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throwing knives

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  1. Maserin - Diabolik knife - Walnut - 24k gold engraving - N690 steel - 999LG - knife

    On the occasion of the theatrical release of the highly anticipated film Diabolik, directed by the Manetti Bros with Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea, we present the new version of Diabolik's knife, one of the most loved figures by fans of noir comics. Created in collaboration with the Astorina publishing house, we offer the new official "replica" version of the famous Throwing Knife of the King of Terror.

    The new “999 \ LG Diabolik” throwing knife in special edition, replica features and style of the knife drawn in the original comic strips. Unlike the model made for the previous 50th, we have made some important changes. Like the logo of the anti-hero, Diabolik, in 24k gold on the knife blade and the elegant walnut handle.

    Type of production: Industrial
    Production Lama: Italy
    Blade: N690 satin-finished stainless steel with 24K gold Diabolik engraving
    Blade treatment: -
    Handle: walnut wood
    Blade length: 160mm.
    Blade thickness: 5mm.
    Closed length: -mm.
    Total length: 290mm.
    Thick when closed: -mm.
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 265g.
    Closure: -
    Clip: -
    Sheath: nylon, made in Italy, by Radar
    Packaging: cardboard box with Maserin and Diabolik logos
    Notes: Officially licensed collectible / exhibition product

    Only 1 left
    Only 1 left
  2. United - Hibben - Launch - Thrower Triple Set GH2011 - knife

    Set of three throwing knives with excellent performance designed by Gil Hibben. Accompanied by triple cordura scabbard.

    Blade: 420 satin steel
    Overall length: 220 mm.
    Blade width: 110 mm.
    Weight: 160 g.
    Sheath: Black Cordura

    Only 2 left
    Only 2 left
  3. Cold Steel - True Flight - 80TFTC - coltello da lancio

    Coltello da lancio dell'americana Cold Steel; buona bilanciatura e finiture resistenti.

    Lama in acciaio 1055
    Lunghezza lama 15,5 cm
    Lunghezza totale di 30.5 cm
    altezza lama 3 cm
    spessore lama 5 mm
    peso: 316gr.

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  4. Maserin - Diabolik knife Special Edition 50th - 999 - knife

    For the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Diabolik , one of the most loved by fans of comics noir , the cutlery Maserin , in collaboration with the publishing house Astorina , have created a version of " replica " of the famous knife throwing of the King of Terror . Weapon of choice by the character created in 1962 by the imagination of the Giussani sisters , the dagger "Diabolik Special Edition" Maserin replica of the features and style of the original knife , inseparable companion of many adventures Man of a Thousand Faces .

    Type of production : Industrial
    Production Blade: Italy
    Blade: Stainless Steel 440 blunt
    Treatment Lama : -
    Handle material: TPE
    Blade length : 160mm .
    Blade thickness : 3.5mm .
    Length closed: - mm .
    Total length : 275mm .
    Thick when closed: - mm .
    Balance: -
    Weight: 210g .
    Closing: -
    Clip: -
    Sheath: nylon , Made in Italy , by Radar
    Packaging : cardboard box with logos and Maserin Diabolik
    Note : Product Exhibition / collectible officially licensed

    Only 3 left
    Only 3 left
  5. Benchmade - Mini Crooked River 15085-201 Axis Lock Knife - Gold Edition - knife


    Finished and assembled by hand, the Mini Crooked River 15085-201 Gold Edition 2020 is made of Damasteel steel with Vinland motif and with a marbled carbon fiber sleeve, with inlays in Raffir® Alume Yellow Moon.
    Intended use: Collection

    Type of production: Industrial
    Blade production: USA
    Blade: Damasteel steel (58-60HRC)
    Blade treatment: Satin finish
    Handle: Marbled carbon fiber
    Blade length: 86.4mm.
    Blade thickness: 2.9mm.
    Length closed: 114mm.
    Total length: 200mm.
    Thick when closed: -
    Balancing: -
    Weight: 91g.
    Closing: AXIS Lock
    Clip: Removable and reversible, in stainless steel
    Sheath: -
    Packaging: Cardboard box with Benchmade logos
    Notes: Gold Class Edition 2020 Benchmade


    Out of stock
  6. United - Hibben - Launch - Thrower Triple Set GH0458 - knife

    Set of three throwing knives with excellent performance designed by Gil Hibben. Accompanied by a triple leather sheath.

    Blade: 420 satin steel
    Total length: 150 mm.
    Blade width: 85 mm.
    Weight: 48 g.
    Sheath: brown leather

    Out of stock
  7. United - Launch - Throwing Axe WH100 - knife

    United - Launch - Throwing Axe WH100 - knife

    Axe throwing traits futuristic designed by Wesley Hibben characterized handle.
    Accompanied by leather sheath.

    Blade: 420 Stainless J2 satin
    Overall length: 350 mm.
    Width: 184 mm.
    Weight: 564 g.
    Sheath: Black leather

    Out of stock
  8. United - Hibben - Lancio - Cord Grip Triple Thrower Set GH0947 - knife

    Set three throwing knives with very good performance, designed by Gil Hibben. Accompanied by triple Cordura sheath.

    Blade: 420 Stainless Satin
    Total length: 217 mm.
    Blade width: 105 mm.
    Single Weight: 154 g.
    Sheath: Cordura Black

    Out of stock
  9. United - Hibben - Lancio - Small Triple Thrower Set GH5002 - knife

    Set three throwing knives with very good performance, designed by Gil Hibben. Accompanied by triple Cordura sheath.
    Lama : 420 Satin Stainless
    Total length : 178 mm.
    Blade Width : 90 mm.
    Weight single : 66 g.
    Sheath : brown leather

    Out of stock
  10. United Cutlery Wes Hibben Cloak Knife WH101

    The United Cutlery Cloak Series Triple Throwing Knife Set w/ Nylon Sheath was designed by Wes Hibben to be an amazing set of throwing knives that are great for any skill level. Made using animage AUS6 stainless steel material, these Throwing Knives from United Cutlery will stay sharp and on point for incredibly long periods of time. The Nylon Sheath that comes with the United Cutlery Wes Hibben Cloak Series Triple Thrower Knife Set is a great way to make sure that your knife is close and ready for action.

    Blade Material:AUS6
    Blade Length:3.25in
    Overall Length:7in
    Sheath Material:Nylon
    • Durable
    • Long Lasting
    • Includes Nylon Sheath

    Out of stock
  11. Master Cutlery - Green Hornet - Set Coltelli da Lancio di Kato - MC-GH01 - coltello

    Direttamente dal remake cinematografico firmato da Michel Gondry, il set di coltelli da lancio utilizzato da Kato, il fido compagno di Green Hornet (il calabrone verde). Tre pezzi, da esporre su un elegante display laccato nero. Edizione ufficiale (su licenza Columbia Pictures), limitata a 2000 pezzi e numerata progressivamente.

    Lama: Acciaio 420
    Lunghezza totale: 152 mm.
    Larghezza lama: 73 mm.
    Spessore lama: 2.5 mm.
    Peso: 52 g.
    Bilanciatura: centrale
    Note: -

    Out of stock
  12. United Cutlery - Gil Hibben Pro Thrower Axe GH0866 - Ascia da Lancio

    Ascia da lancio dai tratti futuristici disegnata dall'esperto Gil Hibben caratterizzata dall'impugnatura "Trigger Grip".
    Accompagnata da fodero in cuoio.

    Lama: Acciaio 420 J2 satinato
    Lunghezza totale: 305 mm.
    Larghezza: 125 mm.
    Peso: 270 g.
    Fodero: Cuoio nero
    Out of stock
  13. Down Under Knives - Kookaburra Throwing Knives L446017 - Coltelli da lancio

    Set di due coltelli da lancio con fodero

    Destinazione d'uso: Lancio / Outdoor

    Tipo di produzione: Industriale
    Produzione Lama: Taiwan
    Lama: In acciaio inox 440C - 52HRC
    Manicatura: in cuoio
    Lunghezza lama: 170mm.
    Spessore lama: 6mm.
    Lunghezza totale: 305mm.
    Peso: 358g.
    Fodero: In cuoio, simil-coccodrillo
    Confezione: scatola in cartone con loghi Down Under
    Out of stock
  14. Fox - FX 635 - UTK throwing knife

    The U. T.K. (Undercover Tactical Knife) is the new product of the division military knives Fox.
    Developed for and in collaboration with the 35eme RAP elite units of the French army, this small knife is designed for personal defense during special operations.
    The operator can equip in combat jacket, chargers or in the door in the shoulder straps and in all positions in their consonant.
    The U. T.K. was also designed to use a low profile, for bodyguards and security operatives professional.

    Intended Use: Tactical / CQC

    Type of production: Industrial
    Production Blade: Italy
    Blade: Stainless N690Co 58HRC
    Treatment Blade: Teflon
    Handle: -
    Blade length: 90mm.
    Blade thickness: 4mm.
    Length closed-mm.
    Total length: 202mm.
    Thick when closed:-mm.
    Balance: back to 15mm from the apex of the central knurl
    Weight: 90g.
    Closing: -
    Clip: -
    Sheath: Leather
    Packaging: cardboard box with logos FOX
    Notes: version launch

    Special Price $98.67 Regular Price $109.63
    Out of stock
  15. United - Hibben - Throwing Ax - Warrior Throwing Ax - GH5004 - knife

    Functional throwing ax constructed from a solid piece of 420 stainless steel, expertly designed by master and knife design Gil Hibben. The cuts and holes add a touch of fantasy.

    Blade: 420 satin steel
    Total length: 405 mm.
    Sheath: black eco-leather

    Out of stock
  16. United - Lancio - BlackJet Throwing Axe - KR36B - ascia da lancio

    Ascia da lancio dai tratti futuristici disegnata dall'esperto Gil Hibben.
    Accompagnata da fodero in cuoio.

    Lama: Acciaio 420 J2 satinato
    Lunghezza totale: 370 mm.
    Lunghezza lama: 110 mm.
    Larghezza: 185 mm.
    Peso: 480 g.
    Fodero: cordura nero
    Out of stock
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16 Items

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