fine anche un poco di olio sulle lame.

    Only 4 left
    Only 4 left
  5. Wahl/Oster - Olio lubrificante per tosatrici

    Olio lubrificante per manutenzione di tosatrici e testine.
    ATTENZIONE: in base alle disponibilità di magazzino, l'articolo potrà essere sostituito con altro dalle medesime caratteristiche.

    Only 18 left
    Only 18 left
  6. Ballistol - Universal oil 200 ml spray - lubricant and protective

    Ballistol universal oil that lubricates, preserves, disinfects and protects against rust. Dissolves grease, tar, dirt, glue residue and other unsuitable oils. Cleans and protects all moving parts such as chains, pedals, cables and suspension forks (compatibility test for Rock Shox and Fox materials). Keeps and protects carbon, chrome and aluminum elements.

    Hypoallergenic and totally harmless. Ballistol is a universal dermatologically tested oil.

    200 ml spray.

    For hunting, ordinance and sports weapons BALLISTOL is the best choice as a healing product.


    BALLISTOL has been a trusted and unmatched product since 1904, and is still made according to the original recipe. BALLISTOL has been produced in Germany for over four generations and distributed worldwide. Originally developed as a weapon oil for the imperial army, it soon became a popular home remedy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    In 1874 Friedrich Wilhelm Klever, a lawyer with an interest in economics, founded the "F.W. KLEVER ". He began producing coal-based oils and fats and bought a mine to be independent of raw material supplies. In the period between one century and another, the imperial army sought an all-rounder oil that cured and preserved not only the metal parts of the arms, but also those in wood and leather accessories. At the same time the soldiers had to be used as an oil to be applied to wounds, lacerations and bruises. The son of the company founder, dr. Helmut Klever, then professor of chemistry at the Karlsruhe Higher Technical Institute, in 1904 succeeded in creating the formula of a special oil which, from the German word "Ballistik" for "ballistics" and from the Latin word "oleum" for oil, he called BALLISTOL . Soon the product became famous as a "miraculous oil" with surprising properties, and was used by the German army from 1905 to 1945. In 1914 the introduction of BALLISTOL was also planned in the US Army, but unfortunately with the outbreak of the First War world did not do anything more.

    After the death of dr. Helmut Klever, in 1971, dr. Heinrich Zettler, who became its director in 1973. A reform of the local authorities of the city of Leverkusen forced the company to look for a new area for its factories, which led in 1977 to the transfer of the company to Aham, in Lower Bavaria. Since then, production has taken place and BALLISTOL and many other products are distributed worldwide. The dr. Heinrich Zettler took over the F.W. KLEVER GmbH. With its activity, the product range was greatly expanded and new target groups were acquired.

    In 2006 the management passed on to his sons, Dr. Christian and Andreas Zettler, under whose guidance in the following years both production and distribution were further expanded. Its own external service was built and other well-known brands were incorporated. Currently, the company employs 70 people and is expanding its storage and production capacity.

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